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Disciplining the Neighborhood Kids - Chapter 3
Fri Apr 6, 2018 11:16

Disciplining The Neighborhood Kids - 3
The boys get caught...

Robbie knocked on the guest room door and came right in to wake us up. I think he should have waited for us to answer him before barging in. Anyway, we got up and made ourselves decent and came down for breakfast. Mamma jumped in right away “You'll have to make yourselves something to eat or have a bowl of cereal, breakfast was over 2 hours ago”. “Awe mom!” “Don't awe mom me. You girls were up making noise half the night. Lord only knows what kind of things you were talking about and dreaming up!”. She was right. We spent most of the night talking and fantasizing about penises. Penises, penises, penises! We all got a good education with quite a few penises on display. And don't forget getting to watch those boys get their asses beat. Mrs. Thompson can sure take control of a situation. I wish I had her confidence and power. We all ate something for breakfast, then got dressed. Mamma came in to talk to us girls since we were alone in the kitchen. “So ladies, I think we need to talk about what happened last night. I think you girls were exposed to a lot and I want to make sure you are handling it OK.” “We certainly were exposed to a lot!” I said. Anna and I both laughed. “This is what I was afraid of” Mamma said in a serious tone. “Last night was a serious punishment meant to prevent further bad actions by those kids. You are taking it as simply a strip show that was put on for your amusement. I know there will be some talking and playing around amongst you girls about what you saw, but you also need to realize the reason for last night. It was an attempt at changing bad behavior to good. If we succeeded then we helped those kids out. Yes, they got embarrassed in front of an audience, but that is part of the deterrent to further bad behavior. If you girls don't take it serious, you might end up on the other side of that hair brush... and embarrassment.” “But Mamma, we didn't do anything wrong. Why are you mad at us?” Anna asked. “You and Rachael need to act more mature or you won't take part in any future discipline that might be doled out. Except your own that is.”
We left the kitchen in a worse mood than we had woken up in. We got our stuff and some of us went to Judy's house. We were kind of quiet on the way there. Probably because Mamma had just yelled at us. Once we were there though, the chit chat started again. “We have got to find a way to repeat what happened again!” Judy said. Kelly chimed in “Well, what if we let all the parents know how this discipline works and we can be the official embarrassment crew!” “Well, if you recall, we are all sworn to keep it to ourselves or we will get some of the same. I for one do not want to be on display, especially not in front of my cousins” I stated. Judy teased me “What if it was in front of Johnny? You sure looked like you and him were having fun! I saw you grab his penis and it looked like you were playing with it, .. for like .. forever.” “I was just wiping some stuff off of it. But it was AWESOME!. I held a dick in my hands! And it was Johnny's!” Kelly asked “so you do like Johnny. I thought so. You always get all googly eyed around him.” “Well, now when I'm around him I can picture him naked and with me holding his dick!” “That sound so vulgar, dick. Can't you use another word for it?” asked Margret. “What would you like me to call it? His penis, his willie, his thingie? I like 'dick'” I explained. “I'll bet you do” teased Kelly. “You know what I meant” I sort of defended myself. “Well, how are we going to get to see some more, as you put it, 'dick'” asked Kelly. “I think I might be able to arrange something but it will take a few days, maybe a week” I told the girls. “Let me work on it.” We continued to talk about penises for a while, even over lunch. Eventually we all headed to our homes for dinner.
