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Middle School Physicals Chapter 9
Tue Jun 12, 2018 17:36

Middle School Physicals
By WhoDaMan

Chapter 9

Both girls stared in shock again. They couldn't believe when they got to see Matthew naked. They couldn't believe getting to watch him shower. Molly couldn't believe getting to dry him off. They were in disbelief when they came downstairs and Molly's brothers were there in the living room naked. They couldn't believe they got to handle their penises and put condoms on them. Now they were being given a choice of giving the boys a handjob or watch them masturbate themselves.

Both girls knew they wanted to do both. They looked at each other and almost at the same time shouted “Masturbate!”

Matthew's dad didn't want to sit through that, so he got up and went to get a beer. He also got back on the phone.

“OK, take these condoms off so we can get the show started!” Brenda told the girls. They hurriedly ripped the condoms off. Matthew and Greg yelp in pain.

“Don't hurt them girls, or you know what I said!” Brenda warned. Jenny patted Greg's penis, looked him in the eye and said sorry. Molly leaned down and kissed Matthew's penis on the head, looked up into his eyes and said sorry as well. Matthew inhaled a deep gasp of breath. Jenny, Brenda and Molly's mom looked shocked when Molly kissed Matthew's penis.

After a short pause, Brenda started “OK, boys, you heard 'em. Lets start stroking those cocks and show us how you do it!”

The boys were embarrassed. Matthew had been through this already and knew better than to argue. He grabbed his cock and started stroking right away. He sort of pushed his hips out a little putting his cock in Molly's face, started her in the eye and started stroking fast. Molly reached up and started rubbing his testicles.

Greg watched Matthew start, and with tears running down his face he started stroking his cock as well. He was humiliated but still hard as a rock.

Arnold just stood there, almost defiant. “Arnold, get going or you'll get the belt” his mom told him.

“This isn't fair. It's not right. You can't humiliate us like this. It's got to be illegal!” he replied.

His mom grabbed the belt and started swinging. She caught him firm on the butt. “I will stop when you start!” she warned. She swung again, hitting her target. Arnold grabbed his cock and started slowly stroking.

“Now she's beating their asses with a belt if they don't want to masturbate!” Matthew's dad said into the phone. “I'll be there in a minute Phillip” was the reply on the other end.

Matthew was already so aroused and when he went for it, it only took about 2 minutes. Matthew wasn't sure if he should just cum on Molly, or warn her. “Cumming!” he announced. Just as Matthew erupted, Brenda reached over and put her hand in front of his penis. She was a ½ a second late and a small shot of Matthew's cum hit Molly on the cheek. She jumped. Brenda blocked the rest of it. Matthew kept stroking. Spurt after spurt. When he finished, Brenda took her cum covered dripping hand and wiped it on Matthew's leg.

She looked at the other 2 boys who looked like they were getting close. “You boys turn so you don't get cum on anyone! And you better let us know it's coming!”

“Just as she said that Greg announced “Cumming!” as he turned towards his brother and came all over Arnold's leg. He continued to stroke as each spurt came forth. Arnold would have jumped except just as Greg started coming he too yelled “Cumming!” He turned but was facing his mother now as he exploded and shot his cum on her dress. She sat there as if un-phased and let him cum on her lap and her leg. She just looked at his penis an watched until he was done and then looked up at his face. He was staring at her with a look of horror on his face.

“Well, that was interesting!” Brenda added. She tossed Matthew's towel at him and told him to clean all the cum up. “Even theirs?” he objected.

“Yes, even theirs!” she replied.

Matthew wiped his leg then cleaned up the floor where his cum had dripped off his mom's hand. Next he wiped off Arnold's leg where Greg had cum. Arnold reached over and punched Greg in the arm. “Douche bag!” Arnold yelled at him.

Next, Matthew looked at Angela. He started to reach to wipe the cum off her leg. She took the towel from him, turned it inside out, and started wiping the cum off her lap. Some was dangling from her breast. Everyone watched as she wiped it off. Then she wiped her leg. “Thanks Arny!” she mocked.

“Mom, you know I hate that name!” Arnold objected.

“Arny came on his mommy!” Molly teased.

“Enough of that!” Matthew's dad interjected. “It's bad enough that you humiliate the boys by making them get naked in front of the girls, you let them touch the boys inappropriately without their permission, you make them masturbate in front of all of you, and now your going to resort to name calling and teasing?”

“Well, honey, it's the boys fault...” Brenda tried to justify their actions.

“I don't want to hear it!” Just the the door bell rang. Phillip answered the door. The boys were in a panic not knowing who would be at the door. Who would humiliate them further.

