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Disciplining the Neighborhood Kids - Chapter 1
Fri Apr 6, 2018 11:13

Disciplining The Neighborhood Kids - 1
A look back at discipline the way it used to be...

We were sitting in our living room watching TV. It was another episode of the walking dead. I hate zombie movies, but a chance to spend time with my uncle and my dad, I'm in. The episodes were really not a surprise. The actors end up in an area they shouldn't be, and then... ZOMBIES!!! Just as the lady was trying to run from some zombies, she tripped. She felt tremendous pain in her knee. She was trying to get up. She hobbled on one leg and suddenly... Ding Dong! The doorbell rang. My uncle cussed and got up to go answer it. It was summer and we kids had way too much time on our hands! He hurried to the door not wanting to miss too much. Opening the door, he looked both directions then stepped out on the porch hoping to see someone, some motion, something. He thought he heard a noise from the neighbors bushes. "If I catch you boys, there'll be hell to pay!". He closed the door and hurried back to the living room. "What happened? What I miss?". My dad answered him "Nothing, as you can guess it got a little hairy but the girl got away. A few Zombies died. Nothing unusual". My uncle cussed again and sat down. All part of the bonding experience.
We have been coming down to stay with my uncle, my aunt, and my 2 cousins every summer for the last 4 years. Mamma says if we don't take time to make memories now, we will be too old to make them when we can. My dad and my uncle usually spend more time with the boys. And I get it, their all guys and have more in common than with a teenage girl. That's why I work hard trying to spend time with them and yes, even enduring "The Walking Dead". I don't often get invited on fishing trips or hunting trips, or even to go see "Wrestlemania". Truth be told, I don't want to sit in a boat or a deer blind with a bunch of males farting and pissing on the side of the building or the back of the boat. Where would I go pee? You kidding me. And the smells! How can guys create that many offending odors! No, I would rather do more family style events. The problem there, you guessed it Redneck-ness. Yep, they acted like, smelled like, talked like rednecks. Now, I'm not trying to insult anybody that considers themselves a redneck. It just gives you a picture of guys, chewing tobacco, guns, and smells. My cousins, Dale 15 years old and Robbie 17 years old, and my Dad, they love that crap. Me, Mamma, my Aunt Lisa and my 12 year old cousin Anna, not so much.
I do like doing stuff with my Mamma, but I have never really been a girlie girl. I like to do athletic stuff and some less than feminine stuff. I play on the girls soccer team. I am the high scorer on our team. I also take Taekwondo. Its really fun being the top student. I don't have any trouble with the boys at school. The boys in my class let them know not to mess with me because I beat everyone. In Taekwondo, they don't really teach us to beat up on people but you can dominate them and let them know you could do more if it came to that. I love being confident around the kids at school. Making cookies... not so much.
I take a little bit of crap off my brothers occasionally. Dale is only a year older and in reality, I could take him. In anything. We have wrestled around a little and I got him in a submission hold and he started crying. Mamma told me to back off a little. She didn't want me to hurt his pride. Robbie, he can straight out whip my ass. Its good to have a tough big brother if your in trouble and need help, but if he picks on you, you get the short end of the stick. Sure would like to beat him. At something. Just once. Maybe get a photo to put as my background on my phone. Robbie is the middle linebacker on our schools football team. He will probably get a scholarship. He gets everything else. A car, clothes, a cheerleader...
