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Middle School Physicals Chapter 8
Tue Jun 12, 2018 17:36

Middle School Physicals
By WhoDaMan

Chapter 8

So there they were, 2 moms, 2 girls, and 3 naked boys. The only 2 not in shock were the moms. To be honest, they were enjoying the sight of 3 naked boys and 3 hard cocks almost as much as the girls, but to be honest, they wanted some hands on time too. Oh well...

Matthew's mom spoke up first.

“So, it's been an interesting day so far for Matthew. He had an embarrassing physical today at school. He went to Rebecca's house for a little 'you show me yours and I'll show you mine' which ended up with him being used to show the birds and the bees explanation to Rebecca and her sister by their mom. Matthew decided to act up and be defiant, so he will be naked for the duration of his punishment which it is still to be determined when that is over.” Matthew's mom explained.

Molly's mom spoke up “Greg had an embarrassing and more interesting physical today. When Brenda called me and told me she was going to have a sex talk and wanted to include Molly, I thought it would be a good idea to include everyone! These boys have been a little of a problem lately and I thought it might bring them down a notch or two. So where do we begin?”

Matthew's mom replied back “What was interesting about Greg's physical?”

“Well, Greg, you want to answer that or should I?”

“Uh, well, Umm...” Greg stammered.

“So, I dropped Greg at the Multipurpose Building. I went on to the Gym. I passed Principal Rosen on my way. I found out later that apparently he heard the boys were being subjected to humiliation by the Doctor and the girls. He marched right in there. Greg said that the boys were being made to strip and sit naked waiting for their physical. The curtains had been opened between the boy's and girl's sides of the room. The girls were still fully dressed and getting the joy of seeing 16 naked boys.”

“That was because of Matthew's group. They claimed it was unfair that they were naked and some of the girls were peeking into their side of the room. The doctor asked if they thought it would be more fair to just open the curtains so everyone could see each other. Of course the pervert boys said yes. To their surprise, the girls were all still fully dressed! And later the girls got to assist with the boy's physicals including measuring and handling the penises and testicles.”

The 2 girls giggles. They had not heard that.

“Well” Molly's mom continued “Principal Rosen was upset at the situation. He said if the boys had to be ready for their exam ahead of time by removing clothes, so did the girls. The Doctor started to object but Principal Rosen asked if she was treating the boys as less important than the girls? The Doctor said certainly not, so they ordered all the girls to remove their shirts and bras and put them in the cubicle with their shoes. The girls were warned that covering up would meet with the same punishment as the boys, but 3 girls had to be spanked anyway, as they just couldn't find the courage to uncover. Next thing you know, there's 16 boys and 16 girls staring at each other exposed. Of course the boys were completely naked, but we know it has to be harder on girls to expose themselves at that age. After all, girls need more modesty. Anyway, it made for an interesting time for all of them. Of course, by this time the doctor had plenty of help, so none of the kids were helping on the physicals but they all got a bit of an education. At least a start anyway.”

Matthew's mom went next “So we are going to have a talk about the human anatomy. Girls, these chairs are for you.” She pointed to 3 chairs sitting by where the coffee table had been.

The girls took a seat. Boys, stand right here. I want you to stand with your feet shoulder width apart and hands clasped behind your back. You will not say anything unless asked a question. Understood?”

The boys didn't answer. All 3 dropped their heads and moved in front of the girls and did as they were told.

“We will call this the 'attention' position. Anytime you hear us say 'attention' you will immediately get into this position or get a spanking.” Brenda continued.

Brenda started with the differences in the penises in front of them. “So girls, we can't start with the flaccid penis since these boys appear to get excited when they have to show their penises to females.” Once again the girl giggles while staring at 3 erections.

“Now as you can also see, the boys are at different stages of development. See the differences in pubic hair, or the lack there of” she said with a sarcastic tone. The girls laughed, the boys blushed some more and fidgeted showing their discomfort with the whole situation.

Just then they noticed Matthew's dad hang up the phone and come out of the kitchen. He took a seat away from the group but was watching and listening.

“Over here girls” Brenda said, annoyed at the distraction. “So, as you can see, Matthew is sporting a nice 4 or 5 inch circumcised erection. Circumcised mean that when he was a little boy, the doctors cut off the extra skin around the end of his penis. This makes it easier for us females to clean while they are growing up. Looks nicer that way too.”

“Now, Greg is circumcised too, but as you see, Arnold has a little hood over his erection. The skin moves back.” With that, she reached out and grabbed Arnold's cock and pulled his foreskin back to show the girls his glans. Arnold jumped slightly, not expecting to be handled.

