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Middle School Physicals Chapter 5
Fri Apr 6, 2018 10:50

Chapter 5

They stayed in Rebecca's room for a while. They heard the front door. There was the sound of conversation downstairs. They tried to listen in. Suddenly Rebecca's sister stepped up to her door.

“Mom wants to talk to you 2 downstairs” Sarah reported, and then ran off back downstairs.

Rebecca and Matthew got up and followed. As they got to the bottom of the stairs, Rebecca's mom and little sister were sitting in the living room. Her little sister was obviously excited and was almost bouncing on the love seat. Rebecca's mom moved to the recliner and let them sit on the sofa.

“What's up mom?” Rebecca said.

She was nervous but trying not to sound like it.

“Well, let me start by saying everyone needs to relax. We are a bunch of mature people and I want to have a mature conversation.”

Now Rebecca was even more nervous. Her mom never talked like that.

“So, I have gotten a few reports that things went a little strange at school this morning. There are rmors and pictures floating around about a bunch of naked boys and of girls touching them and other stuff. Is that true? What do you 2 know about that?”

Rebecca threw Matthew under the bus...

“Matthew, you want to tell her?”she said.

Matthew's mouth got dry.

“Well, it's not fair you know. When we went to the clinic building, they made us boys strip and put our clothes in a cubicle. We had to go through the whole physical naked. So not fair. Then, the girls were peaking through the curtains and some of the stupid boys said it was only fair that we got to look at the girls if they were peaking on our side. The Doctor asked if we wanted to open the curtains and the dorks said yes. They thought the girls would be naked too. It's only fair, right? So they opened the curtains but the girls still had their clothes on. I know it was just to humiliate and embarrass us. Then we were told not to cover up or we would get a spanking, and 1 boy did. Another boy lost control and came all over one of the helpers. She had to go change. The doctors thought it would help things keep going if the girls helped with our physicals when they were done with part of theirs. They took some measurements and then the real embarrassing part. They checked our balls and then measured them and our dicks.”

Rebecca's mom stopped stifling her laugh long enough to interrupted him.

“Testicles and penis. Please use the correct terms, OK?”
Matthew lowered his tone, looked down a little, and replied “Yes ma'am.”

Sarah was bouncing on the love seat holding her hands clamped tightly to her mouth the whole time. Matthew continued “Dr Carol did the rest of our exam including checking for herinas.”

“Hernias” she corrected him.

“Well, when she finished, we took our health form to the check in girl and we could finally get dressed. Then we got to leave. It was unfair. Totally unfair.”

“Well, first it's not 'Totally unfair' as you say. Girls need more privacy and show more modesty than boys. Second, Little boys shouldn't be so modest, and I'm sorry, but until you finish going through puberty, you are still a LITTLE boy. Now... obviously this triggered something that happenned before I came upstairs. I'm not stupid. So, in light of that, I think it's time for a talk about the birds and the bees.”

She looked at Rebecca, “We've needed to have this talk for a few years I think. I should have given it to you when you were Sarah's age. So we are going to have it now. And since I could see from the picture that was sent to my phone that you, Rebecca were manhandling Matthew's penis, I thought we might as well include him in this discussion.”

“Are you sure mom. This is embarrassing. And why is Sarah here.We can't talk about this in front of her.”
“Oh, actually, Sarah is here because, like I said, I should have had this talk with you when you were her age. This way, I can kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Also, we are going to do more than just talk about it in front of her. We are going to have an interactive talk.”

“A what?” asked Rebecca.

She almost regretted asking it as soon as the question left her mouth.

“So Matthew, pease stand up and take off your clothes.”

Matthew and Rebecca looked at her in shock.

“You want me too... What? No way! Now we're back to unfair!”

He started tearing up and had a cry in his voice.

“Matthew, I said stand up and take off your clothes!”

“Nope, not gonna do it. You can't make me. I'll call my mom!”

Rebecca's mom pulled out her cell phone. She let it linger for a few seoconds so that Rebecca and Matthew could see that the background had been changed to a picture of them with Matthew naked and Rebecca holding his penis. She pulled up the phone history and called Mathew's mom.

“Hey Brenda... Yep, you were right... Here he is.”

She handed the phone to Matthew.


“Matthew, you do exactly as Tina says or I'll march down there, strip you myself, and when they finish with their lesson, you will be walking home naked. You hear me?”

“Yes ma'am.”

He handed the phone back and stood up.

“Rebecca's mom spoke to Matthew's mom again “Looks like we're OK here. Thanks.” and she hung up.

Matthew, dispite being turned on and having handled this better earlier in the day, was crying as he removed his clothes. Normally, Rebecca would be over-joyed, but now she considered this to be her boyfriend. She felt sorry for him and angry. Sarah was making all kind of noises and still bouncing.

Matthew hesitated but then finally pulled down his underwear and was crying harder.

“This will be more helpful if you could stop crying.” Rebecca's mom told him.

