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Middle School Physicals Chapter 2
Fri Apr 6, 2018 10:44

Chapter 2

From his new seat, he could actually see a girl in the girl's exam area and she was fully dressed! That's not fair! Just then, a naked boy hurried out of the exam area. He didn't even try to cover up, he just hurried over, dropped a paper on the table in front of Tammy and dropped the towel in the laundry bin and hurried to the cubicles. Tammy's grin widened as she stared. He looked like he had tears in his eyes and his bottom was red. Did he get spanked? He grabbed his clothes and got dressed. As he was pushing the curtain to exit, Tammy spoke up.

“Good to SEE you Tommy. SEE you around.”

What was that all about? Just then Dr Carol came back out of the boy's exam area.

“OK, 10:15. So you are my next group. So, a few rules and we can all get through this pretty quickly. First, you all met Tammy, my assistant. She helps with check-in and anything else I need. My other assistant is Shari. Shari, come on out here.”

Shari stepped out from the boy's exam area. She was a very pretty 8th grader. She was actually dressed sexier than a nurse. Some of the boys adjusted themselves. Many of them were already hard and she wasn't helping matters.

“Tammy and Shari are 8th grade volunteers. I couldn't get all these physicals done without them. So when any one of the 3 of us tell you to do something, you do it immediately. If you do not, we don't have time for any arguing or disobedience, so you will immediately get 5 swats on you butt. If we have to repeat ourselves again, it is 10 swats. Most boys do good, but occasionally we have some boys that are problems. You will know them by the dark red butts.”

“Now, when your name is called, you will enter the exam area. As a boy enters the exam area, everyone else will move to the next chair so you will be working your way to the exam area. If there is another boy in the exam area ahead of you, you will take a seat in one of the chairs. When it is your turn to be examined, Shari will measure your weight, height, temperature, and blood pressure. Then she will give you a testicular exam and measure you for Tanner Staging. You will stand with your hands at your side and stand up straight the entire time. In fact, there will be no covering up while you are in here. It makes it look like you are playing with yourself and we won't have any of that.”

“Some of you will get erections, and that's normal. We will not be offended and you will not be in trouble unless you play with it. When Shari is done with you, you will come to the exam table when I tell you to. You will sit up on the table while I check your eyes, ears nose, throat, chest, lungs, reflexes and finally a hernia check. When I am finished filing out your form, I will hand it to you and let you go. You will take the paper to Tammy, drop your seat towel in the laundry bin and then you can get dressed and go to the gymnasium to meet your parents.”

Dr Carol looked at the line of boys and then asked “Any questions?”

Matthew couldn't stop himself “Why are we naked? This isn't fair. The girls aren't naked are they?”

Dr Carol was not happy with these particular questions.

“The girls are not your concern. You are all naked because there are parts of your exam that require you to be naked and it will go quicker if we don't have to stand there each time a boy comes in and wait for him to undress. Besides, your all still very young and little boys shouldn't be so modest.”

What? Thought Matthew. This was turning into his worst nightmare. Tammy handed Dr Carol a stack of forms. Dr Carol headed for the exam area.

Just then one of the curtain panels slid open slightly as a girl from the other side peaked in.

“Hey!” yelled one of the boys. The curtain moved back.

Dr Carol stopped and turned around. “Now what?” she asked, even more irritated.

“One of the girls was looking at us. They can't do that. How would they like it if we were peaking at them?” One of the boys said, almost with tears in his eyes.

“You don't think it's fair if they look at you and you can't see them?”

All the boys shook their heads yes.

“Well, OK. Would you like me to open the curtains so you can see each other? Would that be more fair?” Dr Carol asked.

Again the boys all shook their head yes. Some of them had never seen a naked girl before and were looking forward to it.

Dr Carol instructed “Tammy, Shari, go ahead and slide all the curtains open. Lets make this more fair.” She winked at her assistants.

Tammy and Shari started sliding the curtains open to the absolute shock of the boys and delight of the 14 middle school girls seated on the other side and the girls at the front desk. They had been listening to the doctor's instructions and had been grinning and laughing at hearing the boys would be naked.

Upon entering the girls section, they had been instructed to take off their shoes and socks and then any jackets or sweaters and put them in the cubicles. Girls don't require any tests that require them to be naked. In fact the only time the girls are exposed at all is when the doctor does a breast exam and makes sure the girls know how to do a self exam so they keep their clothes on up until they need to expose their chest at the end. Even that is done on the exam table facing only the doctor.

As the curtains were opened, the girls started making comments like “Oh My God!” “Look at that, their all naked!” “I can't believe it!”.

“Ladies” said Dr Carol, “As you probably heard, the boys thought it was only fair that they get to see you if you all were going to see them. Sorry I didn't ask you girls, is it OK if we leave the curtains open to make the boys happy?”

The girls were laughing and giggling. They all shook their heads yes and a few replied “Absolutely!”

“Now boys, this is the School Nurse Ms Sally and her assistant Susan and that is Allison that checks the girls in. The rules I gave you still apply. No covering up. No nastiness.”

She grabbed the form on top of her stack, “Billie your up first, then George your next, and then Matthew. “

She walked toward the exam area. Billie stood and immediately went to cover his privates.

“Uh Uh” admonished Dr Carol. “You don't want to be our first spanking victim from this group now do you.”

He dropped his hands to his side. He was almost shaking as he made his way to the exam area. The giggling and chatter in the room got louder.

“Up here on the scale big boy” Shari instructed him.

He stepped up on the scale. He felt like he was on a stage on total display as every eye was on him. Even the assistants and the nurse had stopped and were staring. They never expected this. And, well, for a middle school boy, a 5 inch plus erection was a thing to be proud of.

