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Disciplining the Neighborhood Kids - Chapter 4
Fri Apr 6, 2018 11:17

Disciplining The Neighborhood Kids - 4
Hooking Johnny...

One of the things we like about my Uncle and Cousin's house is that it is not far from the beach. The beach area is so soft that you can't drive on it with regular cars. You can barely get through there in a 4 wheel drive truck. There's hardly ever anyone there. My cousins have a gate in the middle of the fence in their back yard. Behind the fence, the land is over grown. I mean, no house, no yard, just trees, and bushes. Its thick and you cant see very far in or out. They have a path they kind of cut to get them through it. There's even a sort of clearing they camp in some times. Anna's girl scout troop even camps there sometimes, but not overnight. Just until it gets really dark.
So one evening, I have Kelley, Betsy, Judy, Mary, and Aubrey over. We were plotting how we could possibly get to see some more naked boys. We needed more penis! We were sitting near the windows and I was telling them we could use the woods to punish the boys if we could trap them and threaten to get them in trouble if they didn't cooperate. While we were sitting there talking, I could have sworn I saw some movement near the back gate. It was already dusk so there were shadows and stuff so I wasn't sure. I told the girls to get up, chat a little, turn the lights off, close the door, and go downstairs. Make it obvious they are in the living room or kitchen. I laid down below the window. After they turned the lights off and closed the door, I snuck my head up. I watched as a figure came through the gate, ran over and stood by the corner of the shed, then ran for the tree by the back porch. I couldn't quite tell who it was. Next thing I know, he's climbing the tree. He finds a little spot that is kind of hidden and he sort of reclines against the tree sitting on one of his feet to keep from sliding. Johnny? Looks like Johnny. Can't be. I like him! He can't be this big a perv. But look at us, planning how to trap one or more of the boys to get them naked and play with them. We're all pervs! So I sneak over to the door. I stand, and I open it and act like I am just coming into the room. After a few seconds, I turn on the light. I pretend to be looking for something and I grab my brush and I leave. I run downstairs. I have the girls all pile into the living room. I tell them that Johnny is sitting in the tree outside the guest bedroom that I am staying in. "Come to think of it, last week when Mamma was telling me about how Daddy got his bare ass spanking, I thought I saw someone outside my window, but when I looked, I didn't see anyone." Kelley spoke up "Are you sure its Johnny?" "Oh, I'm sure. I know him well! I have seen every naked inch of his body." Judy chimed in "Well, what do we do? I sure would love to get another look at him naked!" I jumped in "Don't forget, Johnny said he liked me. And I did make it so you all got to see 3 boys naked and spanked. Johnny is mine. So if anything is going to happen, I make up the rules. Got It?" "We got it..." Betsy said in a disappointed tone. "I didn't say you couldn't see him naked and I didn't even say you couldn't touch him. I just said he was mine". The girls looked a little more happy with that answer. "So what's the plan? Do we set a trap? Do get a picture of him in the tree? Do we wait to see if he does it again?" Betsy asked. "I think we just go out there, tell him to come down, and we make him go to the woods" I told them "No need to get fancy or miss this chance. I believe in the direct approach!"
I grabbed a flashlight. We headed out the back door. It was pretty dark by now. I aimed the flashlight in the tree and presto! There he was. Caught! "Johnny, come down now before I get my parents." I told him. Johnny climbed down the tree. He looked really nervous. He just stood there. "So?" I said. "What" he replied. "You don't have anything to say?" I asked. "Well, you caught me straight to rights. What am I going to say? What do want?" he said nervously. I think he was shaking a little but it was dark. "Lets head for the woods" I said. "What for?" Johnny asked. "Cause I said so! Now lets go or ..." "OK, OK" he interjected. He started heading towards the woods with 6 of us following him. This was great! This was perfect! Who knew all we had to do was wait and catch one of the boys being bad. We went through the gate and started down the windy path. Now its totally dark except the flashlight. We came to the clearing. I told Johnny to stop. He stopped and turned around. "You know what we want. Same thing you were hoping for when you were spying on my bedroom. Just like you have a bunch of times before. Don't think I don't know." I laid it on thick. He had a bit of a surprised look on his face but he knew he'd been caught. So Johnny really did have a thing for me!
