Sex Education for Dummies - Chapter 18 / 7
Tue Jun 12, 2018 18:50

Sex Education for Dummies
By WhoDaMan

Chapter 7 – Rachel Gets Hers, The Old Spill the Drink Trick and a Big Dick

The other girls still there crowded around the 2 naked boys. They wanted to do some more looking, touching, feeling. Each time a girl wanted to reach out and grab a cock, they had to ask the girlfriend. Both Stacy and Amanda were generous and let the girls touch, stroke, and feel all they wanted. It was like sharing their boy toys with other girls.

Within 10 minutes of receiving the text message, a car pull up outside. Michael went out naked through the garage. He called Brett over. Brett was a guy Jack's sister had a huge crush on. He had a crush on her too but hadn't gotten up the nerve to ask her out yet.

“Dude, what the fuck are you doing naked?”

“Long story. I am being punished. Anyway, if Jack's sister finds out I did this, I will find some way to ruin your life. Here is my text book. Wait a few minutes, then come to the door, ring the door bell. When we let you in, say I left my book at your house and your sister asked you to bring it back to me. OK?”

“What's the deal?”

“You haven't figured it out? She's in there naked. She's being punished. She isn't allowed to cover up. She's already mad because she was told she couldn't get dressed until her brother gets dressed. He's been given permission but doesn't want to. Anyway, do it dude!”

“OK” Brett replied. He was already getting excited. His bulge was starting to show through his tight pants. He tried to adjust himself to make himself more comfortable.

As they walked back through the garage, Stacy asked “Did you see that bulge? He must have a massive cock!”

“Hey!” Michael replied “What would you do if we were out somewhere and I said hey, that girl has huge tits!'”


They snuck back into the house. They were seated again when the door bell rang. Everyone's head perked up, especially Rachel's and Beth's.

“Michael, get the door, would you?” his mom instructed, thinking it was probably a mom looking for her kids and she would get a thrill seeing a naked boy.

“Why not have Beth or Rachel do it. They're the ones still being punished.”

“OK, you and Rachel answer the door. And no hiding behind it, I want you both standing front and center, hands at your sides. If you cover up, spanking time!'

“Seriously, Shit!” Rachel said as she got up and walked towards the door. Michael didn't mind. He was really enjoying the day so far.

Rachel stood on the left, Michael on the right, Michael reached over and pulled the door open towards him and pushed it almost to the wall.

There stood Brett with a book in his hands.

“Oh my god!” yelled Rachel. She turned and ran and covered herself on the way.

“Young lady, you get back over there and greet our guest or we will have him over to the house for the day and you will be naked all day!” Her mother yelled at her.

Rachel started crying and walked to the door naked with her hands behind her back.

“Brett, what do you want!” She yelled while crying.

“I, Uh, I was, uh, returning Michael's book.”

Brett hadn't taken his eyes off Rachel. He kept looking from her pussy to her tits and back. Occasionally he looked her in the eye, then back to the more interesting parts.

“Brett honey, come in.” Rachel's mom coaxed. “You must be thirsty. Rachel, offer the poor man a drink.”

Rachel offered Brett a drink. He accepted. While she went to pour it, he stood there trying to adjust his bulge which was about to burst his pants.

Rachel came walking back into the room, and for the first time, noticed his huge bulge. Her mouth dropped open and she stumbled, spilling the red drink all over his pants. It was cold! He jumped around some and shook to get the ice and what liquid hadn't been absorbed yet off.

Cheryl leaped into action. She had seen the bulge and wanted more.”You poor boy. Let me help you with those. I will clean them up right away!” She started unbuckling and unsnapping. Zip.... Before he knew what hit him. Brett's pants were down around his knees.

“Wait..” Bret said in surprise “What the heck...”

“If we don't get this out quickly it will stain!” Cheryl said anxiously.

She lifted on his leg and he complied. It didn't feel like he had a choice. Cheryl pulled off his boots and jeans. She took the jeans in the kitchen. Sally's mom flowed her with his other stuff. Cheryl turned on the water. She emptied his pockets. Brett walked into the kitchen just as she threw his jeans in the water.

