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Disciplining the Neighborhood Kids - Chapter 2
Fri Apr 6, 2018 11:14

Disciplining The Neighborhood Kids - 2
The Pranksters Are Caught

"You know. Seems like they know we are in there watching the show every time they do it. Maybe we could set a trap for them. You think these boys are sweet on you Rachael? Is that why they are doing it?" I was not ready for that question. "Well, I don't know. Why wouldn't they just come and talk to me? Why ring the doorbell and run away." Mamma chimed in "they are probably still at the age where they are a little embarrassed to talk to you about it and afraid of what you might say to them and to everyone at school." "Well, there are a couple of boys I would like to come talk to me. Like maybe Johnny. You think if we catch them I can see them naked?" Mom came back quickly "Honey, your starting to worry me. You seem a little eager to see some boys naked." "Well, you sounded like you were eager and enjoyed the hell out of it". "Watch your language young lady". "Sorry mom, I guess I just got caught up in the story. I didn't mean to talk like that." Mom replied "Awe its OK sweetie, Its probably my fault. I was having such a good time telling the story that I let some of that slip out of my mouth a bit. Anyway, we might be able to catch those boys but I don't know if that is a bad enough thing to get them 20 of the BEST. Plus their parents might not agree." I told Mamma "Well, we would be helping straighten their boys out, and you never know, their parents might be tired of 'em misbehaving and jump all over it!" "Well, maybe" mamma said “So who is Johnny?” “Oh, nobody” I replied changing the conversation.
Uncle James started plotting his trap. We would turn on the TV. We would invite a few people over to watch the TV so someone would be in the house. We would hide so we could see the house, the neighbors bushes, and anyone approaching from either side of the street. I told Uncle James I could get my soccer friends to come and watch TV. (Secretly, I was hoping to get some boys naked and share it with my friends!) and I 'm sure they would make the 2 hour drive for a chance to see naked boys! Uncle James got a few flashlights and some handcuffs from our neighbor Mr. Sawetelle. He was a police office. My uncle told him he was going to try to catch some misbehaving boys that were ringing the doorbell and running. Mr. Sawetelle had the same problem and offered to help. It turns out his shift was going to interfere but he did promise to roll thru the neighborhood after the show and check on things. So we had 5 pairs of handcuffs. I didn't think there would be 5 boys but Uncle James said 'better have them and not need them than to need them and not have them!" We agreed. So the next Wednesday, I arranged to have 4 or 5 of my girlfriends over from the soccer team. I had told them all about mamma's story about dad and she were young kids and neighbors. They loved all the details. They wanted more details. I told them if we were lucky, we would catch these boys and I was going to push for them to get the same kind of punishment! They were all in! So my friends are all sitting in the living room grossing out at all the blood and attacks and killing on the 'Walking Dead'. I had told them they had to follow our routine or this wasn't going to work. Mamma and Aunt Lisa were in the kitchen. Daddy and my cousins were out somewhere. So My Uncle hid in the big tree in the front yard. I hid in the bushes across the street. Tammy hid beside Officer Sawetelle's house in the dark by their electrical meter. We sat there for like 45 minutes. Suddenly we hear noise and talking. Here come 4 shadows creeping up in the front yards about to enter the Sawetelle's yard. They quietly make their way to the bushes. I still can't tell who they are. Three of them lay down on their stomachs right up next to the bushes. One of them tells another one, "You know its your turn! Don't you chicken out again! You wanted to be in our club." I hear a weak "OK, OK, OK, its no big deal." That sounded like a girls voice! So the person whose turn it is gently steps over the bushes and quietly almost tiptoes to the porch. They go up, peek in the window. The person can see the people watching the show and its in the middle of as scene. They put their finger on the doorbell and crouch ready to haul ass the other direction. Ding Dong! and they take off running. Uncle James drops out of the tree and grab them. Tammy and I run to the bushes where the co conspirators were hiding watching the show. They never expected anyone to notice them let alone catch them! Robert Thompson! Johnny Calvin! Ricky Stine! OH... My... God... Johnny Calvin! This so has to happen. They all start to jump up and run. I yell at them "We know who you are and if you run, were calling all your parents and the cops Robert, Johnny, Ricky. In fact your in a cops front yard right now!" They all stop, look at each other. They turn around and walk towards Tammy and me. "So what are you going to do to us. We didn't even do anything. You got no proof!" "Oh we have proof Bobby. We have cameras set up and we've been recording you for a month now. Johnny and Ricky look at each other nervously. Just then my uncle comes over with Robert's sister Amy. Amy and I don't get along. At All! Every summer I run into her and she is a Bi... Well you know. Uncle James tells them that Amy has told him everything. She confessed and said that the boys were all involved. Uncle James insisted on handcuffing them to discourage them from running. My uncle marched them all to the house. Lucky for them its summer. If not, they might have been late for curfew. We pile in the house. We sat them all by the kitchen table.
