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Babysitting for Dummies - Chapter 11
Tue Jun 12, 2018 18:44

Babysitting for Dummies
By WhoDaMan

Chapter 11 – Bathing The Boys, Girls Are As Bad As Boys

Stacey reached over and grabbed Michael by the penis and started leading him upstairs. Jenny saw this and grabbed Jack's penis and did the same. Jack was about to complain then thought better of it. They marched to the bathroom.

“OK, so I get my turn. With Michael's huge cock!” Jenny asserted. “And I get my turn with Jack!” shouted Amanda.

“What, my cock isn't huge?” Jack said disappointed.

“Well, I don't know. We still haven't measured it and it is smaller than Michael's, but I guess its huge to me.” Amanda tried to make him feel better. 'Boys have such fragile little egos when it comes to their penises!' she thought to herself.

Stacey left the room to find a ruler.

Jenny washed Michael much the same way she washed Jack. Michael didn't allow her to stick her finger up his ass. Just as Stacy got back Jenny whined to her about it.

“Well he's my boyfriend so, no you cannot stick your finger in his butt! You are so gross sometimes.”

“Wait, what? Boyfriend?” Michael asked.

“Yes. You are my boyfriend. You will do what I say, when I say it, no arguing. Other girls can only look and touch if I say OK. Do you have a problem with that?” Stacey asked matter of factually.

“Uh, no. Um, I don't think so. Uh I would like to have some say once in awhile. No I don't have a problem with that. I have been in love with you since 2nd grade! Hell no I don't have a problem with it!” Michael replied.

“Well, you should have some balls once in a while and act on stuff like that. If you had asked me to go steady before, we probably wouldn't be here doing this right now. Well, actually, maybe its good that you didn't. Now we have a whole different dynamic between us. One where I am in charge.” Stacy said as Jenny continued to wash him and stroke his rock hard cock.

Amanda was having fun with Jack too. She rinsed his head, but didn't really wash it, or any other part except his cock.

“Rinse his penis and then we can measure it.” Stacy instructed Amanda. Amanda grabbed the wand and rinsed Jack head to toe with extra attention to his genitals. She took the ruler from Stacy. “Lay it on top, push in a little, then take the measurement.” Stacy guided.

Amanda help Jacks Penis in one hand pulling out away from his body. She jammed the ruler in tight in his groin are just above, “5 and 1/2”. She looked up at Jack who looked her in the eye “That's all?” she said. She was disappointing. Not in the number, she had no idea what was normal. Just that Michael was bigger. She had ideas about being his girlfriend. This news was devastating even though he was above normal or average for his age, weight, and height.

“Not bad!” said Stacy.

Amanda felt better. Stacey knew her way around a penis, so if she thinks its good, its good!.

The girls finished washing the boys and then drying them off. Stacy took more photos. She also took Michael's penis in her mouth again after he dried off. They headed downstairs. Stacy and Jenny started for the front door. “By Amanda, by Ms Miller!” they yelled. Ms miller came into the living room.

“NO, NO, NO... You boys walk them home and then come on back. It's the proper way to treat a lady.” Cheryl told the boys. Both had stunned looks on their faces.

I'll walk with them” Amanda spoke up.

“Great!” replied Cheryl. Amanda grabbed both boys by their penises and headed towards the door. All the females started laughing. They followed Stacy and Jenny out the door. It was just getting to be dusk. They headed down the drive. Just as they past the hedges, they heard voices again.

“See, I told you if we waited long enough we would see them again!” Sally told her friends.

“What are you guys up to now?” Sally asked.

“These handsome boys are walking us home. Don't you think they look handsome tonight?” Stacey asked Sally jokingly.

“Oh, absolutely. I really love the accessories!” Sally added and they all started laughing harder. The boys did not like it.

“Stacey, don't embarrass your boy friend like this. You may not have one too long!” Michael threatened.

“Oh, don't be silly. Just having a little fun Nobody's getting hurt.” Stacy replied.

“I wouldn't say nobody” replied Michael, then he turned and faced forward and marched on. Then he yelled out “Consequences!”

They were walking up the sidewalk to Stacy's house. She didn't want her parents to find out what was happening in case they put a stop to it all. “OK, boys, thanks for escorting us here. You may go.” Stacy said in a not too loud voice. “Michael”.

Michael stopped and looked at her. She leaned in and kissed him, then rushed up the stairs and into her house. Michael and Jack started running home to get out of sight of the public plus Sally and her friends. Amanda tried to get them to stop and wait, Michael and Jack stopped inside their yard past the hedge where they had some cover.

Amanda was hurrying to catch up. “No more running!” she ordered.

