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Bangalore escort 7406444769 alok
weekand special service call 7406444769
Sat Nov 18, 2017 04:14

Hi i am ALOK 7406444769
We r ur only guide to finding a perfect girl in the beautiful city
of Bangalore.
Our Female escorts in Bangalore
For incall
1. We promise u a very safe, comfortable location in almost
every area of Bangalore. We cover more than 70% area of
2. Our girls for in-call
.. North Indian girls, South Indian Girls (Malayali, Telgu,
Kannada, Tamil). Foreigners (Russian, Iran, Nepali)
2. Rate Varies from 5k to 45k.
For out-call
1. This service is only for people looking to meet some classy
well educated Independent Girls. Discretion is of utmost
importance for us aswell.
2. Minimum Donation is 5k
2. Girls for out-call
.. Most of these girls are working girls, from banks, call
centers and few house wives.
.. Some college going girls
3. We need a booking 2 to 3 hours early.
For details, Contact ALOK 7406444769

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