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Praise to The Gods of Coal
Sun Aug 5, 2018 03:59

Ancients survived Ice Ages inside Coal Caves

Stonehenge Car Park Postholes / Stonehenge Mesolithic Postholes:
Westernmost post "A" represents "Pembrokeshire Coalfield";
The Centre post "B" represents "South Wales Coalfield";
Easternmost post "C" represents "Bristol Coalfield";

Avebury coal duster, Cursus coal duster, Durrington Walls coal duster, Long Barrow coal duster, Robin Hood's Ball coal duster, Stonehenge coal duster, Woodhenge coal duster, etc, all being originally surface coal hunting failures. Every one of them were coal exploration sites that did not yield any coal.

Take away all of the dressed up cemetery headstone rocks and what have you got? Nothing more than a bunch of coal exploratory ditches and holes, that is what. Afterwards, these ditches and holes were utilized as grave plots, for tired disappointed coal explorers, and their cold disheartened families.

Three Mesolithic Posts: The 40 Mile Marker

1. Glaciers transport Bluestones to the Salisbury Plain.
2. Ice Age hunters destroy forests in Wales, England.
3. Coal miners from the West see their same Rocks.
4. Exploration for Surface Coal below chalk begins.
5. Pembrokeshire-South Wales-Bristol trend fails.
6. Wales, England coal miners build cemeteries.
7. Shoring a Coal Mine the Ancient's Message.

Ancients survived Ice Ages inside Coal Caves

Coal Exploration Dept.

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