"So what are we gonna do with you bunch?" Uncle James began. "You been harassing me for over a month now. Ought to be a good punishment in store for all of you." " This was my first time, sir. I swear" Amy said. "I didn't know we were causing trouble. They said it was just for fun." Uncle James answered her, "Well, some of us don't consider that fun! You need to find different people to hang around with. Your not even their age. Don't you have girl friends you should be hanging out with?" "Well, no sir. I don't really get along with girls my age. Their so, well you know... into themselves." That was clearly a shot at me. "You don't get along because your a trouble maker. Girls our age don't want to hang around with you. Your always insulting us or making fun of us. Your annoying. Your whole family is strange." I replied. Uncle James was surprised by this, "You girls know each other?" "Amy is in my class at school. Her Brother Robert there is a senior, So is Johnny, and Ricky is a junior but he plays football with them." "Well, ain't that interesting." Uncle James started pacing. "So what do you boys ... and girl, think should be your punishment?" Uncle James asked. They just sat there until Amy replied "We could do some chores for you." "Well Amy, I'm sorry but that would not help me feel like we're even. You interrupted my show and I don't do most of those chores. I work the fields and fix the machinery. The ladies take care of the chores. I'm sure they would be thrilled, but I don't think that will work here."
I jumped in "maybe a good old fashion spanking would make it even, even some of the BEST!" The room got silent. None of my friends from the neighborhood knew what I was talking about when I said "The Best" and neither did the culprits. I had to explain to them that the BEST was a strapping on the bare bottom. The chatter in the room started. The girls were all looking at each other with excitement. Amy and the boys were looking worried. "I don't know" my uncle said. "Not sure this offense was severe enough for a strap." One of my friends Kelley spoke up "well, Mamma gives my brothers a bare spanking with a spoon over her knee." Works sometimes, at least for a little while." "Hmm. What about her?" and he pointed at Amy. Kelley replied "well, girls don't go bare in front of boys and usually Mamma finds other ways to punish us girls. Girls bare in front of boys is just not right." Uncle James looked at Amy and then turned to the girls and said "well, she did the deed just like the boys, so whatever punishment the boys get, she should get." Amy started crying. She was sure she was about to be embarrassed in front of her brother and his friends plus us girls. Didn't matter to her that her brothers were probably going to be even more embarrassed if they all have to get naked. They get all 'hard' like my Mamma talked about. "Let me think about this for a few minutes... Uncle James got his pipe, lit it up. He took a few puffs.
Just then, Annabelle came walking in. Mamma pulled her aside. I think she was telling her what was going on, what was about to happen, and to just be quiet or she could go to her room. She was all bouncy and giddy. She stayed behind Mamma holwith her hand around her waiste. Then Uncle James came back into the room. He addressed Robert who seemed like the leader of the trouble makers. "So Robert, if I was to give you a choice. You can have me call the police, report you all, have them pick you up and take you to the station and call your parents. You'd have to see the judge, who would let you off with community service probably and you would probably get punished by your parents... Or we could give you a spanking on your bare ass, you would have to spend some time with your face in the corner, and to make up for disturbing Rachael and her mom, you come back and you guys cut the grass and do some chores... What do you suppose would be your answer?" Robert fidgeted in the chair. "I can't get in trouble with the cops again. It might ruin my chances at a scholarship. And if my dad... well, it wouldn't be pretty at home. But I can't get naked in front of all these girls! Are you kidding me? Its not right and it would be too embarrassing." "So no choice I guess. Sounds like your a candidate for door number 1!" "No please, you can't. Can we find some other way out of this?" "What about you, Johnny was your name?" My uncle paused for a second and look at me and kind of motioned in Johnny's direction. I just shrugged. "Well. sir, uh, I mean, uh, oh, I don't like