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Middel School Physicals Chapter 1
Fri Apr 6, 2018 10:44

Chapter 1

Matthew was having a great summer. He had finally left Elementary School and was moving on to Junior High. The school district has 5 Elementary Schools that feed into the Middle School which meant that about 400 students were entering the same grade as Matthew. The school had sent home some paperwork at the end of the last school year but nobody paid attention to it. Few people noticed the regulations for starting school in the fall. The Elementary School had to forward your transcripts, you needed to bring/send in your shot records, oh, and everyone had to have a physical. You could go to your own physician and take the form with you. Then your own doctor could examine you and fill out the form.

Since it was pretty much the same every year, and very few people went and got their own doctor to perform their physical, the school made preparations to handle the large number of students still needing physicals. They setup a clinic in the multipurpose building. To accommodate boys and girls, they setup some curtains down the center of the building and a curtain on each side as an entrance and one separating the “exam area” from the “waiting area”. They setup some desks up front outside the office which was in the corner near the door. They setup some cubicles just inside the curtain for students to put their belongings during their exam, and a bin full of towels on the boys side of the room. In the exam area is a scale and an exam table. There are also 2 chairs for students to use as they work thru their exams, mostly to speed things up. In case they need to assist on either side, the end of the row of curtains down the middle is open between the 2 exam areas.

| |__| O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O | O |---| |
| Office |__| | O | | |
| |__| | |---| |
|--- -----| | __ |
| | |__| |
| |_____.______.______._______.______.______._____. |
| | __ |
| | |__| |
| __ |__ | |
| O| | |__| | |---| |
| O|__| |__| | O | | |
| |__| O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O | O |---| |
|--- -----|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|

Mrs Taylor was at the school to do her intake interview. Vice Principal Mr Dobbs was available so he agreed to meet with her to help the school counselors. Other families are in the waiting room anxious to get their intake done. During the intake interview, the Vice Principal goes over the requirements sent to the parents. Immunizations - check, transcripts from their elementary - check, any health issues and medication – none - OK, and oh yes, scheduling a physical for her son Matthew. The Vice Principal stresses that this must be completed before school starts.

“I don't see a physical form in his file. Do you have your own doctor? Or did you want to have it done at the school? We actually have some openings in the session under way now. He can get his physical while you take the 10 am campus tour. You should both be done by 11:15.”

Mrs Taylor thought that was an awesome idea.

“OK, if you and Matthew will head towards the gymnasium, you can drop him at the multipurpose building right before the gym. There is a sign directing people to there for their physicals. Then you can head into the gym and the group for the next tour will be assembling there.”

Mr Dobbs stood and opened the door and thanked Mrs Taylor for stopping in. She and Matthew headed out past the mostly moms there with their students, boys and girls.

Mrs Taylor and Matthew stepped out of Mr Dobbs' office and headed for the exit. As they walked down the sidewalk, Mrs Taylor explained to Matthew that he was going to go ahead and get his physical now while she does a campus tour.

“But mom, I wanted to go to our doctor! I heard rumors that these physicals are embarrassing, especially for us boys. They treat you like dirt and ...”

Mrs Taylor interrupted him,”You are getting your physical and that's the end of this discussion. Look, here we are.”

She pointed to the sign on the door to the multipurpose room that said 'Student Physicals'. They entered. Mrs Taylor gave the young girl her son's name. She looked it up on the computer.

“Here it is ma'am, Matthew Taylor - 6th grade. If you will sign this release form we will be all set.”

Mrs Taylor was impressed with the girl. As she signed the form she said “You handle this very well. Are you a student here?”

“Why yes ma'am. I'm Tabatha Markum. I'm in 8th grade. My mom is the doctor doing the physicals.”

“Well, tell her I said you are doing a great job.”

Matthew spoke up again “Mom! Do I have to stay. I can go see Dr Parsons. I don't want a woman doing my physical.”

“Oh, stop your whining already! I told you I didn't want to hear it. Another word and I will spank you right here!”

Matthew blushed with embarrassment at his mom revealing in front of a girl that he still got spankings.

“Thank you Mrs Taylor. Matthew, if you will go thru the curtain on the left, there is an aide inside that will give you instructions.”

Matthew looked pleading at his mom, but he knew better than to say another word. She gestured for him to go, so Matthew turned and pushed the curtain open and entered the boys area. He was immediately shocked. Inside was another 8th grade girl at a desk and a line of 12 boys seated waiting for their physicals, naked! They were all covering their privates and sitting in various positions that made them look uncomfortable.

“If you will remove your clothes and put them in a cubicle. When you are done, come get a towel to sit on and have a seat to wait your turn.”

Matthew stood there in shock. Was he really supposed to strip naked in front of a girl! And then sit around naked in a group of other boys he didn't know? No way!

“Excuse me, but you need to hurry up, other people will be coming in soon” the girl told him.

“But I can't... I uh...”

Just then the doctor stepped out of the exam area. “Is there a problem here?”

“No ma'am, he just arrived and was about to get ready like the others.” the girl told Dr Carol.

The Doctor gave Matthew a look that said he better get started or it won't go well.

“Hurry before I have to get out the paddle!” said Dr Carol.

She walked back into the exam area. From where he was standing, Matthew thought he saw a girl's hair and arm just past the curtain in the exam area. He stepped away from the girl at the desk, turned his back to her, and started undressing and putting his clothes in a cubicle. He hesitated when he got to his underwear.

“It goes easier if you just get it over with. Besides, it's not anything I haven't already seen.”

It almost sounded like she was bragging about what she had seen. Matthew pulled his underwear down and off quickly, put them in the cubicle and immediately covered himself. He turned, grabbed a towel and tried to wrap it around himself. As he headed for a seat, Tammy interrupted his thoughts.

“The towel is to sit on, you'll have to take it off. Have a seat in the empty chair next to the last boy.”

Matthew probably knew that but couldn't help trying to cover up. He placed the towel on the seat and tried to pull it over his lap. It wasn't long enough, being only 2 feet long. As he was trying to place the towel, he had left his privates exposed. He noticed Tammy was looking at him. At his privates to be more specific, and she had a grin on her face.

To be continued......

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