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Middle School Physicals Chapter 6
Fri Apr 6, 2018 10:51

Chapter 6


“Matthew. We have a little unfinished business. You had a little outburst earlier, you hate everyone, your going to run away, so you have a punishment coming. You are going to get 15 swats with the brush and then we are going home. So let's get this over with.”

With that, she sat down on a chair in the kitchen. Matthew was already crying, anticipating what was coming. He laid over his mother's lap. She reached under him and grabbed his testicles.

“This is to insure you don't try to get up”.

She proceeded to give him his 15 swats. He was balling by the time she was done.

Tina spoke up “Now girls, I don't want to hear that you teased Matthew about his spankings or crying. If I do, we will invite him and his mother over and you will get the same spanking in front of everyone. No bullying in this house hold. Got it?”

“YES MA'AM” they both answered emphatically, knowing she was serious.

“Matthew, we should be going.”

With that, Tina handed Brenda Matthew's clothes.

“I couldn't find his underwear.”

Rebecca snapped her head around but didn't say anything. Her mother looked at her with a knowing stare.

“Mom, please don't make me go out there like this.”

He had still been sobbing but was openly crying again. This had been the most unfair day he could have imagined.

“Matthew, you were warned. You know I always follow through on my promises. Now let's go my little naked boy. Besides, you know little boys shouldn't be so modest. This will help you get over that some more. Maybe we'll do it more often.”

Matthew continued crying as they walked outside. He was about to bolt and run home.


He froze and then got behind his mom, hoping to use her for cover.

“Get in front of me, Matthew. I can't see what your doing when you're behind me.”

Matthew's sobs got a little louder as he marched in front of his mother, totally naked. It was only around 5 PM and kids were still out playing. It wasn't long before a group of them were walking alog in front of, besd\ide and behind them. One of the girls started to say something.

“You want to join him? I'd be very careful what you say.”

With that, all the boys left and a couple of the girls left. Matthew's neighbors across the street and next door were still there. All 5 of them girls. They had big grins on their faces. One of them pulled out a phone to take a photo.

“I'll take it away if you take 1 photo” Brenda told her.

She put the phone away but they all kept staring at his penis then at each other and laughing. When they got home, Matthew ran to his room. He slammed the door. He went in and laid on his bed. He laid there for about 45 minutes. He decided to get dressed. He was getting hungry and it was almost dinner time. He openned his drawers. What! His dresser was empty. He looked in his closet. All his clothes were gone! Now What!

'This is bull shit!' he thought to himself. So unfair, just for being a boy! Girls suck!

He went downstairs. His mother was in the kitchen finishing up dinner.

“Yes honey, I took your clothes away. You said you were going to run away. This way, you can't. You won't get far with no clothes on. If you behave, you can have them back in a week, maybe 2 if you don't show improvement.”

“This is so unfair! You would never do that to Jenny!”

His mom replied back “Well, Jenny is a girl, she would never act like you did today, and girls need their modesty. Plus you know, L..”

“I know, little boys shouldn't be so modest. Not fair!”

Just as he said that, a car drove up in the driveway. It was his father and twin sister back from her volleyball tournament.

“Mom, she can't see me like this.”

His mom came back with “You made your bed, now you have to lie in it.”

Just then the door from the garage openned and in walked Matthews's twin sister Jenny. She had a look of shock on her face. Matthew clamped his hands over his penis.

“Matthew, you know the rules, no covering up. Do I need to get the hairbrush?”

Matthew moved his hands to his side and let his sister stare. She covered her mouth, looked at everybody then back at Matthew's penis.

Oh no! Not now! Matthew felt humiliated. He started getting hard in front of his sister. He went to take off to his room. His sister followed not too far behind him. When he got up there, his dad was taking the door off his room.

“Just until your punishment is over. I would be really good if I were you. Don't forget, we're going camping next week end!”

Matthew turned around, visibly upset. He ran right into his sister.

“Watch it!” he yelled at her.

“I will” she replied with a giggle as she stared at his penis.

Matthew went downstairs. His sister followed. He sat on the couch and grabbed a pillow to cover up with.

“Uh, uh! I'll tell mom!” Jenny said.

Matthew was completely hard by then. He grabbed his dick and wagged it at her. She giggled but her mom saw and wasn't as entertained.

“Matthew! Watch it!” his mom cautioned.

“Oh mom, it's OK” said Jenny.

“No it's not!”

Jenny whispered to Matthew, “I won't mind if you wag it at me when we're alone.”

“What are you guys talking about over there?”

“Nothing mom.”

Just then the door bell rang.

“Oh! I forgot Molly was coming over. What do I do mom?”

Matthew started to get up to go to his room.

“You just stay right there young man. I told you we were going to work on your over-modesty issue.”

“It's not fair. Her friends shouldn't be seeing me naked!” Matthew said through his sobs.

“Jenny get the door and bring Molly in here to the living room.”

Jenny ran to the door. “Come in! Right this way! Over here! Look!”

She was so excited she was freaking out. Molly walked in and followed Jeeny into the living room. The naked boy came into view. She stopped in her tracks, hand on her mouth.

“Molly, Matthew is being punished and has to stay naked. He is not to cover up or be rude, so if he does either, please let me know. I can correct his behavior immediately.”

To be continued......

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