those choices. I'm not worried about a scholarship but I don't want trouble with the cops and well, Mamma would tear up my hide if she found out. I guess I would have to choose the spanking". Johnny's eyes were watering but he was trying real hard to act mature. Uncle James shifted down towards Ricky. Ricky just hung his head and said he'd take what ever punishment the others agreed on. Then there was Amy. What to do about Amy. Sure, girls didn't usually get bare-assed spankings and especially not in front of boys. And one of these boys was her brother. But why the hell is there a double standard. Why do boys face getting embarrassed in front of other people and not girls. No, he decided, she would be treated like one of the guys. She wanted to hang with them, she will get punished with them. "Amy, what about you?" he asked. Kelley jumped in "But sir, you can't punish her that way! And not in front of the boys! They'll see! She's a girl." The other girls agreed and were nodding. It's like they were afraid some big secret would be revealed to the boys if they saw a naked girl. "Well, she hung out with the boys, she acted up like the boys, she will get punished just like the boys." Amy spoke in a panic "Nobody is going to strip me! And nobody is going to spank me! I'll take my chances with the cops! Somebody call my mom right now!". Uncle James asked her "what's you number sweetie? I'll call right now just like you asked." Robert interrupted "No Amy. I can't get in trouble again. you know that." "That's not my problem. No way am I getting naked in front of all these people." She gave Uncle James the number. Uncle James punched the number into his cell phone. A name came up. He chuckled. He dialed "Hello Susan, this James Hardy. Yes. Yes. How you been?" The look on Robert's and Amy's faces was hilarious. "Well, Susan it seems we have a problem here. Have you got a minute?". He walked into the other room and out onto the back porch. We couldn't quite make out what was being said. Johnny spoke up "Rachael, I can't believe you would do this to us. And to think I liked you". What! I paused, then said "Oh, I didn't do this to you. YOU guys did this to yourselves. You just shouldn't have pissed my uncle off. And your timing couldn't be worse. Last week after your last visit they were talking about how boys didn't get proper discipline like when they were kids. Mamma told us all about it. Well, I'm hoping we fix all that tonight!" The rest of the girls were making little claps and acting excited. Uncle James came back in. "So what did she say" Amy asked. Everyone was looking with anticipation. Uncle James took a puff and said "well, she agreed that Amy should be treated just like the others that did the same thing. She also said she would not tell your father. She said you might not survive that whoopin. She did warn that if something like this happened again, she would tell him about it and she liked our ideas about how to handle this incident." Robert looked stunned. I don't think he thought we would end up where his dad would not know, his mom would know, and he faced getting naked in front of 6 girls from his school. Amy was in shock. "My mom wouldn't say that. I want to talk to her." "In due time, Amy, in due time." was my uncle's reply. "So Robert, what will it be?" Uncle James asked. My mom had been silent and going in and out of the kitchen this whole time. She spoke up "Robert, you know if you get this over now and stop the mis-deeds, it will all be over tonight. If you don't, this stuff will follow you everywhere you go. School, College, your career, girls who you wanna date. This can mess up all that. I'm just sayin". She slipped back into the kitchen with my aunt. Robert thought about it. "But can we do it where they can't see? It'll be embarrassing and they will be shooting their mouths off everywhere. You said I didn't want this stuff following me. Well, if they are here, it will follow me!" Uncle James addressed the girls "Well girls, what do you have to say about that?" Kelley spoke up. "I think I can speak for us all. We are just here to help Mr. Hardy. So if you think we should leave so you can get this done we will. I can tell you, Rachael told us how this kind of punishment was made more permanent with the embarrassment. I think the girls would agree to keep this between ourselves if you want us to stay. And we do so want to stay!" "Well, Kelley that was what we needed to hear. You girls agree to what Kelley said?" Uncle James asked. They all agreed enthusiastically.
