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Depending on the scale of your filling station business,
Sun Nov 19, 2017 07:29

Diesel Bowsers
I will be honest with you right from the outset; starting a petrol station business in South Africa isnít a cheap affair. Filling stations in SA fall into two broader categories, franchise, and independent operations Ė both of which require near-same Petroleum Equipment and capital needs.

Even before you delve right into the nitty-gritty of filling station enterprise, you must know the authorisations, approvals, and licenses required. These include an environmental authorisation, site/retail licenses, and land use rights for petrol filling purposes.

Once youíve fulfilled requirements mentioned above, you now have to think about the equipment needed to run a filling station.

Dispensing Pumps

Dispensing pumps (or whatís popularly called diesel pumps) are indispensable for a filling station business. You need to invest in top-notch dispensing pumps. Itís important that the pumps be certified for both quality and integrity. More often than not, a vendor of petrol station equipment sells everything you need in a one-stop shop.

You may also need other types of pumps, including depot pump sets, dispenser pumps, suction pumps, kerb side pumps, 12-volt pumps, and centrifugal pumps to name a few.

Fuel Tanks

Fuel tanks are also at the core of your Durban petrol station business. Independent filling stations often buy reconditioned fuel tanks which are high quality but cost a fraction of the price of a new one. Itís paramount, however, that the reconditioned fuel tanks be checked for integrity, leaks, and quality assurance. The external paintwork should be impeccable, and any repairs should be done before the fuel tanks are delivered to your premise.

Most vendors sell fuels tanks and dispensing pumps Durban together. Above ground diesel tanks are usually used by most filling stations.

Flow Meters

Flow meters are an integral part of the petrol stationís fuelling system. It should be of top-grade quality and have clear setting and meter reading interface. If you are buying a reconditioned system, ensure that the flow meters are in good working condition.

Delivery Hoses

The delivery hoses or piping are also part of the fuelling system for a filling station. It goes without saying that the delivery hoses should be ISO Certified for petrol station operations. The quality should also be exceptional.

Petroleum Equipment

Depending on the scale of your filling station business, you may need an array of other petroleum equipment that includes flow bins, diesel bowsers, above ground fuel tanks, and so forth.

Why go into all the trouble when you can consult experts on everything petrol station? The right vendor will offer you a turnkey solution that involves pre-installation consultation, installation, and after-sale services.

Diesel Bowsers & Fuel Tanks

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