When I arrived at home, I could sense some tension in the house. Mamma told me to go clean up for dinner and come right back. I did as she said. When I came back into the kitchen, she asked me to sit. “You remember the rules from last night?” she asked. “Uh, which rules? Whats going on?” “The rules about not discussing what goes on or you will be in just as much trouble?” she replied. “Uh, yes ma'am. But, I didn't tell...” “No honey your not in trouble. It's just that those same rules apply here at home from now on when anyone gets in serious trouble, OK?” I replied “Yes, Mamma. But I don't under..” Mamma cut me off. “Boys, get in here now!” she yelled. Robbie and Dale came down the stairs slowly. Holy crap! They were both naked! Dale was covering up and Mamma yelled at him. He moved his hands. She had them both come stand in the kitchen right in front of us... me! Oh how I waited for this day to feel a little superior to Dale! Wow, 2 more penises! “Mamma, why does...” She cut me off again “This is not a sex education class. They are being punished, that is it! And don't forget the rules unless you want to join them! Now you boys wash up and get right back here!” “Yes ma'am” they replied and quickly turned to go clean up and not be on display. Just then we heard the front door. Anna returned from her friend Christi's house. “Anna, get cleaned up for dinner and come to the kitchen. Anna washed her hands in the downstairs parlor and went into the kitchen like Mamma asked. “Now Anna, I know you are only 12 and I hope you can act mature for your age” Mamma started. “Now whats going on?” Anna asked a little excited. “Some more peep shows?” “Anna, you stop that talk right now. Punishment is not about a peep show. Its serious business, and if you can't handle that, then you will be in your room whenever anything like last night happens in the future.” Mamma cautioned her. “I'm sorry Mamma. I was just kidding around. Last night was so, so, well so crazy. I would never have, well...” Anna was at a loss to explain her feelings. “Last night was exciting for you. You saw things you haven't seen before. You probably couldn't stop talking about it all day. I'm sure your curious and have questions. We'll get to all that. But you need to be mature about this in front of other people. Understand?” Anna replied kind of unsure “Yes Mamma.” “Boys, get your butts down here now. You've been up there 15 minutes. Stop hiding or I'll whip your butts again!” The boys came back down. I watched Anna's face to see her expression when she first sees them. Her eyes got big and she put her hand to her mouth. “Oh .. My .. Goodness!” She said. Mamma had the boys come stand in front of us again. I just can't get tired of looking at penises! Both Dale and Robbie were hard. Mamma scolded them for it but Dale told her “we can't help it, it does that on its own.” He was almost sobbing. He seemed much smaller than his fully dressed ego. Wow. Just then Daddy, Uncle James, and Aunt Lisa walked in the front door. Both boys flinched like they were going to cover up but Mamma was giving them the look. “Turn around boys and say hello!” Mamma ordered. “Hello” said two boys in a very weak and quit manner. “What the hell happened now?” Uncle James asked. “Well, I was doing some laundry. I decided to do some of your families laundry, kind of as a thank you gesture for letting us stay with you. I went to get the laundry hamper from upstairs. As I walked in, both boys had some of the girls panties in their hands. Not sure what they were doing, or about to do. They both dropped the panties very quickly and tried to brush past me. I gave them both bare-assed spankings and an hour of corner time. Unlike last night, no one was here to add to their embarrassment so I made them stay naked, told them it was for the rest of the evening. They have been hiding out in their room upstairs, but I made them come down for dinner.” “What were they doing with our panties?” asked Anna. “Honey, we will probably have a discussion that will include that soon. Especially since we seem to have naked boys around all the time” Mamma replied. “So, boys, go set the table. No covering up. I don't want you touching those filthy things, especially while you are handling our dishes” Mamma ordered. Dale and Robbie, with penises bobbing, went back into the kitchen and started getting plates and silverware to set up the table. Aunt Lisa smacked them both on the ass. She was trying to look mad but she was practically laughing. The boys set the table under the careful and watchful eyes of the females. The men went on the back porch and had a smoke. Mamma and Aunt Lisa brought the food in and we all sat down to eat. “So they only have to stay naked tonight?” Anna asked. “That's right honey” Mamma said “why do you ask?” “Oh, I just thought it would be fun to have my friends over to see this” added Anna. “They were shocked when I told them about last night. They were jealous. I think I'm gonna be more popular now”. “Anna! You were not supposed to talk to anyone about what happened! Those were the rules!” Mamma was angry. “Well, I only talked with Susie and Christie. Their sisters were here. It's almost like they were here. I had to talk to somebody. Rachael gets to talk to all her friends.” I had to jump in, “I only talked to people who were here. Totally with in the rules.” “Rachael, stay out this, I will handle it. Anna, you broke the rules. I will have to think about what to do with that. Right now, lets just eat dinner. We will deal with that later.” We ate dinner. It was kind of quiet. When dinner was done, Mamma started to have Anna and I clear the table. Daddy jumped in “I think the boys can clear the table. Since we're