Sex Education for Dummies - chapter 17 / 6
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Sex Education for Dummies
By WhoDaMan

Chapter 6– Beth Gets Punished, Michael Gets One of His Revenges

“Holy shit!” Jack's mom said. I can't believe what we just saw! I can't believe what is going on upstairs. Where the hell is my husband!” then she laughed. The other ladies cracked up laughing.

Rachel just stood there leaning against the wall. She looked drunk the way she was all dreamy and dazed.

“So, on with it. Beth, get naked now!” Cheryl demanded.

This was so unfair, Beth thought. This was supposed to be a day about naked boys! Now she was about to be forced to get naked. She started crying, as most girls would in this situation. Cheryl didn't even feel like threatening her. She just grabbed her belt. “Jack”.

Jack started undoing her buttons on her blouse. She slapped at his hands. “I'll kick you in the balls!” she threatened

“Oh, wrong answer missy!” Cheryl told her. She already had her zipper down so she pulled down on the shorts, spun her over her knee in one quick motion and ripped into her ass with her bare hand. She stopped at what she thought was 10. She stood her back up. She was balling her head off. “Jack” Cheryl repeated and went on about taker her shorts and panties off. Jack got her shirt off. This time he copied his mother and had the bra snap undone in no time.

Jack pulled her bra forward and Beth pulled both her arms over her breasts just as 2 silicone bra inserts fell to the floor. She was humiliated. She knew she would fall on the popularity list when everyone finds out she stuffs her bra.

Now she was crying and slobbering. And naked.

“Hands behind your head, stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart!.”

“Jack, this is your chance to explore.” His mother told him.

Jack walked over to Beth. He took her breasts in his hands. He leaned in next to her ear. “Don't ever threaten me again or I will get even with you. Later, to apologize, I want you to kiss my testicles and apologize and then give me a hand job. After that, I forgive you. And you better do it before I get a girlfriend. And right now, I am planning on asking Amanda to be my girlfriend. Soon... Deal?”

Beth shook her head yes while still crying. Jack stepped back over to the crowd.

Cheryl jumped in “Well, there is still the matter of your original spanking. Jack, do I need to ask?”

“I'm good. I have been given leniency more than once in my past. I feel I should do the same.” Jack said. His mother hurried over and gave him a hug. “I am so proud of you. You've acted so mature today. I still think she should have gotten spanked but I respect your decision.”

“She shocked him by stroking his cock once then walked away. “My grown up little man!”

“So, I guess it's snack time! To the kitchen!” Cheryl led the way. She had grabbed the camera. It used an SD Card. She pressed a few buttons, took the cord from the laptop and plugged it into the camera. Up popped the video from the days events. Wow! No one realized what all she was recording. It had the naked boys in high definition. And spankings. And there were the girls playing with them.

They passed around the snacks and drinks. There was the video of the boys losing control and cumming. Oh, look at that. Those little moments the girls kept sneaking a grab and such. All caught on tape! What was that! Charlotte! Shy little Charlotte sneaking a photo!

It was getting late. Sally and her mom left and took her 2 friends with them. Amy had walked up to Cheryl. Looked up and said coyly, “Ms Miller, Thank you for inviting me. And thank you for letting me learn about naked boys, and thank you for my new boyfriend!”

“Well, your welcome sweetie. Maybe we'll do it again soon!” The 11 year old girl clapped and said “Yeah!”

“Wow”, thought Cheryl “she acted so much older earlier. Still, she's cute.

“So Amanda”

“Yes Mom?”

“Did you get some good stuff for your instruction book?”

“Oh, you know I did. Plus, I think I might make another one called 'Sex Education for Dummies'. I could write it for girls my age from the perspective of a girl my age. It would be a world wide best seller! Probably use something besides 'Dummies' though”

Michael and Stacy came downstairs. “Well, you 2 have been gone for a while!” said Jack's mom.

“It's only been an hour!” Michael replied. We didn't do anything. We just talked” Michael said then winked at his mom.

Who is this boy? That is not my little heathen Michael!

