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Re: Test
Mon Feb 26, 2018 18:09

Three weeks had gone by since I received that wonderful selfie of the topless Miss Joplin. Since then I have gradually escalated my control over her. I didn't achieve quite the sexual thrill from my dealings with Miss Joplin as I did with Blondie and the others; it was a different kind of high, and a very enjoyable one at that. I did not set any limits as to how far I would go, right down to what she wore every day, and sometimes even what she ate for dinner. I think it got to the point where everything she did, and ultimately every thought she had, I would be in her mind. Having that kind of control over someone's life was downright intoxicating for me.

A couple of days after receiving the picture I went shopping online for clothing. She always dressed very conservatively, usually wearing dark pants and a loose-fitting sweater. I think she has a fairly nice body, and in my opinion she should be showing if off a little more. And in this case, my opinion was the only one that mattered.

So, like I say, I went on a shopping spree. Since I was using her credit card, I didn't hold back. I bought several very nice short skirts along with about a dozen different types of tops, most of them tight-fitting in order to highlight her breasts. I didn't want her to get in trouble, so though some of the tops were low-cut, only a very small amount of cleavage would be visible. In any case, they were considerably more provocative than what she had been used to wearing.

I also purchased several bra and panty sets for her, including a few thongs. I pictured her thinking of me every morning while she was naked and pulling open her underwear drawer. That notion brought a huge smile to my face.

I bought two dozen pairs of sheer nylons for her, along with a smattering of black stockings, including some sexy stay-up thigh-highs. To top it off I purchased several pairs of shoes. Her days of wearing flats were numbered, since all of the shoes were a minimum of three-inch heels, most of them four inches. The five-inch black patent leathers were my favorites.

The total bill came to over $2000, but the good news for her was that she was all set for clothes for a while.

I had everything sent to her house. I went the extra mile and shelled out for next-day delivery so I wouldn't have to wait.

*   *    *

The next morning I stopped by Miss Joplin's desk as I was walking out of her morning literature class.

"I bought you some nice gifts, Marian," I said in a soft voice so no one else would hear. "You should be getting them today. I hope you like them," I said. She was too dumbfounded to respond, so I just smiled and sauntered out the door.

That evening I was sitting on my bed finishing up a reading assignment. Needing a break, I thought it would be a good time to check in on the benefactor of my thoughtful gifts. <giggle> I picked up my phone and sent her a text.

Did you get my gifts? She obediently responded right away.


Great. I'm pretty excited to see you wearing them. Have you tried them on yet?


I know your size, so I think everything should fit. If anything is too big let me know and I'll buy you another one at a smaller size. If anything is a little small I'm okay with that. There was no response. I've told you before that I expect a response from you no matter what.


Starting tomorrow I would like you to disregard any clothing you used to wear to school. You're to wear only the clothes I bought for you. That includes the underwear.


Good girl, Marian. I look forward to seeing you in your new attire tomorrow.

The skirts look quite short. I have some that go to the tops of my knees. May I wear those?

I luxuriated in the fact that she was actually asking me permission as to what she could wear. I really did own her now.

Hmm, maybe. It depends on what your legs look like. I've never seen your legs. Could you please send me a selfie of your legs? Then I'll decide. There wasn't an immediate response, so I impatiently typed another text. I NEED YOU TO RESPOND RIGHT AWAY!

Okay. I'm taking a picture now.

A couple of minutes later I received a picture of her calves. It looked like she had rolled her pants up to her knees. That wouldn't do.

I need to see your thighs, Marian. You'll have to take your pants off.


Good girl, I thought as I smiled to myself.

A few minutes later I received a picture of her bare legs, including her thighs. She had nice legs. Of course I was going to make her wear the short skirt regardless.

You have lovely legs, Marian. You don't need to be shy about showing them off. One of the new skirts I bought for you will be just fine.


You can wear any of the sweaters tomorrow. No bra when you wear a sweater, though.

Gosh. I really should wear a bra. Please?

No, the sweaters should be a pretty tight fit. I don't think your titties will be flopping around too much.


I'd like you to wear the sheer nylons every day, unless I tell you otherwise.


You haven't thanked me yet, Marian.

Thank you

For what, Marian?

The clothes

I'm beginning to lose patience with you. Trust me, you don't want me to lose patience with you, Marian.

Thank you very much for the nice clothes.

You're welcome! I'm so glad you like them!


See you tomorrow, Marian.

Good bye

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