So the "Walking Dead" episode ends. Uncle James and dad start getting riled up about the door bell ringers. "If I get a chance, I'm gonna catch them boys and I will show em how we used to be disciplined". "Oh, you mean the belt, and" Dad starts to whisper a little, "and dropping the pants..." He chuckles. "That and they get 20 of the BEST no matter who's there to watch!" Uncle James chimes in. Dad looks at me and says "keep it clean for the ears in the room". Uncle James acts indignant, "It is what it is. We used to have to drop our drawers and bend over that stupid saw horse and get a lickin', and who ever was home was there to add to our humiliation so we wouldn't do it again!". He said it loud enough that even mom heard him from the other room. She chimes in "Honey, remember the time you went and took Farmer Mac's tractor and went joy riding with your friend Richie? Hee Hee, that was a sight." "Sally, just stop all that. No sense bringing that stuff up now." I could feel myself getting a little excited getting to hear about stuff from their child hood, and it sounded embarrassing. Everyone likes to hear that stuff. "Mamma, what did you mean by 'that was a sight'?" Daddy jumps in, "Rachael, I think its getting close to your bedtime. Why don't you go get ready." Mom stops him, "Oh honey, its OK. It wasn't that bad and it was a long time ago. Rachael dear, If you will go get ready and come back down, I will tell you all about it! Now, do what your daddy said and go get ready." I jumped up, ran up the stairs. I was sleeping in the guest bedroom and using the bathrooms the boys shared. Yuck! They were so messy! Underwear on the floor! Dirty socks everywhere! Filthy and smelly jeans. You had to play hopscotch to get across to the sink. I brushed my teeth in record time. I ran to my room and changed into my pajamas. As I was pulling up my bottoms, I though I saw motion out of the corner of my eye. I turned quickly and looked. No one there. Oh well, I rushed downstairs.
"You weren't hardly up there long enough to get ready" said daddy. "Oh honey. Calm down. She's just excited to hear a good story. OK Rachael, take a seat here and I will tell you a funny and embarrassing story. Well, embarrassing for somebody." She and I took a seat on the love seat. Daddy got up in a huff and went to the kitchen. Uncle James just chuckled and reached for his pipe.
"So, like I said, your daddy took Farmer Mac's tractor. He and his best friend Richie drove it down to the creek." "You Mean Mr. Johnson? From the hardware store?" "Yes Honey. Now, they thought it would be fun to do some digging in the creek and they made a little dam like thing that change the way the water was running. They were having a good old time. Well, they didn't know Farmer Mac had seen them. He was out harvesting the corn. He jumped off the combine and was running to try to stop them from driving off. Anyway, they were still playing by the edge of the creek, and it gave way. The tractor flipped on its side and shut off. They didn't know what to do. Then all the sudden, Farmer Mac came running down from the treeline. He was pissed. He was yelling and spitting tobacco so fast. The boys just up and run back to your daddy's house. Well, me and one of my friends, Betsy, we were next door and we had come over to see your daddy and Richie. Here come Farmer Mac pulling up to the house. He was all dirty and he was furious. He came up and was about to knock on the door when your grandma opened it. "Mac, what are you all up in a tussle about?" Mac started teller her about the tractor. Grandpa came in the room. He had heard everything from the other room. Mac finished. Grandpa asked if he needed help getting the tractor out. He said yes. then he asked what grandpa was going to do about it? Betsy and I started to walk towards the front door but grandma told us to stay right there. She said we need to see how to raise boys up so they don't do this stuff. Grandpa pointed to the back. Your daddy and Richie were familiar with what to do. They headed out the back door and over to the barn. Grandma told us girls 'come on, stay with me'. We walked out just as Grandpa was telling the boys to 'get em off'. I looked at Betsy with a startled look. I wasn't sure how to react but I was pretty sure we were about to see our first naked boys! Your Grandpa made em strip bare. Oh what a sight! we were just bouncing and freaking out. We could see all of them, and I mean ALL. Anyway, he had each boy take a turn leaning forward holding on to a sawhorse and went to lighting up their cute little white buns. They were screaming and crying when he finished. Your Grandpa asked Farmer Mac if it was 'sufficient' and he felt