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Middle School Physicals Chapter 10
Tue Jun 12, 2018 17:36

Middle School Physicals
By WhoDaMan

Chapter 10

“This is not right!” Angela objected.

“Your lucky you ladies aren't joining them!” Ralph replied “You took great pleasure in humiliating the boys and handling their privates. Why, fair would be having you 2 get naked as well!” They could tell Ralph was angry about the way the boys were treated.

What a scene. 3 naked boys sitting in chairs, 2 naked girls standing in front of them. 2 moms upset about how their girls were being treated, and 2 dads upset about how their boys were treated.

“OK, Brenda, you can continue with the sex education lesson. And you better do a good job” Ralph warned. He looked at Phillip who gave him a nod that what Ralph had said was OK.

Brenda looked at her husband with a scowl. She stepped up to Jenny.

“So” she said with a broken voice “As you can see the girls have started puberty. Their breasts are starting to bud in. They will get a lot larger very soon. Girls start puberty a little earlier than boys. Also, you can see their pubic...”

“Talk more about the breasts” Phillip instructed.

Brenda looked at her husband defiantly and continued. “The breast are sensitive. If you rub them or blow on them, they get hard, just like a penis.”

“Hands on Demonstration” Phillip encourage while making a hand motion to continue.

“It can be pleasurable for a girl if you rub her nipples gently. You can massage the whole breast. You can also lick the nipple or suck on it.” Brenda had started rubbing her daughter's nipple then stopped.

“Arnold, why don't you try it while Brenda tells you what to do” Phillip suggested.

Jenny looked horrified. Brenda looked shocked.

Arnold leaned forward and sucked Jenny's nipple into his mouth. She gasped. Oh, it felt so good. He reached up with his other hand and started massaging her other breast. He sucked more of her tit into his mouth. With his other hand her rubbed her nipple between 2 of his fingers. Jenny let out a moan. She could tell she was getting wet.

Arnold showed that he had done this before. After a minute or so, Brenda stopped him.

“OK, enough! You've done this before, I see. Jenny let out another sound but it was not a moan of pleasure, it was a sound to indicate she was upset that he stopped. She reached up and tweaked her own nipples then looked around as if she just realized everyone was watching.

“So down here we have the pubic hair. You can see that Jenny does a little maintenance. She has shaved her pubes into a nice landing strip. This can help keep an unruly bush from showing in a swimsuit. Down here” Brenda continued as she reached down and touched Jenny just above her slit “Is Jenny's vulva or 'pussy' as you boys like to call it.”

All 3 boys let out a small groan as their boners bounced in response to the description.

“Arnold, let them have your chair” Ralph instructed.

Arnold stood with his boner pointing straight out. The mood in the room had changed and the girls let out a little giggle at seeing his boner bounce up and down.

“Here Jenny, sit” her mother instructed. Suddenly Jenny understood why they needed Arnold's chair.

“Please don't show everyone inside my, my...” Jenny pleaded.

“You what honey? Go ahead, say it.” Phillip encouraged.

“My pussy” Jenny said and almost cracked up. While she was still horrified, the tension and suddenly saying 'pussy' had made her relax and laugh. She sat down and went ahead and spread her legs.

“So here is the vulva which is the correct name for a woman's genitals. Not vagina and not pussy. These folds of skin are the labia. If you open them, here is the urethra and her is the entrance to the vagina.” She pointed out the parts as she explained.

“This spot here is the clitoris.” She lifted the little hood of skin to reveal the bump which was hard and sticking up.

“Is it always sticking up like that, or does she have a boner?” Arnold asked, knowing she was excited so it was hard.

“Well, when girls get excited, just like boys, parts of their bodies get erect. Its just harder to tell on a girl. Her nipples, the tip of her nose, and her clitoris. Sometimes you even see goose bumps” She demonstrated as she ran her finger along Jenny's labia and Jenny got goose bumps and moaned slightly.

“So yes, she has a boner. Just like a boy likes to have his penis played with, a girl likes to have her clitoris and nipples played with. If you can find it,” she glanced at her husband, “inside the vagina is a spot we call the g-spot. You can reach a finger up inside towards the front. If you hit it, you will know.”

“Show us” Phillip encouraged.

Brenda looked at him with surprise, then started rubbing along the slit, then pushed a finger inside. She knew what she was looking for and found it quickly. As she rubbed, Jenny lifted her butt off the chair and was humping her mother's hand and moaning.

Brenda pulled her finger out, flustered from having rubbed her daughter's g-spot. Jenny relaxed and sat back into the chair. “Wow” was all she could say.

So, once a boy has a condom on and the girl is good and lubricated, he would insert his penis here.” She pointed to the vaginal opening. “...and they would proceed to have sex.”

“Show us” Ralph added, laughing.

Arnold grabbed a condom to put it on. “Oh, hell no!” Shouted Jenny.

“No, No, that's OK darling, you don't have to have sex with anyone you don't want to. Now, I think its time for the boys to have some hands on time to get familiar with the equipment, just like the girls got some hands on with the boys' equipment” Phillip said.

“But daddy” Jenny said in her little girl voice, “isn't that having sex?”

“Sorry honey, those games aren't going to work today.”

“Hmph!” Jenny said with a pout.

Arnold leaned forward and started feeling her pubic hair, then her labia. He started rubbing up and down and then moved to her clitoris. Matthew was rubbing on Molly, then he got up and offered her his chair. She sat down. He mimicked Arnold who appeared to know his way around a girls body.

Greg was rubbing both girls' breast. He took turns sucking on one, then the other. Matthew was the first to insert his finger and look for the g-spot. Molly was really riding his hand at this point, forcing her clitoris to hit the back of his had and make any contact she could.

Matthew found the g-spot. He could tell by her reaction. Molly was lifting off the chair like Jenny had. Suddenly she reached up and started rubbing her clitoris. It was only about 10 to 15 seconds and she yelled out “Cumming!” and she started bucking and pushing at Matthew.

The boys watched in awe. She looked like her orgasm was better than theirs! She rode Matthew's hand until she started jerking back as everything got too sensitive. She pushed Matthew's hand back and slumped into the chair.

Jenny was watching all this and during Molly's orgasm, Arnold had entered her with his finger. He wasn't on her g-spot, but she was super aroused and started rubbing her clitoris too. In no time at all, she bucked and kicked. Suddenly fluid shot out from her pussy all over Arnold's hand and wrist. He jerked back in reaction.

“No! Don't stop!” Jenny cried. She kept rubbing. Arnold put his finger back in but was a little grossed out now. Jenny pushed hard into his hand. She slowly slumped into the chair.

“Wow” was all she could say. “Yeah, wow!” Matthew repeated. Suddenly the group noticed Matthew was stroking his cock.

“Matthew!” his mother admonished.

To be continued......

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