High School Physical Chapter 2
Tue Feb 27, 2018 02:18

Chapter 2

“OK, girls. The boys have started preparing for their physical exams. In a moment, I will lead you in and to the back where you will prepare also. I want to warn you, the way we have everything setup, we are trying to protect your privacy, so the boys are using the rows and benches just inside. You will have to walk past them. As you may or may not know, boys require a more invasive physical, so they have been instructed to remove all of their clothing.”

With this the noise and chatter from the girls got noticeably louder.

“GIRLS! I expect you to behave. We all know girls mature faster than boys so I expect to see some of that maturity as you enter. DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?”

“YES MAAM!” was the exuberant response. The girls were all giddy and couldn't sit still. As Vice Principal Swank poked her head in the door, the boys were almost 2/3rds through the check in. She told the girls to follow her. She headed over and entered the locker room door and entered. As the first 2 girls entered, Frank Thompson rounded the corner right next to them. He was naked as a jay bird, only holding his lunch. The girls gasped. They quickly looked to their right as all the boys already seated tried to cover up even more if it was possible. The girls were giggling. The girls behind them were pushing to get inside.

Vice Principal Swank yelled “Girls” and led the way to the sheet. All the girls took turns looking at the boys seated and at Frank's cute butt before he was seated. They were all hoping for a glimpse of more. As they opened the sheet, the desk was right there so the girls had to wait in a line with the boys in full view. They could even see the next boy that was undressing. Richie! All the girls fancied him. Quarterback of the football team! Every girl's dream boat. As he heard the noise, he had looked and slightly turned to see all the girls staring. Realizing he was showing a couple of the girls everything, he turned slightly, grabbed his lunch, and tried to go back towards the table to get to the benches.

“UH UH! This way Richie” Nurse Stanton instructed.

Richie turned, waked towards the line of girls, clutching his lunch to his groin, and slid with his buttock facing away from the girls past the lockers. One of the girls reached out and caressed his leg and butt cheek.

“Sally!” cautioned Vice President Swank.

The girls slowly started entering their area in the back of the locker room. The boys were finished with check in. Vice Principal Swank instructed Jonathan to leave his lunch and make his way to the exam area, pointing for him to go back down the lockers towards the girls to get to the other row and standing, she blocked the gap between the lockers. She instructed the next boy to also go and to stand just outside the exam area. She told the rest of the boys that when a boy is finished and comes out, the next boy was to come stand ready to enter as the boy before him goes in for his exam.

“If we do this quickly we will be able to get everyone through in time.”

Jonathan set his lunch down. He slid his paper bag off his lap as he tried to cover himself. He stood and had to walk past the girls still standing in line to go to the other row. With Vice Principal Swank watching the boys and Nurse Stanton making her way to the girls exam area, the girls in line took advantage of the situation. A couple rubbed Jonathan's Butt while one of the girls tried to move his hands. He was already having a hard time covering his semi-erect penis and this made it worse as he got fully hard.

“Stop It!” he yelled.

Vice Principal Swank turned around but the girls had already stepped back in line and were acting innocent.

“Hurry up Jonathan and quit playing. And that better not be an erection. Getting an erection in the presence of all these people would be highly inappropriate.”

“No Ma'am.. I Uh...” Jonathan trailed off as he quickly made his way to the other side of the lockers.

At the end where the boys check up area was, waiting for her 1st victim, stood Dr. Carol Hathaway or Dr. Carol as everyone called her. There was no privacy screen. Just a table to sit or lay on, a scale to weigh the boys, with an attachment to get their height. Suddenly Jonathan noticed another table with 2 girls sitting at it. Susan and Marie looked at each other with a grin as Dr. Carol instructed Jonathan to stand on the scale.

“Hands at your side young man, we need an accurate reading. Susan, you take the 1st boy, Marie, you record measurements.”

Susan stood and walked over to Jonathan. She put a hand on his shoulder and one on his buttocks. “Over here” she said as if he couldn't figure it out.

Jonathan stepped up on the scale. He still had his hands in front of his erection. Dr. Carol slapped his hands. He moved them to his sides.

“Stand up straight” demanded Dr. Carol.