it was but that his tractor needed a good cleaning. Grandpa told the boys they would clean the tractor tomorrow and any other chores Farmer Mac felt he needed done. If they argued or didn't get it done, he would have a repeat session." "You saw em bare ass naked?" You could tell the story was getting Mama excited. She answered "Oh yes, but that wasn't the end of it. Grandpa made the boys turn and face us all. They had to apologize to Farmer Mac. Your daddy and Richie went to cover their privates but Grandpa yelled 'none of that'. Oh my it was a sight. Two naked boys right in front of us. And you know what, they started showing signs of getting excited. We had heard gossip and all, but here we two 15 year old boys getting boners right in front of us" "Awe Honey! What are you doing. You trying to embarrass me?" Daddy was not enjoying this. Uncle James just kept chuckling. Daddy told Uncle James he was gonna share a story in a minute... Mom chimed in, "So anyways, Grandpa told them to march into the house. Your daddy reached for his clothes. Grandpa said 'no, the ladies will get those'. He marched em right in the house and had them stand in the corner in the living room with their face in the corner. Grandma told Betsy and me to pick up the boys clothes. We gasped a little bit. We were about to pick up their clothes, undergarments and all, and then go back inside where they were still naked. Grandma want to embarrass them more so she told us to fold their clothes neatly and set them on the chair. I was getting flustered. My face was burning up and I was breathing really fast. A lot was happening all at once. We folded the clothes. The boys kept leaning their faces to the side to see what we were doing. I think they were embarrassed that were were folding their underwear. Oh my it was all so much for a 15 yer old girl. We didn't have all this stuff on TV and the internet like you girls do. Grandma told us to have a seat on the couch. She went and brought us some lemonade. It was so good. I have never had better lemonade!" "You were just enjoying embarrassing us. Like you are now." Daddy interrupted. "I believe I could use some right now!" Everybody but Daddy laughed. Uncle James laughed the hardest. "Your turns coming Jimmy Boy" warned daddy.
"So here we were, Betsy, Grandma, and me, sittin on the couch staring at 2 naked bottoms. We weren't directly behind them, so we could see a little of you know what." "What?" I said in an innocent curious way. "You know, their penises. They were still erect. I don't think they went down the whole time. Finally, Daddy, your Grandpa, he told em to turn around and come apologize to everyone that they inconvenienced and embarrassed today. Both boys turned. Richie went to cover and all Grandpa had to say was 'uh' and he stopped. They walked over and mumbled something to Farmer MAC. Your Grandpa told them to 'speak up!' 'we're awful sorry about the tractor Mr Mac' your daddy managed to say, 'we promise not to do anything like that again. promise' Richie croaked out. Richie sounded like he was about to start crying again. Farmer Mac got up and told your Grandpa 'Well I guess that's enough for now. You boys better be there bright and early!' He shook Grandpa's hand then added, 'I might even make you do the chores like you are now. Taint decided yet'. Your daddy started to object but your Grandpa just looked and pointed at him and he shut up. Farmer Mac left and the boys started for their clothes. Grandma jumped in 'Uh Uh Uh. You boys have more people to apologize to' and she pointed at Betsy and I. We were all a flutter. My heart was racing a mile a minute. Here we had seen 2 of our friends and classmates completely bare and excite, but now they were about to come stand right in front of us and ... Oh my, I'm getting all excited and flustered now just picturing it... So they walked over to us and they couldn't even cover up. They're willies were right there. We were sitting down and they were right in front of us. Betsy almost looked like she was going to reach out and, well, anyway, Grandma saw what a strange situation it was ans suggested we girls stand up. We took our time as we rocked forward. I was just inches from his, uh well, so I stood up and hee hee, it was so funny, to me anyway, I accidentally bumped his thing with my hand as I straightened up. It sent a shiver up my spine! Your daddy's eyes got big as saucers. He didn't know what to do or say. After a few seconds he stepped back a little. He was so embarrassed that his cheeks were red as strawberries. Grandma jumped in and said ' do you boys have something to say to these young ladies?'