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Disciplining the Neighborhood Kids - Chapter 5
Fri Apr 6, 2018 11:18

Disciplining The Neighborhood Kids - 5
Oh My, The Girl Scouts

The boys head down the trail to the beach. Their still naked of course. Johnny has been through this already once. He had to sneak home about 6 blocks. He went through back yards, sprinted down an ally way,then when he got home, he climbed a tree and entered his second story bedroom. He got dressed and was just coming out of his room as the knob turned in his hand. His mom came in to get laundry. Whew. That was close. "I didn't realize you were here." "Hi Mom. Need help with the laundry?" "Why Johnny, that would be nice." His Mom headed back downstairs, Johnny grabbed his laundry basket and his sisters. He took them to the wash room for his mom. As he was going, he couldn't help but notice his sister's panties on top of the pile of clothes in her basket. Why? Why were they there.? She's only 12... He shouldn't think those thought about her or her underwear!
Now, there were 4 of them that needed to make it home. One of them was Robbie who lived with Rachael and Anna from the house they just left. "I can't try to sneak in there! She's bound to be setting a trap to keep me naked and embarrass me. I think she's even the one who got me off earlier! I'm done for." Ricky chimed in, "Yeah, well my sister has your sister, Johnny's sister, and a bunch of other girls over for Girl Scouts. They'll be everywhere. They have the gardening project. Their working on a cooking badge. They're probably working on an embarrass-your-naked-brother badge." Robert chimed in, "My folks are out. The only thing we have to worry about is Amy and she likes to hang out in her room. She hates everybody. And after that embarrassing episode the other night, she hasn't come out of her room for jack squat. Johnny, I think I have some clothes that might fit you but Ricky, my clothes ain't going to fit you any ways."
"Well, shit! Then I'm dead... I'm dead!". "See you guys in the next life." Ricky said as he climbed a fence to cut through a couple of back yards and head left down towards his house. Suddenly dogs are barking and you can hear a cry of pain. Ricky hopped into one backyard where 2 high school girl's he knows were sunbathing. He jumped right back out before he was seen. That's all he needs! He sprinted across the Fredrickson's yard he was in now since he was completely exposed out in the open. He thought he might have seen a face in the kitchen window but he wasn't sure. He hopped a few more fences. Now he was at the fence where his house was. He was trying to hide in the corner away from the house by a tree. There were Girl Scouts in his back yard tending the garden just like he thought. He could hear a commotion on the patio where they were painting something. He snuck down the neighbors yard hurrying to the corner of the house to see if the east side of the house was clear. It looked like he might have a chance. Suddenly his neighbor's back door opened. "Why, my word Ricky, what on earth?" "Oh, hi Mrs. Finley." Ricky said in a defeated voice as he cupped his hands over his crotch. "Ricky, what's the meaning of this?" "Well, Mrs. Finley, some of the boys thought it would be a funny prank to strip me and dump me off a few blocks away. I was trying to get home and get some clothes without being seen. Sorry." "Well, you boys are always up to no good. I think you all need a good strapping, if you ask me." She replied. "What's all the fuss here?" Ricky's mom said as she stepped over to see what Mrs' Finley was talking about. "Johnny! What the Hell? Get your butt over here right now!" Johnny sprinted to the gate and over to his front door. He took a deep breath then opened the door. He was going to try to run up and get dressed before to many more people saw him. He got to the bottom step. "Stop right there young man!" His mother demanded. Ricky stopped. His mother had come in the back door followed by all 14 Girl Scouts, including his sister. The girls were laughing and snickering at his naked butt. "Girls!... Johnny get over here right now!" Johnny walked into the Kitchen. The house had an open floor plan and there really was nowhere to hide. "I want an explanation, and I want it right now! And get your hands off of that thing. Don't be nasty in front of our guests!" his mother demanded. Johnny dropped his hands. you could hear a collective "Ohhh" and an intake of breath as the girls got a view of his penis. He was erect. "Mom! Let me get dressed then we can talk about this. Please?" Ricky pleaded. "I want an explanation right here, right now!" She demanded. "Ricky lied again "Some of the guys on the football team grabbed me, stripped me and dropped me off down the road. I was trying to get back here and get some clothes. Please Mom!" "Don't you raise your voice at me boy. I have half a mind... You know what. On that chair right there!" Ricky's mom went and got a spatula from the drawer. She sat in the chair next to him. She grabbed him and rolled him onto her lap. She reached underneath and grabbed his penis so he wouldn't stand up. "Mom, please! It's not my fault!" "The crowd you hang with brought this on to you" she replied. She started smacking. 