Sex Education for Dummies - Chapter 13 / 2
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Sex Education for Dummies
By WhoDaMan

Chapter 2 – Let The Lesson Begin

After everyone had finished breakfast, Cheryl told everyone to head for the basement. She had everything setup down there and there was plenty of room. She had borrowed chairs and had set them up in a semi circle. In the middle were 3 chairs and a table with a sheet on it. She had a video camera set up off to the side up high to record everything.

“OK boys, those seats up front are for you guys. Girls, younger ones in front.” Cheryl instructed.

Every one took a seat. A few of the mothers stood in the back. Cheryl walked up front.

“OK. First, I need to say something. We're here to learn some sex education. These boys are going to help us with that. While we're going to enjoy it and have some fun, no one is allowed to be rude or insulting to the boys. If you are, you will leave immediately and I will have a talk with your mothers. Everybody got that?”

There was a collective 'yes ma'am'.

“OK. So lets start with introductions. This young brave man here is Toby. Stacy babysits Toby and Toby's mom agreed to lend him to us for this lesson. Everyone say hi to Toby” There was a collective 'hi Toby' from the excited crowd. Lizzy asked “Where's Tina?” Toby didn't reply. Tina was Toby's twin sister. Cheryl continued “Toby, why don't you go over behind that curtain and get undressed”.

“I, I don't want to....” was Toby's reply. Stacy came over, whispered in his ear, then guided him to the curtained off area. A minute later they emerged with Toby being naked and embarrassed.

“Now, Toby is obviously nervous and I know you girls are going to be extra nice to him or I might just spank you in front of everyone. Oh, and any spankings that happen here will be done while you are naked, got that?”

All the girls answered with a nervous 'yes ma'am'.

“OK, so boys, lets have all 3 of you stand and turn around facing away from us.”

Toby was glad to turn around and not be facing all these girls. Michael and Jack stood and turned facing away.

“So ladies, here we have 3 male behinds. 2 of them look a little bruised. I guess we all know why that happens. As you can see there is not much different about the male rear end that size as they get older. In fact, other than the hair on their bodies being more obvious, they don't look much different than a girl's rear end.” With that the girls giggled and a few laughed.

“Beth, why don't you stand up and show us your naked rear end?” Cheryl said. Beth's eyes got big and she immediately blushed, shaking her head no.

“Just kidding!” Cheryl said letting her off the hook. There were quite few laughs but Beth wasn't laughing.

“Boys, turn around and face us” Cheryl instructed.

All 3 boys turned around. Toby turned really slowly and had his hands over his crotch.

“Toby, there will be no covering up, honey. If you do that again, unfortunately, there will be a spanking, right here in front of everyone. Now, you don't want that. I don't want that. I'm so glad you are here to help teach us. OK, little man?”

Toby moved his hands with help from Stacy. Stacy stayed close by him. He was in her care and she was going to protect him, no matter what.

“So, as you can see, there are a lot more differences from the front.” More giggles from the crowd. “We'll start with the face”. There was a collective “Awe” from the disapointed group of girls.

“As you can see, the older boys have a light brush of hair above their lips. This is a sign that they have already started puberty. In fact, it could be used as an indicator for you of if and how far a boy is into puberty. It's not 100% as every boy is different.”

The boys didn't like they themselves discovering and the girls being taught how to gauge a boys sexual maturity without having to see them undressed.

“Boys, lift your arms and lock your hands behind your heads” Cheryl ordered.

The boys did as they were told. Stacy helped Toby to keep things moving. He was likely to do things slower than the other boys since he was more nervous.

“As you can see, there is a difference here too. Michael has quite a bit of under arm hair growth, Jack has some too, but not as much. That would indicate Toby is a little farther along in puberty than Jack.” At this, Jack blushed while Michael grinned.

“And as you can see, Toby hasn't started growing hair under his arms yet.”

At this Toby started to drop his hands but Stacy stopped him.

“Next, if you will look at their chests...” The girls were acting restless. “I know you want to get to the 'good parts' but bear with me girls. If you look at their chests, you will notice the muscles for the older boys are more defined while Toby's are softer, more rounded or padded. As boys get older, they lose a lot of their baby fat.”

The girls laughed at the term baby fat, so did Toby. 'Maybe he is starting to relax' thought Cheryl.

“You will notice the same thing about their legs and their thighs in particular. The hair there starts to darken and become more noticeable and you see the same muscle tone changes.”

“Everyone with me so far?” Cheryl asked the crowd. They all knew where they were going next and excitedly replied “Yes ma'am!”

“As boys get older, you will also notice they smell different. Their sweat glands and bodies emit pheromones designed to attract girls. It's most noticeable when they play sports and things that make them sweat. It can be hard to handle in large concentrations like a boys locker room.”