doing discipline like it used to be, you boys will go up to each person, ask if they are finished, and then take their dishes to the kitchen. You can do them one at a time.” The boys were dejected. They got up. Dale went to Aunt Lisa, stood right in front of her, still hard. “Are you finished with your dishes?” he asked. “Are you finished with your dishes Ma'am” daddy corrected. “Are you finished with your dishes Ma'am” he asked again, only this time he started crying. “Why yes young man” Aunt Lisa replied. She was obviously staring at his penis. He was so embarrassed. Robbie walked up to Uncle James “are you finished with your dishes sir?” “Why yes sir, yes I am”. Robbie took the plate and silver ware to the kitchen. Both boys were slow returning. Robbie walked up to Mamma “Are you finished with your dishes Ma'am”. He seemed to either be enjoying it or he was just resigned to doing this and getting it over with. He certainly was handling it better than Dale. He headed to the kitchen. Dale walked over to daddy, “Are you finished with your dishes sir?” He could hardly get it out he was crying so bad. “You know, for someone who thinks they are all grown up, you sure aren't acting like it right now!” daddy added. Dale sobbed. “Yes I am finished with my dishes” daddy stated. Dale collected the dishes and went to the kitchen. As they came back, Robbie walk right to Anna who was openly gawking and asked if she was finished. As she spoke, she reached out and grabbed Robbie's penis. It was like she was in a trance. “Anna, stop that this instance. I warned you last night!” Mamma yelled. Anna let go. She just looked over at me then back to Robbie's penis. Robbie gathered the dishes and headed for the kitchen. Dale came back and walked over to me. I looked at his penis, then his face, then his penis. I wanted him to know I was staring and that I knew that he knew. He was still sobbing and crying. He asked I was finished. I hesitated for about 10 or 15 seconds. Mamma snapped “answer the boy now young lady!”. “Why, yes I am finished with my dishes young man.” He quickly grabbed the dishes and headed off to the safety of the kitchen. Neither boy returned right away. They started on the dishes to prolong not being on display. “Oh, I think the dishes can wait” Mamma told them. “There is a pie on the counter. Why don't one of you bring the pie, and the other bring some small plates and forks.” The boys took their time bringing in the pie and plates. “Right here boys” Mamma showed them where to set the pie. They started to go sit down. “Wait!” Mamma announced. She cut a piece of pie, placed it on the plate. She handed it to Dale. “Take that to your cousin Anna.” She instructed. She cut another piece, plated it, and gave it to Robbie. “Rachael” she instructed. Dale and Robbie walked over to us, penises still bouncing, hard as ever, Without prompting, Robbie said to me “here you go ma'am.” I was shocked. I looked at Mamma, she looked a little shocked too. “Thank you young man” I said and took the pie. I took another look at his penis before he turned to return to Mamma. Dale, not wanting to create any problem's handed Anna her pie and said the same “here you go ma'am.” Anna said thank you and then added “I like this. I could get used to this!” The boys handed out the pies and then received one for each of them and sat to eat it. “Now boys, You know I said you had to stay naked the rest of the night. I also don't want you hiding in your room. You need to stay down here with the rest of us. As long as one of us is in the room, you can be in that room. If no one is in there, you can't be in there. If everyone leaves a room, you have to leave the room. Got it?” Mamma gave them a stern look. “Yes Ma'am” they replied in unison. We finished the desert. The boys were made to clear the table again just like before. Robbie really looked like he was enjoying this now. Dale was as embarrassed as ever. We all moved into the living room. The boys had to join us. They sat quietly, resisting the urge to cover up. They weren't quite as on display as they were now that they were sitting down. Kelly called on the phone. “It's for you honey” Mamma told me and handed me the cordless phone. “Hey Rachael, its me Kelly.” “Hi Kelly!” I said very loudly to make the boys uncomfortable. “I'm bored. I was wondering if you wanted to come over?” Kelly asked. “Mamma, Kelly is bored and wants some company.” “Well, sweetie, see if she wants to come over” Mamma said, looking at the 2 boys who went white as a ghost. “Well, She wanted me, Oh .. OK. Kelly, you want to come over here? It'll be a lot more fun.” I asked. “Sure, be right there” Kelly said in a chipper voice. She lived just 4 houses away. She was at the front door in a matter of minutes. In the meantime, the boys were whining to Mamma how Kelly shouldn't see them like that. Mamma shot back “Well, you saw Kelly naked last night. She probably didn't think you should have seen her like that either. And it's not the girls' fault that you are naked is it?” “No Ma'am” was his reply. “Who's fault is it?” Mamma asked. “Our fault” Dale replied. “Should we tell Kelly why your naked?” Mamma continued. “Please Mamma, don't. We are really sorry. It will never ever happen again. I promise.” Dale pleaded further. The door bell rang and I started to go get it. “Wait honey, let Dale get the door.” Mamma instructed. Dale's head snapped as he turned to look at Mamma. “What, Why? Why are you...” Dale trailed off. He got up and walked to the door. He opened it and sort of hid behind it. “Dale, be polite and ask our guest to come in” Mama told him. Dale stepped in front of the door “Please come in” he said in a very dejected tone. Suddenly he had a look of