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Re: Test
Mon Feb 26, 2018 18:30

*   *    *

The next morning as I entered my literature class I was quite pleased to see the "transformed" Miss Joplin. I stopped and admired her for a moment before taking my seat. She chose a short-sleeved, tight-fitting sweater––probably the most modest of the pieces I bought for her––that certainly drew attention to her breasts. Upon close inspection I could make out the outline of her nipples. The black, hip-hugging skirt came down to just above mid-thigh. Her three-inch heels accentuated her legs. I looked up to her blushing face. She did not seem to be in high spirits.

"Beautiful ensemble, Miss Joplin," I said, loud enough for the students already in the room to hear." I looked her up and down, then back up again. I cozied up to her and said quietly, "Quite sexy, Marian. The boys will love it." I then turned and took my seat.

Over the next few days I didn't give her any specific instructions for her wardrobe, but she continued to wear the clothes I had bought for her. Then one Thursday night I shot her a text.

I want to compliment you on your choice of clothes lately, Marian. You've looked dazzling this past week.


No abbreviations, please.

Thank you

You are welcome. BTW I'm a little disappointed that you haven't worn the white blouse I bought for you. You know, the one with the fluffy collar and the black buttons?


Will you wear it for me tomorrow?


That's an abbreviation.


It's a low-cut blouse, and you don't want your bra to be showing. You should wear the black demi bra.


I haven't seen you in the black flounce skirt that I got for you. Can you debut that for me tomorrow?"


I think that should be quite a flirtatious look for you.


I'd appreciate a little more conversation from you, Marian. These one-word answers are a bit unsatisfying.

I agree. The flounce skirt is quite flirtatious.

New rule. You have to use complete sentences and no short, one or two-word answers.

Okay I will do that from now on.

Good. And I'd like to see the thigh-high stockings tomorrow.

Would it be okay if I wore the full black stockings that you gave me? I'm afraid the skirt is rather short and the lace on the thigh-highs might be visible.

I did buy the extra long. I think if you keep them pulled up high you should be ok. They might show if you bend over. You just need to be careful. Besides, a little bit of lace showing will add to the flirtatious look.

Okay I'll be careful. I'll wear them and I'll be careful.

Excellent. Have you worn any of the thongs yet?

No, I haven't worn a thong yet.

Tomorrow would be a good time. One of the black ones.

Okay. Black thong tomorrow

One word sentence and not a complete sentence. And sentences in with punctuation. You are a literature teacher. You should know better.

I will plan on wearing a black thong tomorrow.

The five-inch stiletto heels would be a really nice touch, don't you think so?

But I don't think it would be appropriate in the school setting. To be honest I don't think any of what you are suggesting is appropriate.

I had the feeling that she was testing me there. I felt I needed to reassert my dominance in our relationship.

First of all, it is not a suggestion. It is a command. Second of all, it is not your place to question my instructions for you. Do you understand?

Yes, I understand.

Good. I think you are going to look very sexy tomorrow, Marian. I'm quite excited for my literature class.

I remember being curious how she would respond. She knew she wouldn't be allowed a one-word answer.

Yes, It will be an interesting day. I can't say I'm looking forward to it.

Oh, but think about all the 16-year-old boys that you are going to be giving a thrill. Doesn't that excite you, Marian?

No, it doesn't excite me.

Oh, one more thing. You always have your hair pinned up. Tomorrow would be a good day to let your hair down.

I will wear my hair down tomorrow.

And perfume. I want to be able to smell perfume on you. The boys will like that.

Okay, I'll spray perfume.

Great! That should do it, Marian. You should get some rest. You have a big day tomorrow.

May I go now?

Yes, Marian. Sweet dreams.

Good-bye now.

*   *    *

The next day did not disappoint. Miss Joplin was dressed exactly as I instructed. Plus, she had her hair down, and I could smell her perfume. Oh, and I did glimpse a trace of the lace of her stay-up stockings, even though she wasn't bending over. I didn't say anything as I walked by; I just gave her a knowing smile.

When the class ended I took my time before leaving my desk. I wanted all the students to leave so I could have some private time with Miss Joplin. Most of the kids were gone within a minute, but there were two boys that were hanging around Miss Joplin's desk. Most assuredly they were attracted by her new getup and were using any excuse to stay and talk to her.

"Don't you boys have something better to do?" I said as I approached the desk. As I mentioned before this was my junior year and by then I had built up a reputation around the school. The boys didn't want to mess with me and they promptly scurried from the room.

"You look absolutely stunning today, Marian," I said. "If I may say so myself I did a terrific job picking out your clothes for you." Miss Joplin blushed and didn't quite know what to say, but she knew me well enough by then to know that a response was required.

"Thank you," she said while looking down at the ground.

"Did you wear the thong like I asked you to?"


"May I see?" She looked nervously over at the door, so I walked over and closed and locked it. "The door is locked now, Marian. It's just you and me. Can you lift up your skirt for me so I can make sure you're wearing a thong?"