Johnny started taking his shirt off. He didn't hesitate but he still looked nervous. He kicked his shoes off. Then undid his belt and zipper. Then he dropped his shorts and stepped out of them. The girls were gathering his cloths. "Stop" I said. The girls let out a groan. "Let me" I said. A bunch of oohs went up. Johnny started shaking even more. I handed the flashlight to Kelley and I stepped forward. I grabbed the sides of his underwear and I started sliding them down. Why do we always go slow? I yanked and had them at his ankles in seconds. I was staring right at his dick. It was about 4 inches from my face. "Step out" I commanded. He did. I handed the underwear to Judy. I stood. As I did I reach from underneath and caught his dick in my hand. He jumped almost as if I hurt him but I didn't. Startled him?. "So perv boy. You wanted to see some girl naked. How's that working out for ya?" I said as I squeezed his dick. The girls were all staring. Johnny just mumbled something, we couldn't tell what. "So here is what is going to happen tonight. You are going to masturbate for us. We are going to watch. When you're done, you are going home naked. You will meet us back here at 10 AM. And you better come back naked. I better not see any clothes. If there are clothes here, or hidden near by, there will be consequences. Got it" I instructed him. "Y-Yes. 10 Am. Got it." Naked!" I yelled. "Got it. 10 AM Naked. No Clothes." Johnny replied frantically. "Naked means 'No Clothes' stupid" Judy corrected him. "Judy!" I reprimanded her. This was my future boyfriend. No one can call him stupid but me. "Well" I said. Johnny reached for his penis which was already getting hard. He started slow. I guess to get it fully hard before he really got going. Once he was really hard, he kind of leaned back like he was trying to show us more or something? Then he started stroking faster and faster. Man he was going fast! how do they go that fast? Damn! He was stroking really fast. Kelley was aiming the light but having trouble holding it steady. All 6 of us were mesmerized. Suddenly Johnny lifted up on his toes, he arched his back more, slowed his pace and started shooting streams of cum. I don't know how much. We were all so mesmerized by this boy, this young naked man jacking off for us. When he was done, we just stood there for a minute staring. "Are we..." Johnny started to ask. I hesitated then said "You may go now. Don't be late tomorrow. A police report won't look good with your college application." Johnny turned and ran towards the beach. How was he going to get home. He lived 6 blocks away. And when he got home, how was he going to get in past his sisters or his mom? I would love to see the looks on their faces if they caught him! I love watching girls see a penis they don't expect to see. Or their first one! Wow. After he disappeared into the thicket, we started laughing and talking all at the same time. Wow I love penis. Penis! Penis! Penis! I need to write song or something about loving penis. "Let's go back to my room" I said to the other 5 girls. We run inside and up the stairs.
"So do you think he'll show" Judy asked. "He'll show" I said. "Oh he'll definitely show" Kelley agreed, “and be on show" then she laughed. "Just remember" I started... "We know, Johnny is yours. How do we get boys of our own for this little club? Or boys in general?" Betsy asked. "Well,maybe we can get boys to help us get more boys." I said. "You got a plan?" Asked Kelley. “I'm thinking. Definitely thinking. I'll have a plan by the time Johnny shows up here tomorrow.” We settled in for another slumber party. I looked out the window, just kind of thinking about what all just happened over the last hour or 2. I thought I saw something move. I watched and waited. Maybe my imagination. We went to sleep.