Matthew tried to stop and slowly was able to get it under control.

“So, same rules as at school, no covering up. Move your hands.”

Matthew didn't budge.

“So, I think you said spanking. How many swats Rebecca?”

“Rebecca was stunned. “T..T.. Ten.”

“It was 5!” Matthew objected.

“You be quiet young man! Now over here, over my lap.”

Matthew was crying again. He moved over and layed over Rebecca's mom's lap. Tina grabbed her hair brush, which she had gotten out earlier in preparation for this lesson. She swung the hairbrush and smacked Matthew's butt pretty hard.

He screamed out a loud 'Ow' in amongst his crying. She gave him all 10 smacks. Then held him there for a second. She gently rubbed his butt then let him up.

“I hate you! This is so unfair! I don't deserve to be naked and I don't deserve to be spanked! You wouldn't do that to your daughters!”

Tina responded “you are right, I probably wouldn't do that to my daughters and definitely not in front of someone of the opposite gender. But then they are my daughters, they are not boys. And little boys shouldn't be so modest. Plus, parents deal with boys and girls differently when it comes to punishments. There are better ways to punsh girls. Boys almost always need harsher punishments to get their attention. Now don't make me call your mother back.”

Matthew harped back “I don't care! Call her! I hate her right now too. I just might run away! That will show all of you! I'll disappear and no one will be able to find me! Then you might feel bad about how you treated me!”

Tina sent Brenda a text message.

“So girls, about our talk.”

She acted as if Matthew hadn't talked back to her and as if he was going to comply. It confused him. He just stood there for the moment.

“When a girl gets older and starts going through puberty, she starts developing breasts, she starts growing hair on her pubic region just abbove her vagina. We'll call it a vagina for now but we'll get into the actual parts shortly.”

Matthew just stood there. He was about to get the low down on the female body.

“So, as these changes start to happen, you will also start feeling th effect of puberty inside as well. At some point you will start having periods. Each month you body will produce and egg. The egg will be ripe for getting you pregnant. If it doen't get fertilized, it will break up and be absorbed back into your body through the mucous membrane of your vagina. Once you start having periods, you also have to worry about getting pregnant. Now, sometines when you have your period or when you are ovulating, which is the part when your egg is ready and waiting, parts of your body may get red and sensitive. Your nipples, your labia, that kind of stuff.”

“Any way, this is when you have to be careful with boys. Besides the fact that you are probably not mature enough to handle being naked with a boy and having sex, you will probably get confused and disoriented. It makes you vulnerable to suggestions. You might do things you don't think you would do normally. That's why most mom's put their daughters on birth control pills. It messes with your period or 'monthly cycle' but it prevents you from having to be a mommy before your done being a teenager.”

“Condoms help too plus they can help keep you from getting diseases. Some boys try to have sex with a lot of girls. That's how diseases spread. It's so easy to get some of them. Condoms can help prevent that. Any Questions so far?”

Sarah spoke up first “What do you use a condom for?”

“Keep going mom” Rebecca said.

“OK, so sex or sexual intercourse is when a boy or man inserts his penis into a girl or woman's vagina. As you can see, Matthew has a penis. It was hard before I spanked him and it looks like it is coming back.”

Matthew figgeted a bit with everyone now focussing on his penis, but stayed standing there.

“Rebecca, can you take hold of Matthew's penis please.”

Rebecca looked at her mom then at Sarah. She slid to the edge of the couch and looked up at Matthew with pleading eyes. Matthew didn't move, so she reached out and grasped his penis gently. She squeezed slightly, knowing it would start to react quicker.

“Good. Now gently stroke up and down on the penis to get it hard. This is called masturbation. Boys and girls both masturbate but in different ways. Boys tend to do it more than girls but that's not always true. So, as you can see, Matthew is getting harder. It really doesn't just feel hard, its stiff but soft at the same time.”

Sarah was waving her hand.

“Yes Sarah, you can touch it. Go ahead. Would that be alright Matthew?”

Matthew just stood there. Sarah jumped up.

“Oh my god! oh my god! Oh my god!” She hurried over to Matthew.

Rebecca removed her hand. Sarah reahed out and just touched it at first. Next she pushed it down and let it spring back up. She giggled. To Matthew this was awesome. Another girl was playing with his cock. Next she finally reached out adnd grasped it. She pulled kind of hard on it and pulled Matthew forward some.

“Not so rough Sarah” her mom cautioned.

Sarah stroked Matthew's penis. It was obvious and expected that she had no isea what sge was doing. She reached her other hand under his testicles and lifted up. She didn't move her hand around for fear of hurting him.

After about a minute, Rebecca's mom spoke up “OK, that's enough. Have a seat Sarah.”

Sarah walked back to her seat with a frown on her face. She liked this new play toy.

“Maybe there will be time for more of that later. So... once a boy is hard, he or the girl puts a condom on the penis and then it can be inserted into the vagina. Rebecca, here is a condom. Will you put it on Matthew?”

