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Middle School Physicals Chapter 7
Tue Jun 12, 2018 17:35

Middle School Physicals
By WhoDaMan

Chapter 7

Jenny had escorted Molly into the living room where Matthew was sitting completely embarrassed and with an erection from all the sexual tension. Molly was blushing almost as much as Matthew.

“Sit right here next to him!” Jenny instructed. Molly moved slowly and sat next to Matthew on the couch. Jenny sat down on the other side of Matthew. Both girls were staring at Matthews penis.

Molly was still in shock. She had never seen a penis in real life before. Her brothers were always so careful to not let her see them. They locked doors and mostly kept away from her. How she wished she could come home to naked boys like this at her house!

Matthew's mom came back into the room. “You OK Jenny? You look a little flush.”

“I, Oh, Um... I...” She trailed off.

“You've never been this close to a real live naked boy and his penis have you?” Matthew's mom asked.

Molly quickly shook her head no while maintaining a her eyes on Matthew's erection.

“You know Rebecca? Well, Matthew was nice enough to help Rebecca's Mom give Rebecca and her sister Sarah an anatomy lesson and the sex talk. Maybe we should do that here?” Suggested Matthew's Mom.

“MOM! No! It was horrible, not fair, and I didn't do it to be nice, I did it because you forced me to!” Matthew argued back.

“Well, I think it would be a good opportunity to have the sex talk with Jenny and I could call Molly's mom and make sure its OK with her too. What do you girls think? Shall we have a talk and demonstration?” Matthew's mom asked, almost not requiring a response.

“Absolutely!” Jenny snapped back. “You know, its important to know things to protect ourselves from boys.” Jenny was laying it on thick. “Some boys only talk to us because they want something. Please do this for us!”

“I agree” Molly said, blushing. “I can call my mom.”

“No, No honey, I'll call her. I probably need to explain a few things.” Matthew's mom went to the kitchen and grabbed the phone. She was on the phone for a good 10 minutes, She suddenly hung up the phone and almost hurried back to the room.

“We're all set! We'll have a lesson in about an hour!”

Matthew got up and started heading for his room even though he had been ordered to the living room earlier. His mom let him go. “We're gonna have dinner real quick honey, then you need to have a shower before the lesson.”

“This is so NOT FAIR!” Matthew yelled as he stomped up the stairs.

The girls started to follow him. “Let him go girls, we'll get to see a lot more of him shortly. There may even be a few surprises!” Matthew's mom told them.

The girls sat back down on the couch frowning as they watched Matthew disappear but then looked at each other and started laughing.

Matthew went to his room and laid on his bed on his stomach. He grabbed his pillow and was very upset at the whole situation. About 10 minutes later his mom yelled for him to come down for dinner.

“I'm not hungry.” Matthew replied.

“Well, you still need to eat. You're going to need your strength!” She said and then laughed. The girls laughed with her, although they were not really sure why.

Matthew came down for lunch. His eyes were red and you could tell he was crying at some point.

“Oh, honey, don't be so upset. This whole thing will be over before you know it, and who knows, you might even enjoy it!” his mom consoled.

“Well, if its no big deal and so much fun, why don't you guys get naked too...” Matthew objected.

“We've been through this. Girls need more modesty and it wouldn't be appropriate for them to be naked in front of all the boys and it definitely wouldn't be appropriate for a grown woman.” his mom answered back. “And besides, little boys shouldn't be so modest!”

Matthew stopped. He heard her say boys. “Mom, what...”

“Matthew, enough. Let's eat so you can get your shower.” She had stopped him realizing her slip of the tongue.

Matthew sat at the table. The girls sat on each side of him. They kept taking peeks over and under the table and touching his arm, his back, his legs...

“Girls, please! Eat your lunch.” Matthew's mom scolded them.

“Well, its not everyday you get to sit next to a naked boy. And who knows how long we're going to get to see his penis!” Jenny popped back.

“Well, just hurry up.”

And that's what Matthew did. He scarfed down his food and almost inhaled his drink. He got up, and was about to leave the room.

“Go jump in the shower and make sure your good and clean. Front AND back” his mom emphasized.


“You heard me young man! Now go.”

Matthew headed upstairs to take a shower. He was in the shower in his bathroom for almost twenty minutes when he heard a noise. It was his father removing the hinges to his bathroom as well.

“Dad!” Matthew complained “What the He...” he stopped himself short of cussing.

“Just until your punishment is over son” as he disappeared with the door.

Just then the girls piled in. One of them sat on the toilet and the other stood in front of her. Both of them staring. Matthew was complaining but he was also getting hard again. The girls were talking and pointing. He couldn't hear what they were saying. He was actually almost finished.