As the person entered the house... “Ralph? What are you doing here?” His wife Angela asked.

“Well, you know how you are talking about how privileged all these people are and how everything should just be equal and fair? Well, let's work on that!” Ralph replied.

“What do you mean honey?” Angela asked. “Yeah, what do you mean Ralph” Brenda asked.

Well, for starters, girls, stand up.” The girls did as Ralph instructed. “OK, now, boys have a seat.” The girls got nervous. Everyone could see where this was going.

“Where are the boys cloths?” Ralph asked.

“In the guest bedroom” Brenda replied.

“Oh well, never mind. Everyone's seen then now. Girls, Strip!” Ralph ordered.

“Mom!” Molly cried as she looked at her mom.

“Ralph, you can't do this. Their girls for God's sake!” Angela pleaded.

“Yep, and you and Molly are constantly bitching about wanting to do all the things boys get to do and how things need to be equal. I said strip!” and Ralph reached for the belt. Both girls were crying now.

Jenny reached for the buttons on her blouse. Molly just stood there. Ralph swung the belt and caught Molly across the butt. She screamed out and jumped. Angela tried to stop her husband.

“You can't spank her!” Angela argued.

“You ordered Arnold to strip and you hit him harder than that when he refused. Why is she so much better than him?” Phillip interjected.

Brenda just stood there with her hand over her mouth. She took in a breath. She could still smell the cum she had wiped off.

Molly started crying harder as she reach down and grabbed her T-shirt and started pulling up and over her head. She grasped the t-shirt to her chest to cover her bra. Ralph moved his arm back to take another swing. Molly threw the t-shirt on the couch and put one hand behind her to block the belt.

Ralph didn't swing. He waited for her to continue. Jenny had her blouse off and reached back and unhooked her bra. As she pulled the straps off, 2 small pillows fell out of her bra.

“Of course!” Ralph said looking at Phillip. “Girls!” was Phillip's reply.

Greg reached down and piked up the bra stuffers. He held one up to his nose and smelled it. Arnold grabbed one from him, looked around and did the same. Both boys had just emptied there balls, but were getting aroused again.

Jenny looked at her dad defiantly as she took her bra off and covered her breasts in one motion.

“I believe the rules were no covering up or a spanking is in order!” Phillip reminded her. Ralph cocked the belt as if to swing.

Jenny mover her arm and let her nubbs come into view. They were nothing impressive, but the boys gawked anyway. They were getting to see something they would never imagined getting to see.

Molly was still struggling with getting the courage to take off her bra. Ralph swung the belt at about half power and connected with her butt. She unsnapped the bra and threw it on the couch. Both girls had tears running down their face.

“You've got them crying!” Angela yelled angrily.

“You didn't care when Greg was crying earlier!” Phillip added.

“Hurry up girls” Ralph ordered as he cocked the belt back again, ready to swing. Jenny undid her jeans and then kicked off her shoes. She hesitated briefly and saw Ralph flinch. She pushed down revealing her baby blue panties. She reached down and pulled the pants legs off her legs.

She threw the pants on the couch next to Matthew who grinned up at her. She had revelled in his exposure earlier so he was going to let her know he enjoyed every minute of this.

Molly spun her skirt around and unsnapped it. She started balling as she put her fingers in the waist band and pushed down. Greg squealed. Molly threw threw skirt at him.

“You girls were giggling and squealing at getting to see the boys naked, its only fair that they get to do the same” Phillip reminded them.

Ralph swung the belt almost playfully at Jenny who grabbed the waist band of her panties and with a little resolve, pushed them down and off her feet. She stood up straight and put one hand over her mound and threw the panties at Arnold who caught them.

Ralph popped her on the ass and she moved her hands to her sides. The boys all just stared at disbelief at getting to see Jenny's pussy. Nice clean pubic hair in a little strip about an inch wide right at the top of a beautiful little slit. All 3 boys were hard again. Matthew reached for his hard on but Phillip slapped his hand.

“Not now son. 'There'll be plenty of time for that later'” he said with a wink.

At the same time, Ralph smacked Molly on the butt with the belt to encourage her to continue. She put her hands in her waist band and while balling loudly, pushed her thong down to her feet and off. Matthew gasped.

Molly did as Jenny had and threw the panties at Matthew. They hit him in the face. He caught them in his teeth as they slid down his face. He grabbed them and lifted them to his nose. He took a deep wiff to Molly's horror.

She stood covering her pussy and her breasts. Ralph swung the belt a little harder now and you could hear a loud smack. Angela was furious. Molly moved her hands, still crying loudly. By this time Jenny was only sobbing.

To be continued......

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