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Operation Wake Up World versus NWO ~ Bak Sim
Thu Nov 9, 2017 6:02am

The Gathering ~ Operation Wake Up World Versus The New World Order


By Bak Sim

I have researched Chemtrails and so have many of my Facebook friends; some of my friends are really awake. We have all come to the same conclusions.

By confusing people and turning people into zombies, the global elite hopes to avoid a global uprising because they have stolen everything and enslaved people.

They also want to depopulate the Earth by 90% using vaccines, global weather disasters... which they themselves have worked on creating since World War II by seeding clouds and more, now containing 4 different poisons, Mercury is one of them. Some of these mega rich people, like Gates, have been secretly videotaped and can be heard recommending all these methods.

There is no end to their methods, and health industry another one, using screenings, surgery, chemo, radiation and vascular invasive treatments that do people so much cruel harm.

These people are truly possessed and have lost
all consciousness, also destroying our food chains
on land and in the water, so there is no escape.

Technology such as Smart metres and cell phones are just other weapons being used without informing people of the risks. Now, today, we see more and more childhood cancers and those little ones are forced to undergo the same treatment as adults; meaning immense torture and future side effect if they survive.

All this evil is being promoted by unelected institutions, such as the United Nations. UN Agenda 21 was renamed 'Agenda 2030' two years ago after the Pope made a political speech at the UN to recommend an unelected World Empire called the New World Order.

If people wake up and get knowledge,
they cannot enforce this evil.

Bak Sim


The Gathering ~ Operation Wake Up World
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