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Disciplining the Neighborhood Kids - Chapter 6
Fri Apr 6, 2018 11:18

Disciplining The Neighborhood Kids - 6
Robert and Johnny get caught

Robert and Johnny split up with Ricky and head towards the Thompson house. This was going to be difficult. The Thompson's live ¾ of a mile from the beach and a few blocks over. That's almost 13 blocks! Robert takes them down an alleyway. They have to stop at the sound of traffic a few times. Johnny is kind of enjoying the situation. He has been hard almost since they got out of the water at the beach. They get to the road they need to turn on to get to the Thompson's. 2 ½ blocks. They both are a little anxious, They are almost there. “OK buddy, we gotta make a run for it. There's a masonry wall on the next block. We can stop there and look for our next move” Robert tells Johnny. “Go!” They both start running at a full sprint. Totally different running naked. When your penis is unrestrained, it flaps around, slapping and swinging... Suddenly there's the sound of a car! Oh no! It's Carolyn and Sandy! Cheerleaders! In Carolyn's Jeep. The girls see the boys and slam on the brakes right in front of them. Robert and Johnny stop. Robert immediately covers himself. Johnny just stands there, hands on his hips. He's really getting confident after being exposed so much. “What in the Hell are you two doing?” Carolyn asked. “Robert spoke up “It's a long story. We just need to get to my house. We're almost there.” Carolyn seizes the moment “Hop in, we'll give you a ride there.” The boys look at each other and then jump in the back of the jeep. Carolyn Takes off. “Your going the wrong way!” Robert yelled. “Well, I was running an errand. It will just take a second.” Both boys crouch down in the back seat. It's almost impossible to completely hide. Carolyn is driving towards the mall area. They stop at a red light. There are cars all around them. Johnny looks to his left. There are a couple of younger girls in the back seat of the car next to them. They are both trying to get up and look down into the jeep. They are trying to see if the boys are as naked as they look. One girl rolls the window down. Just as she sticks her head out and up, The light turns green. Carolyn starts to go. Johnny doesn't cover up and lets the girl have a thrill. She shrieks and ducks back in the car.
Carolyn pulls into the grocery store. “Please park out here away from the other cars” Robert pleaded. “OK, OK.” Carolyn stops the car. “But you have to do something for me.” Johnny asks “What do you mean?” Carolyn grabs some beach towels from the bag in the very back. She throws one to each boy. “I don't want y'all running off before we get back. You let us tie your wrists to the roll bar and we won't take the towels back from you right now and make you get out of the car.” There were people all over the place. Going in and out of the grocery store, the theater, the record store, all over. “OK, but you have to promise to hurry so we can get out of here” Robert insists. “Oh, we promise” Carolyn said and then she and Sandy start tying the boys wrists. Once they have them tied, with the boys up on their knees to reach the bar, the girls take the towels off. “Hey, no fair!” Robert exclaims. “Oh, we think its fair. We're gonna give you a ride and nobody rides for free. You heard the song...” “Oh come on Carolyn. Don't do this” The girls are have been staring. Robert is now starting to get hard to match Johnny's condition. “Woo Hoo, somebody likes it” Sandy says in a happy voice. Carolyn reaches over and grabs Roberts penis. He jolts backwards. She has a firm grip. She gives it a few strokes. “We'll be back for these.” Sandy grabs Johnny's penis and gives it a few strokes as well. “Yeah, we'll be back!” she says. “Please don't leave us like this!” Robert pleads. Carolyn throw the towel so it lands on his penis and hangs down. “If you don't lose that hard on, you should be fine!” Sandy throws a towel at Johnny and it lands on his hard on as well. With that Carolyn and Sandy ran into the store. They go shopping for soda, chips, and other snacks. Robert is losing his hard on. The towel is sliding down. “Johnny, use your feet and catch my towel.” “Hey look!” they hear and look up to see a group of 4 girls coming their way. The girls start jogging to get to the jeep sooner. Robert's towel drops. “OH My God, their naked!” One of the girls exclaims in surprise. They get to the jeep. All 4 girls are right up next to the jeep, leaning in for a good look. One of the girls grabs Johnny's towel and pulls it off. “Oh, come on girls, please don't! Cover us up. Please!” Robert begs. The girls couldn't be more than 12, 13, maybe 14. “What the hell are y'all doing?” One of them asked. Why do girls keep asking us that, Johnny wondered. “Look, it's not our fault. Please untie us or cover us up.” Robert pleaded again. One of the girls reached out and lightly slapped Robert's penis and made it slap his abdomen. One of the other girls in surprise says “OMG, I can't believe you touched it!” “Please don't” Robert pleaded again. Another girl grabbed Johnny's cock. He didn't complain so she just held on. Johnny thrust his hips forward. “He wants you to jack him off!” one of them said. The girl starts stroking. Younger girl asked what she was doing. “Oh, you'll see!” and