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High-quality diesel bowser from a bespoke vendor in South Af
Tue Feb 27, 2018 21:33

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Cases of fuel being stolen from diesel bowsers in South Africa are on the upward trend. Perhaps the sharp increase in the price of fuel and other petroleum products is partly to blame. These criminals are ransacking unsecured building sites, farms, and depots looking to siphon fuel off diesel bowsers.

So, what to do to safeguard your diesel supply? Read on to learn 7 tried-and-true things you can do to prevent fuel theft from diesel bowsers in South Africa.

#1. Buy Top-Notch Diesel Tankers and Mobile Bowsers

Not all mobile bowsers and diesel tankers are created equal. That’s why you need to source a high-quality diesel bowser from a bespoke vendor in South Africa. You see, well-designed, constructed, and engineered mobile bowsers are safe, efficient, and durable as well as equipped with the latest in anti-theft technology and fixtures.

#2. Invest in Good Lighting

Even if your premise, building site, depot or farm is manned 24/7, you need to install top-grade lighting where diesel tankers are located. It’ll help your security personnel to keep an eye on them without much fuss.

#3. Bring in a Trained Dog

Our feline friends have an unmatched hearing (they can hear beyond 500m). Buy a trained dog to compliment your security apparatus and keep fuel thieves at bay.

#4. Invest in An Alarm

Some mobile bowsers and diesel tankers come fitted with a handy alarm. If not, have one installed by a professional to keep off criminals.

#5. Location is Paramount

If you want to deter diesel supply theft, you need to think carefully about your diesel tankers location. It should be concealed enough and in a secure place -- perhaps a card-access garage.

#6. Invest in a State of the Art Lock

When not in use, your mobile bowsers in Durban should be under tight lock and key.

#7. Invest in a State-of-the-Art CCTV

CCTV has always been a great means of deterring criminals. By having a modern CCTV installed where your mobile bowsers and diesel tankers stored or packed, you will keep off fuel thieves and protect your hard-earned money.

AUTHOR: Diesel Tanks and Pumps 

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