fear on his face. Standing next to Kelly was Kelly's friend Mary. Mary had a look of shock on her face. She looked like she stopped breathing. She just stared. She was frozen on the spot. Kelly was shocked too, but after the night before, she wasn't as surprised as Mary. “Oh, hi Dale. Nice to SEE you” Kelly said as she moved her eyes from his penis to his eyes then back “All of you.” Dale let go of the door and turned and walked into the living room. Kelly grabbed Mary's arm and pulled her into the house, closing the door. “Sorry, girls, the boys have misbehaved and are being punished. I hope it's OK?” Mamma said to the girls. Kelly dragged her friend into the living room so she could see more. Mary was still in shock “He, he's, he's naked!” She said as if no one else knew... “P P P Penis! N N Naked” she said as she turned to look at Kelly. “Now Kelly, the same rules apply as last night. No talking about this to anyone who isn't present right now. Mary, that goes for you too.” Mamma made sure the rules were understood. Robbie got up and was heading to the bathroom. All the girls watched him as he walked across the room, bouncing. “Where are you going?” Daddy asked. “I have to pee” Robbie replied. “Well, there's no one in the bathroom. You know the rules. You can only go in a room if someone is in there” daddy reminded him. “You can't be serious” Robbie shot back. “As a heart attack” daddy continued. “Hey, Anna, would you be willing to go in the bathroom with Robbie so he can pee?” Daddy asked. “Sure! Can I watch? Can I hold it?” Anna pleaded. Mamma jumped in “Honey, you can watch. I don't think Robbie wants you touching him down there. Besides, your a little young for that.” “I can't believe this!” Robbie snapped. He started back to the living room. "What are you doing" asked Daddy. "I can wait" was his reply. "No, you'll go now and stop this nonsense". Robbie turned towards the bathroom. “Wait for me. You can't do it until I am there...” Said Anna as she ran for the bathroom. I jumped up and followed. No one said I couldn't and if Anna can watch, well then so can I. As I followed them into the bathroom, Robbie hollered “No way, not both of you!” “Robbie! Do I need to get my hairbrush?” “No Ma'am” was his reply. Kelly asked “He got a spanking too? Oh, I can't believe I missed that!” Robbie lifted the seat and pressed his boner down to aim at the toilet. He couldn't pee. Anna was standing on his left staring. I was standing on his right doing the same thing. Were we making him nervous? Anna spoke up “Do you need me to hold it?” She reached out and grabbed his penis. “Stop it!” Robbie yelled and slapped at her hand. She started to cry and Robbie said “Sorry, I didn't mean it. Go ahead, you can hold it.” I know he didn't want her to. At least not at first, but I think he felt he might get into trouble for slapping her hand. We stood there forever. Robbie's penis was pulsing and lifting quite a bit. I think he was getting pleasure from having to be naked, having 2 girls stare at his dick, and Anna holding it. Suddenly Anna started sliding her hand along his shaft. Robbie's penis twitched hard and he had a surprised look on his face. He quickly looked at Anna who had a sort of smile but with her tongue sticking out the corner of her mouth slightly. She started going faster. Robbie suddenly said “Oh, No, Oh, oh , no, Oh, Oh shit!” Just then he kind of bucked his hips forward and shot stream after stream of cum all over the toilet. Anna had a look of glee or victory on her face as she continued to pump his penis. Finally Robbie stopped her. He was super Red in the face. I don't know if it was embarrassment or from exertion. Either way, what a show!. Robbie's penis started to deflate. He straightened up and after 30 seconds or so, started peeing. Anna had to re-aim his penis. Initially, she had accidentally aimed it to the left of the toilet. He finished peeing. He grabbed a square of TP and wiped the end of his penis off. He threw it in the toilet. He looked straight at Anna and said “Your cleaning that up!” She just shook her head yes in short quick movements. She knew she would be in trouble if Mamma heard about that! Robbie walked back to the living room. “What, not happy to see me anymore?” Kelly asked, trying to embarrass Robbie more by commenting on him losing his erection. “Don't forget what happened last time you tried to torment one of the naked boys!” Mamma reminded Kelly. Kelly turned red, put her hands in her lap and kind of looked down in embarrassment herself. Anna and I were cleaning the bathroom up when Dale walked in. “I have to go too” he said in a low voice, very embarrassed. He took his position at the toilet. Anna and I took ours. It was my turn I thought in my head. Anna started to reach and I rushed to grab his penis first. I got it. Dale was shocked as much as he had been all night. I pointed his penis at the toilet and just went ahead and started stroking. He looked like he was going to complain until I did that. I went faster and faster. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back, forcing his penis forward. It didn't take long, he started ejaculating. I aimed well and he shot it all in the toilet, making only a slight mess. I grabbed a TP square and wiped his dick for him. He just looked at me, breathing hard and with his jaw open. I pointed at the toilet. He started peeing. I looked at Anna and we both just grinned at each other then stared at his penis again. He finished. I shooed him away. Anna and I made sure the bathroom was in order and returned to the living room with smiles on our faces. Mamma looked at us and grinned. She thinks we had fun watching the boys pee. If only she knew what really went on..
