Sex Education for Dummies - Chapter 12 / 1
Tue Jun 12, 2018 18:45

Sex Education for Dummies
By WhoDaMan

Chapter 1 – More Girls Get To Meet The Naked Boys

Stacy woke up hearing a noise in the hallway. Light was streaming into the room. Why was she naked? she asked herself. Why was this video playing over and over on her laptop. Then she remembered. She closed the laptop and pulled the sheet over herself.

Her mother opened her door slowly. “Stacy honey, you up? It's nearly 9 o'clock”.

“Morning mom” was her reply. “I'm getting up”.

“Breakfast is on the table when your ready”. Her mom closed the door and left.

Stacy looked up. There standing in the window across from her were 2 naked boys. They had been staring at her sleeping naked! She slid out of bed and rushed to close the window.

The 2 boys had been watching her for the last half hour. She was beautiful. A 14 year old naked girl. 2 days ago they would have never thought they would see such a sight. Now, they had seen a lot and been through a lot. They stood there with hard-ons, not saying anything. Suddenly the girl woke up. There was some commotion, then she stared right at them. She closed her curtains. Was she mad? They will find out soon enough.

“So you still thinking about leaving?” Michael asked Jack.

“I don't know. Its confusing. On the one hand, I've never done anything sexual with a girl and now I've had them wash my dick and give me handjobs. I had to jack off for them. I've been naked since yesterday morning. Oh, and I think I want to fuck your sister.”

“Sorry, I probably shouldn't have said that.” Jack lamented.

“It's OK bro... you won't get any argument from me. Bro-s before ho-s! Right?”

Jack replied “I'm staying. But I'm not sure if I want to be naked in front of a bunch of girls, but then part of me thinks it would be awesome. So confused... All I know is I don't want any more spankings. If that starts to happen, I'm out of here.”

They both headed down for breakfast. As they got close to the bottom of the stairs, they heard voices they didn't recognize. And some that sounded familiar. The looked in the living room. There were Amanda and Jenny, and Amanda's other friends Amy and Heather. There was Sally from next door and 2 of her 3 friends. They were all eating and drinking, and chatting. They got quiet as the boys got to the bottom of the stares. The just gawked.

Amanda spoke “Morning sleepy heads!”.

The sound from the kitchen stopped. “In here boys!” Cheryl said. The boys walked towards the kitchen.

“Oh hell no!” Jack exclaimed.

“Oh hell yes” was the reply from his mother.

There in the kitchen were Michael's mom, Jacks Mom, Jacks older and younger sisters, Sally's Mom, a woman they didn't know, and 2 girls from their class at school. Beth and Charlotte, both Freshmen Cheerleaders. They didn't know it but Rachel, who is a Varsity Cheerleader, had invited them.

“I'm out of here” Jack said angrily. “This was never part of the discussion. Girls from school? My sisters! You gotta be kidding.” He headed upstairs to get dressed. He suddenly remembered, he didn't know where his clothes were. He stayed in Michael's room for a while.

Meanwhile, downstairs... “Mom, how could you bring girls from school? I hate you so much right now!”

“Calm down. Beth and Charlotte's moms are part of my women's peer group. We've been talking about the sex education classes at school and how much they suck. They hardly teach girls anything, especially not how to stop from getting pregnant. Anyway, they're here to help us get ideas to take to the board. Well, and for the fun of it.” She giggled.

“Some of it's not fun! For some of us!”

“Hey mister, you brought this on your self!” His mom chided.

“Oh really? So if somebody in this house is watching someone else who's naked and then they are masturbating, that's a problem?”

“Exactly!” His mom answered back “Now you sound like you get it! Finally!”

“Hold that thought” Michael replied “I will be right back.”

He ran up to his room as everyone stared at his boner bouncing up and down. The girls in the living room laughed. So did Jack's sisters. Beth and Charlotte just sat there with there mouths open a bit in shock. They really hadn't believed what they were told, but here he was, naked.

Michael came running back down bouncing into the kitchen. Jack followed him down the stairs. He couldn't go anywhere without his clothes. All the girls moved over to crowd around the kitchen. Michael turned on the TV in the kitchen and the apple TV box. He punched a few buttons on his phone and suddenly there was a video up on the TV for everyone to see.

It started as a picture of a door. Then the camera had moved to the gap in the door. The door slid open just a little more. There was Amanda on her bed in her pajamas. She started something on her phone. Then she reached in her pants.

“OK, enough” Cheryl said “Turn it off!”. “Yeah, turn it off!”Amanda yelled in a panic. She was trying to push her way past everyone to get to the TV.

“You said if one of us is masturbating to someone else while their naked it was wrong! Just wait” Replied Michael. Just then on the TV she started speaking. She closed her eyes, “Michael! Oh Michael! Oh, give me that big cock! Oh Michael...”

Cheryl turned the TV off.

“She was masturbating to naked pictures of me that you let her take. I told you girls were just as much of a pervert as guys. Now lets see if your a woman of your word! What are you going to do to Amanda?” Michael challenged.

“Well, I might just have to think about this one. But it's not the same.” Amanda ran to her room and slammed the door. “We'll talk about this later. We have a lesson to get through”. With that Cheryl got up and headed to Amanda's room.

Jack's older sister Rachel spoke up “Nice to see you Michael, and Jack. All of you! Oh, and nice dick!” the girls all erupted in laughter.

“Sorry, don't get jealous, but property of Stacey!” Michael replied as he grabbed his hard-on and shook it up and down a few times. He didn't even seem embarrassed. He had spent plenty of time at Jack's house with Rachel there, so she wasn't exactly a stranger.

Beth spoke up “What do you mean property of Stacy? She has her own naked boy?” She and Charlotte looked over at Stacy and then back at the naked Michael.

“Yep, this penis is her property. You have to get permission to ride this ride!” Michael wagged his penis at her again and this time even Michael laughed. Beth and Charlotte sat shocked again and staring. At this point Michael was getting a bit horny and wanted to cum, so he let go of his erection to let things calm down.

Just about that time Stacy walked in the front door with a little boy in tow as Ms Miller was walking down the stairs with Amanda.

Boys, get your breakfast. We need to get started in about a half hour.

Michael was really getting into this now. He was going to have some fun with it. He made himself a bowl of cereal. He walked over and stood between Beth and Charlotte. His penis was sticking straight out at eye level right between them. He stood there and ate his cereal while the 2 girls nervously stared at his cock. The thrill was making him even harder. He looked up at Stacy who just smiled at him.

She gestured with her hand like a phone next to her ear and mouthed 'we need to talk'. Michael shook his head yes.

Jack got his breakfast and walked over to stand by Amanda. She was distraught. He rubbed his penis on her shoulder. She looked up and started grinning. It was going to be a fun day.

To Be Continued..........

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