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Babysitting for Dummies - Chapter 10
Tue Jun 12, 2018 18:44

Babysitting for Dummies
By WhoDaMan

Chapter 10 – Charades, Winners And Losers

The ladies sat in the living room having a discussion while the boys washed the dishes.

“So, I think we should use special rules for our game. We can have the boys do all the charades part, writing on the board and tring to get us to guess. That way they'll be up in front of us the whole time. They're supposed to be on display as part of this whole process” said Cheryl.

“Should we have some kind of punishment or forfeit if they lose? We need to have some fun with this.”

“Well” stacey spoke up “What if we do like 3 rounds or something, and the team with the fewest wins, the boy for the other team has to... well, you know... in front of all of us.”

“Masturbate. The word is masturbate. You might as well get used to saying it, you did it to them a few times today and we'll be doing it tomorrow” Cheryl said, a little perturbed.

“OK so what if we play 5 rounds. The team that gets to 3 wins is the winner. Te boy for the losing team has to masturbate for everyone. If neither team makes it to 5, they both have to. Should the other players on the losing team have to do anything? What do y'all think?”

“The other losers have to pick someone to give the boy for the winners a blowjob!” Jenny said excitedly.

“Whoa, girl. Hold on” interjected Cheryl “we were not talking about committing sex acts!”

“Well, masturbating them is, like, a handjob right? And that's a sex act.” Jenny correctly answered.

“Well, technically yes, but, this could get a little weird” added Cheryl.

“Please, Please? I really want to get a chance to do a blowjob!” Jenny pleaded.

“What do you other girls think? I think it's too much. Im'm not sure your ready for that!” Cheryl asked.

Amanda and Stacey looked at each other with that familiar 'if she only knew' look since they had blindfolded Michael that morning and were rubbing their naked bodies on him, sucking his cock, and more.

“I think we could handle it” Stacey answered. “Yea, me too” said Amanda.

“Well, I reserve the right to chane it but we'll go for that for now. And just to add a little excitement, the other loser has to take off their top!” Said Cheryl as she giggled. She was surprised when Stacey and Amanda said “OK!” Jenny didn't reply. She couldn't see herself going topless.

“OK! I can't believe we're going to do this!” Said Cheryl as she continued to act like a little school girl. Truth ism Cheryl hadn't had a date in 2 years, and all the naked teen and penis action had gotten her turned on all day.

“So, to make the teams close to fair, Stacey and I will be on seperate teams. You 2 girls will be on separate teams. Amanda, its your house, which team do you want to be on?” asked Cheryl.

“I want to be on your team Mom. You really smart, so we should win this easily.” answered Amanda.

“OK, Stacey, you pick whick boy you want.” Cheryl told her.

“I'll take Jack. That way if we lose, Michael will be on the other team, besides, I can't believe either of you wants to give Michael a blowjob!” Stacey said.

“Oh, good catch! It would be weird to have to give your own family member a blowjob!” Answered Cheryl “I'm still not sure I'm ok with all of it. We'll see. Millers versus the world!”

Just then the phone rang. It was Tracey Scott. She and Cheryl talked about who would be attending tomorrow while the girls chatted about the game and what was going to happen. Cheryl hung up the phone.

The boys had finished. They came into the living room. They were both about to have a seat when Cheryl spoke up. “No need to sit down just yet boys. So here are the rules. This is a contest. We are going to play 5 rounds of charades. You two will be the official drawers. You will try to get us to come up with the phrase for all 5 games. The game is over when 1 team is ahead and gets at least 3 of them correct.”

“The winner gets a prize, the losing boy will have to do a forfeit. We will decide the forfeit, in fact we already decided, but we're not going to disclose it until we're done.”

“Any questions? None? Well then, boys, you can set 1 chair up here in front off to the side. You can take turns sitting in it while the other boy stands. All the naked boy house rules still apply!” Cheryl finished “Let play!”

With that, she slapped Michael on the ass “You go first big boy!”

Jack took a chair and set it next to Jenny in front.

“Here are the cards from our Pictionary game. We'll just use the top one on each card. Draw one and go!” Cheryl told Michael.

Michael drew a card. He studied it for a second, thinking about what he wanted to demonstrate. Cheryl turned over the little hourglass timer. Michael started by holding 4 fingers in the air. Next he drew a snake. It wasn't the best but you could tell it was a snake. As he was drawing, the ladies were looking at the board and watching his penis bounce all over the place. “Snake” said Amanda and she giggled. The other females giggled too, like they were all in on the same joke.

Michael pointed at her and shook his head. Next he drew lines all around the the snake.
“A snake in the grass” yelled Cheryl. Michael turned around and repeated “Snake in the grass! You got it.” Cheryl made 1 mark on her tablet in the row for round 1 for their score.

Jack stood up, still naked and still hard. Jenny reached out and grabed his boner as he was drawing a card. He was startled and jumped back. “Oh, come on, I didn't hurt you!” Jenny told him.

“No, it just startled me. I 'm still not used to this!” With that he studied the card while Jenny was holdig his cock. Cheryl flipped the timer over. Jack stepped back, pulling his dick free. He held up 4 fingers. “Four words!” yelled Jenny. Jack shook his head yes.

Next he drew an arrow pointing up on the board. The girls started guessing “Arrow, this way, that waty, is it pointing?” Jack shook his head yes and pointed his finger up. “UP?” yelled Stacey. Jack shook his head yes, then drew a 2nd arrow on the board. “UP UP?” asked Stacey, not sure because it didn't sound right to her.

Just then Jenny pointed her right fist in front of her and curled her left arm and fist by her side and yelled “Up Up and Away!” Jack turned and said “Yes! Great job!” He was standing in front of Jenny again who grabbed his cock again. He sat down and let her continue to play with it.

