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Babysitting for Dummies - Chapter 9
Tue Jun 12, 2018 18:43

Babysitting for Dummies
By WhoDaMan

Chapter 9 – More Girls Invited To The Sex Ed Lesson, Eating Dinner

“You boys did good. And I am surprised you did so well with Sally and her friends there!” Cheryl told Michael and Jack.

“It's not like we had a choice!” Michael objected.

“Well, dinner is ready, so get cleaned up and let's eat” Cheryl told everyone.

“You were right Stacey, they do need another bath” Jenny observed. The girls giggled.

“While the kids were washing up, the doorbell rang. “Stacey, see who that is. Better yet, Michael, see who that is” Cheryl ordered.

Michael thought about objecting but then remembered the spanking. He went to the door and opened it while standing behind it. It was Sally's mom.

“Oh, my Michael, is it true? Are you naked?” Tracy Scott from next door asked as she pushed her way into the house. “Well, yes you are!” She said as she took a look at him. Michael just stood there, knowing better than to cover up.

“Hi, Tracy!” Cheryl said “Come on in. What a surprise!”

“I'll say! The girls came back all excited and couldn't contain themselves. I asked them what was going on and they told me they got to watch Michael and his friend clean the garage and they were naked. The said their thingies were pointing straight out too! Of course to them, they were 'huge'. What's going on?”

“Well” Cheryl started “Michael was caught standing in his room in the dark naked, watching Stacey change clothes and masturbating! So he is being punished. I decided to embarrass him to maybe change this behavior and let Stacey get even. His friend Jack there volunteered, although I don't think he knew what he was getting into. Now he is stuck until he goes home tomorrow.”

“Well, its kind of shocking! The girls sure got a lesson in anatomy!” Mrs. Scott said.

“Well, actually, we're having a sex talk tomorrow and the boys will be our study guides. You think you would want the girls to be there too? I have to warn you, it's going to be very hands on. We will be exploring every part of their bodies and showing how they function. Completely.” Cheryl explained.

“Well, I think it would be awesome for Sally to attend. I've been putting off having that talk, but it's over due. It would save me from having to do it. I would have to check with the other girls' mothers. I'm betting some or all of them would be OK with it.” Tracey answered.

“My Michael, you sure have grown up. A Lot!” Tracey said as she giggled like a school girl. “OK, well, I better get back. The girls have probably completely freaked out by now.”

“OK, let me know what you find out. I'm going to be making lunch for everyone tomorrow, so I need to know how many will be here. We're going to start about 10:30 with the discussion, have some lunch, then we will move on to the hands on portion of the lesson. Probably be done by 2:30 or 3. They can come over early if they want, maybe even have breakfast with us. Let me know!” Cheryl added.

“Wow! That sounds like fun for all! Well, except the boys maybe.” Tracey said.

“I don't mind a few chaperons! That is if your available. I don't want to put you out” Cheryl said giggling and gave Tracey a wink.

“I'm your gal. 1 Chaperon coming up! I'll get back to you.” Tracey Scott said as she let herself out. As she went through the door, she looked back 1 more time at both of the naked boys then pulled the door closed as she left.

“Mom!” Michael whined “this isn't fair! It's getting out of hand! This is way more than you would have punished Amanda if she did the same thing! And she did! Remember when she snuck in the bathroom and peeked at me in the shower! This is totally unfair!”

“I'm not having this argument with you again” Cheryl answered “Now let's eat. Jack, hands!” Jack had slid his hands in front of him and was partially covered.

“It's, It's just too much... I thought this would be fun but it's not fun anymore.” Jack said “You guys are mean and this is so one sided. I don't think I'm going to stay tomorrow afternoon. I never agreed to spend the night, you ordered me to do that, but you said I only had to do this until tomorrow morning.”

“We'll see. Maybe I'll check with your mom and see what she says. Maybe we'll see what your sisters are doing tomorrow, or even tonight!” Cheryl teased. She thought maybe Jack wouldn't want them to know and so he would agree.

“Please don't do that. I'm begging you.”

Cheryl answered “Well, your the one trying to mess up my plans.”

“OK,”Jack said, as he dropped his head “I'll stay”.

“Good. Lets Eat! I am starved.”

They went to the table to sit. The girls hurried and picked chairs so the boys would have to sit between them. Stacey reached over and grabbed Michael's cock which was still hard.

“Does this thing ever go down?” She laughed.

Michael pulled away. “Why did you do that? Stop it. We're supposed to be eating dinner!”

“Michael, we talked about respecting females. Watch it!” Cheryl admonished.

Just to make a point, Stacey reached over and grabbed him again, just for a second, then she let go and sat down. It's not like Michael totally objected, just not in front of everyone and not after the whole discussion about more people coming to watch and humiliate him. After all, he was still sporting a boner.

They all sat to eat. After a little while, Michael put his hand on Stacey's thigh. She looked up at him. Their eyes met. She thought he had a totally confused lost look but his temperament look to have calmed down. She reached over under the table and gently took hold of his cock. She slowly stroked it, trying not to be noticed. Jenny was to Michael's right. She could tell what Stacey was doing. She just ate and stole glances.

It's not like everyone didn't know what was going on, just nobody said anything. Cheryl made small talk and spoke about a few details for tomorrow. Amanda reached over and grabbed Jack's penis. He was rock hard still too. 'These things are amazing!' she thought to herself. She wanted one but only to use when she wanted too. Not like all the time or anything.

After everyone was done eating and Cheryl felt the girls had had enough fun 'not doing anything', she suggested they play a game in the living room. Everyone agreed on Charades.

“OK, boys, clear the table and do the dishes. We ladies will set up for the game.” Cheryl ordered.

The boys hesitated as everyone just sat watching. They finally stood up, boners bouncing. They started clearing each of the ladies' dishes. Michael walked over and took his mom's dishes. As he reached for them, Cheryl grabbed his penis and gave it a few strokes, then let it go. The other girls did the same as the boys cleared their dishes. Michael did Stacey's dishes while Jack did Amanda's and Jenny's.

Once the boys were at the sink to start washing, the ladies all got up and went into the living room. Cheryl got some used poster boards and set then up on her art easel with the backs, which were blank, facing out. She got some markers. She had Stacey pop some popcorn and the other girls get some drinks for everyone. This would be fun!

To Be Continued..........

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