“My phone! My wallet!”

“Don't worry” Cheryl said “They're right here on the counter. Oh my, your boxers got wet too.” Without hesitation, she stepped over towards him quickly. Sally's mom, who had been quiet all day, stepped over too. Cheryl pulled his boxers down in one swoop. Sally's mom had reached for them too but instead got a handful of cock.

“Oh, my!” She exclaimed as if it was an accident but then started stroking it. After about 10 seconds, she caught herself and stopped.

He was now standing there naked from the waist down. His huge 9 inch cock was getting more at attention every second.

“Oh shit!” he exclaimed as he instinctively reached down and gave it a couple of quick stokes, pulling back on his foreskin.

At that very moment, Rachel looked around the corner from the living room. Seeing a naked ass, she came on in the room. Brett saw her about the same time she saw his huge cock. That made his cock finish hardening.

“Oh.. Uh.. What the hell goes on at this house! And why didn't I know about it sooner” he said with a bit of a laugh in his voice. He had been naked in front of others a lot. He was on the football team. They were naked in front of each other a lot. Then there are the team managers that are always running around, taping guys up, dealing with injuries, helping with equipment. 2 girls and a guy. And he had been through numerous physicals, Doctors, nurses... So this wasn't a complete shock to him. But seeing Rachel naked, Oh wow! He couldn't have imagined.

Rachel stood there staring. She had never seen such a huge cock up close. She was so distracted, she didn't even try to cover up.

“You want to go in the other room and sit down?” Rachel asked. She really just wanted to show off his massive cock to the other girls and take possession of it. If all went well, she would have a boyfriend by the end of the day too!

“Uh... Sure, I guess. There's like young girls out there. You sure it's OK?” he said pointing down at his dick.

Rachel stepped closer, and grabbed his cock as if to examine it.

“I think it will be alright” she said as she stroked the massive member while staring at it. Brett just tilted his head back. They stood there for what had to be 2 minutes with Rachel stoking away, Brett in dreamland, Cheryl staring at her friends daughter stroking that huge cock.

Finally, Rachel broke the spell and moved towards the living room, pulling Brett by his cock.

As they walked into the room, it got completely quiet. Everyone stared at the massive penis, even the guys. “Holy shit said Beth as she walked over naked. Brett couldn't believe his eyes, another naked beautiful girl. Rachel resumed stroking as all the girls that were left gathered around. “May we?” Asked Charlotte, the shy one.

“I guess everyone should get a feel. You guys can too if you want. The boys looked at each other and shook their heads no. Jack stared at Amanda with a disapproving look.

“OK, OK, just looking...”

The girls took turns holding the massive tool. The moms even got a turn. Jack's mom was licking her lips the whole time. Finally it was back to Rachel.

She grabbed his cock and stroked for all she was worth. It wouldn't be long. Her mom licked her finger and reached back, circling his anus then popping her finger in. Brett shot a massive load of cum. Most of it got on Rachel's arm. She kept stroking. He shot rope after rope of cum. No one there had ever seen such a display. Brett got week in the knees.

“Come sit over here” Cheryl patted the couch between her and Sally's mom. Brett sat down and laid his head back. Rachel was mad. There was nowhere for her to sit. She sat on the floor between his knees. She laid her head on his thigh. He shifted slightly, and his cock rolled over his balls from the other side to right in front of Rachel's face.

It was so close, she stuck her tongue out and licked the tip of his cock. He popped his head up and looked down at her. At the same time, his cocked twitched a little. Rachel reached up an grabbed a handful. She slowly moved her hand up and down and played with the tip of his cock. Now her naked day turned out to be weirdly OK.

Sally's mom reached over and cupped his balls. She had that 'deer in the headlights' look on her face. She was mesmerized by his cock. “Tracy, be careful. Don't let Sally see you with a man's cock in your hand other than your husbands! Or, well you know what I mean” Cheryl warned.

To Be Continued..........

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