High School Physicals Chapter 1
Tue Feb 27, 2018 02:02

Chapter 1

“We can't take the kids out of class. We have the Standardized Tests coming. You know we have to do good on those. It affects our funding and raises” said the High School English teacher, Ms. Hawkins.

“Well, what do you propose?” asked Vice Principal Ms. Swank.

“What if we had them done during lunch time. We could allow ½ of those getting physicals to eat at the beginning and the other ½ to eat when they are finished with their physicals.” replied Hawkins.

“Well, how long does each physical take?” Asked Principal Mr. Jenkins.

“Well, the boys take a minute or so longer than the girls. I would say 5 minutes.” replied Ms. Stanton, the school nurse.

Ms Swank spoke up, “So we should be able to get about 15 boys and girls through if we can organize 2 areas for the physicals. We'll get Doctor Carol to do 1 group and Nurse Stanton can do the other. They will need some help, so we might have the kids in Home Economics help out, since they are studying family life. This would be a good object lesson for them.”

Nurse Stanton spoke up “I suggest we do the physicals in close proximity so staff and volunteers can help out where needed.”

Vice Principal Swank, who was a bit of a feminist and subscribe to female superiority was worried about the girls' privacy. “How will we insure the girls are not embarrassed and gawked at by those nasty boys?”

“We can set up partitions separating them and we can have a few people posted to ensure there is no hanky panky” said Nurse Stanton.

“OK, we will setup in the girls locker room. We can run the partition down the middle, set up 2 checkup areas at one end of the partition and a few look outs at the other end. We can have the girls go to the far end of the locker room so the boys wont need to walk past any partially dressed girls.” replied Ms Swank. Ms. Spank, as the boys called her, loves to discipline boys for anything. “If I hear of any hanky panky on the part of the boys, they will regret it!”

Principal Jenkins shot back “what about any hanky panky by the girls?”

“Our girls are much more mature than to stoop to hanky panky. If only boys could grow up that fast!” she replied.

A schedule was posted. 15 boys and 15 girls, with a number by their name from 1 to 15. The schedule says to show up at lunch time at the gymnasium. The instructions said to be seated in the bleachers by 5 minutes after lunch hour started. They were to bring their lunch and wait to eat until they were checked in for their exam. Girls were to sit on the 3rd row of the bleachers and boys on the 1st row. The instruction also said that any 'hanky panky' will meet with serious and immediate consequences'. No one was certain what all was going to go on but the boys knew they should be nervous. The schedule was signed by Ms. (Spank) Swank. In the last class of the day, a copy of the schedule and instructions was given to each student to take home.

The following week on Monday, the 1st day of physicals, the custodians and staff prepared the girl's locker room. They set up a row of partitions down the center aisle of the 4 rows of lockers. At one end they attached a sheet that was only movable on the edge next to the wall. Just inside was a table with 2 chairs. 2 Female volunteers would sit at the table and record the names of the girls as they came in, issue any locker if needed, and make sure no boys tried to sneak in. The girls scheduled for the day would remove their shirts, blouses, or sweaters. They would sit in a row on the benches on the furthest row and wait to be called. If their locker was not on either side of the furthest row, they would be issued an empty locker to use. They would be called one at a time. The only time they would be even close to the boys and the partition was when they exited the checkup area on their way back to get their blouse and finish lunch.

On the side of the partition closest to the door, their was a table setup with 2 chairs but it was ½ way down the row so the boys would be able to line up inside the locker room while they waited on the table. The volunteers would check the boys in, issue them a temporary locker on the wall adjacent to the exit. They would be instructed to take off all their clothes, place them in the locker, and wait on the bench on the aisle nearest the door. As is usual, girls don't have to remove much clothing for their checkup but the boys require a hernia check and genital exam, so the boys would be completely undressed to help speed things along.

The lunch hour bell rang. The 1st 30 students reported to the gymnasium, still unaware how this was going to work. The girls had been clued in a little bit in their gym class so they wouldn't be surprised at how thing went. Just before Nurse Stanton and Vise Principal Swank came out to meet them, 8 girls from the home economics class entered. Some of the boys giggled as they chatted about going into the girls locker room. Nurse Stanton and Vice Principal Swank came out of the locker room. Ms Swank stood in front of them to give some instructions to all of them, but she was looking at the boys the entire time she spoke.

“When told to, you will enter the locker room single file, you will answer the questions of the volunteers helping us, you will immediately do as they say. Keep your lunch with you, you will eat in the locker room. Once you are done with your exam and your lunch, you can retrieve your stuff and leave the locker room. Any hanky panky and there will be immediate and harsh punishment. Do I make myself clear?”

There was a weak reply of yes ma'am “DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?” There was a resounding “YES MAAM”.

“OK, boys, if you will all rise and follow me”. Ms Swank led them to the door to the girls locker room. There were some giggles. Ms. Swank turned and looked at them.

“James, Thomas, do we have a problem here?” There was no sound from the boys as they all looked down and waited. Ms. Swank grabbed the door handle, pulled, and entered. The boys followed one by one. Nurse Stanton turned to the girls and winked, then she followed them into the locker room.

As they entered they were guided to the table. There were 2 girls sitting at the table. The 1st girl asked for their name. The first boy, Jonathan, gave her his name. The girl next to her handed him a piece of paper with a locker number on it. Then Jenny, that was her name, spoke up

“Jonathan, go to this locker, take off all your clothes then bring your lunch with you and have a seat on that bench in the 1st spot.” Jenny and Alicia both had a huge grin on their face.

Jonathan started to speak.

“Stop dilly dallying Jonathan. We are on a tight schedule. Hurry up and do as you are told!” Vice Principal Swank said in a stern and loud voice.

Jonathan started looking for the locker. It must be on the next row. He walked through the gap in the row and found the locker. To his surprise, on this row stood Nurse Stanton.

“Let's go Jonathan” she quipped.

Behind him Jonathan could hear the next boy getting the same instructions. Jonathan opened the locker. He sat down and started removing his shoes and socks and put them in the locker, then his shirt. He undid his belt and unsnapped his jeans. He looked up to see Nurse Stanton watching him. He turned slightly and removed his jeans and then his underwear. He put them in his locker quickly and then covered his privates with his hands a fast as he could.

“Grab your lunch and go have a seat.” instructed Nurse Stanton.

Jonathan was obviously embarrassed. He grabbed his lunch and, using it to shield his privates, he walked past Nurse Stanton to go grab a seat as Cameron was just walking in from the table. By this time all the boys were in the locker room. The Vice Principal walked out to address the girls as the boys continued to undress and have a seat.

To be continued...

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