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Middle School Physicals Chapter 3
Fri Apr 6, 2018 10:46

Chapter 3

Amy didn't even wait to be told. She stepped off the scale and walked over to George. Rebecca stepped up to the scale as if hurrying towards her own chance with a penis. As Susan started on Rebecca's basics, Amy reached out and grabbed George's small dick.

“Amy! Your supposed to weigh him and get his height, take his blood pressure, THEN measure his penis!”

Amy jerked her hand back startled out of her trance. In doing so she pulled hard on his dick and he let out a small yelp.


Amy let go. “Sorry!”

Dr Carol spoke up “Stand up straight George.”

George looked at her in disbelief. He stood up straight.

“Eyes forward...” Amy instructed.

George look forward, straight into Amy's eyes. He was tearing up. The tears rolled down his right cheek. Amy measured his height and then his weight. She seemed to be in a hurry.

“Don't forget to write them down!” Nurse Sally told her.

Amy filled in the chart then measured his blood pressure. She was barely breathing as she listened for the heart beat then wrote that down. Dr Carol was done with Billie's ENT and chest assessment.

“OK Billie, stand up for me.” She felt for the hernia with one hand and with the other she was holding his testicles.

“Turn your head away from me and cough... and Again...”

Billie coughed 2 times for her. It was a combination of a forced cough and a 'I can't believe this' cough. Dr Carol moved to the other side and repeated the check while all eyes were on her and Billie or George and Amy. Many of the girls were looking back and forth, taking it all in.

“Billie, Shari never did get to take your temperature. Bend over.”

Billie bent over. Dr Carol inserted the thermometer in his ass. The girls expressed some more shock. This was different.

“98.2 – Normal. You can take the form to Tammy and get dressed.”

Billie turned and rushed to drop off the form and get dressed. He couldn't get out of there fast enough. He ran out the door and headed for the gym.

“OK, Amy” called Dr Carol, “hurry up with the Tanner Staging or I'll do it myself.”

Amy had already reached down and grabbed George's penis.

She grabbed the Ruler and measured “2 and ½ inches erect” she announced to the room.

Everyone laughed, even some of the boys. George now had tears streaming down both cheeks. She did his testicular exam, rolling his testicles around and then measured them. “Right Testicle 2 and ¾ inches” then “Left Testicle 2 and 7/8 inches.”

George was defeated. He was now openly crying.

“George, temperature” Amy instructed.

Dr Carol interjected “This one is oral Amy. Under his tongue.”

“But I thought...”

“No, that was because Billie was immature and ejaculated for no reason. For boys that can act more mature, under the tongue.”

Amy was dissapointed. She put the thermometer under his tongue, looked at the clock and then stared at his penis. After 1 minute, she read the temperature and wrote it down.

Dr Carol spoke up, “Over here George. Jump up here and we'll try to get you thru this.”

Amy handed her the form and moved over to the exam table where Nurse Sally had been waiting and watching everything going on. All the girls were taking everything in. So much going on.

“Matthew” Dr Carol said.

Matthew got up and hurried to the scale. Now up on display as it were. He had lost his erection with all that was going on and from being nervous. Nurse Sally had Amy step up on a stool and take a seat on the exam table. She checked her eyes, ears, nose, throat, She checked her breathing and lungs.

Meanwhile Rebecca stepped off the scale and quickly stepped over towards where Matthew was. Matthew almost squealed. Rebecca lived on his street. She looked him in the eye with a big grin on her face, then looked down for about 5 seconds then back to his eyes.

At the same time Nurse Sally spoke to Amy, “OK Amy, open your shirt and release your bra so I can do the Breast Exam”.

Matthew's erection was returning.

Amy got a little nervous. From where Matthew was, he could almost see her front. She did as she was told. She turned a little to make sure no one could see her chest. Nurse Sally checked her breasts and then ask Amy to mimic what she had done. All of this talk of breasts and Rebecca staring at his penis had Matthew rock hard again.

Nurse Sally instructed Amy, “Now every month you need to do that check. If you find any lumps especially if they fee like a hard seed or pea, you need to come see me or go to your doctor immediately. OK?”

Amy shook her head yes.

“You can close up now and your done.”

What! The boys were incensed Nothing! No nakedness for the girls at all!

Amy clasped her bra back and buttoned her shirt. She got up off the exam table, took her form and turned it in, then went and took a seat. She wasn't going to leave until she was told to.

Meanwhile Rebecca glanced towards Dr Carol who was busy with George. She reached out and grabbed Matthews penis. He gave a jerk and yelped.

Dr Carol didn't even look. She just spoke “Girls, stop that!”

