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Michael Irving
The Gathering of The Multitude from All Nations, Tribes ....
Thu Nov 9, 2017 6:12am

The Gathering of the Multitude from all Nations,
Tribes, Peoples, and Languages

WGFT News, British Isles

Chief Sitting Bull is the Mighty Angel coming
down from Heaven and White Buffalo Calf Woman is
clothed with the Sun and wears a crown ....


I saw another mighty Angel coming down from Heaven.
He was robed in a cloud, with a rainbow above
his head and his face was like the Sun.

A great and wondrous sign appeared in Heaven:
A Woman clothed with the Sun, with the moon under
her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head.

I heard a sound from Heaven like the roar
of rushing waters. The sound I heard was like
that of harpists, and they sang a new song.

I saw an Angel standing in the Sun, who cried in
a loud voice: Come, gather together. The Spirit and
the Bride say, Come. And let those who hear say, Come.

After this I looked and there before me was
a great multitude that no-one could count,
from every nation, tribe, people and language.


The Gathering of the Multitude from all
Nations, Tribes, Peoples, and Languages

.... The Revolution Is On The Internet ....
Chief Sitting Bull's Worldwide Gathering 2017
By Chief Sitting Bull and Michael Irving, WGFT

Prison Planet Earth ~ Total Global Information Censorship
And Money Enslavement Are Used To Control All Life On Earth

Operation Wake Up World ... Leaving The Matrix
... The Gathering ... Freedom ~ By Michael Irving

Chief Crazy Horse's Vision of World Awakening and
Sitting Bull's Worldwide Gathering ~ Michael Irving

Operation Wake Up World ~ The Gathering ~ Noticeboard

The Freedom Revolution For Truth Is On The Internet

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