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Middel School Physicals Chapter 4
Fri Apr 6, 2018 10:49

Chapter 4

Matthew stayed up in his room thinking about the morning events. Forced to strip naked, exposed to his classmates and even a girl who lives down the block from him, given a physical in front of his classmates, and finally being handled by the same girl that lived down the block from him.

Around 3:45 he headed downstairs and was headed out the front door when his mother asked him where he was going.

“Oh, I saw Rebecca from down the street at school today. She asked me to come over. She thinks we might have some classes together. Not sure what she wants.”

Matthew's mom replied “Well, mind your manners and be respectful. Dinner is at 6. Don't be late.”

Matthew headed out and down to the end of the block to Rebecca's house. He went up on the porch and rang the doorbell. Rebecca answered the door.

“Come on in!”

She was excited to see him but tried not to let it show too much. She led Matthew into the kitchen where her mom was reading something.

“Mom, you remember Matthew from down the street? We ran into each other at the school today. We're going up to my room to talk about school and classes and stuff.”

“Oh, hi Matthew. I know your mom. I run into her at the store and a few other places. How is she?”

Matthew replied “she's doing well. She's at home right now too. Doing whatever mom's do in the middle of the day.”

Rebecca's mom cautioned them “Well, you know the rules Rebecca, no closed doors with boys in the house.”

“Yes mom, I know.” She sounded annoyed.

She led Matthew upstairs and to her room. Rebecca's mom was surprised that Rebecca invited a boy over. Usually it was her older sister that had boys calling. She couldn't remember Rebecca having any boys over before. She told herself she needed to keep an eye on the situation and see how it plays out. She was glad and proud that her little girl was growing up. Might be time for 'The Talk'.

Up in Rebecca's room, she knew she had to act quickly to avoid her snooping mom. She had just recently turned 12. She didn't think her mom was as worried about her behavior as she was about her sister Sarah. At 15, Sarah was already starting to worry her mom all the time. She had developed into a rather busty young lady which attracted a lot of the male gaze. Rebecca still thought she and her 10 year old sister were safe for now.

She told, almost ordered, Matthew to sit at the foot of the bed. She positioned herself at the head of the bed so she was facing the door.

“That was exciting and fun today, wasn't it?”

Matthew was fond of all of it but replied “Well, you weren't the one who was ambushed into stripping naked in front of a bunch of people and humiliated. You might think differently if you had to strip!”

“Well, you have to admit, you looked like you enjoyed it! I saw the look in your eye when I was holding your cock... And stroking it!”

“Well, Uh... I guess some of it was OK but not in front of everyone. And we have to go to school with all those girls. Not fair.”

Rebecca steered the conversation “So if it wasn't all bad, what part did you like the most? … Or not dislike the least?”

“What?” Matthew was confused by her twisting the words.

“What part did you like?” she asked.

“Well, I did like it when you were holding my..Uh.. You know. And when you were rubbing it. And I almost lost it when I looked down and you were on your knees staring right at it!”

Matthew was starting to get aroused thinking of the events of earlier.

“So, what would you like to do? You are the guest you know” Rebecca inquired.

Matthew thought for a second and then responded quickly with “Uh, I don't know. What ever I guess.”

He knew what he wanted to do. He wanted to get naked and he wanted her to get naked too.

“So why don't we practice the doctor thing, you know like earlier. I know I can do much better now that I had a little practice.”

Matthew was nervous now. It was one thing to think something, even to say it. It was another story when it came down to doing it.

“Here, I'll help you.”

Rebecca stood up and stepped over towards Matthew. She started undoing his shirt.

“What about your mom? I mean, she could come in any time.”

Rebecca really wanted this to happen. “We'll hear the stairs creek if she comes up. You can hurry and get dressed if she does. Just lay your shirt and pants on the bed ready to put on if we hear a noise. We can both take off our shoes so it looks normal. You can toss your underwear in the closet so it won't slow you down getting dressed. You can get it later when you get dressed. Nothing is going to happen.”

Matthew relaxed and let her take his shirt off. She did as she had said. She buttoned all the buttons but the top 2. She laid the shirt on the bed so he could pick it up and slide it on. She took off his shoes and set them by the door. She took hers off too and did the same. Next she had him stand up. She was getting nervous. So was he. She undid his belt and the snap on his jeans. She unzipped his fly. She slid his jeans down. He lifted his legs one at a time and she pulled the jeans off. She laid them with the back facing them just lie the shirt so he could slip them on quickly. Now it was down to just the underwear.

He already had a boner. She couldn't help but smile. She reached for his underwear but he grabbed her wrist.

“Are you sure about this?”