“You might also notice that penises come in different sizes. While Arnold is older, he isn't much longer than Matthew, and Greg has quite a bit of catching up to do!” She laughed and swatted Greg's penis from the side making it bounce back and forth. Greg jumped backwards slightly. The girls laughed as well. Greg blushed even more red.

Brenda went back to Arnold's 16 year old cock. She reached out and grabbed it firmly. It seemed bigger than when he was just standing there.

“OK, so girls, here we have the shaft, which is the thing the boys want to be handled and stroked the most. Here we have the glans” she said as she pushed forcing the skin back exposing the tender flesh.

“Here are the testicles” She said as she put her other hand under and gently grabbed both testicles together. “The testicles are both in a sack called the scrotum. You will notice at different times the scrotum is tight and the testicles or 'balls' as they like to call them are snuggled up here.”

The girls laughed at her use of the word 'balls'.

“... and other times, especially when its hot, after sports, or even after a hot shower they hang looser and sort of dangle there.”

With that, she reached over and sort of smacked Matthew 'balls' which were hanging lower as a result of his recent shower. Matthew jumped expecting some pain but luckily she hadn't swung hard.

“Now, once a penis is had like these, all the boys can think of is getting to release, shoot their wad, ejaculate, or cum as you might have heard it called.” As she said that she was gently stroking Arnold's penis back and forth. Arnold was in a trance. The girls looked on in awe. The boys were shocked, especially Matthew as he watched his mom giving a teen boy a handjob.

“Now, when you girls are older, MUCH older, boys will want to get you naked and put their penis into your vagina.” The girls giggled, the boys perked up.

“If you are mature enough, you will make them wait until they marry you. If not, you have to be careful because once you start having your period, you can get pregnant.”

“When the time is right, you will probably end up on the pill. The pill doesn't stop sexually transmitted diseases, so you should still wear a condom. If you are not on the pill, you definitely have to wear a condom. Having a baby makes you have to be the mommy and it can sideline college dreams, a career, fun with your friends, a whole slew of things.”

At his point she could see Arnold was getting close. She released his penis. “Girls, here are some condoms. We are going to practice putting them on.” With that, she took one of the condoms and reach up and put the corner in her mouth.

As she bit down on it, Matthew spoke up “Uh, I don't..” Brenda reached over and swatted Matthew on the butt pretty hard. “I said no speaking unless you are asked a question!”

Matthew jumped. “But..” She swatted him again. Matthew's Dad spoke up “What is it Matthew?”

The room had forgotten he was there.

“Rebecca's mom said you should never bite the condom in case you accidentally tear it and then it is useless.”

Brenda responded “Well, very good Matthew” and she moved the condom back down and tore it open with both hands.

She reached over and grabbed Arnold's aching erection. She placed the condom on the tip of his glans and started unrolling it down from the tip to the base. When she was done she help the condom covered penis as if to show it off to the girls.

She handed the girls each a condom “your turn” she instructed. Molly tore open her condom quickly. She reached out and grabbed Matthew's penis.

“You may want to stroke it a little to make sure it is as hard as it can be before putting the condom on” Brenda added.

Molly started stroking Matthew's penis. At first she just stared at it with her mouth open in awe. She eventually looked up at Matthew's face. He looked scared, embarrassed, and like he couldn't catch his breath. She looked back down as she continued to stroke.

Meanwhile Jenny had opened her condom ad was jerking off Greg, who was in the same state of shock as Matthew. Both boys had never been so hard in their life.

“OK, girls, that's probably enough, lets try putting the condoms on.” Brenda instructed.

Both girls held on to their penises and placed the condom on the tip. They started rolling down, moved their other hand. Molly placed hers under Matthew's testicles and grabbed a hold gently. Jenny saw this and did the same. They finished rolling the condoms on and then grabbed the condom covered penises and held them to show off their work.

“Good job girls!” Brenda complimented. “So there you have three penises ready for some action! How 'bout we ride them ponies!” Brenda joked. The girls had a look of shock on their faces. What next?! Having sex?

“Calm down girls, I'm just kidding. So next we need to talk about ejaculation. Once you stroke a boy enough, or have intercourse for a while, or even if you are performing a blow job, the boy will eventually ejaculate or 'shoot' his seamen. We call it cumming.”

Molly spoke up “They do while they get a blow job? Won't that get in your mouth?” Molly had a look of disgust on her face.

“It's not so bad. I know it sounds weird to you now, but you may find you enjoy it. I would bet you can't imagine a boy wanting to lick your pussy and stick his tongue in there, but they learn to enjoy that, so this isn't so bad.”

When Brenda said the word 'pussy' the boys penises all throbbed. The girls and Brenda were still holding their condom covered penises so they noticed. Everyone giggled.

“So I think it's time to see an ejaculation. Should we help the boys out or make them show us on their own?” Brenda asked the girls.

To be continued......

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