"Well, Robert, I think it comes down to a decision now. What will it be?" My uncle asked. Robert dropped his head and spoke up "I'll take the punishment." Uncle James addressed the others now. "Johnny, you in agreement?" "Yes sir" he said in a low voice, still staring at the floor. "And you Ricky?" "I already said I would do it!" he snapped while he was crying. He hung his head an sobbed. Amy didn't wait for Uncle James to ask, "No way I'm getting spanked or bare!" Ding Dong! "Oh, wait. I wonder who that could be?" Uncle James said with a grin. He went and answered the door. In came Mrs. Thompson. "Mamma!" What are you doing here?" cried Amy. "Surprised? I couldn't miss a chance at seeing some old fashion justice dished out. Especially to you two. She pointed at her 2 children. Robert was embarrassed and stuttered as he spoke "b b but Mamma, please don't ..." "Oh don't go giving me that. You should've thought of that before you went out pranking people. Sometimes life has a way of getting you back!" "Thank you for coming Susan. So here is where we are at. The boys have agreed to the punishment but Amy insist that you would never allow that to happen to her. Should I call the police and have them come get her?" Ding Dong! "We are popular tonight!" Uncle James went and opened the door. As he walks back in to the kitchen, he is followed by our neighbor Officer Sawetelle. In uniform! Awesome! Uncle James brings him up to speed. He addresses Amy. "Amy dear, we have a situation here. You say your not going to allow anyone to strip you bare and spank you. While the choice is really up to your mother, I can take you into custody if you want. We can go down to the police station. I can book you in, we can strip search you, change you into an orange jumper, put you in a holding cell with the other people who decided to misbehave tonight, and you can see the Judge in the morning. I am sure she will just slap your hand and let you off with a warning." He said with a wink. "You mean Judge Anderson? ha ha , she'll throw the book at her. Did you see what she did to that one boy for steeling newspapers? ha ha. Go for it Amy, I won't stop you. Oh, and don't forget, they publish your photo and what you did in the paper in Section 6. Ha ha. I think I'm done here James, see you next Tuesday". She turned to go. "No wait! Mamma! You can't leave me here! Help me!" Amy pleads. "Well, sweetie, you make your choice. Choose wisely. I hope this changes the direction your headed. You've been making some bad choices and it caught up to you." "Wait Mamma." "You want me to stay?" "Yes. I feel alone, no one here is worried about me. I feel safer with you here." Amy added. "Well, honey, I can stay but only if you agree to the punishment." "Yes Ma'am." "Yes Ma'am what? Honey". "I'll take the punishment. But can you have them spank me somewhere else so the boys can't see me?" "Honey, you have to agree or decline the punishment. It didn't happen at my house so I am not in charge." "OK" Amy replied. Officer Sawetelle spoke up, "Well, damn. So if no one is going to jail, I guess I'm out of here. You know my number if you need me James. They shook hands and Officer Sawetelle left.
There was a quiet pause as everyone waited in anticipation of what was next. Ricky had almost stopped crying. "So..." Uncle James broke the silence. "Where shall we start?" He went over and started un-cuffing all 4 of them. "So who is the leader of this gang?" Uncle James asked. They all looked at Robert. It made sense. He was the oldest, he was the biggest, and he was the meanest. Everyone expected him to have to go first. My uncle threw a curve ball at them. "So Robert, you get to choose who goes first. Oh, and you can't choose your self. You have to choose someone else and make them strip first." Robert considered his choices. He couldn't choose his best friend Johnny. Making him go first might piss him off. He didn't want to lose him as a friend. Little did he know Johnny was excited about getting naked in front of the girls. He would never admit it, but he is an exhibitionist. Johnny would have loved to be first, to spend the most amount of time naked in front of the girls. Maybe he thought he could impress one or two of them and get a date, or more... He couldn't choose his sister. His mom might be pissed at him for that. "Ricky" he shouts "You're first." Ricky immediately starts bawling. Tears streaming from his eyes. "Lets go" Uncle James encourages. Ricky takes his shoes off. He stands up. He can hardly unbutton his shirt because he is crying so hard. Mrs. Thompson reaches to help him. "I can do it!" he snaps. Uncle James cautioned him, "You be respectful to Susan, I mean Mrs. Thompson. She's not happy to be here at all. She's only trying to help." "Sorry Ma'am" he could barely get it out. He pulls off his shirt and loosens his belt. He undid hid pants and lowered them slowly. He stood there in his underwear, unable to go any further. Mrs. Thompson recognized his anguish. "Do you want me to help you Ricky?" she said in a soft tone. He shook his head yes and his crying increased. Susan reached out and placed her fingers in the waist band on each side and started sliding them down. Ricky cupped his hands on his privates which prevented her from pulling his underwear down further. "Son,.." my Uncle spoke. He moved his hands out some and she pulled his underwear all the way down. He was standing there crying hard and cupping his privates. All the girls eyes were fixed on him anticipating seeing more. Their hearts had to be racing. Amy was standing to his side and she got a brief glimpse and put her hand to her mouth. She was all giddy. The other girls were only treated to some hair poking out the top of his hands. "Make him move his hands" Kelley said. Uncle James took a stern tone "You can leave now young lady if you want. Otherwise you leave this to me. I have half a mind to make you go next!" "But I didn't do anything!" Kelley objected. "You just did. Your tormenting a distraught young man just so you can get a little sexual pleasure at his expense. Now shut up, or leave or start stripping!" Kelley backed up and shut her trap. No way was she going to miss this. All