High School Physicals Chapter 4
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Chapter 4

When only the boys who had cum were left, Ms Swank addressed the girls.

“So these boys, in addition to not being mature enough to control their erections, also ejaculated in front of everyone, embarrassing the girls and making a mess. What shall we do to them?”

A few suggestions came from the bleachers.

“I said I didn't want to hear a word from all of you. I only want to hear from the girls who were in the locker room.”

One suggestion was 10 more swats. Ms Swank said that was letting them off easy. Another suggestion was to smack them with the paddle on their penis and balls. Ms Swank liked that idea. Another suggestion was to make them masturbate for the group, the ultimate humiliation. Most of the girls had not seen them ejaculate. Ms Swank, always in favor of spanking, chose to have the girls paddle the boys on their penis and balls. With all this activity, two of the boys were already hard and the other two were semi hard.

Ms Swank allowed the volunteers to administer these swats, so the other girls went back and sat down.

“OK, so I want you to hold the boys penis out straight, laying on top of your hand, and swat it five times. When you are done, I want you to hold his penis up out of the way, and swat his balls twice. Not too hard on the balls, OK?”

The girls let out an excited “OK!” The boys objected and whined.

Ms. Swank grabbed Jonathan's hands and neck, this time with 2 hands. Susan lifted his 6 inch penis and held it on top of her hand. “You came all over my face!” she said angrily.

Ms Swank had a surprised look on her face. She didn't know about that. Susan secretly liked it.

Susan came down hard on his penis. Jonathan yelled and jumped, mostly from fear. Susan did it again. This time Jonathan screamed in pain. Susan didn't wait. She slammed down hard on his penis again and again. Jonathan screamed each time. She smashed his penis one last time. Jonathan screamed really loud. Susan didn't waste any time, she grabbed a hold of his cock, lifted it, and slammed into his balls really hard. Jonathan buckled. Ms Swank grabbed harder and pulled him up.

“Not that hard this time.”

“Sorry” said Susan.

She let off a little and slammed his ball really hard again. This time Ms Swank let him collapse on the gym floor. Most of the girls were cheering and clapping. They had never seen a boy beaten so bad. They loved it. Ms Swank took the paddle from Susan and gave it to Marie.

She leaned over to Susan, “We're not done here. You need to get payback for him ejaculating on your face. What a pig!”

Ms Swank grabbed the next boy just like she did Jonathan. He started crying even before Marie started. Marie was not as rough as Susan. She lifted his 5 ½ inch penis and kind of set it in her hand. She took her time fondling it. He was already hard but got even harder. Then she proceeded with her swats. She went pretty fast and ended up hitting him 5 times. Ms Swank made her switch. She grabbed his dick and started stroking up and down.


Marie took a quick swing and hit him harder than she meant to. Frank Screamed in pain. Marie swung again right away. Frank screamed even louder. Marie looked at Frank and apologized. She was still holding his penis though, and was once again stroking it.


Ms Swank slapped Marie's hand away and took the paddle. As she went to hand the paddle to Jenny, Ms Swank leaned over to Frank who was now on the floor “you can go get dressed you little pervert”.

He crawled a little then finally got up and went into the girls locker room to get his clothes.

As Ms Swank turned back, Jenny was stroking the next boy, Thomas, who was now hard. Oohs and ahhs went up as he reached around 8 inches long. She laid his cock in her hand and following Marie's lead, she proceeded to give Thomas 5 very fast but hard swats to his penis. He was screaming after the 1st swat. He cried and screamed the whole time. She grabbed his cock firmly, and while she stroked it, she smashed his balls really hard.

“Jenny” chided Ms Swank.

Jenny patted his balls with her hand and said “Sorry” in a mocking tone. Then she smashed his balls again even harder.

Ms Swank quickly let him drop to the floor and quickly took the paddle. She reached back and gave Jenny a quick swat to the butt.


Ms Swank interrupted, “I told you to be easy on their balls”.

Ms Swank handed the paddle to Alicia. She was more timid. She reached out and took Billie's penis in hand. Billie was a little on the small size. Probably only 4 inches hard. She was shaking. She hadn't even seen a penis before today, let alone hold one. She rubbed it back and forth a little then opened her hand and let it lie there. She took the paddle and in a cringing fashion, smacked his penis. It didn't really hurt but Billie let out a squeal anyway. He suspected if it wasn't convincing, he might get more. Alicia smacked him again, a little harder. She looked Billie in the eye, kind of in an inquisitive fashion, wondering if this was good or bad, if she hurt him, or what. Then she smacked him harder. She delivered 2 more hard blows. Billie was hurting by the time she was done but not crying. He got off easier than the others. She grabbed his penis and sort of inspected it. Looking it all over. She moved it up and stretched his penis to try to reach his belly button. She let out a giggle. Then suddenly she smacked his balls. Nowhere near as hard as the others but she must have caught him just right. He screamed and his body went limp. Ms Swank held him up. Alicia smacked him again, a little harder. Then she let go of his penis and rubbed his balls.

“Sorry” she said.

“OK, that's enough. Billie you can go get dressed.” She released him and Billie fell to the floor. She ignored him and moved on.