Rebecca moved to checking height, then weight. When she was checking his weight, she dropped his form on the floor, on purpose. She knelt down to pick it up, She was now staring directly at his penis. Matthew looked down, Rebecca looked up. He was staring right into her eyes. She had the biggest shit eating grin on her face.

Matthew just clamped his eyes shut and froze. Rebecca stared for what seemed to her like a few minutes but was probably more like 10 seconds. She had that image burned into her memory. She could tell she was getting aroused. Her panties were getting soaking wet. 'I bet I'm not the only one', she thought to herself.

She stood up and wrote the weight on the form. She measured his blood pressure. While she was inflating the blood pressure meter, she glanced again in Dr Carol's direction and at the same time reached down and grasped Matthew cock in her hand again. This time she started stroking it gently. He still had his eyes closed but his breathing changed. He was also sweating.

She let go and finished the blood pressure reading. She put the cuff away and grabbed the ruler. She grasped his penis and gently pulled on it, extending it somewhat. She took the ruler and pushed it into his crotch a little, pressing in on the skin. She held it next to his penis. She looked down and was just amazed to see her hand with a penis in it.

“Penis 5 and ½ inches, erect” She announced.

Matthew opened his eyes. He knew his penis was not that long. In fact, he had never measured it over 4 ½ inches. Rebecca had skewed the reading in his favor by the way she measured. Both Dr Carol and Nurse Sally stopped what they were doing to briefly look at Matthews penis in Rebecca's hand, then they went back to what they were doing.

Rebecca leaned towards Matthew and whispered in his ear “your welcome BIG boy”.

Matthew was having a mixture of emotions. On one hand this was all unfair and he had been humiliated and embarrassed. On the other hand, a girl had stroked his cock and gave him a favorable measurement on his penis and announced it for evryone to hear. He was harder than a rock. A fact wasn't lost on Rebecca.

“We''ll have to get together soon to confirm my measurements” She said and then stood back up straight.

Next she measured his testicles. “Right Testicle 4 and ¾ inches, full” she said, and repeated the same measurement for the Left Testicle.

Full? No one else used that term. Matthew's mind was racing. Rebecca was now rubbing his balls with one hand and stroking him with her other hand. Oh, no, Oh no, thought Matthew. He was about to explode. Rebecca sensed this and pinched the head of his cock. He quickly felt the eminent urge go away. What did she do? She released him just as Dr Carol started George's hernia check.

“Rebecca, your up young lady” Nurse Sally informed her.

Rebecca moved over to the exam table. Nurse Sally did her assessments.

“Turn your head and cough” said Dr Carol to George.

“OK Rebecca, can you open your blouse and unhook your bra for me” instructed Nurse Sally.

Matthew's penis twitched. Rebecca didn't turn to block Matthew's view, instead she turned towards him a little and proceeded to unbutton her shirt. Her bra clasped in the front, so when she released the clasp, her bra sort of popped and her blouse opened Matthew could see her breasts!

Nurse Sally noticed and closed Rebecca's shirt slightly, not sure how to handle the whole situation. She had stood by and watched as Rebecca had stroked Matthew and she wasn't sure what was going on with these 2.

“OK George, give your form to Tammy and you can get dressed and your good to go.

George jumped down from the table, grabbed his seat towel, and as he started to walk out of the exam area he started to move his hands in front of his privates.

“Please don't George... You seem like such a nice boy and this has been rough enough on you without me having to spank you too.” Dr Carol felt empathy for the boy.

He had been discovered to be under developed by his classmates. While she enjoyed the whole situation, you had to feel for the boy. George moved his hands back to his sides and walked with his 2 ½ inch erection in front of him. The girls all stared, grinning. Some of the novelty had worn off so they weren't laughing any more, they were more like spectators.

“Matthew... Matthew! Snap out of it!” barked Dr Carol.

Matthew broke out of his trance, shook his head, then moved over to Dr Carol. He jumped up on the exam table.
“Rebecca! No temperature reading? You girls better get this right or I'll call one of the other 8th grade girls to help me.”

“Sorry” Rebecca said as she dropped her head and looked at the ground.

“OK, you can close your blouse Rebecca” Nurse Sally instructed.

Rebecca's mind was in a tail spin too. She had witnessed a group of boys naked, watch a naked boy get spanked, held a boy's penis who she knows. Wow! What a morning. And it wasn't over.

She felt horny and wanted to give the boys a thrill, so she jumped down from the table and started walking around the exam table, giving a view of her breasts to the boys in the exam room. She clasped her bra after she rounded the table and started buttoning her shirt. She grabbed her health form and then glanced towards Dr Carol who had a scowl on her face. She didn't appreciate Rebecca being an exhibitionist in her clinic.