the girls seemed more quiet. "So Robert, who's next..." Uncle James asked. "Amy" he replied. There was a hush in the room. Amy got nervous and fidgety. "No way, I can't" "You can and you will" said her mother as she stepped forward and started helping Amy undress. Amy started crying. Not such a tough girl now, I thought. I didn't dare say anything after Uncle James had let Kelley have it just a minute ago. Mrs. Thompson continued undressing Amy. Amy just put her hands over her breasts and her privates as she stepped out of her jeans and panties and was now down to her socks. The boys were staring just as intently as the girls had been at Ricky. Amy was a physically mature girl and if she weren't such a tomboy, she could of had the attention of all the guys in school and could have dated any of them. She was showing ample breast tissue for the crowd. "Robert" Uncle James prompted. "Johnny, looks like your next. Sorry buddy." Robert said. He did truly sound sorry. Johnny spoke up "No problem bud. We're good." He started to strip. He peeled off his shirt showing off his athletic torso. He kicked his shoes off and peeled his pants and underwear down in a smooth swoop. He just stood up and didn't bother to cover. He was already a bit excited. The girls all let out a round of noises. A few hands went to their mouths, They all started to chuckle and laugh nervously. For most of them it was their first penis in person. Not like health class. Johnny didn't waste any time. He was erect in no time at all. Mrs. Thompson spoke up. I think it was meant to add to his embarrassment. "Well, Robert, leader of the naked gang, get to it son." Robert nervously started peeling his clothes off. He got down to his underwear and paused. "Come on Bro, get it done so we can get on with this." Ricky coaxed him into finishing. Robert peeled his underwear down with one hand while cupping his package with the other. "OK, now that that's done, some rules. During this session, you will not cover up. This is meant to be humiliating so you wont do it again. So far the humiliation has been minimal and only Ricky seems to be taking it hard - no pun intended. While one of you is being spanked, the others will watch. Any comments from the audience and they will be joining in the embarrassment by having to strip. If anyone feels they cannot keep this confidential with in the group, leave now. Any teasing after we are done here tonight will result in another session except it will be for the person doing the teasing. Everybody got it?" There were a few yeses and nods in the group. Uncle James barked loud "Everyone got it?!". "A loud group of "Yes Sirs" erupted. "That's better. Now you 4, hands at your sides" He instructed. You could feel the girls almost push closer and lean in as Robert and Ricky moved their hands. Ricky was crying as hard as he had all night. Kelley just couldn't hold back "Ricky, I don't know what your crying about, you have a really nice penis!" Uncle James came unglued. He moved towards Kelley. Mrs. Thompson put her hand across his chest and pushed him back a little. "I got this" she said. She stepped over, grabbed Kelley by the upper arm and pushed her out next to Robert. She went straight to undoing her blouse. Kelley protested but Mrs. Thompson slapped Kelley's hand away and spoke up "You heard the rules. Now your part of the group being punished. Some people just don't know when to shut up!" Kelley started crying as Susan stripped her. She covered herself. Mrs. Thompson warned her not to cover or she would also join in getting spanked. The boys were just as excited as the girls. Now they had 2 girls naked and Kelley was a cheerleader and really pretty. Ricky was almost not quite crying at all while he watch the girl he had a crush on get stripped naked right before his eyes. Obviously the attention was off of him and on Kelley. Robert and Ricky didn't waste any time getting 'hard' just like Johnny.
"OK, so lets get this started. We will go in the same order that you had to strip. Ricky your first. Uncle James grabbed a chair and was about to sit down. Mrs. Thompson pushed him back again and this time took the seat. Uncle James just grinned at her boldness and stepped back. She already had a hair brush in her hand she grabbed from her purse. The lady did come prepared! Ricky walked over hesitantly. His 5 or 6 inch boner was bouncing in front of him. The girls all watch closely as her walked over and bent over Mrs. Thompson's lap. "Ricky, I can tell this is really bothering you. I think you have the best chance at making better decisions. I hope you will take time later to consider the choices that got you here." With that, she started laying into him with the hair brush. Uncle James complained that a belt would do a better job. Susan told him "it depends on how well you are at using it." With that she looked up at Robert who looked away to not meet her stare. "Don't' forget the rules Robert. You have to watch all of it" Uncle James warned. Robert looked back only to meet the look from his mom. She continued to spank Ricky even though she was looking at Robert. Poor Ricky was probably getting it worse that he should have only because Mrs. Thompson was angry at her son. Ricky was crying hard and squirming with every smack of the brush. His butt was turning red. I lost count. I think she gave him 25 with the brush but I couldn't be sure. She let him up. His erection had subsided some, which made it bounce a little funny as he jumped up and was rubbing his butt. Uncle James gave Ricky some instructions, "Now Ricky, go over there and stand in the corner. You need to watch whats going on here and when its over, you need to face the corner. Its 9:45 right now. You can leave the corner and get dressed at 10:30." Ricky hopped to the corner and faced it. He was still crying incredibly hard and rubbing his butt. He was glad though that his penis was not on display anymore. Mrs. Thompson leaned back and spoke to me in a quiet voice. "Honey, go get some moisturizing cream and rub it on his sore bottom." I whispered "Is it OK to touch him, I mean, he might get mad. He's naked, I'm a girl..." "Honey. it will be just fine. You'll see."
