High School Physicals Chapter 5
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Chapter 5

The entire school was buzzing with talk about the girls seeing 15 boys naked and punished with swats by other girls in the school and the girls getting to handle their private parts while they're genitals were punished and finally 1 boy made to masturbate in front of the girls and having his own spunk thrown in his face. The next 15 boys and girls were nervous, but for different reasons. The boys expected to be humiliated in front of the girls and the next 15 girls expecting to get an education about boys they could have never imagined before yesterday.

Many of the boys told their parents about what happened and that they didn't want to go to school. Some of the parents came to the school to protest the exams. Principal Jenkins met with the parents who demanded the boys be treated with the same dignity and respect the girls were. Vice Principal Swank was incensed at that, stating that boys and girls were not the same and should not be treated the same. She pointed out that the boys were punished for their actions which was no ones fault but their own. Principal Jenkins acquiesced to the Vice Principal.

They did agree to set up a privacy screen for the boys in the locker room so the boys were not as exposed to the girls while waiting for their exam. They also agreed that there would be no more genital spankings. The parents wanted the school to use college medical students and not the boys classmates inside the locker room. The school was not prepared to make that change but would look into it. The meeting ended and although the parents thought they had gotten some concessions, Vice Principal “Spank” Swank was mad.

The lunch bell rang. The school was abuzz. Everyone was waiting to see what would happen. When the 30 students filed in and took a seat on the bleachers, Ms Swank had a surprise for them. She told the girls to stay where they were, that everyone would enter the locker room together. She had the boys report to the boys locker room. Once they were all inside, she had the boys undress and put all their clothes in their own lockers. She had them grab their lunches. Most of them didn't bring a lunch. They were to worried about what was going on to be hungry. Then Ms Swank had them line up.

She marched them out and had them sit on the bleachers again, naked. The girls were covering their mouths and laughing. Other spectators had started coming into the gym to get a free show based on what happened the previous day. While Ms Swank was gone, the school nurse had informed the girls that there would be no phones or cameras. Anyone trying to take pictures would join the boys in their naked condition.

Ms Swank went over the rules, then had the boys and girls line up single file, 1 boy then 1 girl, then 1 boy, then another girl, and so on. The girls were standing between 2 naked boys! Many of the girls rubbed a butt cheek or tried to cop a feel. The boys were jumpy and upset. Then Ms Swank marched them into the locker room. They had moved the table for the girls checking in the boys close to the door. They added a privacy screen behind the check in table to meet the request of the parents. This resulted in the line sticking out the door to the locker room for a while. This was Ms Swank's way of thumbing her nose at the parents. She'll provide more privacy in the locker room. Ha!

Of course, the whole school was wondering what was going to happen, so many students (mostly girls) had started filing into the gym and sitting in the bleachers and some standing around. There were no adults in the gym, instead they were all in the locker room. Some of the girls were so bold that they walked over to the line and inspected and teased the boys. There was a lot of touching and teasing going on. Some of the boys were so bold that they moved their hands to let the girls have a look. Some of the girls used this like a petting zoo!. All the boys had erections. Some of the girls not involved in the physicals had their phones out recording and photographing. All 30 students eventually filed into the locker rooms.

The exams went just like the day before, so expecting a different result other than less exposure was ridiculous. Four boys lost control and ejaculated in front of the girls that were assisting with the exams. The home economics girls had agreed to take turns at the different positions so that they each would get to handle the boys genitals. Ms Swank stayed in the boys side of the exam to keep an eye on things. While inside she agreed that the boys appear to not be able to make it through the exam without an erection. Still, she loved spankings and wasn't going to let them off easy. She stopped the boys that ejaculated and had them stand next to her, with their hands locked behind their heads of course.

Each boy who got an erection was given 10 swats immediately after their exam. She had the girls doing check-in administer the swats by the check-in table. This was outside the newly added screen so the girls could see and were watching for this back near the entrance. The boys were seen being spanked. The girls had them lean over the table with their elbows on the table. They then administered the 10 swats. The boy was then told he could go get dressed and return to lunch. Of course that meant walking out into the crowd of mostly girls waiting in the gym.