Sally started to come into the yard but Michael pushed her back. “Go home! Now!” Sally stopped in her tracks, disappointed.

Amanda and the boys went back in the house. “See ya soon!” Sally said to them.

Michael and Jack headed upstairs to Michael's room. Amanda stayed in the Living room. She was still too worked up, excited. It had been the craziest day she could imagine.

“Bed time honey. Long day tomorrow!” Her mom told her.

Amanda went to her room. She changed for bed, turned off her light. She cracked her door and listened to make sure her mother went downstairs. She leaned back on her bed and slid her hand into her shorts. She had her phone next to her with a slideshow of the pictures she had taken of the naked boys. She had her best orgasm ever!

Michael and Jack were in Michael's room. They weren't making any noise. They weren't talking. They were laying there contemplating what had happened. They were still naked. Suddenly Michael could make out a faint sound. It's... his name! “Michael, oh Michael...” He stepped in the hall. He leaned against his sister's door, it moved slightly. He peeked in through he crack. She was saying his name and masturbating!

This just what Michael was talking about. The girls get away with the same stuff he got into trouble for. He rushed and got his phone and turned on the recorder. “Oh, Michael.. Touch me, Oh that's it, Oh yeah, right there...”

Michael knew this was his ticket to end this forced nudity situation. He would show them all at breakfast. He went back to his room. He walked over to the window with the light off. Suddenly Stacy's light came on next door. Not again! This is where all his troubles started.

After Friday night, she knew he could see if he was looking. She walked in the dark to her bathroom. She undressed. She stepped into the doorway. She reached over and turned on the light. She was hidden from view where she currently stood. She took a deep breath and walked to her bed, in the middle of the room. She sat on the bed, facing the window. Her curtains were open, like they always were. It was dark next door. She had no way of knowing if anyone was watching.

Michael was shocked. She was naked! She wanted him to see her naked. He still had his phone in his hand. He pointed it and started the camera again.

Stacy set her laptop next to her and turned it on. She stared straight into the darkness. She pulled her feet up and spread her knees apart. She pulled up one of the videos on her laptop. PLAY. She reached for her labia. She was already wet. She had been wet all day.

She wiped her finger through the moisture in a deep stroke up through the folds. She reached her clitoris. It was already sticking up. Her lady boner. She giggled to herself. She looked at the naked boy in the video. She started rubbing. Little circles at first. Then as she sped up she just rubbed back and forth over it. Left to right and back furiously, then up and down and up and down, faster, faster. She was breathing heavy. She reach with her free hand and rolled her nipple through her fingers, pinching ever so carefully, and rubbing faster, faster. She started to arch her back.

She took a deep breath and unintentionally held it. She rubbed furiously, faster, faster... She used her other hand and pushed 2 fingers into her vagina. She pumped in and out as fast as she rubbed her clitoris. Suddenly, the feeling rushed up through her core and her crotch. It was like her insides were expanding and she was tingling all over. It felt like it rolled over her face and her scalp. She kept rubbing furiously. Oh, god it was so great! Faster and faster. She felt it reach a point she thought she would explode. She continued and held there for what seemed lie an eternity, but was really just 10 seconds.

She pulled her fingers out. She kept rubbing, riding the wave as it receded She put her fingers to her nose. The scent was thrilling. She slowed her rubbing. She breathed out. She let her hands drop down to her sides. She just laid there... Relaxed...

Michael stood there in disbelief and shock. Wow, her orgasm seem so much more than his. His built up and then a sudden release and it was over in about 5 to 10 seconds. No drawn out top of the mountain experience like what he just witnessed.

Stacy was staring into the darkness. Did he see? She wanted him to see. Should she have told him to be watching. She felt disappointment. Then suddenly, a light, a silhouette! He did see. She was excited and a little embarrassed. It seemed like a better idea when she was horny. Now that she was done, she wasn't sure. What was that light? He was recording her! Oh no!

Michael had reached down to turn off the camera. The background light came on. Oh crap!. He quickly hit the button to close the screen.

Stacy just lay there for a while, relaxing, thinking. What was he going to do with the video? Did he like what he saw? Does he really want her as his girlfriend? All these years. She had watched him grow up. Pretended to kiss him, writing her name as 'Stacy Miller'. She fell asleep. She dreamed of him.

Michael laid down on his bed. His cock was rock hard again. He wrapped his hand around it. He ran his palm over the top of it. Was she really going to be his girlfriend? All these years, watching her grow up, mature. Picturing her as the object of his fantasies. How was he going to exact his revenge? They all had to pay. What was he going to do about Stacy's part in it all? He fell asleep.

To Be Continued..........

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