I ran up to the guest bathroom and grab some cream out of my bag. I rush down. I was so excited. I am going to touch a naked boys butt! I walk up. Ricky turns his head to see what's going on. "Eyes over here Ricky!" Mrs. Thompson said. I began to wonder who was in charge here, Uncle James or Mrs. THompson! Amy had just leaned over Mrs. Thompson's lap. She must have been picked next while I was upstairs. I whispered to Ricky, "Its some cream for your bottom. It will help”. Ricky was still sobbing but he nodded OK. I double checked to make sure it was moisturizing cream and not my muscle cream. That might have been a funny mistake to have made, but maybe not. I opened the container and scooped some cream out with my hand. I looked at his butt. Where do I start? Do I just go for it or do I go slow and... I sort of spread it over his cheeks at first then gently started to rub it around. Ricky kind of relaxed a bit and let out a sigh. He was still kind of sobbing like after you've been crying and you stop. You still have those sharp inhales and sniffles, but the cream was really helping. He also got his boner back. I don't know if it was because I was rubbing his butt and up and down his crack but it was there. I was sitting off to the side of him to make it easier to use my hands, so I got a great view. It was only about 8 inches from me. It was wonderful! I started to imagine reaching out and holding it, Rubbing it up and down. I remembered how Andrea at school had described giving her boyfriend a handy. Uncle James barked at me "Rachael, what are you doing?" I didn't realize but I had slowly slid my hands down. I had rubbed his butt, slid down across his hole, then down to his thigh. I snapped back. "Oh, sorry, I must have been..." Realizing what I was saying, I looked up at Ricky, then at his penis, then back at his face. I was blushing and embarrassed. He had this sweet look on his face. Like he was glad I was dreaming about him. "Uh HMMM" Uncle James cleared his throat. We both looked back to the paddling chair.
Mrs. Thompson took a good strong hold of her daughter. It looked like this had happened before. She laid into her good. She got 25 of the same. Not the BEST mind you, but she was crying really hard. Her mom looked like she wanted to keep going, but she stopped. "Get your ass in the corner." She barked at her. Uncle James pointed to a corner. "You need to stay there until 10:55 sweetie" "Don't sweetie me!" she yelled while crying as she stomped to the corner hopping and rubbing her butt. "I have half a mind to give you 25 more!" her mother yelled in anger. Amy got to the corner, crying and rubbing. A sight that would soon be repeated. "OK, Johnny," Mrs Thompson said, "Your turn son." You could tell that although Johnny was excited to be naked in front of the girls, he wasn't at all ready for this. His penis bounced as he came over to Mrs. Thompson. He just stood there and hesitated. It looked kind of funny. He has a really long penis and it was sticking straight at Mrs. Thompson. Uncle James pushed him and sort of made him start to bend over at the same time. He laid down and Mrs. Thompson clamped his penis between her legs. I wondered if she'd done that with Ricky. She started her paddling. Johnny was trying to lift up after each stroke of the hair brush but he couldn't go anywhere. She had him by the... well, penis. As she hit him he pushed down with the pain and then lifted up. It almost look like he was humping, just more painfully. I wondered if he might shoot for us! I watch with excitement. Uncle James tapped me on the shoulder and leaned down. I was still sitting eye level with Ricky's penis. "Aren't you gonna rub her butt to help her out?" I whispered "Do I have to? She's always been mean to me." "Honey, I think you should. It's only fair. Besides, you've done enough staring." He motioned at the penis that was right in front of me. We both looked at Ricky and then Ricky and I blushed. I went over to Amy. She almost said something then stopped. She even stuck her butt out a bit and stopped rubbing. I put some cream on it and rubbed it around for a very short minute. I could tell it was helping, but I wasn't here to touch a girl. I was here to see and touch boys!
