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With that said, not all shop fittings are created equal.
Thu May 3, 2018 19:53

Often neglected by retailers in Durban, shop fitting is an indispensable aspect of getting your shop ready for your customers. A well-executed fit-out done by an experienced and reputable shop fitting company can do wonders for your retail store. It can not only spruce up the shopping experience for the customer but can also generate a long list of loyal customers in the long term.

With that said, not all shop fittings are created equal. If donít hire the right shopfitters in Durban, you might end up with the following mistakes that can cost you oodles of money in lost customers and growth opportunity.

Mistake #1: Hiring the Wrong Shop Fitting Company

Itís a no-brainer to make due diligence in order to find shopfitters in Durban with a track record of delivery. That means doing a little research, calling references, and checking out reviews to make sure that the right company does your shop fitting.

Mistake #2: Poor Lighting

For the best shop fitting results, the shopfitters in Durban should take care of every interior detail, from the floor to counters to lighting and everything in-between. Every fit out element goes to make your shop attractive and create a shopper-friendly ambiance. Oftentimes that means installing proper lighting.

As such, you need to pay keen attention to 3 aspects of your lighting  ó the temperature of the light, the placement, and energy efficiency. Any mismatch in the lighting elements mentioned above can ruin your in-shop environment.

Mistake #3: Improper Shelving

Well-designed and properly installed shelving can do wonders for your shop. From the heights to spacing and finishing, every detail of your shelving can generate an inspiring in-shop experience that encourages customers to buy.

Mistake #4: Disorganized Display

A great shop fitting should allow for easy organization of your products as per the taste and preference of the customers. If the displays are mis-designed or happen to be disorganized, browsing through your products can be an arduous task. Thatís a big no-no, and you might end up losing paying customers.

Mistake #5: Wanting Counter Design

We can all agree that the value of counters to your bottom line is absolute, but most retailers overlook the design aspect. You see, the design and appeal of the counter and checkout area leave a huge impression on the customer. Thatís why you need to bring in top-notch shopfitters in Durban to do a bang-up on the design aspects of the counters.

AUTHOR: Ryan Lloyd

Shop Fitting Durban

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