. I think they turned an even deeper shade of red and then said something like' Sorry we ruined you day. It won't happen again.' Oh I am so glad they couldn't read my mind. Ruin my day? this was the best day of my life. And I would be OK if it happened again. A lot. I was still flush. I think Betsy was too but this whole time I wasn't looking at her. Anyway, Your Grandpa said they owed Grandma an apology too. They stepped over to her with their things bouncing away! Ha ha, it was great. They apologized to Grandma and then to Grandpa. Grandpa said 'Well OK then. Were done here.' The boys went for their clothes. Grandpa stopped them. 'I think you boys can just stay bare the rest of the night just to let this soak in'. You daddy speaks up and says 'But its only 4 O'clock! That'll be for a really long time!' Grandpa just tell him 'well, you got yourself into this. You ain't got nobody to blame but yourselves.' Grandma tells us girls we can go now. Then she asks what we're doing for dinner. She invited us to come back and even suggested we bring my little sister Annabelle. She tells us she will call our mamma and make the arrangements. You should have seen the look on those boys faces! It was pure fear and embarrassment. Now my 12 year old sister would see them too. It would be all over Middle School and High School!. We went back to my house. We walked straight to my room. As soon as I shut the door, we both burst out laughing. We spent the next few hours talking about what we saw. Most of it you can guess what the object of discussion was." Mom burst out laughing and Uncle James chuckled a little harder, probably because of how hard Mamma's laughing. Daddy just said "to hell with the lot of you." He grabbed 2 beers from the fridge and stepped out back. I told mom "what happened with dinner?". She could tell I was excited and she was enjoying this.
"Well, just like she said, your Grandma called my mom. She explained what happened. My mom was a little shocked. It hit her hard because she wasn't prepared to hear that her little innocent girl had just gotten to witness 2 boys stripped bare and thrashed. And then that they were on display in the corner for over an hour. She said she needed a minute to absorb what just happened. Your Grandma told her to come on over and they could talk about it. She walked in and there the 2 naked boys were in the living room. She said she was shocked even more. Your Grandma explained that they were told by their Grandpa that they had to stay bare the rest of the night and they had to stay in the living room. My mama said 'but their just sitting there, all ... exposed, not even covering up!' Grandma told her that if they tried to cover up they were getting more of the BEST. She had to explain to that that meant another spanking. Mama asked 'why do they called it the BEST?'. Your Grandma called them to the kitchen and told them to turn around. After seeing their red bottoms, she said she understood."
"We're they still... you know... hard?" I asked nervously. Grandma said that no they had calmed down but it looked like they were getting embarrassed a lot and starting to grow again. Why does embarrassing them cause that?" "Well, maybe they like it or something" I said. "Honey, that was a rhetorical question, I didn't really mean for you to answer. But, yes I think you are right. Maybe we could test it out on your brothers!" We laughed. Then Mama said, "Just kidding". I told her why not, Robbie could use knocking down a notch. Mamma just look at me with that "you not serious, and we need to drop this discussion kind of look." At least I think that's what it was. Anyway, she went back to finishing her story. "Your Grandma called Richie's parents and explained everything. They said 'he deserved everything he got. He might even get more when he gets home tomorrow." They agreed that he should spend the night and get the same embarrassment your daddy was gettin. Daddy and Richie were waiting in the living room when Betsy, and her sister, and my mother and father and I rang the door bell and were invited in. They were really embarrassed and fidgeting on the couch. You could tell they wanted to run. Betsy's 11 year old sister Tammy walk right over to them and Richie covered up. Grandpa started to remove his belt and Richie removed his hands. Betsy told Tammy 'no touching, just looking'. Tammy turned and had a pouty look on her face. Your Grandma yelled that dinner was ready. The 2 boys hurried to the table hoping it would provide them some cover. Everyone took seats. Tammy sat to Richie right. Annabelle sat to your daddy's left. I tried to pushed a chair in between them. They tried to not move, but Grandma told them to make room. I was sitting between two naked boys! They