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Is Volunteering in India important?
Mon Feb 19, 2018 01:39

There are many reasons as to why one should volunteer in India. The population growth of the country has caused a situation whereby around 17.6% of the total world people live in India. Whereby 20.65% of them are the world's poorest people live in this country. The unfortunate of the nation suffers from starvation, lack of access to safe drinking water. The lack of essential health amenities and suitable housing, which cause the state of affairs of the poor people in the country, needs attention, care and access to the necessary facilities in life. The poverty in this country requires curbing, the different and lively culture of the nation. This is another big reason why volunteering in India is crucial. The culture and custom of the country are inspired by the most miserable people, who are very friendly and hospitable. Volunteers who choose to visit with host families, during their volunteering period get a taste of the local values. This is a very genuine Indian travel experience.

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