The next morning, we got up anxious to get to the clearing. "Why did you have to pick 10?" Judy asked "I want to see some penis now!" "Well then, just go get on the internet or stop complaining. Besides, I think 10 is a good time. The sun is fully up. It will be hard to sneak over there naked. It also gives us time for making a plan. So far I'm thinking of lying to him to trap him. I haven't got any other ideas. We could take pictures and blackmail him, but if he tells my folks or my uncle, were in big trouble. I'm still working on a backup plan, but right now, that's all I got." I told them. We ate breakfast, got ready, and headed out early. We hid in the thicket just before the beach so we could see him as he snuck over there naked. We waited, and waited. 10 O'clock came and went. We waited. Finally at 10:30 we were going to give up. We got up to leave the thicket when up comes running a naked Johnny. Dogs barking, broad daylight. I don't know how he didn't get seen. "You're Late!" I scolded. "Sorry, but my mom made me help her in the garage. I couldn't just leave. You can't expect me to just leave and get into worse trouble." he tried to defend himself. "Well, we told you there would be consequences! So, for being late you have to do 2 things. 1st, run out there into the water and count to 30. Out Loud!" "And then" Johnny asked. "We'll get to that. Now Go!" I told him. Johnny grabbed his crotch and started to run. "No covering up!" Johnny released his penis which was soft when he first arrived but was growing longer and firmer by the second. As he ran into the water his penis was bouncing up down in a great show. "Oh Shit! It's cold! He yelled. He started to come out. "Count!" I said. " One. Two. Threeee, Four, .... Twenty Nine, Thirty" Johnny started running our way. We started for the clearing and he followed. "Your drooping!" I told him. "Make it hard!" He stroked his dick for a minute and it was rock hard again. I reached out and grabbed it. He inhaled sharply. "So here is the deal. We like seeing you naked. We like seeing your hard dick. Problem is, there are way more girls than guys here." "What do you want me to do about that?" Johnny asked, as if it was a dumb statement. "Well, funny you should ask. You remember a few weeks, maybe a month ago when you came over to peep on me with Robert and Ricky?" I said in a bluff. Johnny just stood there with a sort of startled look on his face. "Well, we want you to bring them here. Today. You can either try to get them naked before you come or after you get here, but at the end of it all, we want them naked and under our control. If they refuse, I will call Officer Sawetelle and tell him what I saw. 3 Boys peeking in my window while I was changing. 3 Boys staring at a poor innocent girl while she gets naked, in her own room, in her own house., where she is supposed to be safe. Oh, and if you go to my parents, I ..." "I won't go to your parents." Johnny said. Kelley stepped up. She started to reach for his penis. She looked at me with a look as if t say 'may I?". I let go of his now fully erect penis and kind of pushed it towards her hand. She grabbed his penis with a huge smile on her face. “You better make this happen. Or there will be consequences!" She said and then motioned for Judy to take a grab. They took turns handing his penis to one another. Johnny looked like he was enjoying the attention to his dick while nervous about the threats. In the end he agreed to get the other boys. "2 PM!" I said as I turned to go. Then I stopped, bent down and kissed the head of his penis. He looked like I hit him with a baseball bat! "2 PM!" then I gently slapped his dick. “Ouch!” I headed back to the house. As we went through the gate, "Oh, crap! I forgot to have him masturbate for us!" I told the others. We all laughed. "We were like, WTF! We wanted our show!" Judy exclaimed at me.
We ate lunch. We could hardly wait to get the 3 boys naked again. We gathered some supplies. Rope, a knife, cloth for blindfolds, some cream, and my icy hot. Kelley looked in the pantry and after a second, grabbed some whip cream. Hmmmm. And my hair brush. We headed to the clearing. We went early again. We waited a half hour. Then suddenly Johnny walked into the clearing, then Robert, then Ricky, Then Robbie? They were all clothed still. Why was Robbie here? Johnny spoke up. "So, ALL the boys are here who watched you get dressed after your shower Just like you ordered." Robbie spied on me? I wonder if he knows I didn't know. I'll have to act like I knew. "Perverts! The 4 of you! Perverts. You know what, strip! Right now! All of you." There was a hush. No one moved. I yelled "I said strip! or I go call Officer Sawetelle right now!" All 4 boys started to strip. They had all stripped in front of me before, but some of them hadn't stripped in front of some of the girls. They all got down to their underwear and hesitated. "Stop!" I yelled. You could see the look of relief on Robbie and Ricky's faces. "Girls" I said. Judy, Kelley, Betsy and I stepped forward and yanked their shorts down to their ankles. They all went to cover up. "You know the rules" I said as I held up my hair brush. They all dropped their hands to their sides. 2 Boners and 2 growing! We girls were smiling ear to ear. "So here's how this is going to go down boys. We are going to tie you guys each to a different tree. We are going to blindfold you. Some of the girls want to play. They don't want any crap from you guys, so you wont know who is doing what. When were done, we might play some games." I instructed. Kelley yelled out "Robert over here." Judy called Rickey "Over here sweetie." Betsy instructed, "Robbie, you over here'" "Johnny, you're mine" I said as I pointed to a tree. We tied the boys at their wrists but also at their elbows. They couldn't move or fight us. We tied a rope around the base of the tree, looping it around their ankles, to keep their legs stationary. We then blindfolded them. Just before I blindfolded Johnny, I leaned in and gave him a big tongue filled kiss. He looked surprised but kissed back. Now they were all blindfolded.