scooted as close to the table as they could but I could still lean back a little get a glimpse. Everyone but grandma took a seat. I think Annabelle was trying to grab your daddy's willie under the table. Then grandma told the boys to come help her serve. Now this was different you know. We used to just pass stuff around the table. Grandma gave them each a dish and had them go from person to person and ask if they wanted any. Then they had to ask if they had enough. They had to stand there and serve them until they said they had enough. Both boys became 'hard' as you put it, almost immediately. My sister had so many mashed potatoes on her plate. No way she was going to eat all that! I don't even think she looked at her plate. Grandpa had to tell Richie it was enough. Both boys must have walked around the table 8 times each. They were so embarrassed. They finally got to sit down. We said grace then dug in. The conversation was loud. The girls were asking all kinds of questions. The boys weren't answering. I thought for sure Grandpa was going to make them answer but I guess he figured they were getting embarrassed enough. Did it hurt to be hard like that? Were they embarrassed? Did their bottoms still hurt? Was this the first time they were naked in front of girls? Annabelle asked if she was allowed to tell her friends. Grandma said it would not be proper for the girls to go telling all the stuff that goes on in peoples home to other people. 'Would you want someone telling everybody what went on in your house? Especially if you got into trouble?' Annabelle said she guessed not. We knew we were gonna talk about it. This was the biggest thing that had ever happened to us. We ate and talked for a long time. The boys finished and asked if they could be excused. They were told no. They would stay until everyone was finished, clear the dishes and wash them. Everyone finished. Then your daddy and Richie were told to clear the table. Grandma wanted to teach them some manners, so she made them ask each person if they were done with their dishes before they cleared them. Everyone of the girls was staring at their penises as they asked them and then started taking the dishes to the kitchen. When they were done, we were all told to go into the living room." "You mean they weren't done being embarrassed, after all that?" "Nope. We were all in the living room and managed to change the topic to something besides naked boys. When they finished they yelled from the kitchen that they were done. Grandma yelled back for them to 'come in here to speak and not to yell. The walked in slowly. Their hands were all pruned but their penises were all 'hard' again. 'We're finished!' Richie announced. 'Their are some ice cream bars in the freezer, please bring them to me.' Grandma told them. They brought the ice cream bars to her. She handed them one at a time and had them hand them out, youngest to oldest. Each time they had to ask the person if they would like an ice cream. Once they said 'yes', they gave them the ice cream and had to wait for a thank you. We girls took our time saying thank you. Annabelle reached out when Richie was about to give her an ice cream and she grabbed his penis. Grandma gently cautioned her 'uh uh uh, no touching'. Annabelle slowly let go. Richie's eyes were like saucers, just like when they were told they had to stay naked and they were having guests for dinner. Annabelle finally said thank you and grandma told Richie to 'snap out of it boy'. I loved it when she said boy, he seemed much smaller and weaker with that word. Anyway, we all got our ice cream and Grandpa told us kids to all go eat them on the back porch so we didn't make a mess in the house. We all filed out the back door. Your daddy and Richie stayed inside by the door until Grandpa yelled, 'all of you!'. Your daddy and Richie came out. There was a bench and 2 chairs. Betsy and I took a chair. Annabelle and Tammy had sat on the bench. There was room on the bench for one more. Richie and your daddy were both trying to get it. It was funny watching 2 naked 15 year olds fight over a seat. Everything was bouncing, and for everything, I mean their boners. Richie pushed your daddy, he accidentally pushed Tammy. As she fell she tried to grab onto anything. Ha, ha, it was so funny. I don't know who was more shocked. Your daddy or Tammy when she realized she had his penis in her hand. She held on tight. She didn't know what to do. Your daddy had been so excited and embarrassed all day. Suddenly, ha ha... suddenly he, ha ha ha." Mamma was laughing so hard she almost couldn't finish her sentence. Uncle James jumped in "What you mean he shot his wad right there in front of everyone!"