What? Thought Rebecca. Parade a bunch of boys naked but get mad at me for a little boob flash?

She took the form to Allison, finished buttoning her shirt, and grabbed a seat next to Amy. She wasn't leaving either. None of the girls probably will leave until they are forced to.

Meanwhile Matthew had his Eyes, Ears, Nose, Throat, Lungs and chest done. He was still hard as a rock. He couldn't stop thinking about Rebecca. The picture of her face next to his penis was burnt into his memory. Her breast! His penis was throbbing.

A fact that Dr Carol noticed. “You should calm down a little young man. We don't need any more accidents. Now hop down here while I check for hernias.”

Matthew hopped down. His boner sprang up and down like a diving board. Everyone was staring and the girls giggled.

“Sally, we are never going to be done if you keep stopping and watching...”

All Sally could say was “Sorry! Uh... Rachel...”. Rachel hadn't even done her basics on the scale.

Susan ran thru them quickly while Dr Carol had Matthew turn his head and cough. She moved her hands to the other side. For some reason she held each boys balls while she pressed into the groin and told them to cough.

Matthew's testicles were twisting and turning inside his scrotum. Dr Carol knew he was close.


Matthew turned his head and coughed. Problem is, he unconsciously started pushing his hips forward trying to get contact. Dr Carol said nothing. She just gave his balls a squeeze.

Matthew screamed in pain. All eyes that weren't on him before were on him now.

“You can go” said Dr Carol as she wrote the last few things on his form and handed it to him. As he turned, she smacked him on the ass with her hand.
She turned to Nurse Sally, “I forgot to tell the girls to wear gloves! Damn it!” Then she giggled.

Matthew stood there for a second, then took the form and headed for Tammy's desk. He was still erect, something all the girls appreciated, but he had started to soften a little after the nut squeeze. As he walked towards Tammy's desk, he looked at Rebecca. She was silently mouthing something but he could not tell what it was.

Dr Carol and Nurse Sally were busy, so Rebecca stood up and walked over to Matthew. She reached down and held his cock in her hand. She gently stroked it and leaned in and gave him a very sloppy, inexperienced french kiss.

Matthew's eyes were about to pop out of their sockets. He was back at full hardness again.

Rebecca released her grasp before he ejaculated. She moved to his ear and said “My house, 4 O'clock”.

Matthew responded weakly at first “ok” then cleared his throat and repeated “OK”. He stood there frozen in place as Rebecca went and sat back down.

Matthew snapped out of his haze. He dropped his form off at Tammy's desk, dropped his seat towel in the laundry bin and walked over to his clothes. He seemed unsure about getting dressed. Only a short while ago he was incensed at being forced to be naked and seen by girls in his class. Now, he didn't really want this to end.

He did go ahead and grab his underwear to put them on. Just then the door opened to the clinic. 2 more Middle school girls walked in. They immediately froze, grasped for a breath, and moved one hand to their mouth.

Tabatha spoke up “You girls are early. Your not supposed to be here for another half hour.”

The girls were staring at Matthew's hard cock.

“We... We...” one of them try to say. The 2nd girl spoke up “We didn't have anything else to do so we thought we would come early and just wait. We didn't know you had naked boys in here. We're sorry.” She turned to go.

“It's OK, you just didn't have to be here this early. You can come back in a half hour if you want or you can just take a seat and wait. And don't worry about the naked boys. Its required for their physicals and anyway, little boys shouldn't be so modest. And for many of them, I do mean LITTLE”. She laughed as she finished her sentence.

The 2 girls got a surprised look on their faces. Their eyes went big and they looked at each other then back at Matthew's Penis. They moved over to take a seat.

Matthew had just been standing there watching and being stared at.

“Matthew!” snapped Rebecca. She suddenly seemed to get jealous of the other girls watching him.

Matthew got dressed and almost ran outside. His emotions were all messed up. He went to the gym to wait for his mom. Other students from his class were there as well as Billie and George. George was still crying.

The parents (mostly moms) returned from their tour. Matthew's mom noticed him and walked over.

“So, you look like you survived. It wasn't so bad now was it.”

Matthew answered back “You have no idea!”

“What?” his mom urged.

“Nothing, can we just go and get a burger and then go home?”

“Why are you in such a hurry to go home?” she asked.

“I just have some important stuff to do this afternoon, that's all.” Matthew was still sporting a boner and was trying to hide it.

They left. They stopped at a drive through burger joint and got some fast food. They drove home. Matthew couldn't wait to get to his room. He locked his door and stripped naked. He masturbated twice. His food was cold by the time he was ready to eat it. He was looking forward to going to Rebecca's.

To be continued...

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