Sex Education for Dummies - Chapter 15 / 4
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Sex Education for Dummies
By WhoDaMan

Chapter 4 - Finishing The Lesson, More Punishments

Cheryl changed her attention to Michael. “Michael!” Cheryl yelled “What the hell?”

“What? Somehow this is my fault?” Michael was surprised at being reprimanded.

“We have to try to control that thing. This is supposed to be helpful to the girls, not scare them to death!”

“Mom, I didn't do anything but stand here!” Michael pleaded.

“Well, you should have warned us or at least her that you were going to shoot. From now on, I want to here a loud warning when you think your about to shoot. Got it?”

“Yes mom. I'm sorry.” Michael replied.

“Well, sorry doesn't take back what you did to that poor girl. I'm sorry, but your going to get a spanking”

Beth was excited to hear that. She so wanted to see that, maybe even give the spanking. She clapped her hands.

“I don't know what you're all excited about. I warned you about hurting the boys. You smacked Jack in the balls and made him double over in pain. You're getting a spanking too.”

Beth had a super shocked look on her face. “Wha.. But.. I.. It wasn't my fault! He...”

“It never is with you girls” Cheryl cut her off.

Charlotte came back still wiping with a wash cloth, making sure she got it all out of her hair and off her face.

“Charlotte, I am so sorry for cumming all over your face!” Michael started out with a sincere apologetic tone in his voice but by the time he finished the sentence he couldn't help but crack up at what he had just said.

Cheryl an Charlotte replied at the same time. Charlotte said “It's OK Michael, it was my fault.” And Cheryl cautioned Michael for laughing, but both of them cracked up at the same time as well. Everyone started laughing except Beth.
“So, let's let everyone finish with the inspections and then we'll deal with the punishments. “ Cheryl told everyone. “Lets move to the next person in line.”

Charlotte had gotten over the shock from being blasted with Michael's cum right in the face. She moved over in front of Jack who was still rubbing his balls trying to recover from the slap. His insides were a mess. That feeling you get in your groin, your stomach, the whole area when you get smacked in the 'nuts'. “You OK?” she asked Jack as she reached up but didn't grab anything.

“I hope so. It hurts down inside. It's hard to explain.” Jack replied. “It doesn't look hard!” was Charlotte's attempt at lightening the situation. She didn't really have good timing with her humor.

“Ha, ha, funny” replied Jack as he held his hand up pretending to get ready slap her. Just as he put his hand down, his Mom spoke up. “You better watch it boy. You earned some respect points earlier but your in danger of losing them with gestures like that! A boy should never hit a girl!”

“A girl should never hit a boy either, then. So why do Rachel and Macy get to hit me 'kidding around' and threaten to kick me in the nuts!”

Jack's mom snapped her head and looked at Jack's older sister Rachel. “Mom, we just kid around, I swear!” Rachel tried to explain.

“Maybe Beth isn't the only one who needs a spanking!” her mom added.

Rachel continued “We were never told we would get a spanking for anything. You haven't spanked me since I was 7 years old! I'm too old for spankings!”

“Maybe not. The way you are protesting, maybe your overdue!”

Rachel was on the verge of tears. It was her turn to check out Toby. She wasn't that excited about touching a 10 year old boy's penis. She reached out her hand and mockingly rubbed it in a circle and said “woo hoo hoo” out loud. Her mother was now really irritated at her. She walk over, grabbed her by the arm and sat her in a chair. “Don't move!”

“But I haven't had my turn with Michael and Jack!” She whined and edged closer to crying. “And your not going to. You've shown your not as mature as these other girls. You don't get to play with any more penises today!” Her mom replied angrily and then almost laughed at what she had said.

Michael was actually looking forward to Rachel feeling him up. He was disappointed. Jack, not so much. He was relieved.

Jack reached down and grabbed Charlotte's hand and placed it under his balls. “Gentle” he sort of whispered and warned at the same time.