Mamma was about to fall on the floor laughing. She was turning red from laughing so hard. All she could do was shake her head while she was holding her stomach with both arms laughing hysterically and squeeze out a 'yes'. "What do you mean by shot his wad?" I asked. Uncle James was laughing now. Mamas laugh was contagious. He said "it's slang dear, it means he ejaculated right then and there. In front of everybody!" "We learned a little about that in health class but not much" I told them. Mamma started laughing even harder and even spitting a little as she tried to get a hold of herself. She finally calmed down and continued. "So he ejaculated!" she looked at me then burst out laughing again. "He came right there. Some of it got on Tammy's hand and leg. Most of it got all over him. Tammy freaked out and yelled EEEEW! Gross!. Just then Grandma came out. all she could say was 'Oh my goodness!' She had your daddy go over to the hose and she washed him off while we all watched. She had me go get a bar of soap. She made him wash with soap while we all watched that too. She told him to clean his privates real good since just made a mess with them. We were getting a complete lesson on boys. She told Richie he could probably use a good washing too. He argued but he lost. He had to wash too while we watched. Grandma told him to be careful and not have an accident like your daddy did. No such luck (for us). It was fun to watch though. Imagine all the things you can say to someone when you've seen them naked and hard, spanked, served you naked, ejaculated, and have to take a shower while you watch. And worst of all for them, Grandma made a big spectacle of check them when they were done." Mamma put the back of her hand to her mouth and lean towards me and said "even their hiney holes!" She started laughing again and went almost straight to hysterical. I put my hands up to help her sit up cause I wanted her to keep going. She kind of brushed or slapped my hands away. "Finally Grandma sends the boys in and tells them to rush upstairs and dry off and brush their teeth. I think they thought it was over. When they finished Grandma was standing outside the bathroom. She told them to 'go down and tell all our guest goodnight." "Your daddy chimed in 'do we have to'. Grandma launched at him, grabbed him around the lower back and bent him over. 'I ought a beat your butt again!' Your daddy and Richie pushed past her and ran down the stairs saying 'we're going, we're going'. They came running into the living room. They had started to "calm down" but coming into the room full of people naked just made everything grow right back. They tried to tell the whole group goodbye, but Grandma told them to tell each person individually 'goodbye, I hope you had an enjoyable evening and I hope we can do it again sometime'. You daddy just replied 'awe, come on'. Grandma told Grandpa to give her his belt. As he reached for the buckle, your daddy walked over to me and repeated it perfectly. I will never forget those words. 'Goodbye, Thank you for coming to dinner. I hope you had an enjoyable evening. I hope we can do it again sometime'. It was right then that I knew I was gonna marry him!" "Really?! OK, keep going!" I said. "Well, they said goodbye to all us girls and my parents. Everyone was still staring, especially the girls. Once they were done, Grandpa told them to go on up to bed. They couldn't run fast enough! Grandma and Grandpa thanked us all and also apologized that we had to do this but it was for the boys own good. Didn't have to apologize to us girls! We loved it! I wish would have taken a couple of Polaroids." "Whats A Polaroid?" I asked. Grandma explained about cameras back then. "Oh, that would have been a funny sight to see!." Grandma finished her story "So we girls went back to my house. My parents sat us down and told us harshly not to tell others what happened tonight and not to embarrass the boys further about it. (Right!) They told us we were fine talking about it amongst ourselves but if they got wind we were making life for the boys worse, we would get some of the same!. What! We objected but they said to just behave and we would be fine. Best Day of my life!"
"Wow, that would be an interesting day" I told Mamma. "Well times have changed, honey. We don't really discipline boys like that anymore. There's a lot of different attitudes nowadays." My uncle jumped in, "Well, maybe if we did still discipline like that, those brats wouldn't be ringing my doorbell and running off." I answered all too eagerly "Well maybe we should!" "Well maybe we should" Uncle James said.

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