I headed out to the back porch with Kelly and Mary. It was dark out and there was no light on the porch. There was no roof so you could see all the stars. The moon was out so it wasn't total darkness. Dale and Robbie came out to the porch. We girls were shocked. We would have thought they would have wanted to stay away from us. “Its darker out here. Not so exposed” Dale explained. He took a seat on a chair. I was sitting in a chair and the other two girls were sitting on each end of the porch swing. The only place left to sit was between Kelly and Mary. Robbie sat down. “Hey, Cuz, thanks for that” Dale said to me. “My pleasure” I replied. “What are y'all talking about” Kelly asked, not wanting to be left out of a conversation. “Nutn” Dale said real quick. “Oh, don't say anything, but when the boys went pee, Anna and I held it for them.” “Uh, yeah!” said Robbie. “What's that supposed to mean?” Mary asked. “Well, while we were holding their things, they came” I explained. “What! What the hell! I get left out all the time!” Kelly complained. Then she did something that shock us all. She grabbed Robbie's penis, which had already started stiffening again. Robbie Blurted out real loud “What Are you” then in a more hushed tone “What the fuck are you doing?” He didn't try to stop her. She started slowly stroking his penis while we all watched. Dale reached down and looked like he was about to grab his own penis. Mary motioned for him to come over to her. He scooted his chair over next to the swing where she was sitting. She grabbed his penis and started copying Kelly. Both boys were hard as a rock. It had only been about a half an hour since they had both cum in the bathroom. Wow, these things recover fast. Kelly and Mary both stroked until both boys came again. Kelly had some on her hand. She sniffed it. “Ewe! Gross!” Mary blurted out. Then Kelly took a taste. Just as Mary was about to say something else, Kelly licked it all off of her hand. “You know the other girls are going to be pissed that they weren't here” Kelly said. “Well, its not like I get to just invite people over. I didn't even know what was going on until I got home” I replied. Just then I spotted Anna in the kitchen on her phone. She snapped a quick picture of the group of us and spun around real quick. I think she was texting someone. It was already 7:30. I wondered how long we were going to get to enjoy the naked boys. We started asking the boys questions to try to embarrass them while having a little fun. We girls are so bad. I think we're worse than boys are, we just hide it better. About 10 minutes passed and the doorbell rang. Aunt Lisa got up and went to answer it. “Yes, can I help you?” she asked. “Yes, ma'am. We're friends of Anna. I'm Christie and this is Aubrey. We were wondering if she could come out.” Christie replied. Aunt Lisa turned and looked at Mamma. Mamma shook her head yes and waved like she wanted her to let them in. “Their on the back porch honey, right through there” Mamma told them. Everyone in the living room was giggling and snickering. The girls might have thought it weird if they hadn't seen the picture. They hurried to the back porch. As they came out the door, Robbie covered his penis and blurted out “What the hell!” Kelly slapped his hands and reminded him “You know the rules, no covering up!” I looked up to see the expression on the girls faces. I love watching that. Probably their first live penises. They are giddy, almost hopping around. Looking from 1 dick to the other. Then I notice right behind them, Anna is in the window again. This time I think she is taking a video!. She looks up and sees me looking at her. She first looked a little worried then smiled. I was smiling back. Then, uh oh... Mamma was walking up right behind her! Oh shit. Anna could tell by the look on my face that something was up. She tried to stop the video and put her phone away. Mamma snatched it from her hands. “What the hell do we have here?” she said. Anna tried to grab it back. She knew this would be bad. Mamma yanked it free of her hand, turned and headed to the living room. She saw the video in the folder that was just stopped. She hit the arrow and saw what she expected. A video of the boys in dim light but naked. It ended. There was another video. She hit play. She and Aunt Lisa were looking. It was the boys being masturbated by Kelly and Mary. They told Anna to go to the porch. Anna did so. As she came out the back door. Christie said “There you are.” Anna gave her a slight shake of her head as if to say “Not now”. Mamma and Aunt Lisa sat and watched the whole video. Shocked! They told the guys what was on the video. While Aunt Lisa described it to them, Mamma was looking at more stuff. She found the text where Anna sent Christie the picture. So that's why the girls came over.
