Sex Education for Dummies - Chapter 14 / 3
Tue Jun 12, 2018 18:46

Sex Education for Dummies
By WhoDaMan

Chapter 3 – The Lesson Gets Hands-On

'We'll spend a little more time on penises in a minute, but right now, I want you girls to line up over there to Toby's right. Younger girls in the front, older girls in the back. Moms?” She looked at the moms. The moms looked at each other and decided 'why not' and filed in behind the older girls.

The girls were excited and jumpy. They were sure they were going to get to feel some penises and testicles, many of them for the very first time. Toby was noticeably nervous and fidgeting. Stacy whispered to him that it was OK, they weren't going to hurt him.

“It's going to feel really good. If you close your eyes, you will probably enjoy it more” Stacy said trying to help the situation. Toby didn't hesitate. He clamped his eyes shut. He wasn't really anticipating the pleasure, just trying to pretend not to be there at this moment.

“OK girls, come here 1 at a time. Now put your hand here under his scrotum gently. Move your hand around gently and fell his everything roll around in your hand. Yes... That's it... now gently put your fingers around his testicles, or balls as we are going to call them starting now!” Cheryl giggled.

Toby twitched from the words and the touch.

“Roll it between your fingers. That's it. OK, now hold his penis with your fingers. There you go.”

Up to this point Toby had remained soft, but he was now getting a boner.

Oh, now see whats happening? Toby is getting an erection!” Everyone strained to get a look at what was happening.

“Go ahead and pull back on the skin like you were pushing it towards his body. That's it... now back away from his body. That's it... repeat that a few times... That is stimulating him, that's why his penis got stiffer. Boys call it a boner or hard on.”

Little Amy kept moving Toby's shaft back and forth. Toby was relaxed and finally enjoying things.

“OK, move on over here to Michael.” Cheryl instructed her. Cheryl signaled to Amanda that she could let go of the 2 boys penises she had been holding since the testicle display.

Amy reached up and gave Toby a kiss on the cheek. Toby opened his eyes in shock and looked at Amy who was all smiles. “Thanks Toby, I really enjoyed holding your penis!” Amy added.

Cheryl laughed. Not something you here every day!

Cheryl guided Amy in front of Michael. “OK, same thing as before, but don't forget to be gentle. Even if you don't mean to, if you hurt the boys, it's a spanking!” Cheryl reminded but almost jokingly.

Amy reached under Michael's 'balls' and gave them a good rub, then she wrapped her hand around them and played with them. Michael even harder than he was prior to that. Amy noticed, so did everyone else. Cheryl started the next girl on Toby. She motioned for Stacy to keep working with the girls feeling up Toby while she helped with Amy and Michael.

“OK, now when you grab Michael's penis, wrap your hand all the way around it.”

“WOW, I can barely touch my fingers together! It's so warm! And it looks hard but its soft and hard!” With that , Amy started rubbing like she did with Toby. Michael just looked down and shook his head 'yes'. Jack looked on expectantly.

Stacy was helping Sally with Toby. Sally was stroking Toby when he suddenly started gasping for breath and he shook a little. It lasted all of 10 seconds. Toby just had an orgasm. He had a big grin and a surprised look on his face. He had just had his first orgasm! Sally thought she hurt him at first but Stacy assured her that she did great!

Sally stood and following Amy's lead, gave Toby a kiss on the cheek. Toby blushed but he was liking this more and more. It certainly made up for being embarrassed by being naked in front of everyone.

Cheryl had Amy move on to Jack and repeat the routine. Michael looked a little disappointed, but he knew more was coming. (or cumming)

Cheryl pulled Sally in front of Michael. “I think you 2 know each other!” She said jokingly. Michael blushed slightly and Sally shook her head. She was looking forward to this ever since she saw Michael naked the day before.

Another of Toby's classmates, Lizzy, started on him as Sally and Amy started on their 2 older boys. Jack looked a little upset or confused. “What is it Jack?” Cheryl asked.

“Well, she's so young. It feels wrong getting all excited when she touches me.”

Jack's mom spoke up “Well, son, I'm glad you had that reaction because it shows you respect girls and age and all. It's OK, though. You are not doing anything wrong. In fact your being helpful to the girls. I think they are learning a lot!”

All the girls started commenting affirmatively. “Oh, we're learning a lot! We would never be able to learn this much any other way. You boys are awesome!” It was Beth again. Jack's boner got harder.

“Did you see that! Amy said. “I think it grew in my hand!” The moms laughed. The rest of the females were waiting their turn. Many of them were getting very horny and we pushing and fidgeting in line.