“Sure as a heart attack!” she replied.

He let go and she quickly grabbed his underwear and slid them all the way down. She knelt and pulled them off as he lifted each leg. Here she was once again staring right at his penis which was just 2 inches from her face. He felt like he got harder. He thought he was going to burst.

“Wow!” was all she could say.

She tossed the underwear into the closet. She leaned in and took a sniff at his penis. He pushed his hips forward ever so slightly which caused her to bump her nose on his dick.

“OK now!” she admonished.

She reached out and took hold of it. She gently moved it like a joy stick and then slid her hand up and down it a few times slowly. Matthew was in heaven. She started speeding up her stroking a little. Matthew started breathing harder and shorter breaths.

“Oh yea!” 'Did I just say that out loud?' he thought to himself.

“Oh, Rebecca that feels so good!”

Rebecca gave a few more fast strokes then stopped. She stood up. She pointed at her blouse.

“Take it off” she instructed him.

Matthew started shaking. He never imagined taking a girls shirt off. Ever!. He was fumbling with the buttons.

“I don't bite! Well, not hard anyway” she joked.

Matthew continued undoing the buttons while shaking. Rebecca could tell she was getting excited and wet. Once he had them undone, she peeled the shirt off and re-buttoned 2 of the buttons and placed it face down on the bed.

“OK, next!”

She stepped towards him so he could go for the bra. It had just 1 clasp in the front. The girls had been told to wear a front clasping bra for the physical to make it easier on the doctor and they wouldn't have to remove their blouse all the way. Matthew reached for the clasp and had trouble undoing it since he was shaking so bad.

Rebecca grabbed his wrist and steadied them as he undid the clasp. She pulled her arms backwards. Her bra sort of opened up but she was waiting for him to remove it. She gave him a head shake. He reached for the bra and pushed it back. She finally just slipped it off herself. Matthew just stared.

“You can touch them” she encouraged.

She took his hands and started sliding them over her breasts and concentrating on her nipples. She pulled his hands in tightly so he would grab a fist full of flesh. Matthew was starting to feel bolder. He was now as hard as he could get. He leaned in and took 1 nipple in his mouth while he held her other breast in his hand. He sucked and played with the nipple.

Rebecca was in heaven. She moaned and then reached out and grabbed his dick. She started stroking. Slow at first but then fast after a few seconds. Matthew wasn't going to last long. She dropped down and took his cock in her mouth.

“What The...” Matthew was surprised. It was a good surprise.

She stroked and sucked. She was new at this but it didn't matter. Matthew was about to explode.

“I'm gonna ...”

As if he had any control... He released his load. He shot stream after stream of cum. Rebecca took it all. She was trying to swallow and was gagging at the same time. Matthew just kept shooting. 4 or 5 streams in all. Rebecca caught all of it.

She slowed her strokes. She pulled his cock from her mouth and looked up at him. She opened her mouth to show him his cum, then she closed and swallowed. It took a few tries as she was not used to it, but she swallowed it all. Matthew just stood there dumb founded.

That was Awesome! He didn't know what to say. Rebecca stood up. Matthew pulled her in for a hug. She hugged him tight. This was going to be her first love. She never imagined she would get to play with a cock at her age! He was nice, he lived right down the street, and he had a nice cock. Her cock. Matthew hugged hard too.

Suddenly they heard the creek in the stairs. They both rushed for their clothes. Matthew had his shirt on in a split second. Next Rebecca got her bra on. Matthew was sliding his jeans on as Rebecca's slid her shirt down and buttoned the buttons. Matthew wasn't anywhere near done. Rebecca shoved him in the closet and closed the door just as her mom came around the corner.

“Where's you guest?”

“Oh, he had to use the bathroom” Rebecca replied.

“Oh, OK. Everything going OK?” mom asked.

“Yes ma'am” Rebecca replied back.

“OK, I'll get out of your hair. I don't want to be that smothering mom. You can ask him to stay for dinner if you like.”

Mom sounded like she knew something was up. “Oh, and you missed a button on your blouse” Mom said as she exited the room and started laughing.

Matthew got his pants up and fastened. Rebecca opened the door and he came out of the closet.

“Wow, that was close!” he said.

“You don't know the half of it. I think she knows something was going on. She commented on the buttons on my blouse.”

Matthew looked at the blouse. Only a blind man would not see that she had missed a button.

“Oh shit!” Matthew was freaking out. “I think I should go” he told her.

“Nonsense. If you go now, you will look so guilty. Right now she just suspects something, but she doesn't know for sure.”

Rebecca was right but based on her mom's comment, she knew she had been busted.

To be Continued......

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