He soaped up his genitals. The girls were giggling loudly now. He started rubbing to clean but was starting to enjoy the sensation. He began stroking himself slowly. He turned to face the girls. The glass shower door was wet, but they could clearly see what he was doing. Both girls had their mouths open, eyes widened, staring in shock. Matthew started going faster. The girls could hear him start to moan. The just sat their in complete shock.

“Matthew! Stop that now!” his mother yelled. She pushed the sliding door open. “Rinse that thing off!”

Matthew turned towards the shower head and started rinsing his cock. His mother swatted his butt hard.

“There will be plenty of time for that later” she giggled and turned her head towards the girls with a grin and a wink. She grabbed some soap and started washing his crack. Matthew jumped in surprise.


“Just making sure it's clean. Don't want any surprises.” She continued giggling and glancing at the girls. She was getting a kick out of this too.

“Now rinse off and get out. We need to be getting the show on the road” She instructed.

Matthew finished and as he stepped out, his mother handed a towel to Molly. “Dry him off” she instructed. Molly looked at Matthew in shock. “Hurry up” Brenda said as she left the room.

Molly started with Matthew's back and worked her way down to his butt. She took her time drying the globes then down the back of each leg. “Turn” was all she could manage to mutter. She was red as a beat, her mouth was dry. She started at his feet and worked her way up. Shins, knees, thighs...

She paused then reached the towel under his testicles and stated to dry them and the wrapped the towel around his cock and dried back and forth a few times. Matthew closed his eyes and started slowly humping her hand and the towel. Molly looked up in shock then looked back down as the head of Matthew's penis was moving in and out of view in the towel.

She moved her thumb to touch it, then quickly stood and started moving the towel up his chest. As she started to try to figure out how to dry his face, he took the towel from her and dried his hair and face. The girls just stared at his throbbing erection which wiggled around as he was rubbing the towel on his head to dry off. Matthew's mom had waited outside the bathroom watching and now grabbed the girls by the arm and dragged them out of the bathroom.

“Downstairs, now...” she said as she gave them a gentle shove in that direction. “I want to see you downstairs in 2 minutes young man.”

Matthew finished drying off, combed his hair, wrapped the towel around his waist. He headed downstairs. He was shocked at what he saw.

While he was in the shower, Molly's mom had arrived. Angela had brought her 2 sons with her. Arnold was 16 and was in high school. Greg was 13 and in the same class as Matthew.

Matthew's mom had let them in while he and the 2 girls were in the bathroom. Apparently Molly's mom had told them they were coming over to do a sex education talk. When they arrived, she ordered them to strip. She was holding a belt while she gave the instruction. They had argued and both received 6 whacks of the belt. They proceeded to strip and their clothes were taken to the guest room. They were ordered to stand next to the couch with their hands clasped behind their back and their feet shoulder width apart.

As they waited. Matthew's mom had gone upstairs to check on Matthew when she caught him masturbating in front of the girls in the shower. Once she pushed the girls out, they headed downstairs. The girls were complaining until the bare legs of the boys came into view, then their penises, followed by the full naked show.

Both girls were giddy. Molly let out a surprise yelp. It was the first time she had seen her brothers naked. Both of them sporting boners.

They rushed over. Both boys were blushing profusely. Arnold's penis was bobbing up and down as it throbbed. He was obviously humiliated and aroused at the same time. Greg was not doing much better.

“Go ahead, honey, have a good look” Molly's mom said.

Molly walked over to her older brother and reached out to grab his penis. He moved his hands to block her. Molly's mom slapped his hands away.

“You just stop that. Do as I said or there will be more of the strap!” she warned her son.

Molly grabbed his penis and squeezed. She tried to turn it over and look at it, moving it back and forth. She reach out and grabbed his testicles. Arnold jumped, mostly from surprise.

“Careful honey, if you hurt him, you will get to strip next!” Molly's mom warned.

Molly dropped the penis and testicles and stepped back. She couldn't imagine being ordered to strip! Especially not in front of her brothers!

“It's OK, just be gentle and careful” she coaxed as she grabbed her daughter's arm and pushed her back towards Arnold's genitals.

She reached over and grabbed Jenny's arm. “Come on honey. He won't bite!” And with that, she pushed Jenny towards Greg. Jenny gabbed Greg's penis, blushing and in shock. She was actually handling a boys penis! She looked Greg right in the eyes. He started to tear up.

Matthew had just come down the stairs to this site. He knew things were going to get much worse.

“What are you doing wearing that towel?” his mother scolded. She reached over and ripped off of him. Matthew instinctively went to cover up. “You know the rules Matthew!” She warned.

Matthew dropped his hands. Everyone was staring at him at this point. Two moms, two naked boys, and even the two girls who each had a penis in their hands.

To be continued......

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