The girls looked nervous. no one wanted to say anything or the boys would know who was doing something. I reached out and grabbed Robbie's dick. He jumped. I motioned for Kelley to take Johnny. Instead, she reached for Ricky. Maybe she wanted revenge for him masturbating her the other night. Mary grabbed Johnny's dick. I think she was feeling left out and didn't want to miss a chance at playing with a penis. Aubrey grabbed Robert. Now with Aubrey being inexperienced and Robert having a really big dick, this could get interesting! But then, were playing with 4 naked boys dicks! It is interesting! I sort of ignored the other girls. I started stroking my cousin Robbie's dick. He got even harder. If he only knew who was handling him! I stroked it slow and put one hand under his balls. I rubbed them. Occasionally I wrapped my thumb and middle finger under his balls around the base of his dick. I seemed stiffer and longer when I did that. He tried to move or get free but he couldn't. I couldn't say anything of course. I licked his right nipple and he jumped again. I started stroking him faster, more deliberately. I slid my other hand under his balls and back. I can tell he likes that! He pushes towards my hand. I keep stroking. I rub my finger close to his anus. He is startled and kind of jumps. I did it again, this time rubbing directly across his anus. He pushes down with his hips. This boy wants me to play with his ass!. I tease and move my one hand back to his balls while I keep stroking. I lick a nipple again, then bite gently on it. His dick pulses in my hand. I squeeze around the base of his dick and balls again. I can feel his balls tighten up, smaller and firmer than before. Suddenly he says "Oh God! Oh Yeah". I feel pulsing as a shot shoots from his penis. Then another. I squeeze harder and keep stroking. More shots. I don't know how many times he shot, but it was intense for him. He isn't shooting anymore but I keep stroking. I can feel his dick relaxing in my hand. Suddenly he starts jerking. "OK, you can stop now!" I keep going a little more. I can see he is not happy about this last part. "It's too sensitive, you gotta stop!" He is trying to pull away but the tree prevents that. I stop. "Wow, That was awesome!" he says "You were awesome". I lean in and whisper in his ear, "You're Welcome." He kind of jerks and stands up straight. I put my hand to his mouth to stop him from saying anything. I look over, the other girls with dicks in their hands were stroking but looking at me. I guess they didn't know what to do. Neither did I, I just learned on the go. On-the-job-training!. I let go. "My..." I motion to Betsy to not speak. She steps over to Robbie and grabs his dick. I can tell she is a little disappointed that it was soft. I point to my watch, kind of trying to tell her it takes time. She just got down and took his penis right into her mouth! Holy shit! Robbie starts moaning as she sucks and swirls his penis in her mouth. She looks ridiculous but I bet neither of them has been in this position before! I look over and Kelly is stroking at a mean pace. Ricky is up on his toes. Here it comes! "Oh Shit!" he yells as he releases a series of streams that catch Kelley on her other shoulder and arm. Damn girl, you gotta know its gonna shoot somewhere! She moved and finishes strong. She looks quickly at Betsy then puts Ricky's dick in her mouth. It just shot cum everywhere, who knows when they were clean. Yuck. She releases almost as quick as she started. Probably just curious. Aubrey is pumping Robert's dick for all she is worth. She looks my way and starts to say something. "I can't..." "Shhhh". I walk over to her and point to her other arm. She switches. Then I make a motion to rub his balls, she does. Robert starts moaning. Still no tell tale signs. No tippy toes, no shrinking balls. No head leaning back. I make a motion pointing to his anus. She reaches back and touches his crack then slides over his anus. He starts to lean back. She goes again, only this time she stops and pushes her finger trying to enter! He is rocking back and forth. Pop, her finger penetrates and Robert shoots cum about 8 feet in front of him. Wow! She pumps and pumps. When he is finished, she leans in like she is going to put it in her mouth then backs away and shakes her head no. Judy has already moved over by Aubrey. Kelley is still sucking Ricky's Dick. Now Judy starts sucking Robert's