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When planning your retail shop fittings
Tue Jul 31, 2018 23:30

If you are shop fitting in Durban, the importance of planning your fit-outs cannot be overstated. shop fittings Durban South Africa are a costly investment so you want to make sure that you are getting value for your money. When planning your retail shop fittings Durban South Africa design, you must bear in mind that your choices will enhance or take away from the customer experience.

For instance, if your shopfitting Durban is hard to navigate, boring, or characterized by inadequate lighting, it is more than likely that your customers will opt to shop elsewhere. To avoid this from happening, here are some important tips to help you plan an effective shop fit-out and shop fitting in Durban:

Pay special attention to signage

Your signage must be seen easily and it must represent your brand in the best way possible. Therefore, it must stand out in all the right ways so that it can draw in anyone that passes by your store. Your sign should obviously contain relevant information such as the name of your business in large and attractive fonts and lighting that is easily recognizable at day and night.

Store navigability matters

When customers enter your store, they should be able to move around with ease. If you are planning in including shopping carts, you should be sure to leave sufficient space to make it possible for carts to move swiftly. Nothing is as inconveniencing to customers as crowded aisles so you should do everything in your power to avoid this.

Lighting setting when using shop fitting company

When designing the general layout of your store, you should never skimp on your lighting choices. Adequate overhead lighting that is both eco-friendly and trendy can help to tie your store’s décor together. When complemented by light panels in your store displays, the illumination offered can help to enhance the products in your store and make them more alluring to customers. Lighting is also essential because,without it, it would be unsafe and challenging for customers to move around your store.

Get different displays

Displays can enhance your interior decor and it can also help to advertise new goods and services with ease. When picking your displays, remember to choose a variety of designs to enhance the shopper’s experience. Some options that you can use are wall displays which are ideal for purses and shoes, levitating displays which are much more attractive to customers, and so much more.

Author: Merry Jackson


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