The grownups sat and discussed what to do. After about 10 minutes, they asked everyone into the living room. Mamma started. “Anna, Kelly, you two need to strip right now. Anna protested. Loudly. Uncle James jumped up and grabbed her and Aunt Lisa started undoing her blouse. They took it off as she fought them. “You knew the rules young lady. You weren't supposed to talk to anyone and we specifically said no picture. You took pictures AND a video and then sent it to your friend. Your friend that you already broke the rules and talked to about it. By this time Uncle James and Aunt Lisa had her blouse off, and her shoes, and were pulling her shorts off. Mamma walked over and unsnapped her bra. Anna screamed. She was already starting to cry. “There will be plenty of time for that!” Mamma told her. Mamma slipped her bra down each arm as Uncle James moved his grip to let the straps come off. And it happened. Two pads fell on the floor. Daddy picked them up, kind of rolled them in his hands. He had a terrible look on his face as he looked at Anna. “What the hell is this?” he asked in a stern loud voice. “Daddy, it's not like that. I “ Daddy cut her off. “ Don't give me any lines or lies or what ever you were about to say.” Anna was trying to bend her hands up to cover her breasts as Daddy was speaking. Just then Aunt Lisa got her panties off. Anna screamed again. “You brought this on yourself!” Mamma yelled. Mamma asked what was next. The adults looked at each other. James kind of joked, “should we call Susan Thompson?” then he giggled. Mamma walked over to her purse. “I got this” Mamma said. She grabbed a chair and moved it to the middle of the room. Uncle James turned Anna around. We kids had been standing behind the grown ups during all the action. We all had a clear view of Anna now. If the boys were soft at all, they were hard now! I was more interested in them than Anna. Uncle James forced Anna over Mamma's lap. “How many did they get the other night James?” “25” he replied. Mamma commenced to hammering Anna's ass with her hair brush. Anna was screaming, crying and thrashing around. Mamma really let her have it. When they were done Uncle James sent her to a corner. “45 minutes in the corner, no covering up!” he instructed or you'll get more of the same!” He sounded angry. Then Uncle James looked at me. I knew what he wanted. I ran and got my cream. I rubbed some on Anna's butt while I listened to Mamma. Wow, I am so glad I didn't get caught in the bathroom and really glad Robbie and Dale didn't tell on us.
“Kelly, why the hell aren't you naked?” Mamma yelled. I think she was wound up from delivering the spanking. Kelly started crying and taking her clothes off. The boys were just as interested in her as she stripped as we girls were with them. Man, things are definitely changing around here. I sure wish Johnny was here. Kelly was sobbing and asking what she did. “Well, you can thank Anna, she got a clear video of you masturbating Robbie. What the hell possessed you to turn this into a sexual thing?” Mamma asked very angry. She didn't expect an answer. Kelly finished stripping naked. “So what should we do with her? What were the rules?” she looked at Uncle James for direction. “Well, this wasn't covered in the rules. I'm not sure what to do. Golden Rule?” Uncle James replied. “ You mean” Mamma was at a loss. “Well, she did it to him in front of everyone on the porch. Not sure if she would enjoy it or be embarrassed.” Just then Kelly understood what they meant. “Oh, no. No Way! You can't let him do that to me. She started crying louder. “I think we just got our answer” Uncle James answered. He looked at Mamma and raised his eyebrow as if to say 'what do you think'. “I don't know” Mamma said “Robbie didn't look like he was embarrassed. In fact, he looked like he really enjoyed it. I don't know.” I glanced over at Mary. She caught my attention as she was moving towards the kitchen. I think she was going to try to slip out the back door. She probably figured she was next. After all, she had masturbated Dale. Daddy reached over and grabbed her arm. She jumped as he had startled her. “Don't go anywhere yet young lady. We're just getting started.”