I looked up to see Johnny shaking a little funny. Mrs. Thompson put her hand on his back and told him "Just stay there for a second, you should be..." Johnny let go and ejaculated all over the floor. All the girls gasped and leaned in closer. Mrs. Thompson told Johnny "Its OK son, just relax there for a second. It'll be over in a second”. He couldn't help but hump her leg a few times and a little more came out. While still crying he said "I'm Sorry Mrs. T. I'm real sorry. I didn't mean t.." "Its OK now. And..." she said and with that she went right back to giving him his final 4 swats. She let him up. Uncle James pointed him to a corner. 11:30". He turned, "Can somebody clean that up" he almost yelled. You could tell he was a little angry about what happened. I don't think he expected that. All the girls were fighting to get to the paper towels. Judy got them first. She ran over and started wiping it up. She sniffed the paper towel. "Ah, none of that" Uncle James admonished. She finished and threw the used towels in the trash, hesitating briefly but probably thinking its not worth it to try and get another sniff. Uncle James motioned to me. I moved over to Johnny. Before I sat down, I noticed he still had some "Stuff" on the end of his penis, which was drooping now. I wonder if they get soft after they ejaculate? Anyway, I go grab a paper towel and the stool that I had used with Ricky. Here's my chance. I grab a great seat with an awesome view of his dick. I say 'dick' because this was more than just a penis. I could tell it was making me all weird inside and wet between my legs. I looked to see everyone watching as Robert was approaching to go over Mrs. Thompson's Lap. I grabbed Johnny's dick with one hand, and I took the paper towel and wiped the end of his dick off. I did it a couple of times to be sure I got it clean then ran my finger over it to check. That was awesome! I couldn't breathe. Goose bumps! I just held a boys penis! I ran my finger along it as I moved back to my stool. Uncle James almost caught me as he looked over to check on us. I looked up at Johnny and he had a kind of shocked grin. I took some cream and started rubbing it on Johnny's butt and just looked up at Uncle James and smiled. Robert started wailing as his butt was beat. He was the worst of the bunch. Maybe his mom was going extra hard on him. I wonder if he is gonna shoot too. I'm not sure because I was distracted with Johnny and his penis and butt and all, but I think she gave Robert an extra 10 smacks. He was jerking and wiggling all over the place. She must not have locked his penis as well as she did Johnny's. Anyway, when she let him up, he didn't look like a middle linebacker. I saw Amy staring at him and grinning. I get it, he has a really large penis. Biggest on show. But it didn't do anything for me like Johnny's did. I think I'll keep that picture of Johnny's dick in my mind for ever. I was day dreaming again. Johnny put his hand on my head. What a strange feeling. Like he could have moved me over and... "Thank You" he whispered and he turn just a little more to show me more of his manhood. I snapped out of it. I looked at that beautiful thing there. I want one to play with! I have got to get me one of these! I am definitely getting a boyfriend this year. Robert was directed to the corner and told he would be done at 11:55. Why so long? Well, he was the leader of the bunch.
