Sex Education for Dummies - Chapter 16 / 5
Tue Jun 12, 2018 18:49

Sex Education for Dummies
By WhoDaMan

Chapter 5 - Putting On A Show, Getting It On

Rachel was frozen in place. She started crying.

“If you don't move, I will have the boys strip you. I bet they get a good feel while they do it too!”

Rachel couldn't find the courage to move.

“Boys?” her mom instructed.

She moved behind Rachel and held her arms at the elbow and pulled them behind her. Michael started on Rachel's shorts while her brother started on her shirt. Jack undid the buttons as Rachel cried even louder. “Asshole” she muttered. He opened her shirt to the sides. Her mother slipped each arm through the shirt. Michael reached behind her and fumbled with the clasp of her bra while Michael pulled her shorts down, revealing her thong underwear.

“We will have a chat about those later!” her mother warned.

Michael slipped a finger in each side of her panties and gave 1 quick jerk to her ankles. Her pussy was on display right in front of his face. He grabbed each ankle indicating for her to lift as he also lifted. He managed to get the shorts and underwear off. Jack was still fumbling with the clasp.

“Dear lord!” said his mother. She reached over with one hand and flipped her fingers and the clasp was undone. Jack grabbed the straps and pulled forward. Her tits were expose. His mother slipped the straps over her arms and Jack had her bra in his hands.

Michael stood up. “Nice pussy!” he said so everyone could hear.

“Michael!” his mother admonished.

“You didn't say anything to her this morning when she said 'nice dick' to me!”

“Your right of course. But stop it.”

“Yes ma'am” Michael replied.

Rachel's mom guided her over to the arm of the couch.

“So Jack, what will it be, you or me? After all, its you that she has been tormenting.”
“I'll do it.” Jack said. He sounded less than enthusiastic about it.

Rachel's mom had expected that. She thought her son was going to rip his sister a new asshole. She bent Rachel over the arm of the couch and held her there.

“OK, Jack, let her rip. No more than 10 though! That's the limit right now.”

Jack pulled the belt way back. Rachel was looking at him and she had this completely frightened look on her face. He swung, but took all the power out of his swing and smacked her smartly on the middle of her ass. Rachel screamed really loud before she realized he had just laid off.

“Oh, stop faking it, he hardly hit you.” Rachel looked back at her brother wondering what was up. He knew she would have given it her all if it was him on the couch.

“I love you Rachel” Jack said crying “I'm done” and he dropped the belt.

“Jack” his mom yelled “What the hell?”

“Sorry, mom, I love her too much to hurt her like that. You gave me the choice. I'm done.”

His mom released Rachel. She stood up and hugged her brother. “I am so sorry. I won't harass you any more.” “Yes you will” he said with a snicker and a snort. She felt his penis throb against her leg. They were both naked and his excitement was visible. “I love you too little brother.” With that she kissed him on the cheek and reached and and gently gave his penis a couple of strokes.

“OK, enough of that!” their mother objected.

“So, guess who I caught trying to sneak out.” Cheryl said to the group as she held one of Beth's arms behind her back.

Rachel went to get dressed. She had one of her hands covering her breasts and the other covering her pussy.

“Young lady, you will stay naked until your brother is allowed to get dressed. And unless you want me to get my turn on you with the belt, you'd best stop covering up!” Her mother admonished her.

Rachel dropped her hands and sat down to hide as much as she could.

“Nice try, stand over there in the corner, hands on your head, facing the room, and I want your feet at least 3 feet apart!”
Rachel started crying gently as she walked over to the corner and put herself on display.

All eyes were on her, not just the boys.

“So boys, I'm feeling a little generous. You handled yourselves very well today. Since I know both of you have been tormented and abused by Rachel, I am giving you 10 minutes to feel her body, explore, learn some things.” Cheryl said. “her mother and I talked about it, and we feel we need to show more equality in dealing with our children.”

Michael walked over. He stood in front of Rachel with a look on his face that said he wasn't going to unless she was OK with it. Jack walked up too. He gave his sister a hug and stepped back.

“It's OK, boys. Go ahead. It's only fair. And you do like it to be FAIR, Michael”, she added with a humorous tone. Truth is, she wanted them to play with her body, just not here.

“No sis, like I said, I'm good.” Jack stepped back to where the girls were all crowded around. He put his arm around Amanda. She looked him in the eye then reached down behind her and grabbed his penis.

Michael looked at Rachel, then leaned in. He whispered “I don't have to if you don't want me to” he told her. “I want you to” she whispered back, “badly”. Michael stepped back so that he was right in front of her. “Nice dick!” she threw in for fun.

Michael reached up and grabbed her breasts. He massaged them, rubbed his palms on her nipples which became rock hard almost immediately. He massaged some more, then lifted one of her breasts and sucked her nipple into his mouth. He swirled his tongue over her nipple then gently bit down a little before flicking his tongue back and forth over her rock hard glass cutters.

He slid one of his hands down too and rubbed through her labia slowly and gently. He found her clitoris. Her gently rubbed it for just a few seconds then abandoned it back to rubbing her labia. He slowly moved his middle finger around in circles at her vaginal opening She was breathing hard. She grabbed his cock. He slowly slid 2 fingers in and then quickly back out. Then slowly back in deeper, and again. And again. He repeated it until he could see sweat forming on her lip and forehead. He pulled his finger back and started an assault on her clitoris. He rubbed it faster and faster.

His other hand still held one of her breasts. He released it. He slid his hand up to her neck. His assault on her clitoris was in full force as he tightened his grip on her neck, slightly cutting off her airway. Just then she came harder than she ever had, even with her vibrator. He squeezed her neck a little tighter as her rubbed harder and harder, more and more. He went on for what seemed like an eternity but was more like 20 to 30 seconds. Suddenly she squeezed her legs together as the sensitivity got to be too much. He released his grip on her neck slowly but deliberately. She gasped for air as she bucked her hips with her legs clamped tightly still.

Michael kissed her, then turned and was suddenly aware that he was still standing in front of the group of girls and moms. And his new girlfriend. Most of them were rubbing on themselves somewhere. They were so turned on. He reached out like he was holding a microphone in his hand and did a mock mic drop.

He tried to step away but Rachel still had his cock in her hand with a firm grip. She started stroking. Michael manged to pull away. Suddenly he realized he had just done that in front of the girl he wanted to be his girlfriend. He hurried towards Stacy. He had just basically cheated on her right in front of her.

“Michael! … Michael!” She interrupted “It's OK. It has been a super sexually charged day. As far as I am concerned, you didn't do anything wrong. Well, under 2 conditions. You don't do that ever again with another girl without my permission.”

“And the other” Michael asked

“Oh my god! Do that to me!” Stacy demanded.

She grabbed him by the hand and ran upstairs.

“Michael Taylor Miller! Get your ass down here!” His mother yelled at the top of her lungs.

Michael knew he was in trouble. She NEVER used his middle name. He ran downstairs. “Yes mother! I 'm sorry...”

She interrupted him by shoving some condoms into his mouth. “Safe Sex!” she shouted. Then realized they were basically admitting in front of everyone that he was about to pop Stacy's cherry., and his own, and his mother gave him the condums!

Remembering the scene from top Gun, Stacy called down “Hey stud, take me to bed or lose me forever!” Michael ran up the stairs and they went into his bedroom. They didn't even close the door.

To Be Continued..........

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