Babysitting for Dummies - Chapter 21 / 13
Tue Jun 12, 2018 18:52

Babysitting for Dummies
By WhoDaMan

Chapter 13 – More Visitors, More Troubles!

Michael woke up with the sun in his face. He was still laying next to the window. He looked up at Stacy's window. Curtain closed! Awe Crap. She must be gone.

Fact is, Stacy was up and out of the house early. She had to be at the Carter House by 7:30 AM to babysit. Michael made the morning trip to the bathroom. 'Is it my imagination, or is my morning wood bigger and harder or what!'

After Michael finished his bathroom routine, he headed downstairs. He was more relaxed today so he didn't have an erection now that his morning wood was gone. As soon as got to the bottom of the stairs, he knew things were about to change. There in the living room were the girls from yesterday plus a few more.

'Oh, shit! The cheerleading squad? What the hell were they doing here' he thought. He started to turn and go back upstairs.

“Is that you Michael?” his mom asked “Come in here honey?” She coaxed from the kitchen.

Now all eyes were on him. He had already started to get an erection, much as he didn't think he wanted to.

Michael walked into the kitchen.

“Michael” his mom jumped in “We were just reviewing the first part of Amanda's book! And look, you're the star!”

Michael looked around the room. Stacy, Amanda, Jenny, Sally, 2 of her friends, Toby, who was already naked, and a girl he didn't recognize. As he stood there, the girls from the living room gathered at the door to get a look.

“So, here is Amanda changing your diaper... Here she is feeding you... Oh, and this is cute, here she is burping you! Here you are napping on the floor on your back. You must have been having a really nice dream! Look at that erection!”

“Mom, you can't put those pictures in a book. And you certainly can't sell it!” Michael was upset.

Stacy reached over and grabbed his stiffenning cock which brought it to a full hard on in about 10 seconds. There was a collective gasp from the room as she did this, mostly from the new girls.

“Now Michael, you know you had a lot of fun over the last couple of days. You want that to continue, don't you?” Stacy asked.

Michael felt conflicted. This was still so embarrassing, but he was getting handjobs and blow jobs. Who knows what's next.

“And besides” his mom added “I'm not putting the pictures in the book, your little sister is. Remember, you got yourself into trouble and interrupted her plans. You have to pay the consequnces of that. Besides, all of us girls know what boys look like. It's not like your something special. Now, hush up!”

Michael blushed a little, being admonished in the nude with and erection which was being slowly stroked, in front of a lot of girls from his school, and cheerleaders! His mind started to wander a little. 'Will I get to let these girls handle my cock? Maybe get to stick my cock in a cheerleaders mouth! Oh, the pictures that I could store in my head for future use!'

“Michael?” his mom broke his train of thought “Are you listenning? So, here is you being bathed. Look at all those hands. We managed to keep all the girls'faces out of the pictures.”

“Yeah, but not my face! There it is in plain view, with my junk!”

“Now Michael, we talked about using the proper words for body parts. Don't make me have to spank you in front of all these girls now” Cheryl let out a snicker and the crowd of girls responded.

“Here they are powdering your butt and balls”

“Mom! Words?” Michael complained.

“Anyway, I think we need to add a chapter on milking for girls that sit older boys and need to curb their behavior. Boys are so much more behaved when they are naked and have had an orgasm. Maybe we can practice this morning. We have some photos and that whole long video. Might need some shots geared directly for the story though. We can even show milking for different ages.”

“Mom” Michael whined “My punishment should have already been up. You can't do that in front of all the girls from my school! Please!”

“Well, if you insist! I guess we'll just have to have them do it in front of us!” Cheryl started laughing. The new girls were clapping and cheering.

“Amanda, I think you need to finish doing the write ups that go with these photos as soon as you can. I can get a website put up that has the book, photos, video, and more. Anyone who buys a book, can log onto the website and have access. We can have a place for girls to upload photos of the boys they're sitting and what they've learned. Even a chat room!” Cheryl Miller encouraged.

“Mom! Maybe we could setup a webcam that people can watch from home for when Michael gets into trouble. Or when we just want to have him naked! We could even include his friends!”

“Mom! No!” Michael insisted.

“Boy! You are 1 more outburst away from a red butt!” Cheryl warned.

“But mom! This isn't...”

Cheryl interrupted, “I know, it isn't fair, right? Well, life isn't fair, so get used to it!”

She turned to the girls, “Why don't we all go in the living room. Stacy. Lead the way.”

Stacy tightenned her grip on Michael's penis and headed for the living room. The couches had been pushed back and chairs added. There was one chair right in the middle and a step stool next to it. Stacy guided Michael so that he was now standing on the step stool. She took the seat next to it. Michael's penis was just above her eye level while seated.

“Now what?” Michael uttered in an angry voice. He looked out at the crowd. Some of them had their cell phones out! “No!” Michael yelled and covered himself.

“That's it! Amanda, go get the belt! It's time we calmed this boy down!”

“But Mom!”

“I know, it's not fair. Poooor wittle baby!” Cheryl mocked.

To Be Continued..........

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