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There are other petroleum equipment you need to consider.
Sun Jun 24, 2018 15:40

If you are planning to start a filling station business, it is crucial to understand the equipment and gadgets you will need to get it up and running. Sure, you need to invest in high-quality fuel tanks and diesel pumps, but there are other petroleum equipment you need to consider.

Youíll be glad to know that we are the leading supplier and service company for all kinds of top-notch mobile bowsersfuel tanks diesel pumpsdiesel tanks, and a raft of other petroleum equipment in Durban.

Here a brief guide to petroleum equipment you need for your upcoming petrol station.

Fuel Pumps

The first type of petroleum handling equipment you need to invest in are fuel pumps. More importantly, you need to understand that not all fuel pumps in South Africa are created equal. Thankfully, you can reach out to us to buy a wide range of fuel pumps and diesel pumping kits. We stock trusted brands such as Panther, Piusi, and much more. Whatís more interesting is that you can find top-quality fuel pumps at competitive pricing. Order our field-tested fuel pumps online today!

Dispensing Nozzles

Whether you own a petrol station or private mobile bowsers, youíll need good quality and reliable dispensing nozzles. You can order any size and type of dispensing nozzle from our online store.

Fuel Hoses and Fittings

A petrol station and owners of mobile bowsers also require a number of fuel hoses and fittings. These are petroleum equipment that facilitates flow and pumping of fuel from diesel tanks. Our replacement fuel hoses are priced competitively and can be delivered to you for free!

Petrol Transfer Pumps

Apart from diesel pumps, we also have petrol transfer pumps from renowned brands like Piusi of Italy. They are available in a wide range of voltage-ratings, from 12V to 230V.

Oil & Fuel Flow Meters

Oil and fuel flow meters are indispensable petroleum equipment thatís a must-have for all fuel tanks in Durban. You can shop for a range of this equipment here, including K44, K33, K24 and GPI fuel flow meters from brands like Piusi.

Mobile Bowsers

Bowsers are mobile fuel tanks that you can use to supply diesel and petrol to your high-volume customers.

Fuel Management Systems

Filling stations require fuel management systems to monitor efficient dispensation of fuel for their customers. We have high-quality fuel management systems tailored for petrol stations.

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