Rebecca took the condom from her mom. She saw a TV show where someone openned the condom by biting the package to tear it. She started to bring the condom to her mouth.

“No Rebecca, never bite the condom package. You might damage it and then you think your safe but you might end up pregnant anyway. Always tear the condom with your fingers at the perforation. Good, now hold it up so that the rolls are on top of the solid middle, place it over the end of the penis and start rolling it down onto the penis. Perfect! Do it again.”

Rebecca rolled the condom up off Matthew's penis. She was about to roll it back down again.

“UH UH! Never reuse a condom. Here. I want you to get used to the idea that you never reuse one. Take this new one. Give me that one. OK, again.”

Tina made a big demonstration of throwing the 'used' condom away. Rebecca openned the new condom and rolled it on too.

“Good, Good. Sarah, your turn.”
“Do all girls get to use a real penis to learn like this?”

Rebecca's mom started laughing.

“No honey, most don't. We're lucky we had Matthew here to help out.”

“Maybe my friends can practice like this too?”

“No one asked me if I wanted to help. So unfair!” Matthew snapped at them.

“Noted” said Tina. “Great job Sarah. Now do it again. Here.”

Sarah put the 2nd condom on Matthew's penis. Matthew, although he objected, was really enjoying being used this way. He was rock hard the whole time.

“So when the penis is covered and protected which also protects the vagina, the boy or man inserts it into the vagina.”

She looked at Rebecca. Rebecca moved back and object “Oh hell no! I'm not getting naked right here in front of everybody!”

Tina laughed. She just wanted to see the reaction.

“No honey, girls should be more modest and not do that kind of stuff, especially in front of other people. Just with your husband. So let's pretend that my hand is a vagina or 'pussy'.”

When she said that, Matthew's penis flinched noticably.

“You like the vebal stuff huh? Girls, that is a good example for you. Having physical sex with a boy is only one way to turn them on. You can also turn them on with words, or sounds and even body language and facial expressions. It's all part of the experience. OK, now I want both of you to put your fingers on your right hand together so they are all touching at the fingerprint part. Now keep them close together but move your last 3 fingers out of the way. We're going to pretend that's the vagina. Hold your hand with the finger tips pointing up.”

“So down here in the bottom where there is a bigger circle is where the actaul vaginal openning is. The vagina is really the part inside but people don't know what to call the whole thing so they use vagina. Anyway, that is where the penis goes in. Just above that is your Urethra or the hole you pee out of. Now up on the top under a little piece of skin is your clitoris. A clitoris is made of the same stuff as a penis only most of it is inside your skin and tissue, Only a little nub sticks out. That's the most active part of the female sex organ you have access to except for the brain.”

“So during sex, the guy needs to find a way to move back and forth inside your vagina while rubbing your clitoris. This is not easy. Most people just use their finger to help out. Here watch as I slide my hand or my 'vagina' over Matthew's penis.”

Matthew's penis twitched harder this time. Everyone noticed. Rebecca's mom slid her fingers shaped like a vagina over Matthe's penis. Matthew almost exploded right there. Tina moved her hand back and forth a few times to demonstrate, and because it might be her only chance to play with his penis. She pulled her hand back and asked

“Any question now?”

Sarah played dumb and asked “So how long do you have to move back and forth before you get pregnant?”

“Honey, that's not what makes you get pregnant. When the boy or man gets really excited and has enough stimulation, his body wil start the ejaculation process. His prostate will produce some fluid that will coat the inside of the man's urethra or tube and that will help the semen from the testicles slide through to their destination, the vagina. The semen mixes with more fluid from the prostate and that is what we call ejacualte or semen or some people call it cum.”

“Can you show us that?” Sarah asked.

Tina kind of laughed and looked at Matthew. Matthew shrugged giving his approval. Tina reach out to grab his penis and stroke it. Rebecca cut off her reach and grabbed his penis herself.

“Mom! You perv. What do you think you are, a MILF?”

Tina laughed a little but was disappointed. Rebecca started stroking Matthew. Matthew moved closer to her to make it easier.

“Sarah honey, take this towel and lay it on the arm of the couch for Rebecca. You can stand next to her for a better view.”

Sara did as she was told. She got down on her knees next to Matthew and Rebecca. She was eye level with his penis. Rebecca looked at her and they grinned at eah other. They both looked up at Matthew at the same time. He looked down. It was too much.


He shot his load right then and there. Rebecca grabbed the towel and put it in front of him. She kept stroking until nothing else came out.

“Awesome!” yelled Sarah.

“I got get me one of these!” she said.

“Slow down there little mermaid. Your not quite ready for that. Rebecca, can you clean that up. And then everyone meet me in the kitchen.”

Tina gave them all something to drink. She didn't indicate to Matthew to get dressed and he just stayed naked, not complaining. Tina sent another text message. A few minutes later, Matthew's mom appeared at the door.

To be continued …...

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