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One-on-one basis, require each employee to have a name badge
Sun May 27, 2018 17:03

To the real world, name tags are for positive and effective customer service culture. Within the organization, name badges are meant to serve miraculously boost productivity, inspire corporate identity and even increase employee-customer rapport. But these arenít the only real benefits of using such futuristic, personal identification piece as a magnetic name badge.

There are even more reasons for using name tags and name badges in the workplace than these. Letís check them out!

  1. It is a conversation starter and tool of good communication

Sometimes, a client fears to talk to an employee of your company, perhaps because thereís nothing that shows what his/her designation is. But with a name tag clearly pinned on, a customer will quickly strike up a conversation. What follows next will be getting assistance and later spreading the excellent gospel to others out there.

  1. It builds brand recognition

When your business is having difficulties breaking through the cut-throat competition in the corporate world, start by issuing magnetic name badges to each staff member. The badge should explicitly indicate your brand emblem, names of the organization and perhaps a tagline and be easily wearable. This is probably the easiest way of building brand recognition without necessarily paying for ads and commercials.

  1. It stimulates a stronger corporate identification

Thereís a critical reason why many blue-chip firms, especially those whose nature of work involves meeting clients on a one-on-one basis, require each employee to have a name badge. Corporate branding is pegged on getting your business logo to be as visible to all as possible. And this becomes possible when an employee has to put it on when going out there in the line of duty and thus flaunting the business logo.

  1. It improved customer relations

The first thing a customer expects upon meeting customer services executives with magnetic name badges Johannesburg is courtesy, friendliness, and top-quality services. And the client will ask questions without feeling threatened or intimidated, file complaints or offer praises for the excellent services rendered. In the same manner, name tags will compel employees to feel proud serving customers and provide genuine solutions. At worst, no employee will act vile because thereís a name badge to protect.

  1. It is the best way of fostering accountability

If your business is located anywhere in South Africa, and you are worried thereís no more feeling of responsibility amongst your team of employees, simply introduce the use of badges. Bad service or rude treatment and other frustrating customer complaints will disappear. Usually, customers prefer to deal with someone they know and will get the staff memberís name from the badge. If any issue arises, the two will solve it amicably and more effectively.

These arenít the only benefits of using name badges within your organization. However, regardless of the size of your business or its nature, be sure to invest in them provided you do interact with clients. Do this, and your business environment will change for the better.

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