Charlotte was given a little extra time to feel up Jack. Meanwhile they were done with Toby. Only, he was staring at Amy completely captivated.

“Toby, are you done, honey. Or... are you OK for now?” Cheryl asked.

He looked at her with a dazed look on his face and said nothing.

“Amy, could you be a sweetie and go rub Toby a little more until he recovers?” Cheryl asked. She knew he was just smitten, but she wanted to give Amy more time with his penis. They looked like they would make a cute couple.

“Oh, yes ma'am! I would love to!” Amy jumped up and rushed over to Toby. She started rubbing and stroking. While she thought everyone was watching Charlotte, she leaned in and rubbed Toby's penis on her cheek. Toby watched in complete heaven. He was back to full stiffness. Amy claimed Toby's penis as hers in her mind.

The mom's had seen what Amy did and smiled at each other. Where did she get that idea? It was so cute, but what would they do after today. Could the 2 of them be trusted out away from adult supervision?

Cheryl announced that they were done. The moms gave a big “Awe”. They didn't get to play with the 2 teen boys.

“OK ladies, a quickie!” she giggled. The moms stepped up and started fondling the boys. Both were hard as a rock. It was so exciting for the ladies. They stroked and massaged and stroked as quickly as they could.

“Switch!” Cheryl ordered, way before they were ready to.

The moms swapped boys and continued. After another quick 2 minutes, “Switch”

This time Jack's mother stepped up and had a hold of his dick. He got super hard and embarrassed at the same time. He could hardly breathe. “Mom”, “I”, “You” , “oh, Shit! I'm cumming!” And with that Jack erupted. His mom, being an experienced woman and all, stroked him to completion. The other ladies were jealous.

Jack stood there in shock. The girls were once again big eyed but this time speechless. The naked boy they had played with was just masturbated to orgasm by his own mother! Any other place and time that statement would seem so inappropriate!

“OK, I think we're done.” Cheryl informed them. Jack's mom reached over and grabbed Michael's penis, “Some other time BIG boy!” She snickered as she let go and walked away. Amy stood all the way up. This time she leaned in and kissed Toby on the lips. Toby opened his eyes wide and stood there. He kind of kissed back.

“Your my boyfriend now, OK?” Amy said to Toby. “Yes ma'am. I mean sure... I mean great!” “I really like the sound of 'yes ma'am'! It has a nice, what did you call it Ms Miller, tone of respect? I like it a lot. We'll keep it like that, OK?” “Toby's reply was another “Yes ma'am”. He blushed and put his hand in front of his penis.

“Uh, Uh, no covering up until a girl tells you you can, got it?” Amy commanded.

Toby moved his hands “Yes ma'am.” Then he realized fully what she said. 'Not until ANY girl tells you you can'. He had a feeling he might end up naked in front of more girls at some point.

Stacy told Toby to go get dressed. He looked over at Amy. She told him it was OK, “go get dressed. You need to always do what Stacy or any other girl in charge tells you to, not just me.” Amy instructed.

'Wow, she really took charge fast!' Stacy thought to herself.

Toby's head was swirling with all this new stuff going on. He had never been naked in front of any girl except his mom, sister, and Stacy his babysitter. Now he had been naked in front of a bunch of them, including 4 girls from his school. He had never had an orgasm. Now he had his first and it was from Sally, a girl, stroking him. He had never been kissed on the lips by a girl. Now he had, and Amy told him he was her boyfriend. WOW, what a day.

Toby got dressed and Stacy took him home. She hurried back so as not to miss anything. As she came back through the door, Cheryl Miller was just starting on a discussion about ejaculations. They had had a 'quick' break. More than 1 of the girls spent a long time in the bathroom. Everyone assumed they were rubbing one out. Now they were back in the chairs. Michael and Jack were sitting in the chairs up front on either side of Cheryl.

“So, let's talk about what happened. As I told you, when a boy gets stimulated enough, he shoots his sperm out the tube or hole in his penis. She jokingly reached out and touched the end of Michael's penis as if to indicate 'here'. Michael jumped slightly then laughed. Everyone giggled.

