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Babysitting for Dummies - Chapter 8
Tue Jun 12, 2018 18:42

Babysitting for Dummies
By WhoDaMan

Chapter 8 – Embarrassed By Neighbors And Spanked Again

“So, this is interesting” Cheryl interrupted. Everyone was startled. Jack immediately reached to cover his crotch. Michael just stood there. He was past reacting after the day he has had. “Prostate massage,” Cheryl said as she noticed Amanda with her finger in Michael's butt. “I'll have to make sure we cover that in the talk. I guess we will have two hands on subjects to learn on. Hi Jack!”

“Uh, hi Ms Miller. I, Uh.. I..” Jack tried to say something but was at a loss for words.

“Don't worry Jack, it's perfectly fine. I just hope you know what you sighed up for. I'll call your mom and let her know your spending the night.” Turning her attention to the girls, “That talk we spoke about. Well, I think we'll have to postpone it until tomorrow. It's getting late and I need to do some preparation. I'll be downstairs. When you all are done, come on down. I have a few chores for the boys.”

Cheryl left and went downstairs. The girls started laughing and giggling.

Jack was red as a beat from embarrassment. Stacey slapped his hands away from his crotch. “So, lets review the rules again. You boys are not allowed to cover up, at all. Covering up will result in a spanking. You will do what you are told immediately when told to do it or it will result in a spanking. No arguing or it will result in a spanking. Treat all females with respect all the time or it will result in a spanking. Got it?”

Jack murmured “Got it.” Michael was a bit louder. “I said Got it?” demanded Stacey. “2 boys gave a resounding “Got it!”

The girls finished up with the 2 boys and dried them off. Amanda and Jenny felt robbed. They each only got to play with 1 boy, Stacey got to do 2. “Don't worry, they will probably need a bath before bedtime too.” Stacey said to relieve their unhappiness.

“Come on boys. Don't forget the rules” Said Stacey as they headed downstairs. Cheryl Miller was in the kitchen getting food out to prep for dinner.

“In here boys” She hollered at them. Everyone strolled into the kitchen. Jack instinctively put his hands over his crotch. “So, Stacey didn't go over the rules with you Jack?” Cheryl said as she walked over to him.

“I told him” Stacey reported. Jack didn't want a spanking so he dropped his hands to his side and blushed bright red.

“Cute, your embarrassed!” Cheryl reached out and grabbed his penis. Jack's whole body twitched in shock. “Don't worry, I don't bite. Often... By the way, you earned a spanking for covering up.”

“But, I “ Jack started to make an excuse. Cheryl cut him off. “Rules are rules, you were warned. Plus, Michael has no choice, you obviously volunteered for this.”

She turned to look at Michael while still holding Jack's stiffening cock. “I need you boys to take out the trash. Make sure it goes in the can outside. Don't forget to put a bag back in this can when you get back in. Then I need the two of you to straighten up the garage.”

Both boys started to object. Jack let Michael speak first “Mom! You can't be serious! We can't go out to the curb naked! Please don't do this to me, uh, to us! I beg you!”

“Look, the chores need to be done, not my fault your in this predicament, and your not allowed to argue. You just earned a spanking too. Now get to it!.” She stroked Jack's now hard cock a few times and released it. “Same rules apply outdoors as in here. No covering up. I expect you girls to make sure they are following the rules.”

Cheryl went back to prepping for dinner. Michael walked over to the trash, resigned to his fate. He stepped on the pedal and the trash can lid popped up. He took the bag out. “Jack, get a bag from the pantry right there.”

Jack, still in shock that he was going to have to go outside naked, walked slowly to the pantry, opened the door, grabbed a bag out of the pack. Michael tied the full trash bag and Jack put the empty one in the can.

“Jack, take those boxes there on your way out.” Cheryl added.

Jack picked up 2 small empty boxes. As they walked out the side door to the garage, Michael held the trash bag in front of him and Jack held the boxes to cover up as well.

“Carry them by your sides or I'll tell Ms Miller and you'll both get an additional spanking!” Stacy warned. The boys complied.

They stood between Cheryl's car and the wall looking to see if anyone was around. The last thing these two 14 year old boys wanted was to be seen by any neighbors, especially kids. Michael thought the coast was clear. He couldn't really see around the hedge, but he was ready to go for it.

“Here we go Jack” he said as he darted towards the trash can. Jack followed running as fast as he could in bare feet. Of course, running only served to get them more attention. As they got past the hedge almost to the big trash can, They heard a girl's voice.

“What the... Hey look, Michael's naked, and so is his friend!” It was Sally, Michael's other neighbor, and she had 3 friends with her. Sally was 1 year behind Michael in school. Laughter, screaming, and giggling erupted. Michael panicked He was trying to open the trash can as fast as he could but he ended up knocking it over.

Stacey, Jenny and Amanda were laughing as well. The stood between the boys and the house. Michael struggle to get the can stood up. He had to drop the bag. He was fully exposed and rapidly getting an erection. The girls came closer.

Jack threw his 2 boxes in the can. He instinctively started moving his hands to cover his hard on. “Don't do it!” Stacey warned. Jack stopped moving his hands but started trying to get back to the house.

Meanwhile Michael was putting the bag in the can while on full display. Sally was rushing to try to get her phone out and take a photo while laughing hysterically Stacey, Jenny, and Amanda were moving side to side trying to stay in the way of the boys' escape. Finally Jack pushed Amanda to the side and ran by. The problem is, Amanda fell down from the shove.