1st one cheek, then he other. She was going back and forth. The Girl Scouts were standing there frozen like statues watching a 17 year old naked boy get his butt spanked. This was not in their handbook! Ricky's mom gave him 30 swats, 15 on each cheek. He was crying and squirming and kicking. She let him up "Over there in that corner! Now!" She directed him to the corner where the cabinets meet the sliding glass door. His butt would be on display to the room and his now limp penis would be on display to the back patio! Oh no! He stood there hopping and crying and rubbing his bottom. His mom sent his sister after some moisturizing cream. His sister came back down. "Here Mommy". "Sally, rub some on your brother's rear end for me. I smacked him up good! Don't want to leave any permanent marks. I gotta rinse these plates before all this paint dries on there and they'll be harder to clean later." "Ewe, gross. I don't want to touch his butt" Sally complained. "I'll do it" said Anna as she grabbed the cream and a stool, and started rubbing it into Ricky's butt. She had seen her cousin Rachael do this and knew she wanted to see if she could have the same fun. She spread the cream on one cheek then the other. Ricky sighed in relief as she applied the cream. He had his eyes closed and his head tilted back. He was still sobbing but most of the pain was gone. There were about 10 eyeballs glued to the outside of the sliding glass door. Anna reached around and grabbed Ricky's penis. Anna and Sally both giggled. Ricky's eyes popped open. He looked down. "What are you doing?" Ricky protested. "This is how they did it the other day!" she said. She started rubbing his penis and it got instantly hard. She didn't really know what she was doing but it didn't matter. She started stroking it as that seemed natural. No sooner had she started, Ricky ejaculated all over the sliding glass door. The girls all jumped back at the sight of shots of white stuff came at them but landed on the glass and started to run down to the floor. Ricky's mom had looked up just in time to see him shoot. "Ricky! What the hell?" she yelled. "Mom, it wasn't me. It was Anna!" "Oh, don't go blaming a 12 year old for your lack of control. I ought to beat your ass again! Get a rag and clean it up. And do it right! Or I'll have the girl scouts spank you! You girls would like that, wouldn't you?" A Loud "Yes, and Yeah" went up from the girls. No way! No way was Ricky going to let himself be spanked by a group of 10 to 12 year old's. He got a towel and wiped up the mess. He took the towel and threw it in the hamper. "That's not how you clean a window" one of the girls remarked. She got the Windex from under the sink. She grabbed some newspaper. "This is how your Mom taught us" She sprayed the Windex on the glass and then rubbed the newspaper all over until the window was spotless!. "That's how you do it!" she said. She was now standing in front of him and apparently talking to his penis, because her eyes never looked up as she spoke. "That's right girls. That's the proper way to clean it." She turned her gaze to Ricky. "Ricky! Over here now!" She barked. Ricky went over to her again. She bent him over her lap. She handed the little girl that cleaned the window the spatula. "Now 4 good hard smacks, 2 on each cheek. Make em count!" Ricky's mom instructed. The little girl reached underneath and grabbed his penis. "Stop!" was Ricky's response. "No, that's good. You are very observant. this is how you control little boys when you have to spank them" Ricky's mom encouraged the girl. She tightened her grip. Ricky was already crying. {{Smack}} {{Smack}} {{Smack}} {{Smack}}. As the little girl retracted to make another smack, Ricky's mom grabbed her arm. "OK, that's 4. Someone else's turn. All 14 girls got to smack Ricky's ass 4 times each while holding his penis. He was balling by the time they were done. "Back to your corner and control your self this time!" his mother scolded. Ricky went to the corner crying and rubbing his rear end. Another little girl grabbed the cream. She applied it while holding his penis to 'hold him still'. Ricky was totally humiliated. He told his friends this would happen. Ricky did 45 minutes in the corner. The whole time, little girls were running up to the glass to get a look and then running up behind him, reaching around and grabbing his penis. His mother found the whole thing hilarious. "Ricky, your corner time is up. Come out and sit on