she started stroking faster. The 1st girl grabbed Robert's penis and started stroking it too. “Please” Robert pleaded. “He said please! Do him good!” Suddenly there get yelled at from behind “What's going on here” Carolyn kind of yells. The girls stop. Both of them still have the boys penis's in their hand. “Uh, we were just.. Um..” Carolyn starts laughing when she sees the little girl hold the big penis. “It's cool girls. Go ahead” and she laughs and gesture for them to continue. The two girls go back to stroking. Both boys give a moan. Just as they are about to cum, a car is driving by. A woman is looking out the window at them. She yells “What the hell!” Just then Johnny shoots his wad. “Keep going” Carolyn instructs the girl. Robert, seeing the woman and seeing Johnny shoot, starts to shoot. The girl handling him already knows what to do. She continues as he shoots stream after stream. Suddenly they hear a loud bang. Metal an Metal. The woman that was staring hit another car. “Oh shit!” Carolyn blurted out. She and Sandy jumped in the jeep. Carolyn hurried and started the car and took off. “Thanks!” yelled the 4 girls. They were clapping and acting all giddy as the jeep pulled away. Carolyn drove up the parking row towards the store. Moms and girls everywhere! Most of them staring with their mouths open and a surprised look on their faces. Both boys were completely exposed and tied up. “I'm gonna get you for this!” Robert yelled at Carolyn. Carolyn slammed on the brakes, drawing even more attention. “Sorry, just go. Go!” Robert said apologetically. “I thought so!” said Carolyn as she pressed the gas pedal and continued towards the front of the store before turning left. Both boys were hiding their faces behind their arms trying not to be recognized. Females everywhere staring, gawking, cheering. They drove past the theater. Luckily one of the movies hadn't just ended. As they approached the street Sandy turned around. She grabbed Johnny's dick. “What are we gonna do with these?” she asked Carolyn. “Well, I'm sure we can think of a few things!” She turned onto Main Street. “Woo hoo” she yelled as she drove down the road. They were passing cars, Vans, Trucks. People looking shocked everywhere. Then she suddenly cut onto a side road. “Why are you doing this?” Robert asked. “What do you mean, you were the one running down the road naked. You wanted a ride. You let us tie you up.” she turned toward Sandy “Boys can be so stupid!”
She pulled up into the athletic parking lot in the back of the school. Carolyn honked her horn a couple of times. The whole cheerleading squad came trotting around the corner. The girls in front stopped suddenly. Shocked to see two naked football players tied up in the jeep. The other girls ran into them and were about to complain when they saw why the others had stopped. “Holy shit!” one of them yelled. “We brought the snacks!” Sandy yelled. “Oh, were sending you for snacks more often!” The girls all gathered around the jeep. “Wow, look at that dick!” “Nice to see you again Robert. All of you” Said Kelley. Kelley was there the night of Robert and Johnny's nude punishment. Kelley in fact got stripped too, because she couldn't keep her mouth shut. Kelley reached out and grabbed Roberts cock. Robert jerk, a little startled at her eagerness. “You be careful what you do and say. This could come back on you” Robert warned. Kelley started slowly stroking. One of the other girls, Janice, grabs Johnny. Johnny grins widely at her. Johnny starts thrusting at her hand as if he is having sex. “He's a freaking pervert!” one of the girls says. “PLEASE UNTIE US!” Robert yelled. One of the girls jumped in the front seat to start untying. “Are you crazy? What are you doing? Kelley asked. “I was going to untie them.” Kelley continued, “So, you have two naked football players with huge hard cocks, tied up and at our mercy and you want to untie them?” “Well, Uh, it, I mean, I” she stumbled through her words. Meanwhile Kelley and Janice Were speeding up. They were furiously stroking the two cocks at the enjoyment of the other cheerleaders. Johnny again was first to reach the point of no return. “Look” said Janice. “His balls are shrinking.” In fact, his testicles were drawing up. Tell Tale sign! Janice stroked even faster. Suddenly Johnny ejaculated all over the back of the passenger seat again. The girls were making all sorts of noises and comments. Some of them had never seen a naked boy in person, let alone see one shoot his wad! Robert was now the focus of all the girls. Kelley was stroking really fast and Carolyn reached back to run Roberts balls. She let out a little squeal. She had been nervous since she picked up the naked boys, wondering how she would get to touch them. Now she had his balls in her hand. Robert just looked directly in Carolyn's eyes. Suddenly his balls drew up. Carolyn just kept rubbing. Robert fought to maintain eye contact. He began shooting streams of cum. If Carolyn hadn't been shielded by the seat, she would have been drenched in his cum. Carolyn got up on the seat and leaned back and kissed Robert. Robert kissed back. He had a huge crush on her. Now she had just kissed him and helped him ejaculate. So many thoughts competing in his head. This was embarrassing. This was awesome. He hated these girls. Her was in love with Carolyn. So confusing.
