High School Physical Chapter 3
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Chapter 3

“My turn!” said an excited Marie.

Jonathan hopped down, covered his privates, and started to head towards his locker.

“Oh, No You Don't! Hands at your side! Better yet, lock your fingers behind your neck!” yelled Vice Principal Swank.

Jonathan reluctantly moved his hands behind his head. Just as he interlocked his fingers, Vice Principal Swank Grabbed his hands and neck together with her right hand and led him towards the door to the locker room.

“Wait! What are you doing?” yelled Jonathan.

“I told you I wasn't going to stand for any hanky panky you little pervert!”

As they passed the girls in the line, who had a hand over their mouth and still tried to cop a feel with the other while Vice Principal Swank was on the other side of Jonathan working her way to the door.

“Hey!” said Jonathan.

“Shut up! I don't want to hear another word out of you!” Said Ms Swank.


Vice Principal Swank spun Jonathan around and pushed his head down so he was bent at the waist. She slapped his butt 10 times really hard. The girls put their other hand to their mouth as well. The Vice Principal pulled him up and pushed the door open then led Jonathan out into the gym.

Lucky for Jonathan, the gym was mostly empty because it was lunch. She marched him to the administrative offices. The office was staffed by 3 women plus 2 girls were in there as volunteers. The was a collective squeal as she pushed the naked boy into the outer room in front of everyone with his hands behind his neck. He was crying.

“Where Principal Jenkins?” She said in a loud voice.

“He, He … He's at lunch, in the cafeteria.”

Ms Swank turned Jonathan and marched out of there to snickers and comments. She led him to the cafeteria.

“Oh No! You Can't...” Jonathan said as the Vice Principal pushed Jonathan through the door.

The quiet in the room spread from 1 side to the other then the chatter got louder and louder. Ms Swank looked for the principal. She pushed Jonathan up against the wall facing the crowd.

“Stay here and don't move your hands!” She yelled.

Jonathan looked at the crowd. Hundreds of his school mates. Hundreds of girls he knew. He slammed his eyes shut.

“Jonathan, what is going on?” he heard a female voice say right in front of him.

“It wasn't my fault!” Jonathan said as he started crying so hard he couldn't talk. He opened his eyes. It was his next door neighbor, a girl he had known all his life.

“Amanda! Please Go! Don't look at me like this!”

Just then Principal Jenkins arrived being dragged by Ms Swank.

“This pervert got an erection during his exam and then he ejaculated all over one of the poor girls helping out! He needs to be punished!”

Mr Jenkens spoke,“Janice, can you please take him down to my office. We will address this there.”

“HMPH!” Vice Principal Swank exclaimed as she grabbed the boy and led him back down the halls to the administrative offices. This time their was a crowd following, mostly girls. Phones in hand. Pictures, video....

“Everybody stop or you will be next” Principal Jenkens shouted.

The crowd dropped back.

“It's his own fault, not theirs!” Ms Swank Exclaimed.

“Well we could get in big trouble if those pictures or video make it to the internet!”

Ms Swank replied “Serves him right!”

Mr Jenkins felt the boy had suffered enough being paraded naked so everyone in the school saw him, but Ms Swank wanted to do more. She insisted on giving him swats. Mr Jenkins said he would allow it but she would answer to any upset parents.

“Fine with ME!” she replied.

She grabbed Jonathan again and headed for the gym. The audience was waiting in the halls as she pushed Jonathan ahead of her holding his hands and neck again.

Back in the locker room, on the girl's side there was a lot of chatter about the naked boys. The naked boys they saw, the naked boys on the other side of the partition, the commotion. As other girls from the line filed in, they updated the girls on what happened The 1st girl walked up to the exam area. There was a curtain. As she entered, the girls at the table asked for her name. They weighed and measured the girls, who were nervous and embarrassed at being examined in their bras.

Nurse Stanton spoke to each of them and said “It could be worse, you could be a boy!” and as she said that, she pulled the curtain between the 2 exam rooms open a bit. They all could see a naked boy, usually with a hard on standing on the scale or sitting on the table naked. Each girl moved a hand to her mouth as she moved the other to cover her bra. Nurse Stanton released the sheet and giggled, getting a kick out of exposing the boys to the girls.

“OK, just a couple of more tests...” said the Nurse. She did the whole eyes, ears, etc. “Now I just need you to open your bra. We'll go over Breast Self Exams, see if you have any questions.”

