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Babysitting for Dummies - Chapter 2
Fri Apr 6, 2018 12:30

Chapter 2 – Michael's Embarrassment, The Plan is Put into Motion

Cheryl Miller sat in her bed wondering what to do. Was this her fault for divorcing Michael's dad? Did she not supervise him enough? Does he need more discipline? Should she have a sex talk with him? Maybe she would go forward with her threat, take away his clothes! She could make him help the girls out. Then maybe she could give them all the sex talk. It sounded like a good plan. Was this legal? She would think more on it in the morning. She drifted off to sleep.

Ms Miller had dreams all night of punishing her son naked. The belt, corner time, mow the yard in the nude. In all of her dream scenarios Michael was naked. She had seen his partially erect penis. It was adorable, definitely nothing to be ashamed of, even for a 14 year old. She woke up. She heard a door slam. Not too loudly but as if someone was making a statement. She got up, walked in the hall. There stood Amanda wondering what happened as well. Michael had slammed the bathroom door and had now turned on the shower.

“I think your brother is still upset that we saw his boy parts last night.” They shared a laugh. “Help me real quick.” Ms Miller walked in Michael's room. She went straight for his closet. “Get all the clothes out of his dresser. Put them in your closet for now, we'll find a place for them later.”

Amanda was giddy, she was beside herself. Was this happening? Was her mom taking away Michael's clothes? She opened the top drawer and grabbed everything with 2 arms. She pulled them out, revealing the magazine. She saw the woman on the front spanking a naked man. Her eyes bulged out “Mom! Look!”

Her mother hurried over, grabbed the magazine, flipped through a few pages then took it to her room. She put it in her closet on the shelf. She returned. Amanda had already taken 1 load of clothes and was emptying the 2nd drawer. Cheryl went back to the closet and took a large group of shirts on hangers. She took them to the coat closet and hung them up. She did the same with the rest of the clothes in the closet. Amanda finished clearing out the dresser.

“Take his hamper and put it in the garage.”

“Shouldn't I put it in the basement?” asked Amanda.

“No, he'll look for it there. We need to control what he has access to while I deal with his behavior. When he comes back, go get his clothes from the bathroom floor and put them with the hamper, OK? Call Stacy and tell her to go to her bedroom window, that it's a surprise. Don't tell her anything else.”

Amanda did as she was told. After calling Stacey, she put her camera-phone in her pocket, this might come in handy. She thought maybe she could snap a picture without mom noticing. They both sat on the bed waiting for Michael. He came back wrapped in a towel. He was shocked to see both of them there. Amanda got up and ran past him on her way to the bathroom.

“Mom, why are you guys in my room?”

“Well, Michael, it was clear last night by your behavior and the way you talked to us that you need to have more discipline in your life. You need to learn how to treat and respect women and you definitely need to learn to respect other peoples privacy.”


She stopped him putting her hand up with 1 finger pointing up. “You should not have been peeping on Stacy. It was very wrong and you know it. So as your punishment for invading her privacy, you will have no clothes for an indefinite period of time.”

“You can't be serious!” Michael started crying. This was his worst nightmare. He had fantasied about it but never really wanted something like this to happen. “What do you mean indefinite?” he sniveled out.

“I mean I don't know how long yet. We'll see how well you behave and do what I say.”

“Mom! This isn't fair” he whined out between tears and sniffling.

“Oh, its fair! I could just call the police. Then you get to go to jail, you become a registered sex offender. Not pretty.” She was enjoying this. She knew he only committed a misdemeanor but she was laying it on thick. “Now give me the towel and I want you to stand there with your hands behind your head, fingers locked and legs shoulder width apart.

Michael started taking the towel off and crying even harder. He tossed it to his mom. He slowly raised his hands over his head and locked his fingers. Just then Amanda came hurrying into the room. She froze for a second and just stared at his penis. She moved one hand to cover her mouth. She wanted to say something, but no sound came out. Michael squeezed his eyes shut. Maybe if he didn't look it wouldn't seem real. No one noticed as Amanda slipped her phone out of her pocket, put it on silent, and started snapping pictures. Her mom was locked in on Michael just as she was.

She looked up for a second. Just then her mom motioned at the window. Amanda slid her phone behind her back and quietly went to the window and opened the curtain. Stacy was staring right at the naked Michael with his erection growing. Stacy did manage to say out loud “OH My God!” She was surprised but it wasn't as big a deal to her. She had babysat her brothers when they misbehaved and her mom had put her in charge of her brothers. Her mother had made them strip, whipped their bare butts, and told them to stay that way the rest of the night. Since then, she put Stacy in charge a lot.

Michael heard Stacy's comment and opened his eyes. He was shocked. His pretty neighbor, the object of his fantasies, who was also in his classes at school was staring at his boner. He started to move...

“Stop. Don't you move mister!” Michael froze. He was crying again and closed his eyes.

“Open your eyes, now!” She wanted to embarrass him completely. “You stared at Stacy while she changed clothes, she can stare at you and you will watch her and the rest of us as we stare at you. It's only 'fair'! And you do keep talking about 'fair'.”

“Stacy, last night we caught Michael standing in his dark room watching you change your clothes and he was masturbating!”

“Mom!” Michael wailed. Amanda was snapping more photos.

“Oh My God! You Pervert! I can't believe you did that! And to think, I liked you. What the hell was I thinking?” was Stacey's reply.

'Wait, what?' Michael thought to himself. He had a huge crush on Stacey. He never imagined that she liked him too. 'Did I just blow it?' he thought to himself.

“Come on over Stacy. We're going to have some breakfast and have a talk.” Ms Miller told her.

“On My Way!” Stacy said gleefully.

Amanda put away her phone.

To be Continued......

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