“So that's why it smells so strong in there...” said Stacy. Cheryl looked at her a little funny. Maybe Michael was telling the truth about here running though the boys locker room and seeing him naked.

“Now to the part all you girls are interested in!” Cheryl said. The girls all got excited and the noise in the room went up noticeably.

“So here is the penis. It's actually a remarkable device although in the wrong 'hands' it can cause a lot of trouble!” Most of the older girls understood the reference to 'hands' and laughed. The younger girls looked on and were a little confused.

“The penis is used for 2 functions, to urinate, and to reproduce. For urinating, the boy will pee through his penis. Urine from the bladder is released in a stream until it is empty. Maybe we can get a look at that in a little while outside.” Some of the girls gave an 'eww' at the description of peeing.

“Now as you girls know, females have 2 openings, the one we pee out of and another one, your vagina.” At that, Michael's penis bobbed a little. “Calm down boys” There was more laughter.

“Boys only have 1 opening so there bodies have a mechanism to switch between the 2 just like we have to keep us from peeing if we need to wait. Its called a sphincter. You have sphincters in other areas of your body too, over 60 of them. Some help you when eating or breathing, going poop, and peeing.”

“Anyway, the boys penis will determine which thing will come out by opening and closing that. If a boy or man wants to produce sperm and get it out of his body, it will come out the penis controlled by his sphincter and his prostate. His prostate is a gland wrapped around the tube running through the penis called the urethra. It takes sperm from the testicles and mixes fluids with it and then, with enough excitement, shoots it out the penis. If he is having sex with a girl by putting his penis in her vagina, it will go into her and that is how a girl gets pregnant and has a baby.”

A lot of expletives like WOW and SERIOUSLY were heard from the girls.

“Any questions so far?” asked Cheryl.

“So you said if he is having sex with a girl. Is there times he shoots his sperm when he's not having sex with a girl?” asked Beth, who knew the answer but wanted to talk about masturbation.

“Well, let's get to that in a minute. First let's finish the comparison stuff. So Toby is young enough that he probably doesn't shoot sperm yet. His body is capable of an orgasm, but it will be what we call a dry orgasm. He will feel good and his body will shake as he feels the orgasm, but nothing will come out. That starts when he reaches puberty.”

Toby shifted nervously as they talked about him again. He had no idea what they were talking about as he hadn't experienced an orgasm as of yet. He went red with embarrassment.

Cheryl reached down and put her hand under Toby's testicles and pulled forward gently to show them better to the girls. Toby jerked nervously but Stacy rubbed his shoulders and whispered to him, calming him down.

“As you can see his testicles are small and you can only see a lump in one of them. This part you see is actually called a scrotum. The testicles are inside the scrotum. Only 1 lump means 1 of his testicles is what we called 'descended' meaning it has come down out of his body into the scrotum. The other one is still up inside kind of like a girl's ovaries except our ovaries don't descend.”

They girls all leaned in closer examining Toby's balls which were being held out for their viewing pleasure.
“As Toby's testicles mature and descend, his penis will grow also. Most boys start puberty around 12 or 13 but some can start earlier. Girls actually start going through puberty a little earlier than boys. That's why we say they 'mature' faster than boys. Plus it's fun to tease boys about, although it doesn't mean every girl mature mentally or 'in her brain' faster.”

At these comments most of the girls were grinning about maturing faster, but the boys also grinned at the brain comment.

“OK, so we are almost done with Toby. Let's look at the older boys testicles.” With that Cheryl reached out and put her hands under both Michael's and Jack's scrotums, pulling them forward.

“Amanda, can stand here behind and between the boys and lift their penises out of the way.?” Cheryl asked.

There was a collective 'ohhh' from the girls and some of them put a hand over their mouths.

Amanda got up and walked behind the boys, reached between them, grasped each of their penises with 2 fingers and a thumb, and lifted them out of the way. Some of the girls started laughing with their hands still on their mouths.

“don't worry, I've handled these 2 already for my babysitting research.” Amanda told the girls, hoping to feel a step ahead of the rest of the room.

“As you can see, both boys' scrotums are bigger and both have 2 lumps. Both of them are well into puberty at this point. That means they also shoot sperm.”

The girls looked wide eyed and once again giggled at what was happening.

“You will notice that the lumps in their testicles are moving on their own. Their bodies are constantly adjusting them to stuff going on around them. If it gets cold or they get real nervous, they can get pulled up tighter t0 the body. That can happen to the penis too which is why sometimes they look smaller than other times.”

“If its really warm like after sports or a hot shower, the body lets them extend out further to keep them cool. You don't want a boys balls to get too hot, it can hurt their chances at having a baby when they get married.” they girls continued giggling at the word 'balls'.

To Be Continued..........

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