Each girl blushed. Most of them were already doing Breast Self Exam. Nurse Stanton covered the basics, answered questions, then told the girls they were done and could get dressed. She instructed each girl to wait at the bleachers until they were dismissed.

Meanwhile, on the boys side, each boy endured the same humiliation and embarrassment as Jonathan. Every one of them got a hard on. Three of the boys ejaculated. The girls were better prepared and didn't get it on them. Dr Carol had the boys stand in a row just outside the exam area. After they were dressed, the girls exited the girls' side of the locker room to the side the boys were on. As the girls headed to the door, they slowed to look at the row of naked boys standing with their hands behind their head, and almost all of them with hard-ons.

The girls got a good lesson in the different sizes and shapes of boys. A few girls actually walked over to the the row of boys and took a closer look. They reached to cop a feel. Dr Carol expected this. She waited until the girl got a good feel and then spoke up.

“Uh hm. Girls, on you way...”

They exited the locker room and went to sit on the bleachers. Most of the girls were done with their exams and sitting in the bleachers as Vice Principal Swank came back into the gym with Jonathan. One of the girls went over to her and told her Dr. Carol needed to speak to her. She told Jonathan to stay where he was with his hands behind his neck. She had stopped him a few feet in front of the bleachers, so now all the girls were staring right at him. Most if not all of them not looking at his face.

Vice Principal Swank entered the locker room and walked down the row of naked boys and boners. She was not happy. As she passed, she slapped each of the boners and yelled “This is not Acceptable!”

She approached Dr Carol who informed her that every boy got a hard on and three more boys ejaculated. She didn't mention all the excessive contact the girls had made with the boys to cause some of it. Ms Swank turned, walked past the boys again, slapping each hard on and popping the three other boys in the groin.

“Follow me!” she said as she exited the locker room.

The boys reluctantly followed. As they marched out the girls let out a squeal. She had the boys line up in a row facing the bleachers, hands behind their heads. Now all the girls had a clear view of 15 naked boys. They were all blushing. The audience that had been watching as Jonathan was paraded in the halls started entering the gym, mostly girls. They filed over quickly and filled the bleachers or stood off to the side to stay up closer.

“You new arrivals be quiet or you will join these little boys.”

Ms Swank spoke to one of the girls and she ran off towards the coaches office. Just as quickly, she returned with the girl's PE teacher who was holding a paddle. The paddle was about 8 inches around and had holes in it.

“Ms Swank, you needed me?” Mrs Jones asked.

“Yes, these boys all misbehaved during their physical exam and they all need to be punished.” said Janice.

“Well, don't you think exhibiting them naked in front of their classmates is a punishment? Seems a bit much to me.”

“Well, you know I favor spankings to other forms of punishment. And I'm in charge so this is my call!”

Spank Swank continued “OK boys, I want you all to step to the right so you have a gap in between each of you.”

The boys shuffle so that there was a space in between each of them.

“OK girls, I want you to go stand next to the boys in between them.”

The girls jumped up and went to stand in between the naked boys. One girl went to the end of the line. Vice Principal “Spank” Swank handed the paddle to the 1st girl, Amy.

“OK Jonathan, I want you to turn facing away from the bleachers and bend at the waist.”

As he did, she instructed Amy to give the boy 23 swats, 1 for each of the girls they offended. The boys started to object.

“Shut up! … unless you want more!”

She handed the Amy the paddle and helped Jonathan to turn around more and bend over. It was hard for him to keep his hands behind his neck.

“Grab your ankles and don't let go! If you let go, we start over!” she instructed him.

“Begin!” she told Amy with enthusiasm.

Amy reared back and hit Jonathan really hard on the butt. He yelp and lunged forward. She continued quickly pounding his ass with a big grin on her face. When she hit 23, she looked like she was going to continue but Ms Swank said “Good Job! That was excellent. Jonathan you can stand up now.”

Jonathan stood. As she turned him, everyone could see he was quietly balling his eyes out. Ms Swank took the paddle and handed it to the next girl. She looked at the Doctor who shook her head no. She spun the boy around and pushed his head down. He grabbed his ankles.

“Begin!” The girls repeated the beatings. As they were done, Ms Swank told the boys they could go get dressed. That is except the boys that the doctor shook her head yes at when Ms Swank looked at her. These were the boys who had ejaculated, plus Jonathan.

To be continued ...

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