Jack rushed back into the garage with Michael right behind him. They went back into the house. They were followed immediately by the 3 girls.

“You asshole!” Amanda yelled. She slapped Jack on the back.

“What happened? What's wrong?” Cheryl asked.

“Sally and her friends were outside. Jack was in a hurry, and he pushed me down in the driveway to get back to the garage! Look at my knee!” Amanda started crying. It wasn't fake but more from all the emotions of all the activity and the bit of pain she felt.

Cheryl went and grabbed the belt angrily. “Over here, NOW!” she ordered Jack.

Now Jack was scared. He could see this was going to hurt. “I think I want to go home now!” he exclaimed.

“You will get your ass over here NOW or I beat more than just your ass!” Cheryl was angry. He had hurt her little baby.

Jack started to walk towards Cheryl. She grabbed his arm, whipped him around and pushed him over the Arm of the couch. She wasted no time. She laid into his ass with 10 really hard swings. Jack was balling and bouncing with each swing.

“Over there!” she pointed to the corner. Jack ran to the corner rubbing his butt and balling so loud he was almost screaming. “Michael, NOW!”

Michael started towards the couch. “But I didn't...”

“You earned a spanking earlier. Let's get it over with. Do you want more?!” She asked angrily. Michael bent over the arm of the couch. Amanda rushed over and grabbed his balls and penis to hold him steady. Cheryl gave him 10 swings as well, but no where near as hard as she had laid into Jack.

Michael was crying too. He tried to stand up but fell back down. “Let go honey” Cheryl told Amanda. Amanda released his genitals. Michael stood up and headed for the corner.

Stacey spoke up “Jack earned a spanking earlier too. Covering up...”

“Jack! Back over here!” Cheryl demanded. Jack was still crying. He walked slowly over rubbing his butt. His erection was completely gone. Cheryl pushed him over the couch. Amanda grabbed his testicles too, but a little harder. Jack squealed. She grabbed his penis too and looked up at her mom.

Cheryl gave him 10 more swings but this time only as had as she had hit Michael. It didn't matter, he was already red and still stinging from the first beating. He was balling uncontrollably by the time Cheryl was done. She nodded to Amanda to let go. Amanda did.

Jack went back to the corner by Michael crying hard, rubbing his butt, and bouncing up and down. This had the effect of making his penis flop all over the place. The ladies found it a little amusing, but that was tempered by the fact that they felt a little sorry for the boys butts.

“20 minutes corner time, then I want that garage cleaned!” Cheryl ordered.

The girls stayed and watched the boys do their corner time. They talked about babysitting and made some notes while they were waiting.

“Ms Miller, I think that's 20 minutes!” Stacey alerted Cheryl.

By this time the boys had finished crying. Their asses were still burning and they still had the sniffles. “Blow your noses and get started on the garage. And since you made me spank you, you can leave the garage door open...”

Both boys were hoping to be able to close the door. They started crying softly again.

“I expect one of you girls to keep and eye on them” Cheryl told the 3 young ladies. “Oh, we were planning to. We were going to get some more photos too, if that's OK?” Stacey said.

“Absolutely” Cheryl replied.

As the boys made their way into the garage, they saw the 4 girls from next door standing at the end of the driveway near the street. They heard the spankings and yelling. They didn't want to miss any more shows. The girls started laughing immediately. Stacey went over to talk to them.

“What going on ? Why are they naked?” Sally asked while laughing.

“Well, Michael is being punished and his friend Jack joined voluntarily. I think he regrets that now, but it too late. Ms Miller wants them to straighten up the garage and we have to keep an eye on them. You guys can help us”

“Wow! We've never seen a naked boy before! This is so awesome!” All 4 girls were giddy as they walked right up to the garage. The boys put the bicycles up, put their sports stuff away. Michael took some trash and put it in the trash can. The girls got a real good look at Michael again as he walked right past them. Jack started sweeping while Michael finished putting stuff away. Both boys were rock hard again.

“Finished” Michael said. He started to walk towards the door to go inside.

Stacey put her hand on his chest “Wait here. I'll Check with your mom. Stacey went inside. “Ms Miller, the boys say their done. I think you should come out there and check it. I think you'll get a kick out of it!”

Why? Whats up?” Cheryl asked.

“Neighbors!” Stacey said and then she broke out laughing. They both headed for the door as Cheryl wiped her hands with a rag.

They walked out and Cheryl saw the neighbor girl and her friends. “Oh, hi Sally!”

“Hi Ms Miller. Thanks for this! This is Awesome!” Sally replied.
Well, I'm glad you are enjoying it, but I don't think the boys are! Or are they!” She said as she pointed at their boners. They were staring at the ground.

Just to add to the situation, she walked over to Jack and took hold of his penis. Sally and her friends gasped, put their hands over their mouths, and stared wide eyed at the sight of Ms Miller stroking a 14 year old boys penis right in front of them.

“You boys can go inside now.” Cheryl told them, granting them a reprieve from this torture. She let go of Jack's penis and then slapped it. Making it shake side to side. The girls gasped again.

Once the boys were out of sight the girls started back down the driveway, “Bye Ms Miller and thanks again!” Sally said as she and her friends left to go back to Sally's house next door.

“My pleasure” Cheryl said as she followed the kids inside.

To Be Continued..........

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