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your mobile bowser to keep your diesel supply more manageabl
Sun Jun 24, 2018 15:36

Over the past few years, the steep rise in petrol prices has affected diesel supply and it has simply become too overwhelming.

The average prices of both unleaded and diesel fuels have skyrocketed and the government blames the rising costs on increased oil prices and a weaker dollar.

Although it is difficult to predict whether the prices will improve in the future, it is expected that access to diesel supply will get worse. Thankfully, there are several simple strategies that you can use on your mobile bowser to keep your diesel supply more manageable. Here is how to keep up with fluctuating petrol prices:

Fuel up before you run out completely

A lot of drivers only fill up their fuel tanks once they realize that they are almost out of petrol.  If you wait until your fuel tank is almost all out, you will be forced to pay whatever the asking price of petrol is on that particular day rather than just topping up when it is cheaper. Rather than wait, consider getting into the habit of filling up now and then, which will prevent you from having to do it on the most expensive days.

Always be on the lookout for offers and discounts

Because there is a lot of competition between petrol stations, there are always offers and discounts available in a bid to entice customers. You should be on the lookout for such offers to help you manage your spending whenever you approach a diesel tank with a pump. You can keep up with diesel and petrol prices by checking newspapers and social media postings to take advantage of the cheaper fuel.

Consider using ethanol based petrol

Before you approach any diesel tank with a pump, be sure to check if you are using the right kind of petrol. If your car was manufactured after 1990, it will be suitable for E5 and E 10, which are ethanol blends that are much more affordable compared to the unleaded range. If you are not sure, check with the manufacturer of your mechanic who will advise you on the car’s suitability.

Do your research

The price that you pay when you use any diesel tank with pump will depend on the location of the petrol station. Make sure that you carry out your research whenever you need diesel supply to find the most affordable station near you. You can use Google’s Petrol Price Tracker to find the most affordable price of petrol near you.

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