“Lets try to get everyone through here before you girls explode!” Cheryl said with laughter in her voice.

“We're not the ones who are going to explode!” Beth said jokingly.

The girls worked their way through the line. Jacks younger sister was next with Toby. She was 12. She had just started babysitting and had helped with a baby boy.

“I'm a babysitter now. I've been taking care of a little boy.” She tried to sound like Amanda did earlier.

Her mom spoke up, “Well, maybe Amanda and Stacy can give you some tips from their babysitting study and you might be able to fill in with Toby if Stacy can't make it sometime”

“That would be great!” Macy said as she was rubbing Toby's penis and fondling his balls at the same time. Toby closed his eyes only this time it was for shear pleasure.

“Next” Cheryl had the line shift down. Now Jack's sister was handling Michael. She had fantasies about Michael and tried to sneak a peek at him many times at their house. She was rubbing for all she was worth. She started stroking him really fast, hoping to make him cum. Cheryl let it go for a minute. She could see Michael was enjoying it. She did stop her though as it looked like Michael was approaching orgasm.

At this point Beth was working little Toby. She had sat kids his age, so this was nothing new to her but she tried to enjoy it anyway. She was looking forward to handling her classmates.

When Cheryl yelled “Next!” Beth got excited. She thought she was going to cum right there. She moved over and grabbed Michael's balls and his erect penis at the same time. She was rubbing and stroking firmly but gently. “So, I have to get permission from who?” she said.

“Ha, Ha” Michael said. “Hey, your the one stroking my cock. Take a good mental picture, cause I did! Plus, you may not get another chance!” Michael looked up and his eyes met Stacy's. She did not have a happy look on her face. He should just stay quiet.

At the same time, Macy moved over to her brother. Jack had a concerned look on his face. This wasn't right. His little sister! She looked up and smiled. “Hello BIG Brother!” she said mockingly. Jack looked at his mom while his little sister felt up his balls and stroked his cock. Ms Miller was busy watching Beth and Michael making sure nothing bad happened.

Macy checked her direction, then leaned in and kissed Jack's dick right on the head!

Jack didn't know what to think. He was super excited at that and still upset that it was his little sister. She quickly leaned back, “We will finish that at home!” She laughed. Macy didn't know it, but her mom saw the whole thing but kept quiet. Jack teased his little sister all the time. It was his only outlet from being teased by his older sister. Regardless, Macy deserved to dish out a little payback. This was it.


Macy was disappointed but moved out of the way, trailing her hand with Jack's penis in it, letting go at the last second before moving to the back and watching. Beth moved over to Jack and Charlotte moved from Toby to Michael.

Beth looked up at Jack. “Hey there stud!” she teased. I got me some big ol Jack cock!”

Jack blushed.

“I really wish I could take a picture! Maybe we'll all get a copy of that video!” Jack blushed even more. 'It's not fair' was creeping into his head. Beth started stroking. “You boys should hang around us girls more often. We can be real HANDY.” She was tormenting the lad, but he did like the idea.

Charlotte meanwhile was feeling up Michael. Charlotte was really pretty and really shy. She nervously played with Michael's penis. It felt really erotic to Michael. He could feel himself inching towards an orgasm. She was stroking and leaned in to look closer at Michael's 'pee hole'.

That was just too much for him, and Michael suddenly got a shocked look on his face as he pushed his pelvis forward and erupted all over Charlotte's face. She was in complete shock. Someone was giving her instructions but she couldn't understand them. Instead of letting go, she stroked faster as semen was shooting in her eyes nose and mouth. She had her mouth wide open in shock and some went to the back of her throat. She coughed , gagged, and swallowed. Jack saw that and laughed. Beth slapped Jack's penis and told him to shut up! She caught him on the balls and he winced in pain and fell to his knees.

Beth looked shocked. She didn't mean to slap his balls. In all the commotion, Cheryl had seen what Beth had done. She knew what had to be done. She would deal with Beth shortly. Charlotte needed her attention. She laughed as she told Charlotte to let go of Michael's penis.

“You have to be careful with those things, they go off sometimes!” She and the other moms laughed as well as some of the older girls. “Honey, lets stand up. Now Amanda will you help her get cleaned up?'

“Sure mom” was Amanda's reply. She took Charlotte to the bathroom. On the way she scooped some of Michael's cum off Charlotte and put it in her mouth. MMMM, good, just like before. She tasted more as she helped Charlotte get a wash cloth and soap.

To Be Continued......

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