Jonathan stood up straight and looked ahead. He could see that Susan was looking directly at his hard-on. He turned beet red and started shaking. Then he looked over Susan's shoulder. He was staring directly at the girls at the end of the line who were staring back with their hands over their mouths.

“Young man, while erections are normal, in a medical setting, you need to control that thing.” said Dr. Carol as she looked down and pointed at his 6 inch erection. “Susan, proceed”.

Jonathan squeezed his eyes closed to try and ignore the situation. Susan adjusted the scale and made sure to brush Jonathan as much as possible. She even brushed his erection. “146 pounds” she said to Marie. Next she adjusted the lever to measure his height. As she did this, she leaned up against him. He cold feel her breasts rubbing up against him and his erection rubbing against her. He thought he felt her grab his cock briefly. He was hard as a rock. “5 Foot 11” Susan said to Marie.

“Dr. Carol, how are we supposed to do the tanner staging with an erection?”

“Well, I supposed we can just measure it and check the chart for erection and testicle size. It's not as accurate but they need to be flaccid to do an accurate measurement.” replied Dr. Carol with a giggle.

Susan grabbed the measuring ribbon. She grabbed Jonathan's cock. He looked at her with in shock. She gave it a gentle stoke and then lifted it slightly and looked him in the eye with a grin on her face. Jonathan clamped his eyes shut. She measured from the base where it joins the testicles to the tip.

“6 and ¼ inches” she said as she rubbed the tip of his cock slightly producing some precum. She looked up but Jonathan had his eyes closed tightly again and had slight tears in the corners of his eyes. She leaned in and whispered in his ear “Nice Cock”.

“Don't forget to get a circumference of the shaft and each testicle” reminded Marie.

Susan dropped down to one knee. Now Jonathan's cock was right in her face. He opened his eyes, looked down in shock, and almost fainted. Susan grabbed the measuring ribbon and then gently grabbed one of Jonathan's testicles. Jonathan's cock was throbbing.

“Careful!” he said.

“Just mind your manners young man. Its not our fault you are so immature that you can't control that thing. Your lucky the Vice Principal isn't here. She has a special punishment for erections!” answered Dr. Carol.

Susan measured Jonathan's right testicle while rubbing and caressing it. Jonathan was understandably tense.

“4 and 1/8 inches” Susan told Marie.

Susan moved her attention to Jonathan's left testicle. Just then Jonathan yelled “Oh No!” and everyone that wasn't staring at his cock was now looking as he brought his hands down, too late to stop from ejaculating all over Susan's face! Susan let out a short scream then moved her head to the side and instinctively grabbed his cock. She pointed it to the side while stoking it a few times which helped him finish. Just as that was happening, Vice Principal Swank step into the row to see what was going on.

“JONATHAN!” As Jonathan started to recover she said “You are in big trouble mister!”

“But it's not my fault! I ..”

“You just shut up and listen! You boys may think this is cute, but its not! You are in big trouble. Now finish your exam and then we are going to see the Principal!”

Jonathan started to gently cry.

“Over here young man” Dr. Carol said as she patted the table.

“Marie, just use the same measurement for both testicles”.

“Yes Ma'am” replied Marie as she was still staring at Jonathan's cock and Susan's face.

Susan stood up and Jonathan went over to sit on the table.

“At this pace we'll never get done!” said Dr. Carol.

She started her exam. Checking eyes ears nose, throat, spine, knee reaction, she progressed quickly.

“OK, now lay down please”.

Jonathan lay back. Dr. Carol proceeded to check for hernia.

“Cough. Again...”

“Susan, can you go ahead and measure him flaccid now that his erection is gone?”

“Sure Dr. Carol.” Susan grabbed the measuring ribbon and measured his flaccid but recently used penis.

“3 inches”. She measured his right testicles, “2 inches. Can that be right?” Susan asked.

“Well, sometimes if it is cold or a boy is embarrassed, his testicles shrink up. That's why the skin is not smooth but looks like a bunch of lines close together.”

“Oh, OK” replied Susan.

Jonathan was still feeling very embarrassed and now they were using him for an anatomy lesson.

“OK Jonathan. Up you can go...Your finished.”

“Oh, no your not Jonathan, come with me.” said Vice Principle Swank.

To be continued ...

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