Everybody just stopped for a minute. All the girls continued to stare. Robert and Johnny caught their breath and relaxed a bit. “So, what are we going to do with our... snacks?” Kelley asked. “Well, I was hoping to play with them a little longer.” Carolyn replied. “I think we should let them loose” Sandy chimed in. “We've had them tied up naked for over an hour. We embarrassed them at eh mall. We made them ejaculate twice each, in front of a bunch of girls. I think we've gone far enough.” Some of the girls objected. They hadn't had a chance to handle the two boys' equipment. “OK, OK. Everybody get in line.” The girls all lined up. “You get 3 minutes with each boy. Do what you want to. Then we will decide what to do with them” Carolyn instructed. “Why do you get to make the rules?” one of the girls asked. “Because, its my jeep and I brought them to you. They're mine to do with as I please.” “You don't own them” the girl replied. “Fine, you don't have to take a turn.” “Well, I didn't mean to... I...” The girl shut up. Each girl took turns. First with Robert then with Johnny. Most grabbed their penis, rubbed their balls. Stroked a few times. A couple of girls slapped them on the ass. Kelley and Janice were last. When Kelley's turn came, She grabbed Roberts cock. She looked him in the eye, then wrapped her lips around the head of his cock. She swirled her tongue over the opening and then under the edge where the head meats the shaft. She released the head from her lips then licked from the base to the tip with a wide lick. Then she took one of his testicles in her mouth. Robert was moaning with pleasure. She gently sucked and ran her tongue over the skin of his nut. She did one more lick up the shaft and then in one quick motion, she engulfed his whole cock. She choked a little on it. It was more than she expected. He couldn't remember being this rock hard. Ever. She started bobbing her head up and down. Robert was pressing with his legs, almost lifting. The pleasure was too much, but he didn't want it to stop. He had just had an orgasm a little while ago, so he couldn't come. She went way past her 3 minutes, but no one said anything. They just all stopped and watched her perform an expert blow job. She slowly withdrew from his cock as she sucked in. Then she leaned up and laid a long french kiss on on Robert. His penis flexed as she kissed him. All eyes were watching the kiss and his cock. She finally released his tongue and moved back to the front seat. Janice tried to copy what she had just seen or learned as it was. She held Johnny's dick up and licked her way down and up his shaft. She licked at his ball. She also used her hand. She sucked a nut into her mouth. Johnny jumped. She had done it a little too hard. “Oh, Sorry!” she told him. He flexed his cock and it hit her chin. She giggled and slid her mouth onto his cock. She bobbed up and down and stroked at the same time. Occasionally she pulled back and while she had the head of his cock near her lips, she swirled, licked, and took a gentle bite. Then she went back to bobbing up and down. Johnny's balls started tightening up. She looked up at him while she had his whole cock in her mouth. That was it, he suddenly let go and came in her mouth. She wasn't prepared for all that fluid. She almost snorted or coughed. Cum spurted out of the corners of her mouth as her cough made her exhale. She paused for a ½ a second, then tried to swallow and continue. It was very erotic up to this point, but now it looked painful. She finally got control. As she withdrew, she gathered as much cum in her mouth as she could. She too leaned up and kissed Johnny. A deep french kiss. Only, she had a mouth full of cum. Johnny was shocked at first, then seemed a little grossed out. He fought through it. He kissed her back and allowed some of his seamen to run into his mouth. Salty, not as gross as he imagined. They both swallowed and then broke their kiss. Johnny stared into her eyes. She laughed and jumped in the other front seat. Kelley reached back and grasped Johnny's cock, squeezed it a little, then let it go. Janice gave her a troubled look, then reached over and did the same to Robert's penis. “Gotta go girls” Kelley said. She started the Jeep, threw it into gear, and drove off.
“Where are we going now?” Robert inquired. “We promised to take you home” Kelley replied. She pulled out onto the street, with two naked boys still tied to the roll bar. A few cars past, shocked looks on their faces. Was that their English Teacher, oh crap. Kelley drove straight to Roberts House. She pulled up the drive. Amy heard a car pull up. She leaned over and looked out her bedroom window which was above the garage. HE started laughing, seeing her brother and Johnny tied up naked in the Jeep and completely naked. She pointed her phone and 'click', 'Click' 'Click'. Kelley leaned up and untied the ropes holding Robert up. Janice started on Johnny. They both dropped down and grabbed the towels as cover. Even Johnny who was an exhibitionist and loved the attention had gotten his fill of being exposed. They both crawled out of the jeep and started for the door next to the garage. “My towels” Kelley blurted out. “We'll bring them back to you.” Robert told her. “Well, I hope you bring them back dressed like you are now. I like it!” Kelley replied. The two boys entered the house. They were headed for Robert's room. Amy waited for them to reach the top of the stairs and then she popped out of her room and 'click' 'click'. She took two more photos. Robert pushed her against the wall and went past her. Johnny followed. 'Click' 'Click'. The boys entered Robert's room and closed and locked the door. Shit! What a day Johnny thought. Robert grabbed some boxers and jeans. He grabbed a T-shirt and pulled it on. He threw a pair of boxers at Johnny and then an older pair of his jeans. Johnny pulled on the clothes and walked to the closet to grab a shirt. They heard the door knob turn but the door was locked. “Let me in” Amy yelled. “Go away” Robert replied. “We've taken enough bullshit off females for one day.” “well” said Amy, “I have a good story to tell mom. And I have pictures to prove it. Now let me in or else!”

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