The boys locker room door was all the way across the floor. The girls were crowded so tight that the boys had to push and fight their way through the crowd, giving the girls a good opportunity to feel them up and grab a few penises and photos. The boys were already crying from being spanked and embarrassed, so most of them were balling by the time they got to the boys locker room. Two of the boys just stopped in the crowd and let the girls have fun. Both boys were rewarded with handjobs.

Now there was just the matter of what to do with the boys who ejaculated. Ms Swank spoke to nurse Stanton. They went back and forth trying to figure out a punishment. A prostate exam? More spankings? They had been warned that there would be no more genital spanking. They settled on embarrassment.

Ms Swank gathered the girls that were left together. She had them get shaving supplies from their lockers. After the girls administered the 10 swats the boys earned for their erections, she had the boys lay down on the benches and had the girls shave their genitals bald. The girls took turns holding the boys penis while shaving the hairs off. They took their time and actually were careful when shaving their balls. All four boys were hard as a rock by the time the girls were done. Ms Swank ordered the boys to the showers to be washed off.

She went out to check on the crowd and the other boys. The girls were given the option of washing the boys which some of them gladly agreed. In the course of washing them, the girls ended up performing a hand-job Nurse Stanton didn't say anything but she felt like this was a reward, not a punishment, so she ordered the girls to administer and additional 10 swats in the showers. She then told the girls to escort them out of the locker room. The girls were feeling bold and empowered, so they told the boys they had to walk with their hands behind their heads. 2 of the boys refused, so they tied the boys' hands behind their backs. They felt them up a bit, then led them out of the locker room by their penises.

As they were exiting, Ms Swank was on her way back in with the two boys that had stayed out and were getting handjobs from the girls in the crowd.

“Girls!” she admonished.

The girls let go of the boys' penises and grabbed them by the arm. Of course the boys were still hard as a rock. Now what to do with these 2? Indeed, what to do?

“But, they were the ones attacking me!” one of the boys said.

“Jason, I am so tired of you always blaming someone else for your actions! You know you were supposed to be in the boys locker room getting dressed to go back to class. Now we are going to show you who is to blame!”

Ms Swank went straight for the paddle that was still lying on the check in table.

“Bend over that table, both of you!” Spank told them. Both boys complied. Jason started to cry.

“I haven't even given you something to cry about yet!” she said as she took a big swing and landed a swat on Jason's butt. She gave him 20 swats. Very hard aggressive swats. It was almost as if she was taking out her frustrations for her whole teaching career on Jason's cheeks.

Jason was crying and slobbering and writhing in pain by the time she finished. Robert was crying because he knew he was next. Just then Dr Carol walked out from where she had earlier been examining the boys.

“Janice! What have you done?” she asked. Ms Spank Swank looked at her and said “What?”

“Well, just look at his buttocks! He's bleeding. You must have hit him really hard to do that.”

Ms Swank looked at Jason's butt which he was now rubbing and spreading the blood around. At that moment, 4 of the Home Economics girls walked in. They were laughing and giggling about everything that was going on, but they froze and looked with shock at the site of a teen boy jumping and rubbing his bloody butt while crying profusely.

“Calm down everybody. Girls, take him to the showers and lets get him cleaned up and I'll treat his wounds” said Dr Carol.

Marie grabbed Jason's arm but he jerked it away.

“Don't touch me! I going to the police and all of you are going to jail. I'm going to sue you all and the school. The whole damn bunch of you!”

Ms Swank started to yell at Jason feeling he didn't have the right to speak to them like that. “JASON, YOU...”

Dr Carol cut her off. “Janice, stop! Let me take care of this.”

Dr Carol reached over and gently took Jason by the arm, “come with me son, let me help you.”