“If a boy gets an erection, or 'boner', it is capable of being pushed into a girls vagina. If they move in such a way as to go back and forth, using the vagina to stroke the penis, he could ejaculate inside of her. If this happens, its very likely she will get pregnant.”

“Can anyone tell me how to not get pregnant?” Cheryl asked the group.
“Sally burst out an answer “don't put a penis in your vagina?”

“That's very good Sally. That's called abstinence. If you hear that term, it just means using self control and not putting a penis in your vagina. What else?”

“You could use birth control pills” Rachel answered.

“Yes, when you are old enough, you need to have a discussion with your mom and she may decide you should go ahead and get birth control pills. The 'pill' as we sometimes call it also helps girls who have a really painful period by stopping or making them skip some of their periods.”

“What's a period?” Jack asked confused.

“Well, that s a discussion for a later time. The girls here know what it is and this class is for them. What else?” Cheryl asked.

There was a pause, then Rachel answered again “Use a rubber”.

“Yes, very good. But we will call them condoms. That's their proper name.” She pulled some out of a bag and laid them on the table. “Using a condom and discarding after each use will prevent pregnancy and can help prevent getting or giving someone a sexually transmitted disease. Very good. Anything else?”

Charlotte, the shy one asked “I, I think you wouldn't get pregnant if you let them shoot in your mouth. I heard some girls talking about that.”

“Yes, well, that is called a blow job, but that is for more mature girls to do. Older girls...” Cheryl said, not wanting to encourage anything now that they had this new sexually charged dynamic in the neighborhood.

“OK then. We have a little business to take care of.” she reached over to turn off the video camera Rachel's mom cleared her throat and shook her head no. She wanted her daughter's spanking on video to use as a deterrent in the future.

OK, so Michael. We have the little matter of you shooting cum in Charlotte's face. You need to show women more respect. When you are going to ejaculate, you warn them. That way they can decide what they are and are not willing to have happen. Over here.

Michael knew this was going to happen no matter what so he just complied. He walked over to the sofa to wait for instructions.

“Charlotte, did you want to do the honors or should I?” Cheryl asked.

“I, Uh, I mean, I couldn't.. I uh...” She stuttered horribly due to her nervousness.

“Well, if I do it, he is getting 10 with the belt. I can swing a mighty fine belt. If you do it, you get to decide.” Cheryl was giving the girl the chance to be as mean or as nice as she wanted.

“Uh, I'll do it.. Michael, please don't be mad at me!” Charlotte pleaded.

“It wasn't your fault. I lost control and didn't warn you. It was elfish of me. Do what you need to Charlotte. I'll give you a hug afterwards to show there's no hard feelings”

Cheryl was shocked! She had never expected such a gentlemanly display of humility from her son. She gained a lot of respect for him in that moment. Maybe he did deserve for her to treat him fairly when it comes to her 3 kids.

Michael took the belt from his mom and handed it to Charlotte. Then he leaned over the arm of the couch.

Charlotte looked at everyone as if to ask what to do. Then she raised the belt and swung it at Michael. It landed on his butt near his thighs. It wasn't a particularly hard swing but it caught some tender flesh. Michael let out a scream.

“A little higher honey” Cheryl instructed her. She raised the belt again and landed one center of his butt cheeks. It stung and Michael jumped a little. She swung 2 more just like it. “Do I have to use the belt?” she asked.

“No, you can use anything you want within reason.” Cheryl answered.

Charlotte dropped the belt on the couch She swung her hand and landed it squarely on Michael's butt Cheek. He lurched, but it didn't hurt that much. She gave him 3 more and said she was done.

“That's only 8! Isn't he supposed to get 10?” Rachel asked.

Rachel's mom took this one “You, young lady should be worried about what you are going to get. Michael's punishment was between him, his mother, and Charlotte. Now get over there and get undressed!” She pointed to the curtain.

To Be Continued..........

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