Sex Education for Dummies - Chapter 19 / 8
Tue Jun 12, 2018 18:51

Sex Education for Dummies
By WhoDaMan

Chapter 8 – Jack Entertains Some Neighbor Girls, Rachel Gets Home

Finally Brett's clothes were done. He got dressed after 2 hours of being fondled, groped, licked by 3 females. “You want to go for a ride? I want to talk to you” Brett asked Rachel.

“You know the rules” Rachel's mom giggled as she reminded her. “She isn't allowed to put on clothes until her brother does.”

Rachel looked at him with a yearning in her eyes. She hesitated then said OK. Brett stood, offered her his hand, and helped her up. He held her hand as he led her naked, out the door to his car. He opened her door for her and closed it quickly. He got in. They heard the car start up and leave.

Michael's revenge didn't turn out to be revenge after all. It worked out for Rachel's benefit. He vowed he would secretly get her another time.

Rachel's mom wondered to herself, 'what the hell did I just let my daughter do?'

“Jack, I'm leaving. Either come get your clothes or get in the car like you are. Let's go Macy.” Jack's mom got up, grabbed the bag of Jack's and Rachel's cloths and headed for the front door. Jack jumped up, pulled Amanda's hand off his dick, kissed her, and ran out the front door. He didn't realize her car was parked on the street and it was locked!.

He stood next to the car trying the door. There were a few cars going by. In 1 of the cars, no one noticed him. In the next one, a young girl had her face plastered to the window gawking in disbelief. 2 girls were coming down the street on their bicycles. They saw him and started speeding up. The closer they got the more naked he looked. His cock had started to soften but was rising again. The girls got to the car and stopped, staring at Jack's cock. He knew he wasn't allowed to cover so he just turned to let them stare to their hearts content. He had a full fledged boner again.

Jack's mom had come outside and saw him locked out of the car. She stayed in the front yard for a minute chatting with Cheryl while he was out by the street. She was hoping to give some young girls a thrill.

Finally, she came around the hedge. She unlocked the car. She saw the 2 girls sanding there with their bicycles staring at Jack's 5 inch plus hard on. “Hi girls, having fun?”

“Oh yes ma'am. Why is he naked? How old is he?”

“Well, he is naked because he got punished and he is 14 years old1” She told them.

“Wow, the other girls aren't going to believe we saw a naked 14 year old boy with a rection!”

“Well, its erection dear, and if you want, you can take 1 picture of him but just his penis, not faces in the picture! OK?”

“Oh, thanks! Ew ew ew, I can't believe this!” The girl said as she got her smartphone out. Jack reached down and stroked his cock a couple of times. The 2 girls turned and looked at each other then looked back at Jack's penis. The girl aimed and took the picture.

“Let me see it Honey” Jack's mom said. “that works for me, does that work for you?”

“Oh yes ma'am” Thank you, Thank You, Thank you!” The girl with the phone said.

Her friend spoke up “Can I take one too? Please”

“Why do you you need 2 pictures?”

“A selfie!” Please?”

“Well, OK, but make it quick!”

The 2 girls knelt on each sid eof Jack with their heads at his hips, his penis at eye level, turned in looking at his penis, 'Click'. They both hopped up excited.

“Let me see it!” The girl asked her friend.

“Yes dear, let's see it” Jack's mom said.

They all looked at the photo. “You girls sure you want your faces in the photo?”

“Oh yes ma'am. Our friends would never believe us otherwise!”

“Do you babysit? Have you handled a boys penis before?” she asked the girls.

“No ma'am. Our moms said we can't babysit until were 12. I have another 11 months.”
“And I have another 6 months” the 2nd girl said.

“Well, why don't you come on over and check it out. You don't mind do you Jack?”

“At this point I guess not. Not like I would have a choice anyway”

The girls set their kick stands. They walked over to Jack and his mother. His mom took one of the girls' hands and put it on Jack's penis. “Go ahead and wrap your hand around it sweetie.”

The girl wrapped her hand around Jack's penis. Now move it back and forth. She did so. Jack started hardening even more.

“Here feel these” she took her other hand and placed it under his scrotum. The girl massaged and squeezed. Jack winced.

“Gently, you don't want to hurt a boy. OK, lets let your friend have a turn. Here you go” she placed the other girl's hand on Jack's cock. This girl imitated the first girl. She started stroking faster. Jack was feeling like he might cum.

“You sure you haven't done this before? You look like you might have.”

“Not to a boy, just my little brother. He's 9 and ½. We took him to our castle and ...”

“I'm gonna cum!” Jack yelled. His sister walked over to watch with the 2 girls.
Jack came. It wasn't his first one today so it wasn't as strong but it was good none the less.

“OK, girls. Were done here.” his mom told them.

“Thank you ma'am, thank you Jack. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I think you're a Rock Star! Maybe we can do it again sometime?”

Macy laughed. “Rock Star? Cock Star maybe.”

Their mother laughed. “Jump in kids. Its getting late.”

Jack's sister acted like she was going to get in the front seat so he would get in the back. He did. Macy then closed the front door and jumped in the back.

“What's that all about?” Her mom asked.

“Just don't get to see a penis that often. Even if it is attached to a jerk.” Macy said.

“Your brother is not a jerk. You apologize now and I don't want to hear that again or Jack will be the one watching someone else riding in the car naked!”

Macy got a concerned look on her face. She saw how her sister was dealt with. “Sorry Jack.”

Jack just reached over, took his sister's hand and placed it on his cock. She smiled. She didn't think her mom could see, so she leaned down and kissed the head of his cock. It was all she was prepared to do for now. Jack smiled.

When they got home, Rachel was there waiting. She was hiding behind some bushes because she was locked out. Their mom opened the door and gave her the bag of cloths. Rachel immediately went to the bathroom to get dressed.

Back at the Miller's house...

“OK, time for the rest of you to head on home. Say your goodbyes to Michael. You all make sure to come back over tomorrow. It might be fun!”

The girls all gave Michael a hug and took the opportunity to grab his penis 1 more time. They each thanked Cheryl for inviting them and making all this possible. They promised to come back tomorrow.

As the last of them left, Stacy chimed in.

“Well”, Stacy said “Amanda and I have more work to do on her babysitting project.”

To Be Continued..........

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