Mamma got up and walked over and got another chair. She set it facing the opposite the chair she had been sitting in. She had Kelly sit in one chair and Robbie in the other. “Robbie, do you know what to do?” Mamma asked. “Uh, Um, I'm not sure what your asking me to do” Robbie answered. I'm not sure if he was acting dumb or if he had never fooled around with a girl. Kelly was crying again. I looked over at Anna. She seamed to be doing better since she wasn't the center of attention. Mamma took Robbie's hand and set it on Kelly's lap, or more specifically, on her, uh, pussy. Kelly jumped. Daddy gave her a look. She was still crying but she didn't move. Mamma spread her legs more. She took Robbie's finger and started guiding it. “Feel that moist area? That's the vagina. You can slide your fingers in there, slowly at first. After a little while you can even use two fingers.” “Oh No!” Kelly said as she sobbed. Everyone's eyes were glued to what was happening. They were crowded in tightly! Wow, I didn't expect all of this! Next Mamma guided his finger tip up. “Feel that bump? That's the clitoris. Its probably sticking way out right now. She won't admit it but she is probable real excited. Just like you are.” Everybody glanced at Robbie's penis. It was as hard as ever! You could see his heartbeat as his penis twitched to each beat! “That's how a girl gets an erection. She also gets real wet. It's how her body prepares for intercourse.” Kelly started sobbing harder again. “Just rub this little nub gently. You'll want to push hard but that's not the best way. Gentle pressure as you move over the top of it. From time to time, slide down and get your fingers wet and then come back to it. You will notice a difference as she gets close to an orgasm. Don't stop rubbing after that. As she flexes her body, then you can rub a little harder. When you feel her jerk away from your finger, everything is getting too sensitive. Kind of like if you rub the end of your penis after an orgasm. At some point it is too much. Anyway, you can slide into her vagina for a few more strokes. You can stop when she relaxes after her orgasm. If you do it right, she wont be crying when your done!” Kelly was full on crying. She had tears running down her face, her chest, even dripping on her lap. Robbie started rubbing since he was already there. He fumbled his way around a bit but he started to understand things a little more. “Honey” Daddy said to Mamma, “you could teach that stuff! Wow. I think everybody here learned something from that!” “What ever” Mamma replied. I looked over at Dale. He was red in the face. He kept rubbing his wrist up against his boner. Ha Ha... He was as horny as he had been all night! Everyone was still watching Robbie. You could tell Robbie was nervous with all the attention. Aunt Lisa grabbed the adults and ushered them into the kitchen. I guess it was weird for her to be watching what was going on and to have the men watching. I thought how funny that was. She had no problem watching Robbie (her own son) get masturbated on video but she didn't seem to want the men watching a girl get done the same to. Oh well. Back to the show! Robbie got into a groove and even though she had been crying, Kelly was now breathing heavy. She wiped her face on the back of her hand. She actually reached one hand up and pinched her nipple. Suddenly she lifted her butt up off the chair. Almost as if she was trying to get more of his finger in her. Robbie pushed a little harder and faster. I look over at Dale. He was stroking his cock! Kelly looked like she almost held her breath and then she started whimpering and bucking her hips forward. After about 20 to 30 seconds, she relaxed back into the chair. You could see Robbie following Mamma's instructions to the 'T'. He moved his hand down and put his finger or fingers into her vagina and slid back and forth slowly. Finally Kelly pushed his hand away. She jumped up and ran up the stairs. You could hear the bathroom door close and lock. You could also hear her crying again. The adults came back in. Aunt Lisa headed up the stairs. She was talking to Kelly through the door, telling her she had to come back down. We weren't done. She gave Kelly 10 minutes to get her act together and come back down. Meanwhile, they were discussing what to do with Mary. “Mary, honey. You weren't here last night. This was a little newer for you. But I still can't figure out why you did what you did.” She looked at the boys who were obviously horny and uncomfortable. “Don't think you two are out of the woods either. You had just as much to do with this. You let it happen.” “But, Wha, I ..” Dale tried to act innocent. He did slide his chair over there. And Robbie, he didn't try to stop Kelly.
“Mary, I am not sure what to do with you. I'm going to offer you a choice. You can take 25 smacks from the hairbrush, on you bare ass, you can have Dale repeat what we just watched Robbie do to Kelly, or you can defer your punishment so I can think about it. It will probably be harsher if I wait and think about, who knows.” Mamma told her. Mary started crying. She was thinking her options over and she was crying harder with each thought. “I, I think I'll take the spanking.” She started balling. “Well, that's probably the safe option, and it gets this over now. You know what to do.” Mary was crying really hard and slumped over as she unbuttoned her blouse. She dropped it to the floor. She kicked her shoes off as she continued crying hard. She unbuttoned her pants and unzipped them. She pushed them down with an even stronger set of sobs. She reached back and unsnapped her bra, then hesitated and dropped her head a bit, then threw the bra on the floor. She grabbed her panties and slid them off, almost like she wanted to get this over quickly. She walked hunched over towards the chairs. Mamma took a seat and let her lay down. “You understand why this is happening, right?” Mamma asked. “No” Mary replied. “What do you mean no?” Mamma asked a little upset. “Well, why did you just tell Robbie and everybody else how to finger a girl? So he won't do it? You played with boys when you were a girl! Why am I getting punished for something we are expected to do to figure things out as we grow up. It's not fair!” Wow, I think she really had a great point. Mamma just sat there for a minute. What was she doing? "You know Mary, I think you might just have a point. Why is it only bad if you get caught. And you are right, we women did it when we were your age. Go ahead and get up. Sit in that chair." Mary sat in the chair. She put one arm across her breasts to cover them and one hand in her lap. Uncle James immediately started to jump in. Mamma gave him a look and a hand motion to stop. "Mary, I still don't think what you did was right. The boys were being punished and part of that was embarrassment. You and Kelly, Anna, and Rachael all interfered with that.” What! What did I do? No way she knows about the bathroom? “So, you kids wait right here. I need to speak to the adults. Kitchen!” Mamma almost ordered the adults in there. They followed. Dale started slowly stroking again. I gave him a look and mouthed the word STOP. He made a gesture and stopped. In the kitchen, Mamma spoke “I think we are getting carried away with this. This all started out trying to get kids to stop pranking and now we have so many kids getting punished and having a orgy. I think we need to stop.” Uncle James jumped in “I don't think we can let the others get away scott-free for their actions. You know what the girls were doing in the bathroom. They need some kind of punishment. But I do agree. This has gotten out of hand.” Aunt Lisa spoke up. “I think they all have acted up. Almost all of them have been embarrassed in front of each other. My biggest fear is that we have turned on a faucet we can't turn off.” “Well, what do we do?” Uncle James asked. “Well, 4 of them are naked already. What if we embarrass the others and then let everyone get dressed and put an end to this.” Mamma always had the final word.