“Jenny!” Cheryl said. Jenny let go of the cock which remained rock hard. She had a frown on her face.

Michael took another card. Cheryl flipped the timer. Michael rushed to the board. He wasn't ready for her to do that. He held up 5 fingers. “Five words!” Cheryl and Amanda said at the same time. Michael shook his head yes. He drew a crude picture of the 'world'. Cheryl guessed it right. Next he drew an arrow at the top of the picture pointing at it. “Here in the world?, Up there.. “ the ladies were guessing. Suddenly Cheryl blurted out “On Top of the World!” Michael gave an exceited 'yes!'.

Jack stood and Michael grabbed a seat. Jenny looked at Cheryl who was paying attention to Amanda and marking the score down so she reached out and gave Michael's cock a quick couple of strokes. Michael smiled at her but didn't say anything. This wasn't so bad, he thought.

Jack drew a card. He looked worried. Cheryl flipped the timer. Jack held up 4 fingers. “Four words!” Jenny and Stacey yelled. Jack nodded. Next he pretended to be whispering in Michael's ear. The girl's thought he was actually telling him something. Jack motioned with his hand as if to say come on and continued pretending to be whispering to Michael. The girls threw out some ideas but none was right. He waved no with his hands. Went back to the board led by his boner.

He drew a profile of an eyeball on the poster. He drew lines pointing out from the eye. “Laser, xray vision, superman eyes...” They were'nt getting it. He held 2 fingers to his fore arm. “2 Syllables!” He shook his head yes, pointed at the board then pointed at his palm with the marker. This went on until the timer expired.

“Times up! We win!” yelled Amanda. Cheryl added a zero for Jack round 2. 2 to 1! “ She announced.

Michael stood up. Jenny brushed his penis as he walked over to get a card. Jack walked over and sat down and again, Jenny grabbed his penis. She looked at cheryl who was giving her the evil eye. She let go. Cheryl flipped the timer.

Michael held up 3 fingers. “3 Words!” yelled Cheryl and Amanda. He immediately started drawing a set of stairs. “Stairway to Heaven!” yelled Cheryl. Everyone else was stunned. Michael turned and pointed and was jumping up and down in excite,ment. His penis was slapping his belly and then his thigh with each jump. The girls laughed. Michael stopped.

“Mom, how did you get that one so fast?” Asked Amanda. “It's a name of a song silly” she replied.

“OK, so we win. Jack has to perform a forfiet. We decided earlier that the forfeit is,,, You have to masturbate in front of everyone!” Cheryl explained.

“What? No! I can't do that! It's so embarrassing! Can't someone do it for me?”

“That would be more like a reward. This is a forfeit. SO get to it.” Oh, and part of Michael's reward and it can be inspiration for you, one of the girls has to take off her top. You girls decide who.”

Michael's jaw dropped open. Stacey and Jenny Looked at each other then Stacey said “What the hell” and pulled off her Shirt and unclasped her bra. Cheryl went to stop her but was too late. Stacey perky tits popped into veiw. Michael's penis was throbbing. He saw her undress but never got this far. She was always facing away or walked out of view when he was peeking at her from next door.

Jack was staring and almost drooling. He reach for his cock.

“I meant your top, your shirt, not your bra!” Cheryl told her. Stacey giggled. Jack started jerking off standing ringt in front of Jenny but staring at Staceys tits. Jenny reached over and cradled his testicles. He wasn't going to last long.

Michael reached for his cock too. Cheryl slapped his hand away. “You have a reward coming!”

Just then Jack yelled “Oh Shit!” and he shot his load. Because of where he was standing, it hit Jenny right in the face. She screamed. He hit her with 3 ropes of come before she leaned back. The 4th shot landed on Stacey's nipple and dribbled down. Stacey let out a gasp as she watched the cum dribble off her breast. She wiped what was left with her fingers. She smelled it. She went ahead and tasted it, then licked her fingers. Everyone else just watched amazed. Jack's last few shots were much smaller and landed on Jenny's lap and the arm of the couch.

“WOW!” Amanda broke the silence. Jack sat down. He felt a little spent.

Michael spoke up, “So, “ Cheryl cut him off, “Stacey? You or Jenny?”

“Uh, Me!” Stacey said. She was still distracted by what had just happenned. She leaned forward, reached and grabbed Michael by the penis and pulled him toward her. She spread her knees and pulled her skirt up, and pulled Michael bewteen her legs. Michael looked down. He could see between her legs. She wasn't wearing any panties! “Oh, Shit!” he exclaimed.

Cheryl couldn't see because Michael was blocking her view. The other girls could see. Jack looked over when he heard Michael. He could see her pussy too. His eyes got big. If he hadn't just cum, he probably would have done so right there!

Stacey leaned forward and took Michael's penis in her mouth. She had already done this earlier when she was showing him the photos on her laptop. Michael tilted his head back and closed his eyes for a second.

Cheryl was watching everyones reactions. She wasn't sure this was a good idea, but she let it go. Stacey was slurping and sucking while carressing Michael's balls. He didn't last long. He looked her in the eye then tilted his head back again and shot rope after rope of gum in Stacey's mouth. She swallowed it all. A good sized load for a 14 year old.

Michael stepped back slightly and stared stacey in the eye then back down at her exposed pussy. Cheryl finally saw Stacey's panty-less crotch. “Stacey!” she yanked Michael back and forced Stacey to close her legs. “Put your shirt on and no more exposing ANY of yourself or you will be in trouble young lady!”

“It's getting late. Take these boys up and bath them. Then you girls need to go to Staceys and and everyone needs to go to bed. We have a lot to do tomorrow.

To Be Continued..........

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