Dick. Meanwhile this whole time Mary has been playing with Johnny's dick. He's not complaining, but she is just stroking it slow. No way he is going to cum at this pace. Aubrey and I get on either side of her. I grab her wrist and speed her up. Meanwhile Aubrey is running her hand over his butt and then under between his legs and massaging his balls. He likes this better! He starts moaning. I lean down and lick the end of his dick. Mary looks at me with surprise. She is maintaining the pace I set. I get right in front of Johnny and I take his penis in my mouth. I start sucking. Mary is stroking. Aubrey is fondling. Johnny raises up on his toes. Telltale sign! I can tell he is trying to stop from cumming to make it last longer. Suddenly... He shoots. You know, in your mind, you can do anything. I can hold his cum in my mouth, I can swallow it, I'm superwoman! I gag and cough and cum spurts out from the sides of my mouth. I have a thick something in the back of my throat. I gag a little, I swallow. I move Mary's hand away and try to get more dick in my mouth and get some of that cum back. Too long!. I stroke him a little. I have cum on my hand, my face, my shirt. my cheek. How the hell did it get on my face. I get up. "Johnny says something but I can't make it out. I'm still dealing with this cum in my mouth and all over me. I finally am able to kind of move that lump forward then swallow and clear my mouth. I wipe my face with my sleeve. I shake the cum off my hand. Johnny looks like he collapsed except he was still tied to a tree. Wow! If I didn't know better, I'd say for some inexperienced girls, we did real good. I tap Kelley and Judy on the shoulders. They stop. All 6 of us get up and head to the house. "Hey wait... You can't just leave us here..." The boys are whining about still being tied up. We girls clean up. Get a drink. We sit down in the living room for a minute. We look at each other then suddenly burst out laughing. "That was amazing" Kelley says. "For the boys too" I said and then started laughing. Well, lets head back before someone else shows up there.
We get back to the clearing. Judy walks straight over and grabs Ricky's dick and starts sucking it. What the hell... Betsy walks over to Johnny. She looks at me and I shake my head no. She moves over to Robbie. She starts stroking him She and Betsy hadn't had a full turn yet. I walk over to Johnny and start performing a soft slow blow job. Its been 45 minutes since he came, and young guys being young guys, he is back at full erection. I give him my 1st ever real complete blow job. As he starts to cum, I pull back just a little to leave room in my mouth. It's not nearly as much as before. I swallow it all and continue to suck and stroke for another 2 or 3 minutes. I look over and everyone is just about done. We all back away. Then we walk behind the boys and pull off their blindfolds. "Robert speaks up first "If that is our punishment, then I am just going to have to accept it like a man!" "Ha, Ha Funny" replies Kelley. "No seriously though, our arms are hurting. We've been tied up like this for hours. Let us loose. Please!" Johnny pleaded. "OK but then we have some rules to go over." Kelley told them. We untied the 4 boys. "I hope you pervs have learned a lesson today about peeping on girls!" I told them. "Yes we have" Ricky said and almost immediately started laughing causing the other 3 to laugh too. "I'm serious" I say, then us girls start laughing. We untied the boys. “So here's the deal. You boys have to go down to the beach, get in the water naked, clean up, then come back here for further instructions. Got it" Kelley told them. "But we can't go out there naked. What if someone sees us?" Asked Ricky. "Grow some balls" Robert popped back at him and took off running for the beach and water. The others followed him. It was funny watching 4 high school boys running naked. They cleaned up in the water and came back to the clearing. In the mean time, we had Judy take their clothes to the house. "You boys have to make it home naked. Be back here at 10 AM. Make sure Dale is with you and bring one more boy. Make sure he's cute!" I instructed the boys. "Ah damn it!" Ricky said. "How am I supposed to sneak into the house. The whole damn girl scout troop is there today." "Suck it up dude" Robert told him as they all walked off down the trail towards the beach.

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