Babysitting for Dummies - Chapter 20 / 12
Tue Jun 12, 2018 18:52

Babysitting for Dummies
By WhoDaMan

Chapter 12 – Getting Started Writing The Book

Stacy dragged Amanda to the living room. They started typing up their book. 'Chapter 1 – The Introduction'.

They talked about how girls get introduced to the kids they babysit. They deicde dthe optimal way is to meet with the family and go through their routine for practice on a night they weren't going out. This way is especially important if there is bathing or diapering involved. It gives the child a chance to get at least a little used to the girl. If the child is a boy it is almost a requirement. That way they know what the girl will be doing and that its required.

They picked pictures of Michael being undressed and then bathed. Then she picked pictures of him being diapered. They will cover diapering in more detail later.

They reviewed chapter 1 and were happy with it. “You think Toby would let us take pictures so we could have some pictures of a younger boy too?” Amanda asked.

“I don't see why not. He was shy at first but when I took him home, he told me he had fun. He asked if he really had a girlfriend. I told him yes.” They snickered. “We may have to invite her over to get him to come.”

“We can do that! Maybe we can get Michael and Jack to get naked again to make him confortable.”

“That should be easy. We have them right where we want them. And Michael has to stay naked tomorrow too.”

“OK, let's do chapter 2 and we can call it a day”

'Chapter 2 – The Negotiation'.

They started writing the chapter on how much to charge. Stacy spoke up “So I charge $10.00 per hour as my base rate. Every extra kid I add $2.00 per hour. For every kid under 6, I add $1.00 per hour.”

“So should we write it that way, or use achart or give them a formula?”

“Maybe we can give them all of those and they choose the one they want to use.” Stacy suggested.

“Cool idea!” said Amanda. “For the rates maybe we include a picture of boys of different ages and dollar figures next to them.”

“Which pictures?” asked Stacy.

“Well, the naked ones of course. The book is supposed to be fun for us girls too! We might have to get a picture af a really little boy for the under 6.”

“Well, OK! So we have Chapter 1 done. We have most of chapter 2. We just need to add a little kid picture. Why don't you put a picture of Toby for now and we can change it when we get one of a smaller boy. “

Amanda did what Stacy suggested. She now had 2 chapters done in her word processor with nice large sized photos of very naked boys to illustrate stuff and for the girls to enjoy!

“Ok, I'm going to call it a night. I still have some homework to do. I didn't get a chance to get it done with all the naked boy activity going on around here.” Said Stacy. She wasn't planning on doing any homework, she was all worked up from playing with penises all day.

“Ok, Thanks Stacy for your help.” Amanda gave Stacy a hug.

Stacy found Michael and gave him a hug and a kiss and used the opportunity to feel him up again. It seemed like Michael had just lost his erection, and boom! Stacy brought it back.

“Hey, tonight, be at your window. I want to watch you masturbate while I do too” Stacy whispered.

With that Stacy went to leave. “Michael” his mom yelled. “Walk her home!”

Michael came downstairs and walked Stacy to the door, he openned it, and followed her out. At least it was dark this time. He walked her to her door.

“Michael, the last few days have been so much fun. I never imagined stuff like this would happen to me. Not even in my fantasies!”

“Quiet, I don't want your parents to see me like this, not yet anyway” Michael replied, “lets just make sure we work hard to keep things like they are” Michael replied.

Stacy reached out and grabbed his cock. “It doesn't look hard to me, how can we keep it that way” She giggled as she let go. Michael kissed her and turned to head home.

As he reached the street, 3 bikes skid to a stop.

“Told ya!” said Sally. She and her friends had been waiting around to catch a glimpse of another naked boy. They missed Jack when he left, but here they are.

“Don't you girls have something better to do?” Michael asked.

“Are you kidding? Watching naked boys is the best thing to do! See, PENIS!” Sally blurted out as she pointed at Michael's semi hard cock. They all laughed, even Michael.

“You think Toby will come back over sometime?” Asked Amy.

“Oh, I'm pretty sure he will. He was asking about you to Stacy earlier.”

“Oh my god! Really!” Amy asked excitedly.

“Yep, and I think Stacy is sitting for his parents while they are at work tomorrow. Not sure what her plans are, but I bet I can get her to bring him over. You really like him don't you?” Michael asked.

“Oh yes! And he doesn't even have to be naked, but that would be better!”

“Well: Michael said “I'll talk to her and see what we can arrange. Maybe we can even get you two alone in the basement for a little while.”

“What for?” Asked Amy. Sally smacked her in the side. “So you can play around without people staring at you. Of course, you might have to let your BFFs come along.”

“No way! No gawkers!”

“Good night girls” Michael said as he stepped around one of the bikes and squeezed by them. His penis rubbed on Sally's leg.

“Oh my god, it touched me!” She said.

“Awesome” the other girls replied.

“Michael headed into his house and up to his room. He turned his chair so he could see out the window and into Stacy's room. Stacy had already gone to her room, openned the curtains, turned on a lamp , and undressed down to her underwear. She had bought a thong just for Michael to see. She looked to be cleaning and straightenning her room naked. She looked up and saw Michael. She waved and blew him a kiss. He did the same.

After a while, she stopped and laid down on her bed facing michael. He couldn't really see the parts he wanted to now. All he had a view of besides her face and shoulders were the 2 globes of her perfect 14 year old ass. But what a nice ass it was, he thought.

He moved over and laid on the bed by the window. “So what are your plans for tomorrow?” He asked.

“Well, I have to be at the Carter's by 7:30 to watch Toby so they can go to work. I have some homework to finish, but I was thinking of bringing him over there for a while.”

“Well, Amy was asking. I think she is looking forward to seeing him. She said she wanted to see him even if he wasn't naked but she prefers naked. I told her you would probably be bringing him over. I also told her we might let them spend some alone time in the basement. Sally wants to tag along, but Amy told her 'no gawkers'.”

“Well, I think he ended up liking being naked because of all the attention and fun he had. I was thinking Amanda and I could also take some more photos for the book. Maybe we can get some photos of the girls practicing babysitting on him.”

“Sound like a good idea, as long as we can spend some time together. Seems like forever since I saw you naked.” Michael replied.

“Well, play your cards right, and maybe...” She rolled an her back and tilted her head down so she could see him upside down and then started fondling her breasts. She started mimicking Amanda's moans from the morning video “Oh Michael, Oh Michael, Give me that Big Cock!”

They both started laughing. Michael was also getting excited. He reached down and started stroking.

“I don't want you touching that thing until I touch it tomorrow!” Stacy ordered.

“But I thought you wanted to”

Stacy gave him a mean stare.

“Yes madam. Your slave is at your command” Michael said playfully.

“Night Mikey” Stacy said as she rolled over, spun around, turned off her lamp and prepared for sleep.

To Be Continued..........

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