the patio. Ricky came out and sat down. "No, sit here" his mother corrected. Ricky moved to the little table. "Now lay back. That's it. Put your feet on these 2 stools. There. Ricky's mom tied ropes to hold his hands and feet. "You girls remember what we call this knot?" She asked. "A square knot" several of them answered. Now girls, Ricky is your palette. You can paint anywhere except his face." Of course, the girls were mostly interested in only painting a few areas. His balls were painted a multitude of colors and his penis was painted and painted and painted again. It was now getting late. Mom's started to arrive to get their daughters. One by one they filed in. Shocked to see a naked boy being painted on the table. "We had a change in the art curriculum. We had a bad boy that needed a good spanking. The girls helped with that and then we used a new canvas in an attempt to curb the bad behavior." The mom's got a tickle out of it. Some of the sisters that came with the moms got an even bigger kick out of it. "Ricky!" "Stacey!" Replied Ricky. "Mom Please! I can't have girls in my class see me like this. Ricky actually started crying again. Stacy grabbed a paint brush and started painting his ball solid blue. The ladies got a laugh out of it. "Krista! Come here and check this out!" Stacie said. Krista had a look of shock on her face. Ricky said her name while he was crying. "Krrrissstaaa..." Krista grabbed a brush and painted his penis red and the tip green. Then she leaned down and blew on it. "Need to help it dry now!" Krista explained. Ricky's penis almost immediately erected. "There it is" Krista joked. The girls laughed as they played with his penis for about 10 minutes. "Come on girls, time to go." Krista's mom chided. "Ohhh" Krista said as she reached down and gave Ricky's penis a big couple of stokes. "See ya later Ricky" said Stacy as she did the same. Ricky was now on the verge of cumming. Please, not in front of my classmates he told his brain. "See Ya Later!" Krista's sister said exuberantly as she grabbed his dick to copy her sister and stroked it up and down. Ricky started ejaculating right there in front of Stacie, Krista and Krista's sister. "Oh.. My.. God" the two 16 year old girls exclaimed almost in unison. "Krista's little sister was caught off guard and let go. "Don't stop, Don't stop..." Ricky almost yelled. Krista's sister started crying while Krista actually reach over and continued stroking Ricky's penis. He erupted with 4 or 5 streams of cum which landed on him and started mixing the colors on his skin. "Oh, its ruined!" Ricky's mom exclaimed. "I wanted a photo of the finished work." "That's OK, the girls can stay and repaint it. After all, they messed it up" Krista's mom replied. "What's going on here" a new mom interjected. "Carla, isn't that a boy from your class? A football player?" she asked. "Why, Ricky! baby!" Carla walked over to inspect the merchandise. "Looks like he messed himself" Carla said as she lifted his penis with 2 fingers. "He had some help" Krista said laughing. Ricky was again crying. "Wow, what a baby. I mean a real baby" Carla said. Ricky answered snottily "You get tied down naked and let a bunch of guys paint you naked and play with your privates in front of everyone, then leave you tied up for every asshole to see and we'll see if your a baby!" "Fat chance blue balls" Carla said as she sort of slapped his balls, causing him to cry out in pain. "Girls, that enough now!" Carla's mom scolded them. "I'm sorry Ricky Wicky" Carla said as she gently rubbed his balls. I didn't mean to hurt you. Here let put some ice on it. She went to the freezer and pulled out an ice pack. 'This will do' she thought. She put the ice pack on his balls. Ricky immediately started squirming "Oh that's cold, that's so cold! Get it off!" Krista walked over, took the ice pack from Carla, She cupped his balls, "Better little boy?" "Oh yes..." was Ricky's reply. There were still about 6 or 8 Girl scouts around. Ricky's mom told them to untie him and take him over to the hose. She instructed them to hose him down and get all the paint off of him. "Every little bit. And double check!" The girls untied him. Ricky started to bolt for the stairs. His mom warned that he would be here for every meeting if he didn't let them clean him. He let the little girls water him down and rub the paint. They started with his penis and balls, and finished with his penis and balls. He looked at his mom with a look that said can I go now? "You may go Ricky. And you girls may go too. Ricky has been embarrassed enough, I think he learned his lesson. And shows over anyway." Ricky rushed past them. They couldn't help but try to get another feel. "Girls!" Ricky's mom shouted. Krista's mom leaned over "Maybe we have a mascot for the troop!". The mom's giggled.

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