The adults returned. They brought in a couple of chairs. “Everyone have a seat” Uncle James ordered. I sat on the couch and Dale and Robbie sat on each side of me. Yes! Penis. Penis Penis Penis! “OK, so, Mary, no covering up. Those are the rules. Since everyone here has misbehaved, we felt it would only be fair that everyone get embarrassed together. Rachael, you will strip for what we all are sure you did in the bathroom. No way that boy came out of there without his hard on unless you masturbated him. Anna was also guilty. She's already naked. Christie, you and Aubrey came over because you thought you were going to get to see naked boys. I get it. Teenagers, hormones. You two can leave right now or , stay and you have to undress too. No spanking.” Aubrey was up and running for the door. That was fast. Christie got up. Mamma spoke up “UH UH UH, let me see your phone.” Christie handed her the phone. While Mamma deleted photos from her phone, Christie was staring at the two naked boys on the couch. “Here. Now get out of here before we change our minds.” Christie hurried out the door. She gave Anna a quick glance as she opened and closed the door. "So, Rachael” My stomach went into an instant knot. I could feel tears welling up in my eyes. I pulled my shirt over my head. “Stand up” Aunt Lisa ordered. I stood up and took off my bra. I dropped them on the couch. I kicked my shoes off. I started shaking as I took off my pants. As I finished getting them off, I started feeling light headed. I started crying as I pushed my panties down. Suddenly everything went dark.
I woke up in the guest bedroom. I was under the covers, but I was naked. I think I fainted. Where were my clothes? I got up. I opened the door to the bedroom. I crept over and looked down the stairs. Everyone was still in the living room. My clothes were folded sitting on the coffee table. I knew what I had to do. I took a deep breath. I could feel my shoulders stiffen up. I started walking down the stairs. I got to the bottom of the stairs. I was feeling light headed again. “Breathe honey” Mamma instructed. I must have stopped breathing as I got worked up and nervous. I took a deep breath. I walked over and grabbed my clothes. “Uh” Mamma said. I looked around. Kelley and Mary were gone. Robbie and Dale were still naked, so was Anna. “We've been waiting for you honey” Mamma said. “So. Just to make sure we are all on the same page. You girls, no taking pictures of anyone naked, no sexual stuff, especially here in the house. When your old enough, that stuff is inevitable. For now, none of that. Boys, no touching girls panties unless your doing the laundry. Don't make people think you are pervs. Act sensible about sexual stuff. You guys are responsible for everything that happened today. I'm tempted to have you do something embarrassing but we agreed to wrap this up.” Was she talking about having them masturbate in front of us? Please do it. I can see it in my imagination. Dale and Robbie start stroking. We make them stand in front of us. They stroke and stroke their cocks. After what seems like 2 or 3 minutes Robbie starts to stand up on his tippy toes. He tilts his head back and closes his eyes, and he cums right there. Streams of cum. Dale flexes his legs and tightens his butt. He shoves his hips forward and starts to cum. “Rachael! Snap out of it!” “Oh, sorry”. “So you kids get dressed and back here in 5 minutes.” Mamma told us. I grabbed my clothes and ran for the stairs. I followed the boys up the stairs. Anna right behind me. They turned left, I turned right. I closed the guest bedroom door and started getting dressed. Oh wow. I feel so much more safe with my clothes on. I felt so vulnerable naked. I head back downstairs. We got another lecture. This time from Uncle James. Something about descent human beings, normal, reputations... blah blah blah. I couldn't get my mind off of how I was going to get some more boys naked.

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