“OK Jack, you can get dressed” said Cheryl.

“Oh thank god!” said Rachel.

“Do we have to?” Jack asked.

“Of course you have to!” shouted Jack's sister Rachel. She was not allowed to get dressed until Jack does.

“What about me?” Michael asked.

“You unfortunately have to stay naked all week end, and unfortunately, tomorrow is a school holiday.”

“And Jack, I thought you didn't want to be naked. You threw a fit last night and this morning.” His mom replied.

“Well, it has really been a lot of fun being naked. I never had this much fun with my clothes on. I could live here and stay naked forever. He looked at Amanda and smiled.”

Beth saw that. Knowing her time was limited, she grabbed a condom, grabbed Jack by the hand, and headed for Michael's room.

Amanda jumped up to object. Cheryl stopped her “Honey, stay here. It's just paying off a debt. Everything will be fine. Jack knows what to and what not to do, you'll see. These boys have shown that they have done a lot of growing up by their actions here today.”

Amanda sat down, not happy as she watched Jack walk up to Michael's bedroom with Beth. Jack was her's. They hadn't formally said so, but they kept sending signals to each other.

A short while later Beth came down the stairs. Jack went to use the bathroom.

Beth threw the condom back on the table, unopened. Whew! Thought Amanda. She wanted to be Jack's 1st. Ms Miller was right, again...

Jack came out of the bathroom, walked straight over to Amanda who was in the sofa chair. He sat down in her lap, still naked.

“Bro, get dressed damn it!” Rachel demanded.

“Amanda, will you be my girlfriend?” Jack asked.

“First, tell me what just happened” requested Amanda.

“Well, I don't really think I should have to tell you since you were playing with naked guys before I asked you just now and with your babysitting gig, your planning on sitting older boys and getting them naked. I don't think you have a right to get upset that I had Beth kiss my balls and apologize to them and then I had her give me a blow job. That was all BEFORE I asked you to be my girlfriend, and it was her way of avoiding an ass beating. “ Jack paused then Finished “You know what, its cool. Never mind. Sorry I offended you. I probably should date more girls my own age before I get serious. I just thought you girls were supposed to mature faster and wanted relationships. Guess not.”

Jack got up and walked over to the crowd of girls who love giving attention to a naked boy.

Amanda sat there for a minute wondering what just happened

She got up, walked over, punched Jack in the arm. Then she looked up at him with her head still tilted down and that pouty lip. Her way of saying sorry. Jack hugged her. She reached down and slapped another girls hands away and for the umpteenth time, grabbed his cock.

“You have to say yes to make it official” Jack demanded.


“Yes what?” Jack continued to prod her.

“Yes I will be your girlfriend!” Amanda declared for all the girls to hear.

“And no hanky panky with older boys while babysitting!”

“Yes, no hanky panky. But I can watch!” Amanda added conditions.

“OK, we can both watch but no touching” Jack added to make it fair.

“Wait, what?... Oh, OK...” Amanda gave in. They were now going steady! She had a 14 year old boyfriend who's penis she gets to play with, and she is only 12 years old!”

Rachel interrupted their little love fest “Jack, Michael, get dressed!”

“Rachel, sweet sister, I am not getting dressed. In fact, I am riding home in the car naked just like you are. I may never wear clothes again!”

“OHHHHHH!” Rachel was pissed. Here she was, being forced to stay naked because her brother, who showed her love and mercy, won't get dressed so she isn't able to get dressed either.

Michael heard his name. He was watching what was going on. He grabbed his phone. He pulled up a contact in his phone. He sent a text 'I know you don't usually respond to me, but if you want a huge surprise, come to My house. And hurry! If you miss this, you will hate yourself forever...' then he pulled Stacy's shirt down exposing her nipple and took a photo to add to the text.


“Don't worry, no one can tell it's you. Look” He showed her the text.

“Oh my god! She will kill you!” Stacy warned, grinning. She didn't really have a sweet spot for Rachel. She was older, bossy, and rude.


They both giggled.

To Be Continued..........

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