As Shari stared adjusting the lever to measure Billie's height, Dr Carol repeated her instructions “George, Matthew, lets go! Now!”

George stood and put his hands over his groin. He just couldn't bring himself to hold them at his side. Dr Carol immediately grabbed the paddle and was on him in an instant. She obviously had done this a time or two as she grabbed him by the neck, spun him, pushed him down and began applying 10 smacks to his bare butt. He tried to move but she had a firm hold of his neck. By the time she was done, George had a red face, a red butt, and tears in his eyes. Dr Carol let him up. He rubbed his butt as he made his way to the exam area.

Now everyone could see one of the reasons why he wanted to cover up. He hadn't started puberty. He had a small hairless penis, less than 2 inches soft. The laughter had erupted.

Matthew stood and after making a natural reaction to cover up, stopped himself and just walked quickly, almost ran, to the exam area and sat in one of the chairs. George was standing next to the other chair rubbing his butt.

“Sit!” and he did. Shari continued on with her measurements.

Dr Carol spoke to Nurse Sally, “Can we get on with the girl's exams?”

“Sorry” said Sally as she turn away from staring at Billie's penis. “Amy, your up first, then Rebecca, and then Rachel.”

As Amy approached the exam area, her eyes were fixed on Billie's penis. Something Billie couldn't help but notice. He got even harder. He was so hard, his penis was lifting slightly with every heart beat. He felt like he might explode at any moment. He had fantasized about situations similar to this but never could have imagined he would be in it. Embarrassed, naked in front of his classmates, hard as a rock. Now all he could think of was that he wanted so badly to masturbate.

Amy walked over to the scale and stepped up, still staring at Billie's penis. “Face forward” Nurse Sally said to Amy, with a half grin on her face. She too was stealing glances at the naked boy on display.

The other 2 girls walked toward the exam area staring at Billie's penis with a hand over their mouth. They kept staring even after taking a seat.

Shari finished her height and weight measurements. She put a cuff on Billie and measured his blood pressure. She was rubbing his arm with her small breasts as she put the cuff on. Billie was getting closer and closer to the edge. When she was finished with his blood pressure, it was time for Shari to do his testicular exam and Tanner Staging.

“Billie, I am going to have to touch your penis and testicles for this next part.” Shari informed him.

She let a half laugh slip out of her mouth and the girls' side of the room erupted in laughing.

“Uh, OK..” Billie replied.

Shari gently grasped his right testicle in her hand. She rolled it around looking for lumps or hard spots. She must have squeezed a little too tight because Billie bent over slightly and looked to be in pain a little.

“Testicles fine” she announced to the room.

She grabbed the ruler and held Billie's penis in one hand and held the ruler next to it with her other hand. “5 and 3/8 inches erect” she announced for the whole room to hear. There were some oohs and ahhs from the girls.

The boys squirmed knowing that all the girls were going to know the size of their cocks before this was all said and done. Next, Shari took a fabric measuring tape. She curled it around his right testicle as she also gently rubbed it. Billie stepped up on his tiptoes a little. Oh no, Oh no he thought.

“4 and ¼ inches”.

More oohs and ahhs. She released his right testicle and wrapped around his left testicle.

She barely got out “4 and ¼ inches” before Billie erupted.

Shari had anticipated this but she wasn't sure what would happen. Billie's semen shot out and landed on her hip and then her leg. She jumped back but wasn't successful missing the next eruption that got her on her crotch. Oh My! She thought. Billie erupted 2 more times before finishing. The whole room was silent, staring in awe, mouths wide open. Eexcept for Billie of course, who was gasping for air. He had stopped breathing before his ejaculation and just now remembered to breath.

Dr Carol turned and feigned disgust “Billie, how dare you. Use your towel and clean that up.”

Billie did as he was told. Shari was standing there in shock.

“Shari, why don't you go to the gym and clean up in the girl's locker room.”
Shari just looked at Billie's penis than up at Billie who also looked up and their eyes met. He had a scared look on his face. Shari turned and ran out of the room, a bit embarrassed. After Billie finished cleaning up his mess, Dr Carol had him put the towel in the dirty laundry.

“Billie, up on the exam table. George, up on the scale. Damn it” she said aloud. “

What's wrong Dr Carol?” asked nurse Sally.

As she started Billie's Assessment starting with his eyes, she replied “now were going to be slowed down with Shari missing in action. Who's going to measure the boys?”

She continued her way down the list. Ears, nose...

“Well maybe the girl that is done being weighed can do it while she waits for the 2nd part of her exam” Nurse Sally suggested.

The girls all put their hands to their mouths and looked at each other. Imagine getting to handle a boy's penis! They were anxiously waiting to see what Dr Carol said.

“Well,I don't know. They haven't gone thru the training for the blood pressure. I'm sure they can figure out the scale. You think they would be OK measuring their penises and testicles?” She said almost as if no one else but her and Sally were there, but everyone was listening waiting for the conclusion. The girls hoping to handle their first penises and the boys fearful they would be embarrassed and humiliated more.

“But..” Matthew started to say. “Shhhsh! No one asked you young man. This is up to us to figure out. You will do as you are instructed, besides, little boys shouldn't be so modest!” admonished Dr Carol.

She turned towards Nurse Sally “I guess it will be OK but keep an eye on them to see if they need help. I will too. Maybe we can spur on some future female doctors to help even out this male dominated profession!”

The girls clapped and straightened up in their chairs as they contemplated handling the boys penises.

To be continued.....

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