Jonathan had recovered somewhat and wondering why he was still there asked, “What about me?”

“You my special little pervert, defiled one of our girls. She needs something to make it even. Susan, any ideas?”

“Well, I think he would be really embarrassed if he had to ejaculate in front of everyone.”

“No way. You can't make me...” Jonathan was interrupted by Ms Swank grabbing his hair and lifting him off the floor.

“You are the one who caused all of this. Shall I call your mother and see what she wants us to do?”

“No, No please don't call my mom! She can't see me like this!”

Susan, who seemed to have a mean streak, suggested “Why don't we have him shoot into a cup and make him drink it! Then I will feel like I got even with him! Or maybe I could throw it in his face!”

“OK, OK, calm down. So Jonathan, what will it be, drinking or having it thrown in your face?”

“Neither! This is not right!”

Ms Swank grabbed him by the sides of his face. “You choose. Drink, Face, or Mom.”

“It's not fair!” Jonathan started crying again “I guess I let her throw it in my face.”

Susan ran to get a cup. The PE teacher left to go back to her office. Susan returned. She gave the cup to Jonathan. The audience, which was late for their next class was looking on with anticipation. A few girls were recording it on their cell phones. Jonathan started masturbating. It took a little bit to get fully hard. His balls had been hammered and he had ejaculated about an hour ago. Finally he was fully hard. Susan hand come over and was rubbing his thigh and his balls. Jonathan closed his eyes trying to find some pleasure to help him finish this task. He started remembering images of Susan in front of him, kneeling on the floor with his penis right in her face. He could feel the sensation building as he pictured her looking up at his face with his penis touching the side of her face. Here it comes! He thought. He stroked faster, and faster, and just as he started to shoot, Susan took the cup and put it in front of his penis, covering the end. Just then he door to the gym flew open. In walked Jonathan's mother. She saw Jonathan naked, masturbating and now shooting his wad as Susan gathered it.

“What the Hell is going on here?!” she yelled.

Jonathan opened his eyes as he continued shooting his wad.

“Mom! What are you doing here?” he exclaimed partly with surprise, partly with fear and embarrassment.

“The PE teacher called and said you caused some serious trouble and were getting punished. She thought I might want to find out what was happening”

Jonathan started crying, the girls started laughing. Just then Susan took the cup and threw the cum in Jonathan's face. The room erupted in laughter and cheering. Chants of lick it off came up from the crowd. Jonathan's mother asked for an explanation

“Somebody better tell me what the hell is going on before I start whooping some people's asses!”

Ms Swank started to answer but Susan interrupted quickly. “We were doing physicals today. During Jonathan's physical, he was rude and got an erection. Then while we were trying to remain professional, he ejaculated in my face! It was disgusting!” So he was spanked to embarrass him and teach him to control himself. And for ejaculating in my face, it was only fair that he have his ejaculate thrown in his face! Which you walked in while he was finishing that phase of his punishment.”

“Jonathan Michael Masters! Is this true?”

Jonathan replied “It wasn't my fault mom! They made us get naked in front of the girls and then she kept touching me. I couldn't help it!”

“Of course it's not your fault. Nothing ever is.”

His mom turned in disgust to Ms Swank “What about what he said?”

“Well, we do require the boys to have a hernia check and a Tanner Evaluation which is to determine how mature they are physically. So we had the boys in a section of their own. We do need people to assist so, since the students in Home Economics are preparing for life and home making, it only made sense to use them as the assistants. And it is necessary to touch them while checking eyes, ears, throat spine, knees, and to do the hernia check, as well as measuring for tanner evaluation. So, its all part of a normal physical. It's up to the boy to act mature and help us get through the process.”

“I see. Well, I think you could have gotten some medical students to come in and help. Other than that, I apologize for Jonathan's actions. Do we know where his clothes are?”

Jenny picked up her folder and looked. “Locker 132” ma'am.

Jonathan started to move towards the locker room.

“You wait right there young man!” his mother demanded. “Can someone go get his stuff for me?”

Alicia jumped up and ran to the locker room.

“The girl's locker room?” asked his mother.

“Yeah, we felt it would be the most efficient if we did the boys and girls physicals in the same area. We setup dividers in the room and the school nurse did the girls physicals and Dr Carol did the boys. We didn't want to force the girls to endure the smell of the boys locker room.”

“Well, it sounds like you all have everything figured out, except for nasty little boys!”

Alicia returned with Jonathan's clothes. She handed them to Mrs. Masters.

“Mom, can I...”

“You just shut up and get to the car. Your not done by a long shot!” his mother told him.

She took a napkin out of her purse and wiped the cum off his face. Then she told him to eat the napkin with the cum. Jonathan was once again crying as he ate the napkin with his cum piece by piece.

“Lets go!” said his mother as she headed for the exit. She made him walk to car, not covering up.

“The rest of you get to class!” Ms Swank yelled at the crowd.

She wrote notes for the 15 girls and 14 boys getting physicals and the 8 helpers. She turned to the school nurse and said “That was crazy, and its only the 1st 30 students!. We still have 10 days to go!”

“I know” said the school nurse who started giggling.

To be continued ...

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