Miss Joplin turned her back to me, lifted up her skirt and quickly let it drop back down. It was up long enough for me to see her bare bum and the band of the thong. She turned back to me and I was delighted to see her blushing profusely. Remember how I said that for the most part I did not get a sexual thrill out of the psychological manipulation of Miss Joplin? Well, this particular encounter was an exception. I had planned on stopping there, but I needed more. I eyed the barely exposed cleft of her cleavage.

"I assume you're wearing the demi bra?"

"Yes," she answered nervously.

"I'd really like to see how it looks on you. Can you show me? After all, I did buy it for you, so it's the least you can do. Can you take your blouse off for me?"

"Please, Felicity....I...I can take a picture for you when I get home if you want."

"That's nice of you, Marian. But it would mean more to me to see you in the flesh. And I can take my own picture to save you the trouble."

"Oh, God," she said throatily as she reached for the top button and began unbuttoning her blouse. My breathing became heavier and I felt a tingle between my legs. That first moment when know I'm about to strip somebody or when I know they are going to have to strip themselves at my bidding is really a thrill.

She had the last button finished and she paused. I reached my hand out towards her. "I'll take that," I said. She pulled off her blouse and obediently handed it to me before immediately crossing her arms over her chest. Her exposed skin increased my titillation. There was no turning back now. I laid the blouse across a student's desk behind me.

"Very nice, Marian. Now I need to see you walk around in the rest of your underwear."

"Oh! Please, Felicity. I can't take this anymore. Please! I'll send you a picture. Even a video. I'll...I'll walk around for you in a video."

"Again, nice offer, Marian. And maybe you can do that for me sometime. But right now I want to see you parade around your classroom for me in your underwear." She just looked at me anxiously, breathing rapidly. I was really tempted to pleasure myself on the spot. "Take your skirt off for me, Marian," I directed. I knew I would want this scene captured for posterity––and for other uses <giggle>––so I started a video on my phone and pointed it at her. Most reluctantly she unzipped her skirt, then held it up momentarily before letting it drop to the floor. A lot was probably due to the humiliation aspect of the scene, but I have to say she looked absolutely stunning in her thong and bra, thigh-high stockings, five-inch heels and blushing face.

"Good girl, Marian. Now I'd like you to walk around for me."

I held my phone up and followed the mortified Miss Joplin, who was now sniffling quietly, as she grudgingly traipsed back and forth across the front of the room. It was a delectable sight.

But I wasn't done.

"Can you step up on the desk for me, please?" I asked. "I think it would make for a marvelous photo op."

The beleaguered Miss Joplin drooped her shoulders before looking anxiously towards the door.

"Don't worry, it's locked, Marian. Nobody can see you."

Still sniveling, Miss Joplin climbed onto the desk. She sat on her haunches with her arms across her chest. It was a sight for sore eyes. I stood on a student's chair a couple of rows back in order to achieve a good vantage point and took a picture.

"Good. Now stand up, please," I said.

She rose to her feet, temporarily wobbling on her high heels.

"Ooh, careful, Marian. Safety first. There you go." I held up my camera phone. "Hands on your hips, please. That's it." I snapped a couple of pictures. "Now turn around. Good. Keep your hands on your hips and turn your head towards the camera. Perfect, Marian." I snapped two more pictures. Her white butt cheeks contrasted nicely with the black thigh-highs, I remember thinking.

"Okay, you can turn back around now, Marian. We're almost done. I just need to get a few shots without the underwear."

The look on her face indicated that she was not expecting this, which really added to the moment for me.

"No...Oh God, please, Felicity. I just can't."

"I understand, Marian. I'm sure it will be a bit humiliating. But it's just you and me right now. We probably only have another five minutes or so before the next class starts trying to come in." I held up her blouse and skirt. "The other option is that I leave right now. But I'll be unlocking the door and taking these with me if you decide to go that route."

"Oh...oh....oh God." She took a deep breath and reached behind her back, unclasping her bra.

"That's my girl," I encouraged.

She let the bra drop to the top of the desk and without hesitation she resolutely lowered her thong to her ankles and stepped out of them. She stood staring at the desk with both hands over her sex.

"Good, Marian, good. Now stand up straight and put your hands on your hips." She did so, exposing her neatly trimmed pussy. I snapped a picture. "That was very good, Marian, but your desk is a little cluttered. Can you please kick your thong and bra off the desk? Good. Oh yes, nice picture. Wait till you see these. You look so sexy in those thigh-highs and stilettos. Now turn around and look at me, like before. Yes. Can you smile? Give me your best come hither look. Come on, you can do it, Marian." She was too close to tears to give me a seductive look, but she did try.

"Excellent! Thanks you, Marian. I think we're done here." I gathered my books and started heading for the door. Realizing the urgency, the horrified Miss Joplin jumped off the desk and scrambled for her clothes. As I neared the door I turned back and said, "I think you'll find some of the pictures frame-worthy. I'll be sure to send them to you." As I reached the door I stopped and turned back again. "What do you say, Marian?"

"Thank you," she said breathlessly as she frantically pulled up her skirt.

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