She led him to the showers. Ms Swank left the locker room to check on her other deviants. The 4 girls followed Dr Carol. They probably wanted to continue watching a naked boy, but part of them felt sorry for him and wanted to help. Dr Carol had Jason get under a shower and she turned on the water so it was a little colder than he would want but she needed to cool off the blood vessels so he would stop bleeding and she could put some antibiotic on him and then a few bandages. Jason looked up and saw the 4 girls staring at him.

“Get out of here you perverts! You've seen and embarrassed me enough! Go On! Get Out!” he yelled.

Two of the girls started to leave. The other two just stood there.

Dr Carol spoke to Jason, “you need to try to stay calm. Getting overly excited isn't going to help stop the blood flow.” S

he turned and saw the two girls just standing there, “Wait in the other room girls”.

The two girls went out into the locker room and took a seat on a bench. They made sure they still had a view of the shower though. Dr Carol was able to clean Jason up and dried his buttocks. She led him over to the exam area they had set up. She had Jason lie on the table on his stomach. She asked one of the girls to go get her bag from the nurses office. Marie went. She was starting to feel a need to help Jason, almost a responsibility. Maybe she was destined to be a nurse or doctor someday she thought to herself.

She hurried and got the bag and returned. Jason didn't complain. At least now his “privates” were just that, private again while he lay on his stomach.

“Will this help” Marie asked.

She laid a couple of towels over Jason's back and legs, leaving only the area Dr Carol was working on exposed. Since the two girls that had left didn't see Marie and her friend come out, they went back in. Marie showed all 3 girls out of the locker room.

“He's been through enough. Just give us some space!” she told them.

Marie went back to help Dr Carol. They put some salve on Jason's welts and applied a few large band-aids.

“I don't know what you did to set her off, but you didn't deserve that son. Do you want me to call your mom to come get you?”

“No”, said Jason, “I don't want to have to explain all this and I don't want her to see me like this. Can someone go get my clothes. I'll be OK.”

Marie asked for his locker number and combo. She went to the boy's locker room. She kind of laughed to herself and pushed the door open. She walked in on the 5th period boys getting ready for gym. Many of them had just taken off their underwear to put on their jock straps.

“Afternoon boys! And I do mean boys!” Marie said whimsically.

Many of these boys hadn't been through the torture yet so they were shocked, embarrassed and upset.

“Get out you bitch! Who the hell do you think you are?” More comments and questions.

She walked down the row looking for Jason's locker. When she found it, she used the combo she had written down. She took his clothes, locked the lock, and headed for the door.

“It was nice SEEING you boys!” she said to them laughingly as she pushed through the door and headed back to Jason.

Jason was relieved to finally see his clothes.

“Thanks Marie”, he said as he slid to the side of the table and got off while trying to face away from her.

“Not a problem. I feel bad. I think this whole day was crazy. I think the girls took advantage of the situation, me included. I don't think we thought about how you guys felt. I would just die if that happened to me! I'm so sorry.”

Marie did her best to try to convey how she felt inside. She really did enjoy all that happened up to the point it really became real with a boy bleeding from a spanking.

“I just want to get dressed and get out of here. I want to try to forget any of this happened. This has been the worst day of my life!”

Dr Carol felt bad too. She had taken part in embarrassing the boys and having fun along with their classmates.

“Jason, are you going to be alright? Your not thinking about hurting yourself or anything, are you?”

“No, I just want to go hide somewhere and be left alone!”

“Well”, said Dr Carol, “I don't know if it is a good idea for you to be alone. I think I would be more comfortable if Marie went with you. I will write both of you a note to get out of class for the rest of the day. Marie, can you take him home and stay with him for a while? At least until he seems calm and OK?”

“Sure, of course...” Marie replied.

Jason interrupted, “I can't go home. My mom will be there and then I have to try to explain all this. I can just go hang at the park or something until dinner time. I just can't go home right now.”

“I know”, said Marie,”We can go back to my house. I can tell my mom I am working on my home economics project and it involves you. You can stay there as late as you need. You can even eat dinner there if you like!”

“I guess that would be OK.”

To be continued...

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