"Kelley, Kelley, Kelley" Mrs. Thompson said. She looked at Uncle James and he nodded. "I think you learned your lesson. No need to keep you here naked and on display. Next time keep your..." The door to the garage opened and in walked Daddy, and my 2 cousins. Ice chest in hand, back from fishing I guessed. They stopped in their tracks. It must have been a funny, strange and exciting sight to see. Daddy perks up first "So what the hell happened while we were gone?" Kelley immediately went to cover up. I looked around, everyone was covering up. Uncle James yelled out "You all know the rules. Unless you all want some more, hands down!" Everyone dropped their hands. Kelley started crying some more and Dale and Robbie were starring right at her, her, you know, pussy. Then they saw Amy. Dale blurted out "Amy?" He almost croaked it out. Amy tried to hide her face in the corner. At least she was facing away from him. "Some good old fashion justice! It's about time" Daddy said in a satisfied tone. Now someone else knew what it felt like to get whooped on the bare in front of an audience. Robbie and Dale took a seat in the chairs the brats had been using. Kelley looked at Mrs. Thompson who told her to go ahead and get dressed. She grabbed her clothes and started to go in the other room. "Right here honey" Mrs. Thompson said sternly. Kelley had to dress almost directly in front of Dale and Robbie. I know they had to be sporting boners. A whole new category for me. Boners, penises... I want one so bad right now. Kelley got dressed and went for the front door. She was too embarrassed to enjoy this anymore. "Remember the rules" Mrs. Thompson cautioned her. Kelley left. The other girls were still staring and slobbering almost in silence. They looked at Dale and Robbie like they expected to see more. "Don't look at us. We don't even know whats going on" Robbie almost pleaded. "Well Robbie, .. Dale, we decided its time to bring back some good old fashioned discipline aimed at deterring youth today from acting out in ways they know they shouldn't. These 4 came by tonight to prank us again and ring the doorbell then run. They never counted on getting caught. They each got 25 on the bare with a hair brush. Their doing some corner time and then their mis-deeds will be forgotten. Unless of course they act out again." After Uncle James finished, Daddy had to throw in, "Should've been some of the BEST. Their butts are barely even red. Well except that one." He pointed at Robert. I inhaled, almost startled. I grabbed my cream and ran over to Robert. "Sorry" I said. He was still rubbing and sniffling. I started rubbing cream into his ass. It was just so cool! "What the hell are you doing?" Daddy yelled. "She's just doing what I told her to" Mrs. Thompson came to my defense. I finished rubbing the cream into Roberts butt. He smiled down and told me "thank you" as I stared at his penis which was now back to erect. "Ricky you can get dressed now." James then turned to his wife "Do you think you could throw on a pot of coffee. We still got a while here." Dale and Robbie just sat staring at Amy's naked body. She kept her arms pushed forward so you couldn't see much from the side. She wasn't quite as on display as the boners were. 10 or 15 minutes later Uncle James told Amy she could get dressed. She slowly moved sideways to get her clothes. Mrs. Thompson told her daughter to come to her. "Turn around and face me. I had to undress you, I am going to help dress you. Hands down!" She told Amy. Now she was standing facing the boys. The boys looked like you could knock them over with a feather. Amy started to cry as her mother held he panties out for her to step in. "Stop that whining or we'll go around again!" Mrs. Thompson cautioned her. Amy was still shedding tears but she stopped the whining sounds. Mrs. Thompson made her put her jeans on before she held her bra up, exposing her for as long as possible. Soon she had all her clothes back on. She went into the living room to sit by herself. She probably knew better than to try and leave. Now everyone was staring at Johnny and Robert. Two big hunks with big boners! I wish I could take a picture! My phone... I went to my purse and got my phone out. Mrs. Thompson almost fell over she jumped so fast. She grabbed my phone and said "We'll have none of that. What would possess you?" I replied "I just wanted an innocent little photo. Its been such a learning experience, I didn't want to forget it." "I think maybe you should join these two boys and strip. Right now!" "Now,now," Mamma jumped in. "Lets not get carried away in the moment." I don't think she meant anything mean by it. Its all been a little overwhelming for them. Admit it, you've felt a little flustered with all the flesh on display, bare butts that you spanked, the boy ejaculating" "What?" Daddy interrupted. "Oh, I will give you all the details later honey. No need to go through it now." Then daddy spoke up "Why the hell are there a bunch of girls here? Is this some kind of sex show?" "No daddy. We needed someone to sit in the house watching TV while we set a trap for the pranksters. My friends volunteered. I also told them about how you guys were punished when you were kids and that Uncle James was thinking of doing the same. The were excited to help. It was all meant to embarrass them and make sure these guys didn't do this again." "I want them boys dressed and out of here and I want all this talk about me and getting disciplined to stop!" Daddy stormed out to the back porch. Mamma took him a cup of coffee. He lit up a cigarette. Mama asked "When did you start smoking again?" "When you started telling people about me and how I was embarrassed as a child". "Oh honey, its no big deal, really. It was a long time ago and your a better man for it." "Oh, it's no big deal? Then why don't you march in there and take off your clothes and get a few of the BEST in front of everyone?" "Well, now! No sense getting carried away! Calm down honey". "Calm down honey my ass!" ,daddy said then he took a deep drag on his cigarette.
Back inside Uncle James made the boys stand in front of the girls and get dressed. Johnny loved every minute of it. He put his shirt on first to prolong it. Robert couldn't wait to get his clothes on. I saw Mrs. Thompson wipe her forehead and run her hands over her face. I think she enjoyed this, I know I did. I invited the girls up to the guest bedroom. I'm sure you can guess what all the conversation was about. I'm gonna miss coming down here to visit. I hope the summer lasts longer than it usually does.

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